Brazil Vs. Turkey, Worldcup

mmmmm Brazil!!!

Turkey Worldcup

Brazil Worldcup

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50 Responses to Brazil Vs. Turkey, Worldcup

  1. Ali Akbar says:

    nice paradox!!

    only brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mikeymouse says:

    dunno about the dox, but the paratits is great

  3. fb says:

    She puts the “bra” into “brasil”

  4. someone says:

    That’s tunisia as I believe.

  5. Shady says:

    These pics are old and from the world cup 2002….

  6. James says:

    Notice the oriental guy behind her looking down, he’s the only one paying her nipples any attention.

  7. jjunk says:

    no. she takes the “bra” out of “brasil”

  8. Blanche DuBois says:

    That is Turkey, but it’s recycled from 2002.

  9. Breno Leitao says:

    By the way,
    There is a orkut comunity trying to find this woman. 🙂

    Breno Leitão

  10. Lovely pic, old, but it really sums up the differences in the world in a porny way!

  11. Viorel MIHALACHE says:

    Piei satana cu ispitele tale. Femei cu tatele goale.

  12. Clive says:

    Am I the only one wondering why the turkish woman is holding a Japanese flag?

  13. craig says:

    ha ha, wtf, did someone up there say “oriental”?

  14. CNOTE says:

    all hail! queen of the dark nipple people!

  15. Reven says:

    Clive, *what* turkish woman…?

  16. Don says:

    I wonder why & for whom is the bra – fillian showing her nips for? If its just for horny nuts like us … then viva brasil …

  17. Jasp says:

    Turkey??? The Turks hoped to be in the World cup this year. The picture is of the selection of Tunisia.

  18. sernas says:

    wow brazil boobs are huge

  19. Jasp says:

    Please my apologizes. You have the reason. The photo is from Turkey. The flags of both countries are similar but to the inverse one:

    Best Regards

  20. Iptuci says:

    With this people Brasil wins the worldcup sure. 😀

  21. Lautreamont says:

    True, great paradox! That’s our world.

  22. kazimkartal says:

    The reason turkish woman holding a jananese flag, because the picture is taken from 2002 world cup, which is held in japan&korea. This picture is old. Turkey is not in this year’s world cup.

  23. Shinobi says:

    I new him before the change… top geezer too!!

  24. Distracted says:

    BTW on the guys’ faces it reads BRAZIL in Japanese (katakana)

  25. doraemon says:

    maybe that’s why Brazil always win the world cup. haha.. jk

  26. God. says:

    But everyone seems to be happy. Good.

  27. sergio says:


  28. Bais says:

    I lived in brasil and this women is suited! When football team play there is no rules all stop and hearth talk higher than brain!
    People after a win finish big party started when match begin… and It’s best moment to stay there!!!
    Brazilian’s women are bests!


    In our religion, it’s illegal to show it anyone.

  30. tolga says:

    it’s not something to shame to wear OR not to wear something 🙂

    In Turkey only %15 of women wear something over hair, so it’s not an exact Turkey picture, but as I said, it’s not a shame to wear scarf.
    What I try to say, you can also find the girl in the second picture in Turkey, too.

    Turkey is such a mosaic.

  31. enhancement says:

    I bookmarked the site… Plan on coming back later to spend time here.

  32. Ray McNally says:

    WOW! Lucky guys standing next to her!

  33. Mark says:

    Look Ma no Implants! Ha! Ha!

  34. Klaudia says:

    Podniecacie się niewiadomo czym. Taka jest nasza rzeczywistość. Wszędzie są inni ludzie, odrębne kultury i zachowanie. Nie popieram ani tej bezwstydnej Brazylijki, ani konserwatywnych Turek.

  35. calti says:

    those pics were shosen spesificly to get some attention coz not all the Turks cover theirs heads….this pic kinda lie.if they put some modern Turks it wouldn’t be a different news.

  36. Andre says:

    Hey, Can you guys notice how ugly the Turkish women are when compared with a nice Brazilian? ahh Brazil won that game. hahaha

  37. Gokhan says:

    All the Turks do not cover their heads!!!…Turkey is not like Iran or other islamic countries…Turkey is a secular country COME AND SEE!!

  38. Zack says:

    i been istanbul couple times i dont think those people are turkish they are just muslim Turkish people doesnt put anything on them hair

  39. mochanut says:

    i luv these pics…im curious-why is the guy in the red is the only one looking down though…lol

  40. brazuca says:

    “im curious-why is the guy in the red is the only one looking down though…lol”
    Cause I guess it is much more common for it to happen in Brazil, especially in a place like carnival or a Brazil soccer match. Like when a wave displace the tiny top of your friend’s bikini (the standand bikini in Brazil is probably one of the smallest ones)

  41. mc says:

    This shot has gained so much publicity, someone should get this girls name and get a short bio a bio and do a photoshoot.

  42. fatee says:

    I’ve been thinking about this woman for 5 years now.

  43. frmde says:


    so did i… wonder if there is a gallery just with her

  44. Hakan Ozkan says:

    turkish babes……………..

  45. anonymous says:

    no wonder brazil wins so many world cups. with girls like that its very hard for the opposition to concentrate on the game in hand.

  46. deslock says:

    karaio vei q morena e essa ,este e um dos motivos por que eu amo minha pátria amada O BRASIL SEMPRE ACIMA DE TUDO E DE TODOS

  47. I’ve been thinking about this woman for 5 years now.

  48. Anonymous says:

    How Brazilian natives

  49. Anonymous says:

    *Hot Brazilian natives

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