Bush Gives German Chancellor Merkel A Backrub

The press has given this incident light coverage, and says that Chanellor Merkel of Germany smiled as our President gave her a backrub at the G8 summit this weekend. Take a look at these photos, does she look like she’s enjoying it to you?

Bush Gives Merkel Backrub

Bush Gives Merkel Backrub 2

Bush Gives Merkel Backrub 4

Bush Gives Merkel Backrub 5

Bush Gives Merkel Backrub 6

Is our president a smooth operator or what?!!

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77 Responses to Bush Gives German Chancellor Merkel A Backrub

  1. Tom Payne says:

    What a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Hugh says:

    Bush is the man! I wish I could pull that off, but I would get fired and sued so fast!

  3. Dwayne Hoover says:

    OOOOOOh baby, my little strudel, the first German to ever speak to me with out rolling their eyes, you are soooo tense….ever have a back rub from a glad handing frat boy – pretend Texan with the IQ of a toaster?

  4. Zoom Copter says:

    Who knew he was a swinger, baby! Isn’t George married?

  5. Michael Swanson(Belmont,CA) says:

    “This is a guy who’s favorite quote is, ” I’m a leader.” You do understand that leadership is knowing protocol, knowing you don’t diminish other leaders. Diplomacy is about respect. Leaders should not act this way. This just adds to the long list of embarrASSing moments for our Prez. Obviously, the Prez isn’t included in any kind of sensitivity training at the White House, because it is clear from the video that Merkel didn’t appreciate it. I am sure she didn’t want to offend him, but you didn’t give her many options! Everyday, I am sick of being embarrassed by this buffoon representing the best of my country, i.e. Is there no shame Mr. President, charging us the cost of evacuating us out of Lebanon. Shame on you, I certainly hope smarter heads will prevail on this.”

  6. M. Foster says:

    Did he forget he was the “president”… who is suppose to be respectful and well manner and he’s representing “all the people and the Country?” I would give him a back hand if I was her…that is so rude!!! No respect at all…he didn’t see her as a “German Chancellor”. He saw her as a woman…whom he look down on and assume, he can touch if he feels like it…a chauvinist pig!!!

  7. Firecat says:

    If anyone did that where I go to work they’d be fired on the spot, no questions asked.

    But there are plenty of good reasons to fire this moron besides they fact that he is so goddam stupid that he embarasses the US every time they let him out of his cage.

  8. Saskboy says:

    Fantastic screen captures of the event.

    Bush should be so screwed, but every sensible female and feminist already wants him impeached.
    Here’s more on the mistake he made with the grope:

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  10. Alejandro says:

    geez…I don’t understand how in heaven you re-elected such “person” as a president…dear God!!!!

  11. JC says:

    Can you imagine if Bill Clinton would have tried that move? The title of American President will hold absolutely no respect with the world commmunity after this moron is done with it.

  12. Bob says:

    It’s nice to see the lunatic left is well represented here.

  13. L.Nelson says:

    As a Canadian I must address the american people “What the heck were you people thinking at election time,” this man is a joke and god knows we haven’t done any better but were not the most powerful country in the world. You’ve let a hillbilly loose and a dumb one at that.

  14. dorie says:

    how much more embarassment can we as a country take- open microphone ,talking and munching like a pig, and assaulting the German Chancellor, a women no less!!!
    Who ever said this morron had any class. Do we finally have enough to get this “Embaressment” , Hillbilly impeached ???!!!!

  15. Nancy says:

    Gee what a bunch of uptight left wingers! I thought the right was supposed to be the stuffy ones. I really got a kick out of the Clinton comparison….if this country’s reputation wasn’t ruined by him it never will be. This is the first time I have seen this site, and I won’t bother to come back, unless I need a good laugh.

  16. Joanne says:

    OH COME ON!!! She completely overreacted….if you watch the video he didn’t massage her shoulders, he just touched her as he was walking by…in my opinion she commited the faux pas by acting like a ninny. What an idiotic feminazi. Hey you women out there, listen up…MEN ARE NOT OUR ENEMY!!!…..RELAX!!!!

  17. rbank says:

    I am surprised that we have nothing better to do than eavesdrop on every inhale and exhale of our oh so human president. They may have some banter going on to relieve the tension of the seriousness of their negotiations. To me that is not news. Please help free cyberspace for more informed discussions and info sharing than this!!!!! Let my response mark the end of worthless responses to frivolous news!!!!

  18. Dan Webster says:

    Maybe, just maybe, this will wake up the voters in this country and teach them not to listen to all the political garbage thats pushed in your face at election time by backroom political power brokers and ad men. I like the remark using the IQ of a toaster as a comparison, but even that may be too high.

  19. cindy says:

    I am an American. I too, cannot beieve this idiot got into office. First, we had the crooked voting ballots and then his crooked family getting him in. He is tearing America apart. The damage he has done will take years to undue. When I see him on t.v., I cringe. His family’s corruptness and money has got him his position. Why American’s can’t stand together and get this ass out, amazes me

  20. Jeremy says:

    I don’t even like George W. but I’m going to have to defend him here. All he did was put his hands on her shoulders and it took her by surprise. Notice the smile on her face there–she’s not exactly screaming sexual harrassment. Putting hands on shoulders. People in real life do this. Quit making liberals look stupid with your moron comments.

  21. Sue says:

    president bush giving a backrub.. i guess people are making a big deal out of it lol

  22. Greg says:

    If the left is lunatic for wanting our president to keep his hands off Chanellor Merkel, then perhaps the religious right wants Bush to keep it up?

  23. Jackie Bones says:

    Ach mine stroodle!

    What a jerk!

    doesn’t uhderstand the whole issue as far as how his one veto affects the lives of Parkinson’s and spinal cord injury, as well as Alzheimer patients. Who elected this jerk!

  24. As has been asked by the French…how could millions of Americans be so dumb? According to some sources, this moron had never ben abroad until he became president.Sitting….. chomping on his food, with mouth wide open…what would you expect. Should’nt someone at the white house tell him to chew with his damn mouth closed?

  25. Sam says:

    By reading all these comments I can tell this will upset the likes of you. Yes Bush has made a lot of mistakes in handling personal situations, but what’s wrong with a little friendliness. Would you be as upset if he would have rubbed the shoulders of one of the men. Where I come from people don’t get fired for a simple back rub. If it goes beyond that, maybe.

    As far as why we re-elected Bush, if the Democrats would have provided someone better than Kerry, then maybe Bush wouldn’t be in office right now. Most people I talked to, Democrats and Republicans, felt Kerry was more of a danger to our country than Bush. I guess it was a case of choosing between the 2 evils.

    Believe it or not, I’m not a Republican, but I’m just tired of seeing this country turning into a big political battle field. The conflicts in congress have hurt this country more than Bush taking us to war.

  26. Who ever said Bush has the I Q of a toaster is not fair to the toaster a toaster has a functoin.What a moron!!!

  27. rb says:


  28. Jeff says:

    The left is lunatic. Now about all the fiction about my Commander in Chief in the preceding lines, besides #20’s very sensible observation. We actually have a guy who can be a dork(and still do what’s right), in the most powerful office in the world, props to the man GW. Keep up the international shoulder rub’s wanted or no.


  29. Q says:

    I’m American, did not vote for Bush, but have to defend him here too. Imagine you are working hard, having meetings all day long, trying to work difficult world situations out, EVERONE in the world is on your ass watching and waiting for you to slip up, so its tiring…..you take a break, recharge batteries, and not over thinking anything massage the shoulders (for a quick couple of seconds) of someone to perhaps recharge the meeting…… big “freaking” deal! Some people here said if they did that they would be fired right there……where the hell do you work? Nazi Germany?

  30. Kim says:

    Please!! The president was acting like an actual human being!! The response to touching another person’s shoulder is ridiculous! Do many of you actually think that the world’s leaders, both historical and current have not given a hand out to another human being here and there? He did not act inappropriately at all, just human. If he had touched Tony Blair’s shoulder would the response have been so negative? It shows me that he is comfortable with himself. Our country is in a terrible position because of our ignorant media that decide to make this news. Perhaps the only reason we don’t see the other leaders of the world behaving this way is because their media are not DUMB enough to make it a public BIG DEAL!

  31. Jane S. Wahl says:

    For all those who have seized on this innocent occurrence, GET A LIFE!
    Any of you would just love to have someone as caring as George or Laura Bush in your life today, in the past, or in the future.
    Angela is probably lamenting on why she chose not to be receptive: best offer she has had in years, no doubt.

  32. Jim says:

    All this political correctnes makes me sick. Get a life, for pete’s sake.

  33. Mayhem says:

    PRUDES. You haters are just looking for ammunition. PLEASE notice the smile afterwards, that is largely unpublished! It was playful, and it frightened her a bit, thus the reaction.

  34. Phyllis says:

    This is just one in a long line of assinine incidents our joke of a President has commited.
    Everybody was on Clinton because he had an affair…wanted to get him out of office, how ridiculous. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us. I ask, why did they go after Clinton and let Bush get away with going to war in Iraq? Especially when he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction there. He went after Hussein for one simple reason, to divert the attention away from the real animal, DUH..WHERE’S OSAMA!!! I can’t understand why they can’t seem to get him. Maybe because Bush had Osama’s family, who were in the U.S. doing business (with the Bush family included), whisked out of here on jets after 9-11, and we don’t impeach him? Sickening!!!!

  35. Rob Spanarelli says:

    What a bunch of liberal communist cry babies. To answer some comments, IQ of a toaster, what was your GPA at Harvard and Yale? As for Bill Clinton, your right he would not have given a back rub, he would have slipped her his hotel room key. As for the affect of his one veto will have on the lives of people with Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries and Alzheimer’s, what about the affect of the millions and millions of innocent unborn BABIES that have to give their lives for your stem cells that have produced NO real results. That’s right I cursed, UNBORN BABIES, not fetuses or clumps of cells. For the one who said Americans should come together and kick Bush out of office, I seem to remember in 2004 that Bush got approx 5 million more popular votes than Kerry, sounds like Americans said what they wanted to me. Better luck in ’08, I really hope Kerry or better yet Hillary runs, it would be fun to watch the cry baby tantrums of the liberals for another 4 years.

  36. Regina says:

    O lighten up America!!!!!!!! Have you forgotten how to joke? Would it have been better if he had given one of the guys a back rub?

  37. George R says:

    Won’t dignify this latest liberal media bash with a comment.

  38. Tom Feldsten says:

    >Won’t dignify this latest liberal media bash with a comment.
    But you did comment.

    What is truly funny is that conservatives can’t answer to this totally inappropriate frat-boy move on Bush’s part WITHOUT mentioning something about Clinton. Give it a rest! We are well into the 2nd term of this dope – let’s concentrate on his idiocy, not the previous president’s . . . .

  39. Deb L says:

    The US has far greater issues that are news worthy than a freakin’ back rub, for God’s sake.
    I used to say the media never ceases to amaze me…now I say the media never ceases to disappointment me.

  40. Tom Feldsten says:

    > I used to say the media never ceases to amaze me…now I say the media never ceases to disappointment me.

    The media isn’t touching this – bloggers are. We agree though, that the lack of real news coverage is a disappointment. The media are too timid to really delve into anything substantial. Take the official line and print it.

  41. Christopher R. says:

    Can you imagine any of the other leaders at the G8 doing that? Can you imagine Putin doing something so inappropriate?

  42. Friedhelm says:

    I can’t believe you Americans. What’s the big deal? the problem with your country is not the president but the press. In Germany (and the rest of Europe) most of our leaders have “outside relationships”. It is well known and obvious but we just don’t care. Leave Bush alone. Leave Clinton alone for that matter. A man is a man.

  43. Kathryn says:

    The lady looks mortified, probably because she just made an ass of herself in front of the leaders of the free world, DOH! Oh well, although I am not a Bush fan, I have to say his humility is refreshing and he has provided me much amusement!

  44. Ian Mirsky says:

    I cant believe what i saw. Oh wait i can considering the president is one of the worst presidents in history. When will the president learn from his mistakes. Now thats keeping it pithy.

  45. Pat. Binko says:

    I really do not understand why everyone is always picking on Mr Bush all the time. I would not want his job for all the money in the world. Decisions that are made for the Country are not just his alone, Congress is involved. Give him a break people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. a-real-woman says:

    What a jerk SHE was.. it may be inappropriate on Bush’s part, but she didn’t have to over react. In fact, if it had been me I would have been touched that he would have attempted to rub my shoulders. Relief from stress is good! It was not as if he tried to touch the front of her… it was her only her shoulders for goodness sake. Only a Bush Basher would have a problem here. If it had been Gore, they would have found an excuse. It could be Gore, Bush, Carter or Clinton… it was a nice gesture!

  47. gene ray says:

    You libs really are something. Clinton would have been feeling her up and you would be standing up for him saying it is normal and ok to do this.

  48. a-real-woman says:

    Political leaders touch each other all the time in greetings and gestures. Tony Blair has reached to touch Bush many times and vice versa. Perhaps, being a woman- and some women do this- she felt she had to act all prim and proper or perhaps she was just simply surprised, but she didn’t act very professional by over-reacting. The grin on her face in the last frame maybe shows that she reacted instinctivly and not purposefully?? I don’t know.. but a REAL woman would not throw a fit over this gesture, but would have waited for the opportunity to later tell him she had a problem with being touched in public for whatever reason. I can be a matriarch of my family and be touched… some women can’t do that because they are afraid that if they do, men will see them as less of a force. She reacted out of fear of perception more than the grace of a woman of power. Perhaps Bush should know someone better before he touches them in public, just to be sure and he has a degree of fault here.. but she has more because her reaction shows -perhaps- she should not have power to begin with if she cannot contain herself more gracefully in public.

  49. Nancy says:

    This just proves that Bush does not use the brains he was born with, if indeed he was born with a brain. I can’t believe so many of us Americans could be fooled twice. The first four years were bad emough, but to re-elect this idiot for another term – well, we got what we deserved. This guy will go down in history as the worst president we ever had!!!!!

    No wonder most of the world hates us and laughs at us – America is like a mouse following the pied piper and no one seems to want to put a stop to this idiocy. God help us!!!!

  50. Tom says:

    “Hey Bushy, You’re not Bill Clinton. Get those oily hands off of me”

  51. c says:

    My exchange student from Japan would beg to differ with you Nancy. So would my Ukrainian exchange student. They marvelled at our freedoms and many other exchange students came because they knew that in the US they could get medical situations taken care of that they couldn’t get back home. Their parents WHOLEHEARTEDLY sent their most precious possessions (their children) to MY HOUSE and houses like mine because they believed it was really good for their kids to come to the USA. The USA is looked at a a compassionate power by many many people in other countries, and since they are silent and “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” (meaning that the people yelling out against America get the press) we don’t see how much we are admired and loved by people all over the world. Only the people who -believe the press- and don’t really see America are misinformed. We give more to the World than the World will ever give back to us. Did you know that aside from what our Country gives to the World, individual Americans have contributed MORE than that? Oprah, and others are giving and giving billions beyond the billions that USA gives to the world.. and what does the USA get in return? We have to fight for World Peace when other countries sit back and watch as millions are murdered, because they know we can’t stand to see cruelty like that in OUR World! (my Airforce Nephew and everyone he knows on base have spoken of how they are PROUD to be in Iraq and Korea and that they KNOW they are doing the right thing based on what they see in those countries.) Stop reading the press and start talking to actual people who know what they think as individuals and you will be shocked at how much they admire us. If you hate America, how do you feel about AlQueda? What are YOU prepared to do about it? If you see a problem on your plane and go fix it or shut up! As for our leader, I have never seen a seated leader get praise, other than Reagan. All the others were voted in and complained about until they left. Honestly, if the Country votes someone in, realize that you are going to like some things and dislike other things that this person does and live with it. Write and complain to the people who REALLY make things happen… your Senators and Congressmen!! That changes the political fabric much more than President Bashing.

  52. Samantha says:

    It’s another Bush faux pas, not to be ignored or minimized. The objectification of women isn’t a laughing matter, especially when a world leader displays such inappropriate behavior.

  53. Zeke Wakefield says:

    I voted for Bush, – TWICE. I sent the GOP money during those elections. I am an hourly wage earner. I am a member of the NRA. We made Al Goge lose his OWN HOME STATE; – with a little help from Gore the Bore himself that is. I think Georgie Boy looks a hellava lot better sneaking up on a German frauline than John Kerry crawling on his belly through mud (as he said he does)trying to sneak up on a deer. I think George Bush, The President of The United States, (I luv saying that),showed the world,- through A-hole ba-fun-gouhl-pabarazi and Mike Wallace type media pond-scum – that he is capable of carrying his own shot goose, unlike “Oooo I’ve got another boo-boo get me another bandaid and Purple Heart” John Kerry. I think I never came across a more golden opportunity to do some likewise wiseass ass rubbing than to say here and now, loud and clear: Ha ha ha ha ha WE WON AND YOU LOST, WE WON AND YOU, LOST WE WON AND YOU LOST; – HA, HA, HA, HA, HA. Screw all you voters of the candidates of Osama Bend Over. Go get um’ Cowboy!!!

  54. Donna Teresa says:

    Oh My goodness!!! I don’t care whether or not he looked good freakin’ sneaking up on the German Chancellor. HE IS THE MUDDER FRUCKIN PRESIDENT!!!!… ACT LIKE ONE

  55. Nick says:

    I would be very interested in hearing what Chancellor Merkel has to say about this incident.

    Unless they are already close friends, it was not appropriate for Pres. Bush to touch her in that manner. In the American workplace, for example, unwanted touching could concievably lead to sexual harassment allegation. However, Chancellor Merkel could have easily calmly told him that she didn’t appreciate it and to stop. Instead, she reacted very visibly and contributed to the sensationalism of the news stories.

    Bottom line: He shouldn’t have touched her and she could have been more diplomatic in her reaction.

  56. Zeke Wakefield says:

    Chancellor Schmanzella. The land of the Fuhrer ani’t been worth a weinerschnitzel since Patton rolled through. In fact the ENTIRE FRIGGIN’ WORLD should get down on its knees and kiss the US President’s feet that the country he represents could’ve, but CHOSE NOT TO enslave the entire planet while it had that brief window of opportunity between Hiroshima, (8/45), and the Ruskies giat firecracker 4 years later. Damn ingrates!

  57. Larry Huckabee says:

    I feel sure this incident was purely innocent. It is a crying shame that so many people are looking at every move he makes and they seem to think he is stupid or crazy, remember he is a human being stop taking potshots at the poor man. I shudder to think about the shape our country would be in now if it were in the hands of Hillary, or Al gore.

  58. Stephen says:

    To me it looks like a power play on his part. In fact I’m sure that’s what it is.

  59. Tracy says:

    To the person who mentioned Clinton doing such a thing: are you kidding? Does the name Monica Lewinsky mean anything to you? If nothing else Bush is honest unlike your hero Clinton who blatantly lied to the American public about his “relations with that woman”. A backrub come on, we don’t know why or what they had been talking about to inspire this action. Lighten up people and enjoy life a little.

  60. Hello says:

    Wow, Cindy…too much drama…take it down a notch…really not that DEEP!

    As a (strong) professional woman I believe your comments are way too rigid and Americans in general need to lighten up because we are too formal. Americans “seek men as gods” and even God knows how to chill out and not be so anal! The touch wasn’t that deep…I find it funny how we look for someone to “hate” in politics when most politicians are cut from the same cloth. Working for legislators and in studying political science I found that the majority of politicians had to have similar personalities and ideologies and really got along in private in order to hold such positions. They only formally show differences in order to get into their positions. However, formal research and common sense show that people (at the core – not succumbing to socialization by pretentious Western “protocol”) really prefer human leaders who are willing to show their humanity – yes, even in public at a G8 summit!

  61. Hello says:

    Thank you Friedhelm and “C”. As a 1st genration American and black female who knows poverty first-hand and came out due in part because of what my mother was able to afford me by moving to this country, I wholeheartedly agree and appreciate your comments! If there is one thing the rest of the world hates about America, is its lay citizens who DON’T take advantage of the education and resources in America and succumb to ignorance by relying on sound bites!

  62. Golda M. says:

    Clinton was an incredible statesman, Bush is not. Stop trying to compare Clinton’s fling behind closed doors, to Bush not knowing how to handle himself in public.

  63. Nancy says:

    The man is a lunatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. GINGER says:


  65. D.R.M. says:

    If one dislikes this President as much as I (I consider him to be the worst President in American history),it doesn’t take much to find fault in almost everything he does. His reactions to conflict and discord,in almost every instance,are generally inappropriate and bizarre! His entire persona is characterized by incidents and reactions similar to the one at hand. He is laughed at,mocked,hated,ridiculed and considered totally inept by three-quarters of the world’s inhabitants! The “massage incident” is typical of George W. Bush’s mindset. It’s also typical of at least 80% of the Republican Party. The current Congress represents the most divisive,meanspirited,aloof,unconcerned,conceited bunch of blow-hards ever assembled! The average and below average person gets shafted. The rich and powerful stay that way! That’s the Republican Party. Oh,by the way, many Democrats have “cowardly” and methodically taken on some of the characteristics of the Republicans. Why? Simple. They want to keep their jobs and perks and influence. I don’t blame them! How would you like to give yourself a raise and have universal health care? How about an almost immediate “full pension” at any age? I could go on and on. But,it’s time to bid a fond farewell. By the way, I know of a pretty good place for a “massage”.

  66. Christine says:

    I term “twit” comes to mind when I view this series of photos.
    George Bush – Worst president ever! (except for Regan)

  67. Sig655 says:

    He made a German Spectical of himself.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the leader of the free world.

  68. frank says:

    yahvol mein dumfuk!

  69. Jeanie says:

    BUSH-What a FREAK-Do any of you Junior Bush lovers have eyes??? Rubbing a leader of another country at a political convention is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE (for normal people). I never voted for him and never would. Won’t vote for his brother either. Clinton may have had relations with women while in office, but it was in PRIVATE. Bush sees women as objects not as equals.

  70. Hildegard says:


    Hi everyone

    I’m a girl from Germany. I’d like to give some information on the reaction from Germanys Kanzlerin. (Kanzler is german for Chancellor, Kanzlerin is the female form)

    Ms. Merkel has not made a comment about the incident. A German gouvernment spokesperson said, that ” The Kanzlerin will not comment on this. It is an American discussion anyway.”

    In German press, the incident itself was not mentioned at all (except as a pagefiller for one or two gutter papers). But now, as american Blogs make a big deal of it, it gets in the news here, too. Mut it’s mostly considered irrelevant.

    And yes!

    Mr. Bush stayed in Germany for a week-long visit this month. They had a Barbecue together. Mr. Bush and Ms. Merkel are said to be friends.

    And yes!

    Ms. Merkel is married. Her husband is a university-professor he is not into politics. They have no kids. But she’s not “needy”.

    And yes!
    She is not a supermodel. Her style used ho be much worse though, befrore she was in international politics. i.e. before she could afford a stylist.

    And yes!
    Her politics is antisocial neo-conservative crap.

    And yes!
    If Ms. Merkel had been our Chancellor when your W-Chief startet that damn war against his daddys favorite enemy Saddam, our soldiers would be with yours in Iraq.
    Fortunately she was not. The previous Chancellor was a dumbass, too but he knew that 1,000,000 people on a demonstration for peace might want to tell him something.
    Did I mention, that German Constitution says thar the German Army is for defense and nothing but defense? Did I mention that Germans tend to be pissed if politicians try to ignore the fact?

    And yes!
    We’re definitely pissed about defending germany at the Hindukusch-Mountains in Afghanistan.


    p.S. For those of you, who were wondering what a Chancellor is:
    Germany has a President who has no power at all. He is official head of state and has a “mere representation” job. This is currently a man named Horst Koehler. The Chancellor is the head of Gouvernment. Angela Merkel is the first woman ever on that job. It is the job with the biggest power in Germany. But she decides much less than Presidents do in most other states. There is a moderate portion of power left with judges and state ministers.

    Why? Because Germany has made very bad experiences about a madman with too much power about 70 years ago. Nowadays we like to keep different domains of authority with separate jobs. Even Germans are able to learn from history. 😉

  71. Randall Wall says:

    THis Democrat says “good job”, at least he had his pants up when he did it 🙂

  72. Nathan S. says:

    Wow, thats amazing she looks horrified, she says “are you serious, dont touch me!!” hah what an idiot, bush really lives up to himself there

  73. Simon says:

    haha, does this guy actually think about anything before he does it?? Good God.. In fact I only just looked at my fridge magnet with Bush saying.. and I quote.. “will the highways on the internet become more few?” nuff said..

  74. Erik says:

    Looks pretty slimey on Bush’s part

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