Biodiesel Hummer H2 Gets 60 MPG

A mechanic/inventor with an 8th grade education modified a Hummer H2 to run on biodiesel that gets 60 miles per gallon, and goes 0-60 in just 5 seconds. It seems impossible, and Detroit had deemed it impossible, but it’s true. His creation can run on grease from a Chinese restaurant. His latest project is a hybrid that charges in seconds via a biodiesel powered jet turbine. Here’s more

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  1. Uncle B says:

    American ingenuity, thinking outside the box, guts and time to tinker may be the magic that we need to get us going again, The corporations are too self-focused to help. They have become the new enemy with their over-educated nay-sayers.

  2. anonymous says:

    60 mpg and a 0-60 in 5 seconds…BULLSHIT. A diesel vehicle that weights more than 3 tons will never get better than 30MPG. And 0-60 in 5 seconds if its turbo boosted to an excess of 600hp and as a result substantially reducing mpg. Laws of physics allow only so much energy to be extracted from a gallon of fuel.

  3. Freemind says:

    Check out the article above from 2007 on Johnathan Goodwin. This guy refuses to let his mind be ruled by conventional thinking. That’s a good thing. If I could afford the 28k conversion I’d get an H2 right now (used anyway). I believe it’s possible and that the possibility will become a common reality. On that day those that once decried “it’s impossible” will drive cross country behind the wheel of their biodiesel (or other) fueled F450 stopping more because they have to pee than to get gas thinking, I never thought this was possible. Their understanding will have failed them and they will either accept they don’t know as much as they once thought, or clam up permanently out of bitterness and inadequacy.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Bok Hinesley says:

    For experiment purpose, Virgin’s eco-plane ran only three engine with that fuel & the other three engines were filled with standard jet fuel. In addition the Biofuel-powered engine was using a blend of conventional jet fuel & Biofuel: 80/20 in favor of the regular stuff. In sum 5% of the 49,000-lb (22,000 kg) fuel load consisted of the novelty: a special mix of coconut oil & oil from the Brazilian babassu plant, prepared by Seattle-based Imperium Renewable over the last 18 months & tested by General Electric Aviation in Ohio..

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