Bill Clinton Triumphs In Fox News Interview

Don’t mess with Bill Clinton. I almost forgot how impressive he was to have as our head of state. This interview is sure to remind you why we had 8 years of peace and prosperity under Clinton.

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4 Responses to Bill Clinton Triumphs In Fox News Interview

  1. Leroy says:

    Clinton is so badass.

  2. I.M. Freud says:

    Hooray for Clinton!!! Man, I’d vote for that guy in a second!!

  3. Dillan says:

    Geez I miss him.

  4. jimmy BONES says:

    clinton should run for office again… if people knew all the positives clinton made during his presidency instead of focusing on some stupid scandel that happens everyday with regular people (the monica affair), we might have been able to avoid this stupid mess we’re in now.

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