Buzz on the net: War With Iran April 6th

There is a lot of buzz on the internet that the US is going to attack Iran on April 6th starting at 4am local time. This chatter is due to a report leaked by Russian Intelligence. Friday the 6th is Good Friday, and it is also a holiday in Iran.

Here is a good example of the buzz

Wesley Clark is an outspoken critic of attacking Iran and has set up the website, Clark states that it would actually be in Israel’s best interests if we did not attack Iran. Democratic leadership in the House has implicitly endorsed attacking Iran by recently removing language from a military funding bill that would have required the president to seek congressional approval before launching an attack on Iran.

Is this going to happen? Who the hell knows, but signs do point to yes, buckle your seatbelt.

This map below shows how Iran does look ripe on paper to have secretarian violence and be parsed up into smaller areas of control.

Iran Ethnic Groups

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  1. Yes there was a rumour going around at the end of March that the USA would launch a sneak assault against Iran right about now, Friday 6th April. Looks like that attack might not be occurring after all.

    It does seem as though a USA strike against Iran is imminent, however. They have been increasing their military presence in the Persian gulf. It’s likely we’ll see an attack soon.

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