Can You See Jesus?

Can You See Jesus?

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  1. dakota says:

    yew thats sick and wrong

  2. Jessi says:

    That picture makes me sick! Jesus died for your sins and your saying He resembles a dogs butt! I feel like throwing up but whoever posted that I just want you to know that I’ll be praying for you and He will love you no matter what you’ve done. Thats why He died such a brutal death. For your sins. Please have that taken off the web though. I’d appreciate it sooo much. Thanks

  3. nynerd says:

    The Virgin Mary appears on a slice of toast, Jesus can’t appear on a dog’s butt?

  4. Tuff Guy says:

    Jessi stop being ridiculous, yes Jesus did die a brutal death and for us. But you dont have to freak out over this, she never once said that it resembles jesus. Cant you take a joke. And if it was a bad pic, your gunna see alot of those so stay off the internet… I will be Praying for you.

  5. destiny says:

    I dont know what your see there but jesus cannot and i mean cannot be on a dogs but your a sick person. ill be praying for you.

  6. ian says:

    Man if jesus wants to appear on a dogs butt hes gonna appear on a dogs butt thats how it is. Just because its a little weird and might be discracful doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean hes not gonna show up there and yes i’m saying he could appear on mars if he wanted to. He could appear on my butt for all he cares as long as he gets what he wants to tell people across that God is good and that he is every where and most importantly that hes real! So this however showed this to the world alone he was just trying to show what God had put into his life and he felt empowered to show it to everybody.

  7. Kori says:

    Oh my gosh this is sick God died for you and you do this to repay him whoever did this has a very sick mind! This is very immaure i will pray that somehow God works in your life.

  8. Minasyan says:


  9. Paula says:

    God deemed all creation good- and that includes a dog’s butts (which are actually pretty important pieces of equipment if you happen to be a dog). Why is a dog’s butt any less holy than a butterfly’s wing, a cloud formation, a newborn baby’s skin, or a dying man’s eyes? And if God can reveal himself usign an ass (as he did with Balaam) why should we freak out over something like this? We are the one’s who have a problem with a dog’s butt, not God.

  10. tracie says:

    i cant belive this. this is what you do to repay JESUS! The man…nevermind im not going to explain it to you. you wont care obviously.

  11. Mikey says:

    i am sick to the bone about this picture. i will praye and praye for you. i hope you dont go to hell for this even though you most likely will because your an idiot. you should be so lucky to have someone in your life lovee you like Jesus does. all i can say is repent your sins. as far as i’m concerned you are both the devil and judas them selfs.

  12. Fergie says:

    Hey that is terrible and wrong.You mad freak!You should be locked up!That is a dog’s butt and you thought it would be cool to show Jesus in it?Is that dog still alive?

  13. Brucie says:

    We need more Christians like Paula! Not only is she thoughtful and spiritual-minded, but also capable of writing a paragraph with mostly accurate syntax and spelling. Did Jesus throw around judgment and condemnation? No. Did Jesus love the unlovable, forgive the sinners, accept the outcasts? Yes, He did. Who are you hateful people following?

  14. Ronaldo says:

    All the people who didn’t have a problem with the picture didn’t use CAPITAL LETTERS for His(Jesus)name. That explains a lot about you guys. Carry on with your lives, we’ll see what happens in the end. God knows best. Thank you for that. Have a nice day.

  15. Tyler says:

    While I dug Paula’s comments for the humor value, I still wonder why the existence of an omnipotent creator, on a dog’s hairy sphincter or otherwise, is just assumed outright. Photoshop is a tool. Why are so many people?

  16. Joshua Stanley says:

    I do admit, it does look like Jesus, but please take this picture off. Many non-Christians see this kind of stuff and it leads them further away from the One that created the universe with a word. I also apologize for the Christians who lost their temper. Hey, even Peter chopped a guards ear off when they came to arrest Jesus, but Jesus put his ear back on. With love I ask you to remove this picture.

  17. Keegan Z says:

    holy crap. I love it. it’s about time he showed up somewhere good. oil slicks and tree gnarls are out… dog butts are in!

  18. David says:

    God created dog ass. Therefore it is a part of God. Jesus said everything was beautiful. A Dog’s ass is apart of everything. Jesus was God. Jesus created the Dog’s ass. Everything loves its offspring. Jesus loves dog ass. Thus he can appear.

  19. Fraim says:

    Yes, it is a joke. Yes, it is funny. These same two things can also be said about Jesus himself, however.

    And so the circle of life continues in its endless spiral.

  20. sniff the glove says:

    i think it’s hilarious that such self-riotous, ignorant fools are begging and praying for the person who posted this. god would bitch-slap each and every one of you for how lamely you respond to this picture in an attempt to make yourselves feel good about damning someone else. good for you.

  21. Jerome Vasede says:

    “Have you found Jesus?”
    I guess I have now!
    By the way, all of you who wrote replies with too many caps in them, I’m a computer repair-tech and can fix your caps lock for free, just ask!

  22. devin says:

    i wish there were more pictures of “seeing jesus in disgusting places.” there’ll never be enough, as far as i’m concerned. i want to see the shape of jesus in a picture of two men having sex while a third man tapes it and pleasures himself with a prayer shawl.

  23. chris says:

    man guys, get over jesus already. he’s been dead for like a million years

  24. steive says:

    I think it is obvious, just from day-to-day life, that God has a pretty good sense of humor. Regardless of whether He shows up on a piece of toast, or a dog’s butt, I’m sure it’s nothing He hasn’t seen or done before. And I’m sure this doesn’t offend Him more than people who tear pages out of the Bible, or promote Satanism. So what if He is on a dog’s butt? I think it’s clever.

  25. Wilbur says:

    Its not a joke, its real, nobody can create such a perfect image of our savior almighty. Its a message that we must obey dogs, for they show us the humble way. Bow down to doggy butt-hole. ^_^

  26. Salvation Abundant says:

    I cannot believe you all. You are fighting and praying and threatening and cajoling the poster and eachother, all in the name of some guy who preached peace? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Turn the other cheek, practice the way you wish, and stop the childish tantrums and name-calling (all of which I am sure your lord and savior would just LOVE) in the name of a concept. Religion was a good idea when lawless men needed a higher power to control their actions, but it appears to be corrupting the lot of you, you bantering, holier-than-thou, faux followers of the religion. Pray to your lords for forgiveness, as you have taken it upon yourselves to dispense their justice, which NONE of you are prepared to do. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  27. Thor larholm says:

    That is just plain hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh.

  28. Richeh says:

    God made all things, he made plants and the earth, and we should love them because it brings us closer to Him. He also made dog’s butts, and I love them because they bring me closer to Him. If you can’t love a dog’s butt, you’ve no room for Him in your life.

    Use a condom though, for God’s sake.

  29. Jenn says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Muhammad and Jesus getting freaky.

  30. president says:

    If the dog lives in an islamic country we now have at least a reason to start a few more crusades.

  31. Gordy says:

    How can any of you say that it looks like Jesus? How many of you have actually met Jesus and can testify that this is what he looks like? It maybe looks like a western church’s representation of Jesus but we should all accept that coming from Jerusalem, he probably had dark skin and black hair.

  32. Bad Man says:

    Jesus was gay.

  33. Simon says:

    Judging by these comments, it would appear the internet has been infested by retards… *gets broom* shoo shoo! bloody peasants.

  34. sponky says:

    Leave the picture – forgiveness and tolerance are two of the most beloved lessons of Christianity. What if the likeness of Jesus was formed in clouds all you Bible Bashers would be cooing about its “awesomenessness and lovelinessness”

    What in dogs name are you guys on about?

  35. Homicide says:


    oh shut up.
    It’s funny, if you can’t take a joke, get off the internet.

  36. devil.boy says:

    I think it’s hilarious that some people still believe in the myth of a “savior”. Jessi, you’re an idiot.

  37. bob_dobbs says:

    Great picture. Also great job getting the wacko’s panties all in a bunch. Jesus is a symbol, a make-believe feel good symbol, like the tooth fairy. What if you put a picture of the tooth fairy in a dog’s butt? How many fairy-worshipers would come crawiling out of the woodwork to pray that you still get change under your pillow when you loose a tooth.

  38. Danny says:

    Jesus Imaginary Christ! That’s creepy.

  39. ChrisF says:

    Jesus died because he claimed he was the messiah.
    In two-thousand we could be worshipping David Koresh for all we know or even worse Tom Cruise. Praise be to Xenu!!!
    BTW – This pic is mad ancient I saw this months if not years ago, but it still amuses me.

  40. Rev. Johnson says:

    Jesus would not have wanted his children to be bickering as we are. We simply have to accept that he has chosen to reveal himself in this odd way and try and make sense of it somewhow.
    My question is: has this dog been showing saintly manners recently? I urge you to contact your local parish and see if they somehow would want you to come and show the community this incredible miracle. You could bring your dog for all to see in person. And to those that doubt: this is why it’s called “faith”. Learn to stop questioning god’s ways and accept them as they are.


  41. Jebus Lover says:

    God is everywhere! Even in my pooop. Why not a dog’s butt. To dogs, butts are wonderful. And remember, “dog” is “God” spelled backward.

  42. Crimson says:

    I guess I can shut off my internet connection for the rest of the year… between this and the Red Sox fan getting beaned with a piece of pizza, there won’t be anything else worth seeing.

    Great pic!

  43. ATG says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Jesus just brought the biggest smile that i’ll have all day to my face. Thank you lord.

  44. Brocklesocks says:

    I bet this picture would give the real Jesus a raging hard-on.

  45. Shameful says:

    To those religious nutcases here that cannot take a joke I can only say that I still retain hope for your eventual enlightenment. If I was Christian I would find any kind of idol worship offensive, including seeing the Virgin Mary on slices of grilled slice and window panes.

    But I guess the fine line is drawn when someone isn’t out to capitalize on an event to sell T-shirts and miracle magnets, and rather would just make a joke jabbing at the inanity of that underbelly of the culture.

    It makes me sad to read the knee-jerk reactions, because I can seriously picture God laughing right now at the joke, wondering why so many people are willing to worship holy images on doors but they think God is more offended by an obvious joke. For shame.

  46. MrG says:

    Dog is my co-pilot.

  47. Jimbo Jones says:

    HAHAHA! Jesus is a dog’s butt.

  48. Andy says:

    If it is said that Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit could be anywhere at any time, how could he/He/It not be, for instance, in a dog’s ass?

  49. Rickets says:

    It’d be funny if the dog started crapping, then you could shout…
    “see I told you, Jesus is full of s#!t”

    Jesus forgives….

  50. greasy says:

    thats easily the most accurate representation of jesus ive EVER seen! i pray that all you jesus freaks arent as blind as you make yourselves out to be. god created that anus so dont hate on it you ignorant hypocrites!

  51. Jesus' Brother, Cletus says:

    And the lord said unto me, let my son be hairy.

  52. smelly says:

    Jesus is a dead man. He didn’t die for your sins. He was not the “son of god”. He was a man, and a criminal (why else would they crucify him?). Theists are retarded.

  53. Jesus says:

    I am Jesus, the Lord Thy God, King of Kings and the Son of The Divine Lord Thy God. Those of you who judge though you have heard my commandments and teachings, those who claim to follow Your Shepherd yet shame My name with your shallow judgments and hypocritical condemnation, you sadden Me. I died for your sins so that you would learn to put your Evil ways behind you, but you have betrayed me with your words and thoughts. This image is of ME and it is Righteous and Holy. Blessed art my sheep who kneel before the Son of God. Damned are they who cast judgement of hate and harbor wicked feelings against their neighbors. I had but One Life to give and can not die for thy sins again, so damned art though! Look within thyself for the hell reserved for you and taste the Eternal Damnation which awaits you.

  54. eternal damnation says:

    You all are rediculous. Jesus on a dog’s ass is funny. Plain and simple. Remember satire? Anyone? Anyone? Bueler? If Jesus was truly present, he’d wash away the middle of the country into the depths of the Atlantic so the rest of us can live a peacefully. But anyhoo….thanks for the eternal damnation. Very christian of you.

  55. joe schmoe says:

    Maybe the image is of the historical jesus . . .

  56. wanta says:

    haha shutup you religious loonies

  57. Steve says:

    I’m surprises so many people are refering to it as a joke. Unless you haven’t actually looked at the picture and clearly seen the image.

  58. azzok says:

    I think Jesus would have a good laugh at this.

  59. blargh says:

    “But anyhoo….thanks for the eternal damnation. Very christian of you.”

    Sadly, you are all too correct. Damning all heathens -is- very Christian. Let’s all praise god for not torturing us in heaven just for believing some guy who said “fuck jewish law, I’m the man now dog, this is how we roll”

  60. Geo says:

    Perfect place for a god on dog. The religioso mysterioso fantasy action figure like jesus fits there. I am so glad most people are mass minded followers. Some of these reactions show the power of mass thought, please continue to be weak and follow.

  61. Marc Forrester says:

    You know what would be really great? If you cropped this to just Our Saviour’s image, and posted it to some places where people go nuts for these things, saying that it appeared ‘In my dog’s fur’.

    Then at the ideal moment during the general rejoicing, you strike with the zoom out option. 😀

  62. Tansy says:

    Might i suggest that all the “is the dog still alive” and “you should burn in hell for all eternity” Christians out there, recognise and kiss the image of the Saviour as it has been presented on this living creature because since they are already talking shit in the name of Jesus he may see fit to reward them all with the real thing.

  63. FidoSinner says:

    Hey… How did that old jingle go again?
    My dog’s better than your dog
    My dog’s better than yours
    My dog’s better ’cause his ass looks like Jesus
    My dog’s better than yours!

  64. Starry says:

    Isn’t Dog spelled backwards God?

    Who are we to question how lowely a creature HE decides to appear as/on.

    Kinda egotistical to think HE’LL come back as a human :-p

  65. free man says:

    It is a sorry state of affairs when even the defenders of this excellent photograph invoke a non-existent deity to argue that “He” doesn’t mind this kind of humor.

    Wake up, people! It’s the 21st Century — time to leave superstition behind! Science has completely disproved religion and anyone living today who believes that there is a god or that Jesus was a deity who “died for your sins” (however the hell that’s supposed to work) — anyone believing in any of this crap is a moron through and through!

    Science has convincingly shown that the universe is about 15 billion years old and that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. A bunch of idiots who lived in a time when a wheelbarrow was brand-new technology claim the earth is 4,000 years old — and who are you idiots going to believe? The wheelbarrow bunch, of course! Because you’re idiots. Don’t waste your time damning me or praying for me — either one would be a complete waste of your time, as effective as knocking on wood or rubbing a wart with a rag and burying the rag.

  66. 3killa says:

    i always knew jesus was an asshole

  67. Jesus says:

    Damn, I look sexy.

  68. DoggyButt says:


  69. Jim says:

    Maybe when you stop living your life based on superstitious nonsense, you’ll see the humor of this. Take responsibility for your own life and stop relying on/blaming your invisible buddy for everything.

  70. AW Einstein says:

    It’s not suprising that this harmless and ironically funny picture spurred a massive interweb dispute over the plausibility of God. It happens all the time, but seriously dudes, come on! Yes it does look like western surfer-jesus, that’s the fact of the matter, if you look close enough you see it. You shouldn’t get so upset about that, you shouldn’t deny things which are true and observable (such as evolution) because you personally interpret it to contradict your religion. What you definately shouldn’t do, is be nasty to everyone who doesn’t agree…let him without sin cast the first stone remember? If Jesus died for my sins (however that works) then I’m very thankful, but I’m not going to deny that his head on a dog’s butt isn’t funny out of shame.

  71. AW Einstein says:

    Wait, one more thing, in case any of you religioners were planning on praying for me… what’s up with that? As I understand it, a person has to accept jesus in order to go to heaven, and there’s no more to it. I’m not going to do that any time soon, I’d much sooner accept Thor. So when you pray for a non-beleiver, are you praying that God make him come around? God can’t make people beleive because of their free will right? Are you praying that something terrible happens to make that person? That wouldn’t be nice. I’d suggest, that instead of praying on behalf of someone who doesn’t think that a benevolent and all-loving GOD required the violent sacrifice of his only son as pittance for the sins of mortals whom he created and cast out of paradise, that you should try your very best to understand why it is that person doensn’t beleive. I don’t mean ignore the person while he explains, and then assert your beleifs in the hopes he’ll blindly accept them. I mean listen intently and learn his side, hopefully he’ll do the same. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet in the middle somewhere, or at the very least you’ll both be able to make more informed arguments without so many assumptions. You can of course, just post your opinions in an obscure, sligtly related corner of the internet and leave it at that though, if you want to waste time.

  72. Brad says:

    My God… Dog spelt backwards…. Jesus on the back side of a dog…

    The second coming of Jesus wasn’t what I had in mind, butt it has a nice twist.

  73. Warren says:

    I think all of you who are freaking out are missing the point entirely. I believe that’s a goat’s crotch, not a dog’s butt. Thank you.

  74. Rob says:

    Jesus will punish you with love…. and treat you with movies about him, gospelmusic and bringers of the message at yr door at sundaymornings at 08.00 hour

  75. martin says:

    Listen to me now you bunch of christian nerds. You christians make stupid jokes about budism and muslim all the freaking time, stfu bitches and take what you yourselves deserve the most (open your blind christian eyes for a millisecond, you are insulting all the other religions 24/7).

    The picture does indeed look similar to a person dressed in white and having a bit longer hair. The fact that your whole religion is built on a man who’s father took a hike to the next silly girl and who’s mother got married to another guy, is a completely different story. As long as i care, he can even appear between your sandwich.

  76. Mike Wasdin says:

    I not only see Jesus, but the Virgin Mary, God, the Pope, all the Saints…..

  77. Lex says:

    haha. yes, its jesus alright. i cant believe religious people take that so seriously. omg he died for you and omg omg. get over it its a joke ffs.

  78. Artur Zinatullin says:

    Well, this in kinda sick, yes.
    But Jesus is Geat and Holy, so if He wishes to show Himself (to somebody) on an animal butt, that’s His will. And that doesn’t insult Him anyway.
    Well, when there was a problem between Europe and Middle East about The Prophet cartoons, we called theese rioting muslims fundamentalists and fanatics. Let us be, unlike them, reasonable and have our sence of humor.

  79. A says:

    God created everything. That includes Jesus and dog butt.

  80. freedomofthought says:

    I find it interesting that the people who are close the this dog (whose name is Angus) find the appearance of Jesus on his butt miraculous. The christians here think it disgusting. I guess you have to be a christian and actually know the dog to find it miraculous. Here’s an article about it:

    I find it silly and ridiculous that people are discussing an image on a dog’s butt.

  81. Em Robin says:

    Holy crap! I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time. Thank you so much for bringing a bit of joy into my life!

  82. hahahaha says:

    omg this is soo funny everyone needs to tkae a joke if he made this animal then y cnt he b part of it?!
    im sure jesus had a sence of humor so y sldnt we?!

  83. birdiiee says:

    god i think you lot need get a life
    seriously get out a bit more

  84. riffter says:

    calm down all u people out there its just a joke and i agree with all u people who hav a scense of humor!!! god can apear anywhere he wants (even if i is a dogs butt!!!)

  85. NebulOus says:

    jesus on a dogs ass???That’s hilarious!!!
    Now post one with him dying on the cross that says “OWNED”…LMFAO!!!

  86. Miley444 says:

    That is just sick and wrong, that is a disgrace! i hope that u take that off!!! I hope that you know that Jesus will forgive you whatever you do. i will be praying for you.

  87. savannah says:

    oh my gosh!there are kids out there,you know.I am about to puke!i will be praying for you guys!i mean,you didnt have to put it on the internet.why would you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you deffenetly need help!now my annoing brother is looking and watching me typ.he says its sick and wrong too!wich it is!i hope my baby brother dosnt see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is just sad.your really immature.he dies on the cross and this is wat you give him!!!remember,ill be praying

  88. K. Rove says:

    That’s where Jesus belongs.

  89. I luv Jesus Christ..B’coz he save our life frm danger..But we r not thank u him..B’coz we’ve made some sins..Yah…I can c Jesus at the cat’s “BAM”..Its not funny..Ok??Its a sins..I’ve made a lot of sins..I (L) Jesus..

  90. Alan says:

    How do any of you people know what Jesus looks like. This could be any man. That image of Christ is just a stereotype. I do not know if this is a coincidnence or a joke, but if it is it’s really funny. who knows maybe Jesus is laughing with us because He does not look like that.

  91. Bill says:

    1) God has a sense of humor, just look at the platypus

    2) Jesus was black

    3) The universe was not created with a word, it has been evolving for eons after the big bang. Meaning, creationism is just a bunch of non-scientific bull crap. If you don’t believe in Darwinism, look at all the morons who loose limbs and die while doing stupid things like removing blocks of ice from a snow blower while it’s running

    4) Stop being so self-righteous and get a life and a sense of humor, oh wait, jesus would not like you to laugh.

    5) If you want me to tell you the story about how jesus was not resurrected, but merely unconscious after being poisoned by those who wanted to euthanize him before he was left to die on the cross, let me know. That should shatter your belief in his mythology

  92. pie says:

    you are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! what in GODS holy name were you thinking puting this on the internet kids of all ages go on the internet you are sick and i will be praying for you!!!!!!!!!

  93. Luke says:

    if any of think that is funny then ur sick and rong in the head!!!! 🙂

  94. Nate says:

    calm down you freaks. I think this is hilarious take a friggen joke. He died on a cross, booficrityhoo. When will people stop taking trivial things such as religion so seriously?

  95. nate says:

    by the way people it is the internet if a kid sees something wrong hold your damn kid acountable not the person who put it there. and stop praying for this guy, I doubt he did this for any prayers. Parying is futile anyway. oh and one exclamation mark is enough it is SO FRIGGEN IRATATING when you people leave about 18 of them after a word. idiots

  96. Bullethail says:

    Right… I don’t care what you say… that was pretty cruel.

  97. @ppl3 says:

    who ever posted dis is downright disrespesctful and so is the people who agree with the fact dat it is 2. This is degrading and embarrasing 2 see that people out there repay God by saying and doing stuff like this. Anyone can say what ever they want bout dis but play with it n when you see yaself in hell…..always remeber to pray for forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!!….by da way this is a serious issue!

  98. Dee says:

    It is true that jesus appears everywhere, and if it is there then that is where it is. I am fully commited to jesus and i know he is always watching. Thats just the way it is! AMEN! 🙂

  99. Daniel says:

    Um…. That’s not Jesus. Besides, because Jesus is G-d and is everywhere, then how could someone become offended by this? We really need to take this whole “Omni-Presence” thing seriously! Also, I’m sure that only the “Religous” are offended by this. I’m sure that G-d is WAY above pittily human sacralige. Whatever.

  100. Daniel says:

    I have a “Theological” Question? Does this image have any baring on Anything Holy? Ok, here’s one for the ages, if an image “That is supposed to be Jesus” (Which no one really knows what he looked like) does (in fact) appear on a dogs butt, does this deminish Jesus, or does this actually make the dog’s butt Holy?

  101. Daniel says:

    Ok – I have one more point to contribute to this “debate?” – or whatever this is… Now let’s compare the sincere efforts of those “Christians” who were defending the honor of their L-rd, by stating their “Displeasure” in viewing this “Image” — to what would happen if… OH – I don’t know – If that was an image of another “Religious” Persona from the Middle East… Hmmmmm. I just think that the Christian response (as Pharasetic as it may have been delivered) echoed a closer resembalence to “Love” than to that of how another group of individuals would have responded to such insolence. That’s just my Oppinion. Peace be with you.

  102. MDAWG says:


  103. mihran says:

    hey this is not nice what you all are doing Jesus will forgive you but dont push it

  104. Seryph says:

    You only proved that you are acting like an Idiot!

  105. Seryph says:

    I’d much rather live my life believing in Heaven and a “Savior”, die and find out there is no Heaven or hell than not believe, die and find out that there are both a Heaven and a hell. It’s quite a gamble to be a non-believer. Dont you think? The loss would be tragic and not recoverable.

  106. Seryph says:

    If you believe in eternal life through a savior would you gamble your future away to save face with “the world?”
    If you don’t believe in eternal life through a savior, would you want to believe? If so, do you need proof so that no one will laugh at you?

    Start studing the Bible. No, realy “Study” it. And if you still want to hold onto your opinions. after that, Then it’s all you (“all you”).

  107. Grinnar says:

    Personally, I think it resembles Paul more. I’ve seen Jesus appearances all the way from this pup’s butt to a rotting piece of a wall in a condemned building, to vomit at a diner I used to work at. Seems there’s a common theme here.

  108. Joel says:

    I think all you religion buffs are brain washed.. but yeah that looks like an old sheppard on a dogs butt…
    So if a star 60 light years away supernovas and wipes out our atmoshpere and we cook.. you got jesus huh… more like you got thermo-nuclear fusion in your face and no more planet for your next life.

  109. BoB says:

    The real joke is at the end of the day, you just spent a good amount of time staring into a dog’s asshole.

  110. bekki says:

    so….If there is a message that is supposed to be given to the particular owner of the dog, Great! If that is how this person recieves his revelation, If this is the way that the Lord deems necessary to communicate with this individual, The Lord knows best… Im curious though about the dog owner, and what the message was…Its personal, i imagine.

  111. Michael says:

    Hah, obsessive Christians are funny. As funny, if not more, than this picture itself.

    I bet Jesus would laugh at it.

  112. Banjax says:

    If you see one that looks like Mohammed, be sure to post it up. Level the playing field, ya know. Or possibly set it on fire.

  113. curt says:

    jesus doesnt exist, people just made him up so we can feel special about ourselves

  114. Josie says:

    you guys are humorless pricks. jesus also died for that dogs ass.

  115. Curious says:

    I found this looking for a picture of Jesus to use in a graphic design.


    If you actually review all the comments given, you will see that the Jesus haters over reacted alot more than the Christians.
    I believe if you could look into each of the Jesus haters’s lives you would find alot of abuse, mis treatment, and anger in their past and present.

    That is the only reason for that much anger towards a God that they supposidly do not believe in.

    The anger from all the non Christians is sad. The image of the dog does not bother me. Why? It doesn’t change my faith. I still believe that Jesus is the One and the Only true God.

    Good Luck to the Non-Believers. I guess (Luck) is all you have. huh. Hows that been working for ya so far?

    I realize that my comments are not what Jesus would say. After all I am just human. Making jokes about someone’s God would naturally envoke a little anger. Why are all the non-believers so mad?

    Try this link if you want more than luck in your life. It won’t hurt any I promise.

  116. Charles says:

    Hah! you americans are so religious you make me laugh.

  117. Maso_princess says:

    Who ever did this Fucken picture makes me fucken shit
    you are sick in the head you loser get a fucken life you piece of SHIT i can see your face on the dogs ass

    P.S your nothing but a Fucken Dog
    hope you drop you ass hole

  118. KIMBERLY says:


  119. Slick says:

    BAHAHAHAHA, I’m not sure what is funnier. The picture or the comments?

    DOG is GOD spelled backwards. How do you reach God? When you go backwards to the end of the doG! 😛

    Is’nt that obvious?

    On that note, I’m Catholic. Anyone who doesn’t see humor in this needs to get a life and stop worrying about the one that comes after it.

    Jesus is humble. Where is a more humble place than a dog’s ass?

  120. (cant think of a name realy) says:

    lol? Dont go sick guys its only a joke, and what Maso_princess said was pretty funny, ‘ Fucken picture makes me ‘shit”. aha ha ha … no -.- .
    I think I see what you mean by I’ll pray for you but at a first glance thats kind of funny too.
    Curious hahaha… what are you on about there are no mad non-believers smartass why would non-believers say stuff like ‘Jesus gave up his life for you.’ *slaps* thats realy stupid. Its pretty obvious that the belivers are the pissed-off ones -.- .

  121. (cant think of a name realy) says:

    Look it’s not a serious issue for ‘Gods’ sake. and no1 hates Jesus though i think he doesn’t exist. Logic you see my dear Christians.

  122. believer says:

    Find Rev. Johson’s Comment and read it. I can’t agree more with him. God would definitely not want us bickering over this. God reveals himself to us in unusual ways and this is one of them. If you are a devout Catholic, you would know that it is ok to struggle with God. In fact, it’s part of the process of believing in him.

  123. katie. says:

    I love you for posting this.
    I truly, truly do.

    Seriously. This kicks ass. I really love how people get obsessed over religion. Really, people. Grow a brain. I’m not kidding. If I believed in God, I’d pray for you guys to get some common fucking sense. And please, please, PLEASE don’t pray for me. Save your breath on gay people and starving kids in Africa. Really. They need “God’s” love much more than I do.

  124. Reki says:

    Whether or not you’re a Christian, this is totally disrespectful of some people’s beliefs. If you did this with muhammed, the ragheads would be all over your ass. This is like the guy who put a cross in piss and called it art. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for posting this and agreeing with this post. My roommate is pagan and I’m Christian. He attacks my beliefs all the time, but I refuse to lower myself to attack his. Regardless of your beliefs, you people should show some respect for people’s beliefs and not ridicule them. Piss off, assholes!

  125. Poondaddy says:

    This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Even better is my son who turns 3 this weekend now runs up to my dogs at home, points at their ass and yells “I see Jesus”. I can’t wait for the in-laws to see their grandson doing this.

    But even funnier then the picture is half or more of the comments here. Nothing amuses me more then so-called devout Christians wishing ill on those that find this amusing. What happened to turn the other cheek and forgiveness?

  126. jeff says:

    Should we balance out stupidity and hate like this with some defamation of so called liberals?
    Maybe a Harvey milk zombie molesting a crippled boy or a Gloria Steinem shoving a hand held blender into herself for a home made abortion or how about some antisocial spinster adopting dozens and dozens of children like the neighborhood cat lady with a house full of filthy children and a few dead ones behind the furniture. After all that shit is natural, right? That’s their big argument; “the exception is the rule”.

    Should those who see this exercise in mental masturbation as a halleluiah or a high five moment be respected as others; who respect their neighbor’s beliefs and shun childish mockery because their neighbor reveres and holds holy things that he doesn’t?

    Modern atheist astound in their ignorance.
    By their actions they show how they wish to destroy institutions that they feel threatened by:
    The davinci code
    A picture of a crucifix in a bucket of urine
    A portrait of a black woman naked on a cross
    Toys or costumes depicting nuns as buffoons
    A store window decoration showing a nativity scene with hello kitty characters etc. etc. etc.

    Yet these examples are futile arguments against the greatness that is God.
    Christian faith is not destroyed by these or by corrupt ministers or pedophile priest. It is indestructible as History has shown and doesn’t need to bicker with fools.

    We’ve heard it all before and it doesn’t change anything. Atheist interpretation of everyone else doesn’t affect the truth.

    My apologies to Mr. Milk and Ms. Steinem.

  127. LOLYMOLI says:

    LOL christians. “OMG YOU JOKE ABOUT JESUS YOU GOIN TO HELL SON! REPENT! REPENT!”F you.Jesus dont have any magic powers jesus didnt heal the blind and if you think that you need to lay off the DRUGS!!Jesus in my opinion, saying that he could heal the blind and making people think he was magic, is a lying ass BITCH!!yea i said it, JESUS IS A BITCH!!!!!!God aint real my friends its all in your head.Your parents lied to you and made you think magic is real.Dont be mad at me cause i told you the truth.Be mad at the dumbshits that said god is real and people (jesus) can heal the blind…and jesus for ling like a panzy ass “LOL DUDEZ LOOK I CAN HEAL YOUR COLD! *waves hands at him* NOW WAIT TWO WEEKS AND YOU’LL BE BETTER!”

  128. moi says:

    omg, u lot are talking load of crap God, real! pah-i laugh in his face.

  129. joro says:

    you people CANT be serious? ok well if you look at enough stuff while high you can see jesus or mary or whatever on ANYTHING.. oh one more thing.. all the evidence leads to a probability that jesus was a dark skinned dude that doesn’t resemble that butt in anyway.. so whats the problem? Lighten up people.. we are in hell if there is a hell worse then this life at the moment, I think I will just stay here thank you,, Peace all 😀

  130. joro says:

    curious,, what is all this jesus’s haters crap? I don’t know jesus,, never met jesus,, will never meet jesus considering he died WAY before I was born. so I deffinately don’t HATE him. From what I have read jesus was just another humanitarian,, that is great.. the world needs more of them..Jesus, Gandi, Martin Luther.. ect. but if you believe in a dude floating around above the clouds watching us,, you are probably looking at a russian astronaut 😀 wake up….

  131. Stacey says:

    That is not polite it is not funny and you know it this man has done somthing no one else will ever do and you are going to make fun of HIM!!! do you know that sinners like the person who drew this will be punished you should not put this on the net it is a discrase to catholics, jews and holy people EVERYWERE!!!!!!!!!

  132. bekcie says:

    i think this is really funny !! god isnt real any way so why freak ! its so funny ya a set of geeks floppin outall ova bwt a dogs arse ! u sados !

  133. DJ says:

    dude..its jesus on a dog’s butt. there was mary on a peice of toast. crazy stuff happens. and for everyone who says we’r goin to hell for this im damn ok with that cuz u kno wat im goin anyways. so i dont care. its Jesus yea he died for us and everything but that doesnt mean we shuld be all neo-nazi about him on a dog’s butt

  134. Brainlego says:

    Skeptic Magazine founder Michael Shermer takes us on a hilarious romp through the strange claims we humans put forth as truth – from alien encounters to Virgin Mary sightings on pizza pies, to hidden messages revealed while playing “Stairway to Heaven” backwards – and explains the evolutionary and cognitive basis for these lapses in reason. Don’t miss the one-minute challenge testing your own observational skills… Shermer is the founder/publisher of Skeptic Magazine, and author of several books, including Why People Believe Weird Things. (Recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 17:29)

  135. mark says:

    ” Whether or not you’re a Christian, this is totally disrespectful of some people’s beliefs. If you did this with muhammed, the ragheads would be all over your ass. ”

    So you calling someone a raghead isn’t being disrespectful. You can distrespect someone else for there beliefs, but they can’t on yours. And you say you don’t lower yourself. You really are a dick. And please don’t pray for my forgiveness or salvation as i wouldn’t do it for you if I believed in this crap.

  136. Brainlego says:

    “People who don’t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn’t have such funny beliefs”

    “If Jesus had been killed 20 years ago, Catholic School children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks…” Lenny Bruce

  137. L says:

    Is where your looking to find knowledge in the person of Jesus Christ? No wonder you haven’t gotten very far. I think you need to turn around and walk 180 degrees towards your Bible.

  138. Shane says:

    They do say that Jesus is everywhere…lol
    Guess this proves it!

  139. orilla says:

    Do you think this might cure cancer? I saw Jesus once in a dented hubcap, miracles are everywhere if you look.

  140. Mira says:

    Can somebody plzz tell me why is the picture of JESUS on a Dog’s butt? what’s the point of it?
    people are really sick and Jessi don’t bother yourself people like them don’t know anything about respect they are just animals ,that’s why they don’t find it direspectful to put Jesus picture on an animal’s butt! I will pray for them!

  141. jamie says:

    this is really upsetting, although Jesus sees your heart, and he does understand why you put this picture up. he loves you!!

  142. taylor says:

    hey guys, why dont you think about this. Maybe God wanted to show up on this dogs butt? Maybe he wanted this to happen? who knows? But I really dont think this is such a big deal.

  143. JoJo says:

    That is a very well groomed dog. I think that’s the important thing. Someone obviously loves it a great deal. I’m not so sure about Jesus – but I do see a young Max von Sydow.

  144. Dav says:

    I am religious and im not offended. Jesus really hard dark skin and dark hair. But this looks like today’s western Jesus. It’s just a coinsidence people, calm down.

  145. neil says:

    hey…God creates both dogs AND asses, thus making them holy, right?

  146. Meu Nome é Carlos says:

    That pic is just plain wrong!!!! It’s outrageous! How can someone ever layer Jesus on a dog’s butt?? Like every hippie in the world, jesus should be nailed to a wall and spanked to death, not be put on a dog’s ass.

  147. TJ says:

    Well, unfortunatally you don’t have enough sense to think of the consequences of your deeds, i know we are all sinners, but you went out of your way to diss the person you owe your life to, well that’s just plain dumb… and no i won’t be praying for you, i don’t have time to pray for those who invite trouble for themselves

  148. Niamh says:

    I can see jesus
    I’m heavily christian

    stop freaking out over it

  149. desmund says:

    I can see Benjamin Franklin… and Marilyn Manson.. and it looks a little like Hugh Hefner around the eyes….

  150. Jessica says:

    That’s sooo cool but u ppl get over it, it’s just a dogs butt, it’s not like if u have never seen a dogs butt berfore.( I wonder if u can see that on my dog 2 )

  151. rhetoricus says:

    So.. let me get this straight.

    Jesus–who is God–suffered on a cross (how does that really work, since He’s God and only feels pain if he wants to? It could only be all elective theater, if He’s really God). He supposedly does this in order to appease the wrath of God–which is Himself. (Li’l schizophrenia, there?) For “sins” we did because He created us fallible (and he KNEW we’d screw up, since he knows everything in advance, right?) So he “died” on the cross (but not really, since he rose from the grave and knew in advance he would).

    And He did this little stunt to appease his Own anger at us, because He requires blood sacrifice (?!) of His own innocent creations as a penance for OUR sin (how messed up is THAT?). And I’m somehow supposed to be grateful for this little stunt, which is nothing hard to pull off, since He’s God and all (nothing’s magic to the magician, right?). Wow.

    I mean, do you people even listen to yourselves?

  152. Chris says:


  153. Sighster says:

    It looks more like George Carlin circa 1971 to me.

  154. John Van says:

    Greeks had their gods and Egyptians had their own set of gods and now look…years later its all “Mythology” and we dont realize it as a religion..Dont you numskulls think that in another 300 years the stuff you people call “The Christ” and “Jesus” will be considered a bunch of made up bull that made up for things people didn’t understand. Yeah the egyptians and greeks didnt think so either.. shh i might make zeus and Ra mad!

  155. Tina says:

    That is disgusting and distasteful. You should not be laughing at a picture which degrades JESUS to a dog’s butt.

    Go ahead. Laugh it up. Keep living your life exactly the way you are right now and ignore GOD. You’re on your own path to destruction. Us Christians are not crazy or stupid or simply “believers-in-some-imaginary-thing.” GOD REALLY DOES EXIST. There is no scientific proof, but ASK YOURSELF; could life forms this complex really started from nothing?

    When it comes to how we became, there are only two options: God exists and created everything OR God does no exist and everything came from the ‘big bang’ theory/evolutionist theory.

    For example, E.Coli contains DNA double helix SO complex that if it were to be put in print, it would have more pages than all the books combined in the world’s largest libraries. On the other hand, all this complex data that composes even the simplest forms of bacteria could have “sprung” from “nowhere,” or at least according to the Big Bang and Evolutionist theory.

    How about Quantum Mechanics? I’m sure the complexity of this new discovery involving different dimensions outside of time also “sprung” from “nowhere.”

    Also, the world is not a supposed “100 billion years old” or any bs like that. In one experiment conducted in Alaska, a frozen ancient animal was discovered. According to carbon dating, the animal was 77 million years old. However, the fur on its back was dated to merely 22 million years. Clearly we have flawed methods of ‘accurately predicting’ the age of an object.


    The only other option would be GOD.. bingo!
    Think about it and get informed. Look some stuff up on Creationism.

    Still not convinced? I did what I could, and I cant change your flawed ways. But hey.. its still up to you.


  156. bonzo says:

    lol FUNNAYY~*~*~*~* mike carr finds this funny too

  157. Punkymcfliska says:

    Tina’s post made me laugh for several minutes. How absurd. Lolwutsamanifesto thinks this is hilarious too.

  158. nein says:

    All religious people are freaking nuts.
    There is no god/ess of any sort.
    When we die were are dead.
    Deal with it.

  159. JIM says:

    The Bible and Qur’an where a good laugh, does anyone know when the authors will be releasing sequels? Will I be able to find them in the comedy section of Kinokuniya ?

  160. kira says:

    What kind of crap is this…..Jesus on a dogs butt this is stupid and sick well bring toleit paper wit you because your full of ……(to be continued)…

  161. Jesusisnotoursavior says:

    ROFL hahahahahah this is funny to all the ppl that think its really horrible and sick get of your knees and keep thinking you are talking to someone u are the ppl that need real help.

  162. tspfx says:

    What I want to know, is who took this picture and stared at it long enough, looking for jesus?

  163. Gisehel says:

    that is so mest up….. who would have the nerve to put jesus on a dogs but!!!!!!! he dosent deserve that

  164. rhetoricus says:

    Er, Tina, the minor flaws in carbon dating don’t remotely harm the overwhelming geologic, astrophysical and paleontological evidence that disprove the silly biblical timelines.

    And, I know personally I wasn’t laughing at the idea that the universe has some intelligence involved in its design or ongoing creation. I’m laughing at Christians’ conclusion that the only POSSIBLE explanation for this intelligence is not the Native American “Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things,” or the Buddhist pregnant void, but rather NECESSARILY is this vengeful, jealous, lampshade-on-his-head-crazy Jehovah, and his Son who was sent to be tortured on our miserable behalf (to appease the wrath of His crazy dad who created us flawed) and who demands worship or He will send us to hell.

    THAT is what we, or at least I, laugh at. By the way, people who don’t want to be laughed at for their beliefs shouldn’t have such funny beliefs. 🙂

  165. jesus. too....not. says:

    Funny how the majority of ‘jesus defenders’ can’t spell….maybe they should spend a year or two studying grammar instead of religion. It would be nice if their written arguments could attain the high level of discourse set by their hysterical Jesus-ranting.

  166. vimal says:

    YOUR brutual act shows the signs… JESUS WIL RETURN TO THIS SINFUL EARTH to clean up all this sort of dirty goose mind… as promised by him

  167. metal says:

    wow thats one holy dog, i wonder what kind of poop it makes… but honestly it is insulting to have a holy savior to millions put on a dogs ass. out of all places it had to be that.

  168. I Love Jesus says:

    This is fantastic! I would love to find this animal who has brought the body of Christ to us. The only real way to honor him is to sacrifice the animal. The flesh should be eaten, I’m sure it would be quite tasty as I have eaten the flesh and drank the blood of Jesus numerous times in church and must say it was delicious, though not filling. I love Jesus!

  169. Sean says:

    This is hilarious. This has further proved to me that hardcore Christians are hardcore ignorant. jesus. too….not – i agree. All the jesus lovers in here can’t seem to use punctuation or spell worth a crap.

  170. Pundit says:

    The work of greatest idot in the world.
    The guy whoi posted this may be sick.
    And you watching are sick too!

  171. atheist kate says:

    ctrl-f “holy shit” not found?

  172. God says:

    Jesus was black like me. Feed the dog some chili and you’ll see! LOL

  173. Jesus Lover McKell says:

    All of you out there who don’t believe in Christ and those who do, it is just the religion that you were taught. some were taught NOT to believe in him and some were taught TO believe in him. I believe in him. He is my savior and I love him. Those who are saying that all the Jesus defenders can’t spell isn’t true. I am a Jesus defender and I can spell just fine and so can the other Jesus defenders. Alot of people just don’t show it and some non believers can’t spell either or at least they don’t show it either, FYI. It is still up to you to believe in God or not, but I am a morman and I am proud to be. Believe what you want,but let other people believe what they want to also.I have much more to say but I will say no more and just hope that you got the idea.

  174. Theolgist says:

    Man u guys gotta lighten up i jsut skipped over half of the ending comments cause they gotta be all the same

    Im cathlic and its funny i dont tink its that funny cuase well ive seen funnier shit but all you ppl that dont belive in God i respect your opinion i jsut think its gotta be a hallow life

    all you overzelous chrisian Damnation..errs seriously think about it i doubt they gona fo to hell for thinking this funny it is funny and the others are proly right Jesus was dark skinned dark haired person but if u wanna be specific this fits the western european version of him so ya know everyones entitled to their own opinioons jsut dont scream them at everyone that dont agree with you.

  175. Theologist says:

    Man u guys gotta lighten up i jsut skipped over half of the ending comments cause they gotta be all the same

    Im cathlic and its funny i dont tink its that funny cuase well ive seen funnier shit but all you ppl that dont belive in God i respect your opinion i jsut think its gotta be a hallow life

    all you overzelous chrisian Damnation..errs seriously think about it i doubt they gona fo to hell for thinking this funny it is funny and the others are proly right Jesus was dark skinned dark haired person but if u wanna be specific this fits the western european version of him so ya know everyones entitled to their own opinioons jsut dont scream them at everyone that dont agree with you.

  176. LILY says:

    who ever put this is a demon possed person.i think u will probably go to hell!!!one thing pray forgiveness and he shall forgeive u.are u stupid to put such a thing i think you are not even aloud to live on the earth.ur mom made a bad choice of making you coz u are so pathetic and a lunatic you should be ashamed of yourself.u should respect him more than u respect your mom.GOD BLESS YOU IF HE CAN FIND AWAY TO FORGET U THIS GOES TO ANYBODY WHO DORES NOT BELIVE GOD AND DID NOT ACCEPT HIM AS UR PERSONAL SAVIOR.SHAMEON YOU WHO EVER PUT THIS PICTURE

  177. brizzle says:

    what the heck? you don’t just post this stuff on the internet! what were you thinking? drunk or something? wow. that’s

  178. OutsidersView says:

    That picture isn’t the funniest I have seen and isn’t the worst. Yes I can see the resemblance, as well as every single one of you can otherwise you wouldn’t be posting how wrong it is. Lighten up and get over it really, all that nonsense is what causes the problems between religious beliefs.

    For you Atheists you need to back off your main complaint is how the Christians are always trying to push their beliefs on you, yet all the time I see you around the net making fun of their God and their religion which is just a rude way of pushing your beliefs on them. The very thing that you get pissy about others doing. Christians back off, not everyone believes what you do and in that case they don’t believe in a heaven or hell so telling them how they will burn just makes them laugh, not to mention the bit of praying for them because in their eyes God is nothing more then a mythical creature.

    Peoples net attitudes are what makes me want to vomit here, the world has lost respect for another human being.

  179. MIKE ADEN says:


  180. ellsham says:

    Jesus died to free us from our sins, not our intelligence. or our sense of humor.
    get over it

  181. Trout Slapped. says:

    Jesus would be laughing his ass off. Anybody who didn’t think this was hilarious deserves to be trout slapped. I can see him.

  182. Frank Gainer says:

    All I have to say about this picture is, when Jesus comes back, you all won’t be thinking of him as a joke anymore!

  183. Frank Gainer says:

    I realize that we live in a free country where everyone can express what they’re feeling in their hearts, minds, and souls, including the unbelievers who posted comments up above. Guess what guys, so do we Christians. He’s our Lord and our Savior and we have every right to criticize this picture. But he can be your Lord and Savior as well, just say the word. I’ll be praying for all of you, for there is no sin that God can’t forgive in Jesus’ name.

  184. bitc* plz says:

    why does this seem wrong. either u see jesus or u don’t. the image don’t matter. the question does. nd i think its well fitted. They clearly must have alot of faith for christianity if they can be creative nd see jesus in remarkable places.

  185. jihn says:

    there is a time for every thing but things like dat is not a joke so take off that picture an repent before god judge u

  186. JP says:

    Don’t freak out. God created that butt.

  187. Sammy Lee York says:

    I think that this is interesting, but maybe this really is the work of God because it did get people arguing over it, didn’t it. You all must have ranted on for at least an hour about how sick this is or how great it is that god is showing through. Maybe God want you just to think about this weather you are on 1 side of the fence or an other. Maybe he wants you to think about him more. I just hope we all keep him all in our minds.

  188. Sammy Lee York says:

    I’m 0nly 10 and I can see how worked up you all are getting over this because you truley do belive in God and are defending him one way or an other. I think that is what god is really looking at. Do you love god enough to defend him?

  189. Anti-Christ says:

    Wow….Christians suck.

  190. Migsy P says:

    omg u people r pathetic its just a dogs arse that looks like jesus & yes it does look like him lol. u people take everythinjg so seriously like your opinion is more important than mine. if u want my opinion fuk jesus & fuk religion its people like u that fuk the world up 4 people like me who r open minded n not racist n done care if ur buddhist or muslim as long as u dont shove it down my throat but most of u do u bastards

  191. Migsy P says:

    i think this is brilliant jesus is a bit of an arse isnt he, he died 4 my sins so y am i still commiting them lol & if hes so great y doesnt he come n tell us himself. i feel sorry 4 u riligious nuts i really do so sorry that u belive something that isnt in anyway true there is no god there is no heaven or hell & i wish there was so that all the bad evil people will get tortured there but there isnt its ashame i no we all die & thats it nothingness is death

  192. Jess says:

    HAHAHAHA! Thats so funny! And i agree with Anti-Christ.. Christians suck.

  193. john douglas says:

    all you jesus freaks need to wake up. stop using religion as a crutch. think for yourself. religion = mind control.

  194. Will says:

    oh boy this is humorous. Christians take a breather. Gods everywhere isn’t he? So if he happens to show up on a dogs ass let it be.

    Don’t pray for him, i doubt he thought this would offend.

  195. Copa says:

    Guys if you actually look closely it shows jesus his wholeself…not kidding,but thats just sick

  196. moufid says:

    you are seriously a sick bastard. Me as a christian, i laugh at people like you. your too scared to show your name or face. you seriously need to open your eyes to the truth man, get over these childish games, you need to grow up. you descriminate because your scared, scared of us people, of our religion. you got the response you want now show some civility and get rid of the photo

  197. pissid off cristian says:

    yeah have a laugth you f***ers im cristian and guess what i found this tryinf to do a project about holy trinity and guess what no we dont use faith as a cructh we use it as a guide just like i hope you do im not as good as the other cristians so no i wont be praying for you all who think this is funny you lot dont follw god i bet all you do is msn beer more beer some more beer maybe a few drugs and some more beer your lifes a mess and you have no friends this cam for a pissed off cristian who is only 12

  198. nathan says:

    it is sick wrong and stupid.

  199. Haley says:

    YES! i cant see it!
    and that is f***ing awsome!

  200. Nikki says:

    Who made the dog’s butt? I think it’s a brilliant reminder that Jesus is in the ordinary.

  201. Tim says:

    “The only other option would be GOD.. bingo!”

    Or Allah, or Brahma, or Zeus, or Amon Ra, or Krishna, or Yama… I find it funny how people think that if evolution were proved wrong (which it never will be), then it immediately means that THEIR god is the correct one, and completely disregard all the thousands of other deities that humans have worshipped over the years.

    Another point I’d like to make – why are people so offended by this? Your God created this dog’s arse didn’t he? Are you saying that his creation is wrong? Are you saying that God made a mistake?

  202. Justin says:

    besides the fack that god and jesus are made up anyways…grow up…all you religous wackos..just calm down i would have posted it too…and who cares…that the beauty of the internet…who says you have to look….come on face it…YOU LIKE IT…MUAHAHAHAH

  203. Kyle says:

    Haha, love it. Love even more how much people are flipping out about it. Rock on, religous nut-jobs, rock on.

  204. Palma says:

    HAR!! It DOES look like common depictions of Jesus! HILARIOUS! But even though the Christians freaking out about it are ridiculous, not all Christians are like that. I know some very cool Christians and dated one of ’em. Nice, goofy, funny guy. He would laugh at this. Not that I believe in God, but, wouldn’t believers believe that this dog’s rump is God’s handiwork? How can that be offensive?

  205. Ant says:

    Hahahahaha, that pic is ace, surely it has been edited in photoshop or something!?

    Everyone needs to lighten up about this, im sure if Jesus exists, he has a sense of humour?

  206. Barbara Bush says:

    Jesus christ thats strange!

  207. mareh n josef says:

    dis is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dis is on teh internet an kids can c it!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope u take this off coz ne1 can look at dis picture of george carlin an… what? It’s Jesus? Oh, sorry. Carry on. Pareidolea rocks as it helps further expose the insanity that is religious belief.

  208. shankar says:

    are u mad….cant u learn to respect some body…can u see ur mom in a pigs ass..even if u see her thre will u publish that pic here for us to get erosed a**hole….people like u crucified jesus and people like u still are living to crucify people like him ….go and die judas….for humanitys’ sake just die darling

  209. matt says:

    So, who is this Jesus kid anyway?

  210. jesus says:

    yay and let us rejoyse i vowed to return and i have!……in a dogs butt but im still back

  211. mark says:

    today i was cleaning up my backyard(my dogs old and has bad pluming) and i saw jesus….furthermore i beleve you have my dogs son

  212. anonymous says:

    didnt you guys hear? jesus was ressurected on a dog’s ass! duhhhh

  213. Jesus lover says:

    why post this?

  214. Gerbal says:

    lol i think this is hilarious. im sure that God would not care that this image was posted so all those people who feel that it is neccesary to complain… i laugh at you. seriously its just a picture and im thinking that jesus probably has a sense of humour himself, or did rather.. depends what you believe.

  215. jesus h8er says:

    the lord works in mysterious ways…. HAHAHA your god is a butt

  216. Sinner saved by Grace says:

    I find this to be absolutely heartbreaking, I read the comments, to see that the world has NO respect for Jesus Christ. This picture is SO sacriligious. It breaks my heart. Its sad also to see those of you who are saying you are “christians” and then spout off swearing and what not, is that an example of Godly conduct? No, as christians we are suppose to live a life like Christ, of course we are all human and cannot be perfect, that is why there is Grace, Gods grace, and the blood that was shed to cover all our sins. To those of you who said the person who posted this is going to hell, and those who said that God is a loving God and he has a sense of humor, to those of you who said it wasnt very christian of us to say things like that, read the bible, it speaks of what terrible end awaits the unbeliever. God have mercy on your souls. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, then please, have some respect, if you do, then please pray for these people, they have put themselves in a very dangerous position. The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy, and this is an outright mockery of God. I encourage you all to seek God will all of your hearts!

    I will give some scriptures to backup what I have said.

    “But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghos hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation”
    Mark 3:29

    These are the VERY words of Jesus Christ. God have mercy on your souls. It is sad to see how far this world has gone in the 2,000 years or so since Jesus Christ walked this earth, but he is coming again. And those of us who have served him faithfully will go to our home in Glory in the rapture. If you do not know of this rapture, of the second returning of Christ, read your New Testament, read Revelations, is speaks of the end of the world, and Glory which shall come in the new world. Be sure to read the Old Testament as well, for it parrallels and speaks and tells of Jesus as well.

    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.
    Hebrew 13:8

    I have said all of these things out of the love and sincerity of my heart. Please be respectful towards those of us who do not want to see our Lord and Savior mocked. This is what we believe and we will stand up for what we believe in.
    God Bless you all!

  217. Jesus Saves says:

    God have mercy on you!

  218. monopolymantim says:

    Hello. If you are reading this, chances are you have read some, most, or maybe even all of the replies to this picture. Please take a little more time to read my reply.

    I am a pastor that holds a very high Holy living standard in my life. I live according to God purpose and what He has called me to be and do. In this calling I am to be an instrument of God’s love as well. In all my experience in ministry, whether as a youth pastor, eveangelist, or seniro pastor I have come across a lot of “different” and “shameful” things. When I saw this picture, I had mixed emotions, and here is why. What if the title was “Can you see Bin Laden?” would the replies be any different? I know that was not the title, but it is not necessarily the picture being the problem, more so than it is the title. The person that posted this was lead some way and some how to title the picture the way he/she did. By offering prayers and caring remarks may reflect a kind spirit to this individual, which is what we all should be doing. However, the picture and question still remains posted, and I would like to answer that question (I don’t recall reading any direct answers to the question posted). My answer, my friend, is two, but one in the same depending on what the real question was. “No, I do not see Jesus in the picture” (if the question was regarding the picture) and “Yes, I do see Jesus in my life and in this world.” (if it was a simple broad question)

    I applaud those that have kept their spiritual integrity and love in this situation. I applaud those of you who were offended for the cause of Christ, and I applaud those who simply took time to reply to this upload. I am in agreement to praying for the person who ppsted it as I will also pray for all of you in your relationship with the King. I am excited to know that people still stand for God! Many blessings as you allow God.

  219. Katie says:

    Listen guys..if we want to act like real christians then we ahve to act as jesus did..its ok to think this is an insult to Jesus but God created a dog or as i think its a goat’s bum..but Jesus wouldn’t go online and write in how stupid this person is for posting this or how they are going to pay and stuff..jesus wouldn’t say that! Its okay if this is considered bad form god then so be it..but God punishes for us and this person will probably not be punished! because its not that bad! If Jesus chooses to appear here then thats cool..we all have a bum..its natrual! get over it

  220. claire says:

    All I saw was Christ. It wasn’t until I read what everyone had put that i realised that it was a dogs bum. Whatever happened to seeing the beauty in things? If you take away the fact that it is a dogs bum (may be crop the edges and blur a little) you will actually find a beautiful picture of our saviour. What would Jesus do? As Christians surly we should strive to act as Christ?

  221. godslove says:

    actually i didnt even see the dogs butt til i read the comments i pnly saw Jesus,………………… the pure all things are pure

  222. jesusfollower says:

    Wow. I agree that is pretty wrong!

    God loves and i think this is inaproperiate.

    But i cant judge you and all maybe this had some purpose to you

    But i will pray for you=]]

  223. Doghasabuttyey says:

    I never knew that that was a dogs butt… haha very funny, Christian guys, I know how offended you may all be, but try to understand why others find this funny.

  224. Livy says:

    uhmm okay so sum1 relized there dogs butt looked like jesus big deal. Its not like there saying jesus is a dogs butt not to mention it DOES look like Jesus if Jesus was so affended he wouldnt make a dog like that maybe its just a reminder that jesus is anywhere anytime even in the oddest of placest. And those saying your going to “pray” for that person thats judging them saying they need prayers uhmm in the bible doesnt it say that God will judge his people….

  225. frank says:

    God will forgive you but you wont forgive yourself when you will die and look in his eyes.

  226. noonesle says:

    You can tell the difference between the people who believe in the Lord for what He really is and the people who believe in the Lord based on what society has told them what is right.

  227. prema says:

    A Robe / Dishdasha is not only worn by Jesus but also by people in the gulf.. This sick minded person needs no attention.. just ignore him.. he just wants to provoke.. leave the “queasy” alone….

  228. francois says:

    Everyone wants to pray for each other. That is so great, you guys must really love each other, but what, I pose, about the poor dog with Jesus on his but? I don’t see any of you Christians offering to pray for the poor dog. This dog is obviously in a lot of pain and suffering with a whole deity stuck there, I mean, how would you feel about it? I just have a bit of corn stuck, and that hurts enough.

    Save your prayers, people, there are enough big problems without you worrying about stuff like this.

  229. Nicole says:

    hahahhaha seriously everyone take a joke! this is so funny.

  230. nothing says:

    lol jesus isn’t real.

  231. I LOVE JESUS! says:


  232. thirtytwo says:

    ya know jessi, a lot of jews died extremely horrible deaths, not just jesus. remember the holocaust? or the egyptian pharohs?

  233. issielizzie says:

    Sad, sad people. Get a life. Use your camera for something worthwhile. Get your sad little life, with your camera, to Dafur and see what life is really about. Poor dog! needs a new owner. I call that animal abuse.

  234. samantha says:

    Ok this is sooo wrong! The Lord died for our sins and he did so many good things for us, and this is how you’re gonna repay him? You need the Lord in your life you’re a really sick person. i’m gonna pray for you

  235. Morgan says:

    I am a strong christian. I go to church every week, I pray more than three times a day, and I love Jesus. But here’s the deal. If this person photoshopped this to look like Jesus then it’s horrible. But if not, wouldn’t you freak out and be surprised and show others if you saw your dogs butt and thought you saw Jesus. Maybe this person wasn’t trying to do any harm. Or maybe he was. Have some perspective people.

  236. Rachael says:

    I can not believe someone would post that! That is SO not real. It doesn’t look real at all. Obviously, someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and doesn’t pray to him, put that there.

  237. Rachael says:

    Nicole, do you go to church? I think you better start going, because you are going down the wrong path!

  238. honey says:

    That is really mean ok!
    Jesus is an amazing person and that is cruel to put his face on a dogs behind
    Whoever posted this pic i just want you to know that god loves you even though you did this and i will pray that god will touch your life and change you like he did me!

  239. god's best friend says:

    im seen a lot of bad things that people did to images of jesus, but this is the worst.

  240. sunny says:

    Gracious! I see Jesus!!

  241. Josh says:

    Are you serious. You would put the things of the Lord on a dogs but. Your slapping God in the face.(You need him bad or you are going to die and go to hell. You need to accept him as lord and savior). I love Jesus he is my everything and i plan to live whith him forever in heaven. write me back In the name of the Lord-josh

  242. Mathew says:

    I think its just harmless really.suprised whoever isnt freakin out over dashboard or action figure Jesus.I mean the word does say seek Christ in everything!! Maybe the person who took this picture had a bad event in there life and asked God to prove to him that he is real and then he took this pic and it might have saved his life, you just never know.

  243. Mathew says:

    And oh yea, for all of you that are just so consumed with telling people how bad this is and that you gonna pray for them and hope they “repent for what they are doing”, you should check your self and your spelling cause God and Jesus both start with capital letters always. Might be a good idea for when you DIE and you look stupid cause you never learned how to spell your Daddys name right, Id be ashamed.

  244. lalala says:

    That man in picture doesn’t have to be Jesus . It can be YOUR RELIGION person .. whomever is insulting Jesus is the SAME AS INSULTING YOUR OWN RELIGION too ..

    So what if you said that Jesus is in the dog’s butt ? If you evver insult about him , I can tell you here … RIGHT NOW that the PERSON in the picture is your RELIGION LEADERS , Person or whatsoever..

    Anyway … I can assure you that YOUR RELIGION , god etc may be FAKE … Why ? Your GOD did not teach you HOW TO RESPECT OTHERS… instead YOUR god teaches YOU PEOPLE to insult others.

    If you are an Athesic … plsss … your mother never teach YOU manners ar ?

    Jesus never threaten you to believe in HIM. If you don’t believe in GOD then plss … keep your mouth SHUT. .

  245. Kosynier says:

    So you are all saying that dogs ass is something not created by god?? Meybe he have just other mentality and love dog asses the same as wall mildews 😀 Even

    Muahaha You are all so funny with your primitive religion. Go Medieval times and burn some ateists(that were mostly called witches and wizards) becouse it is the time when we will burn your asses ;]

  246. Kosynier says:

    PS Your religion is sick even without apearing on dog ass ;]

  247. Megan says:

    You people are freaking out over somethign so simple, you all are morons, dont sit there and lecture someone about there religion because you think it is wrong, what about all the mean pictures people make of satan, dont you think satanic people get hurt to?
    or the big buddah joke? GOODNESS! people seriously, get off the internet and go read your bible if you dont like this. fuck, i mean seriously.


  248. smackme says:

    xtians, have any of you ever seen the guy? pls_die_now or start thinking.

  249. awesome ronaldo says:

    picture: pretty sweet.
    reading justa snip of the comments: PRICELESS!

  250. Lerppu says:

    I wonder what prove was there of existence of Jesus cept for your so called ¨good book¨ i didnt find anything and im not gonna believe in this without some proof like if there is some other religion that was right then i would totally piss that god off so unless u show me some proof piss off

  251. ringtail says:

    i love this! take a joke, people! damn christians take such offense… the most disgraceful jokes i ever heard where told in my church’s youth group when i was a kid… especially about other religions! i mean, c’mon, only a Catholic could recognize the Holy Virgin in a rotten, old cheese sandwich!

  252. Atarius says:

    I’m dyslexic. So it’s finally OK for everyone to worship Dog? Holy crap!

  253. Redmoon says:

    hey, im only 14 and im not really a christian, im more agnostic.but to say the least if your so called god wants to appear on a dogs ass then you shoud accept it and move on. where this is a hoax i dunno dont care. but im just sick of people speaking illy towards others they dont know therefore cant judge. im sure you god would be upset with you if he knew you prejudged his people his children.but it doesnt matter, if you people have nothing better to do than rant on someone’s gloory on seeing jesus on a dogs ass judged them because theyve seen his almighty” self then maybe you should go stick something up YOUR ass and get over it.waste of your time.pointless to tell someone something negative than what they beleive.they are going to listen. if anything it will just make them do it more.reverse phsycology.duh.its pathetic what adults like you all that are complaing will complain about. good god. get over it!

  254. Dan says:

    So.If u were to look at everything in the world you’d see Jesus! Jesus is everywhere, especially on dog’s butts! U can see Jesus in the sky, on my shirt, on the wall, anywhere!

  255. krystal says:

    Okay.. i th ought it was funny.. and to all the religiouse bastards who think this is sick…

    WTF!! TAKE A JOKE!! IM WICCAN !!! but ya know obviously that wrong to.. but hey.. from were i come from.. people make jokes about it allt he time.. deal with it you bastards…



  256. General "Salladin" says:

    This Picture Is true!!!!!

  257. Jesus says:

    Being the forgiving person that jesus is, wouldnt he laugh and recognize that this isnt in any way insulting to the christian religion. some guy was just looking at his dogs ass and saw the outline of christs body in the hairy backend. then without thinking about blasphemy at all he photoshoped HIS face, not the lords face, into the anus of his little pooch who doesnt even know what happened. chill out guys its ok

  258. yeshua says:

    just found this!!! love it 🙂 i think i love the way uptight people are just so wound-up by it even more!

    this is a joke pic. if you are offended by people having a laugh about something, then turn-off, or surf-on…

    peace, light and love….

  259. NihilistAndrej says:

    OK this just goes to prove most Christians are hypocrites or the just have no sense of humor.
    That is some funny shit. Also If Jesus died for our sins. Then why are people still worried about Hell?
    If Jesus died for OUR SINS and if you SIN you go to hell. Then We should be able to SIN as much as possible without regret. Because JESUS died so we could be SIN free. well then. isnt that funny. and yes i can see Jesus in that dogs Crotch. XD

  260. sweavo says:

    I TOTALLY CAN see Jesus! I am converted!

  261. rod1970 says:

    its sad that someone even took time to post this on the internet;and we wonder why the world is in the shape it is …stop being ignorant,whats your point in this picture?to answer the question,no i dont see jesus nor does anyone else,i see an image of someone that man has created to look like jesus.noone alive today knows what jesus looked like,but you best believe he is real and do not think you will go unpunished.its easy to talk big and bad now but you have nooo idea what youre getting yourself love to see your face when your time comes,whos name will you call upon.i didnt know people as ignorant as you still existed.the picture isnt offensive cause that aint jesus….its the stupid comments of people who are jumping on the bandwagon and cant think for themselves so they post elementary comments cause everybody else is doing it.I THINK YOURE JUST SOMEONE WHO WANTED A LITTLE ATTENTION,NOW THAT YOU GOT IT…..GET A LIFE AND GROW UP.

  262. Timbo says:

    Do you guys not think Jesus had a sense of humor? Anyway i thought Jesus was in everything including a dogs but.

  263. Jay says:

    ur all sad freaks wtf u gettin all upset for its a picure of him on a dogs ass ohhhh and all u fukin god bothereres like omggggg wot eva will we do thats a sin get a life u sad cunts hahaha

  264. Father Ted says:

    Inspired by this holy arsehole, I took a look at my pet dog’s ringpiece. I was hoping to maybe see the image of the Holy Mother or, at the very least, a minor disciple. Alas, Fido’s arse merely resembles Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, before he lost his looks.

  265. the santa cat says:

    Hey Christians, why get so uptight, and as for quoting scriptures as the WORDS of Jesus, you must be kidding.
    If you actually look at the history of the early church, they are most definitely not the words of jesus, they were written some time after his death by people with the ulterior motive of establishing ONE orthodox church. Theres loads of other books that were dissallowed from the bible, by a small minority of religious biggots obsessed with control, a few hundred years after Jesus’s death that have every bit as much right to claim to be the words of Jesus.
    Check the gospel of Thomas, it is authentic as anything else in the bible, and totally contradicts the fascist spirit of modern christianity. The early church made it punishable by death to own a copy or read it when they were sufficiently strong, nearly all copies of it were burnt. Sounds like fascist policy to me, book burning, persecution of minorities etc..
    If jesus has taken it upon himself to appear to you in a dogs ass, I would take it as his comment on your miguided interpretation of his message.

    But with you guys its like talking to a brick wall………………

  266. jb says:

    maby this a sign to show god is evry were not just in a church, or with the people who praticly live there but with a little old dog although i personly would not chose the but hes evry were so why not there

  267. Jc_Spider says:

    You Gona die in hell, but jesus saves your life, and you pay he, witch this, Father forgive you becous you don’t know the true.

  268. BenzeneInjection says:

    This is not sick and wrong, this is simply hilarious – probably even better than satan’s face in a cloud of smoke on 9/11.
    By the way, jesus didn’t die for our sins (what an absurd assumption!It falls with the nonexistence of “sin”, but even the very idea that sins that have not even been committed can be forgiven deserves nothing but a shaking of the head) – He was rather crucified for blasphemy (Well, if it’s good enough for jesus, it’s good enough for me!)
    So everyone enjoy worshipping a dead jew on a stick – I for my part am going to do something useful.

  269. Garrett says:

    You guys should really calm down. the dog anus obviously resembles the Messiah.

    It’s not an insult, it’s a miracle that he would choose something so subtle to show up in

    you people piss me off and your organized religions

  270. santas little helper says:

    Can any of you christians who are shouting about hell show me some passages from the bible that unambiguosly talk about you and me going to heaven or hell for this?? I havent managed to find anything in the bible specific to this yet. or much about going to hell for this in the original writings for that matter. How many times was the bible re-edited and re-written? Perhaps you should research that. Did Jesus do the re-writes? No, I think that was flawed men, with an agenda to fulfill. Go on, disprove me!
    If you dont like something, it doesnt mean everyone else is going to hell; which as i recall was a concept and word knicked from another religeon.
    What about mithras, or havent you looked that far? Your messiah is a pastiche of different stolen ideas.
    Jesus would definitely appear in a dogs ass to you guys, you dont know the first thing and have never looked outside of your own living rooms in terms of historical fact and deliberate misrepresentation of christ’s ideas by narrow minds.
    Come on, one of you hellfire types, prove me wrong! Come on, back up your hard words about hellfire!!
    Why have you gone all quiet? All you do is regurgitate what you are told without thinking about it. You are the worst kind of sheep. And defininately not from the true Christ’s flock.

    Come on, disprove me with fact rather than your going to hell rhetoric!!!

  271. SuzyQueue says:

    I am a Christian who wonders why anyone thinks this picture is Jesus? According to Wikipedia, “The current dominant opinion among historians and scientists is that he most likely had swarthy skin, resembling modern-day persons of Middle Eastern descent.” There is no picture of Jesus anywhere in the world – only different pictures of what some ppl have theorized He may have looked like. And, from what I understand of the Bible’s teachings, Jesus would think exactly the same of someone who worshiped this picture on that dog as He would of someone who worshiped another picture of what He might have looked like. The Bible states do not make any images to worship – that includes pictures, statues, jewelry, crosses…

  272. angie hart says:

    I knew my dog was the comforter sent by the Lord after being repelled by the righteous ones.

    guess he”s yours too! that”s awesome… dog gone it I was looking for the living amongst the dead.

  273. Satan McDevil says:

    hahahha, i dont know if thats a legit photo or if its been photoshopped but i think thats the funiest god damned thing ive seen in a long time. oh btw, jesus isnt real

  274. Tainted says:

    If it was a picture of zeus shooting a lightning bolt out of the dogs ass no one would be offended. Jesus, Zeus, it’s all mythology.

    Jesus was a “prophet” but that doesn’t mean much more then some skitzo on the street of nyc today.

  275. PF says:


    The picture is almost as funny as all the god botheres getting into a lather about it!!

  276. Realist says:

    Religious people please calm down it is just an image it means nothing. You were told not to worship idols yet im sure that many of you have figures or images of jesus in your home in which you pray to, is that not an idol. Your religion preaches tolerance and forgiveness yet you condemm the people that find this image amusing. Why is it so difficult for you to not accept that some people do no share your beliefs, humans are independant thinkers if your creator did not intend this why did he allow eve to eat the apple, why did he allow the temptation to be present. This contradicts the whole purpose of your god if he is this all eternal creator why did he create humans in his image only to distance themselves from him? Some ignorant posted before that people of all religions would find this picture offensive and stated that Jews find it offensive when it was they who denounced Jesus. I do not deny his existence he may have or he may not have but if he did he was just another person with a kind disposition. He was not unlike many kind people of today, the hippy movement of the 60s preached the same thing of peace, love and happiness and they appear in the same way as this image they were long haired peace loving people it is possible that Jesus was infact just the first hippy. Alas i have more quarell and it is with those who try to support there religion by qouting what another religious person. This does not prove your theory there is no physical evidents and presenting another persons views on there chosen faith as proof of your own beliefs is not evidence their statements have no more validty as yours. Despite your constant preaching against evolution the facts are their highly skilled and educated people with physical evidence have shown that it is the most likely event, where as you as religious zealots have proven nothing you present the same arguments as conspiracy theorist do about aliens. You say that you saw a vision of you god and he spoke to you and conspiracy theorist believing aliens say they have also communicated with aliens it is no different you can not validate your beliefs on the statement of others without physical evidence. Also just one tiny little thing Jesus was from the Middle East were it was quite popular to smoke opium at the time. So if your proclaimed lord did exist it is highly probable that maybe he was just an opium smoking kind hearted man who was punished for acts he believed he commited when actual fact was probably just hallucinating, and in saying he died for your sins would mean that if he does exist it came from the mouth of god that our sins have been forgiven thus we are welcome into his kingdom regardless. 🙂

  277. anonymous says:

    i saw this and i was in awe. i mean, who says that jesus cant appeal to different people in different ways. i honestly want to go to church now.

  278. Karen-Nia says:

    you all who thinks that this is sick. shut the hell up. this is called illusions the mind makes u thinks that this is jesus. the lord made everything the way he wanted to so if this dog haves this on his bottom. than it is a reason it is there. do u damn christans think about that!!!
    it might be telling us that it is time to get our life together because the jesus is coming in a wink of an eye. so u damn critics think about that.

  279. Mathias says:

    It’s to bad that god doesn’t exist and you guys are just wasting your time worshiping a false idol.

  280. SLSydney! says:

    I see jesus! i’m saved! bob!
    i see um! i see um! It’s the Messiah! i follow the big star in the sky! i bring gold and myrrr!

  281. Eiger says:

    The Glory of Jesus Christ our Lord is EVERYWHERE!

    Atheism ftw, by the way.

  282. Jesusfan 3:16 says:

    I agree with all my fellow Christians on this B.B.S. Next time you’re at church, I want you to look God in the eyes and tell Him you saw Jesus in a dog’s butt. I guarantee you will be unable to do it.

    By the way, why do you hate America/love al-Qaeda?

  283. JC says:

    At least this Jesus is the right colour, unlike most representations.

  284. Lol says:

    AHAHAHAH its the best a big hug for you.

    Jesus tell me he like this post because he needs to have a good joke sometimes. aahahahahahhhahaahha

  285. Peet says:

    Well they say God is everywhere, now I belive

  286. jim says:

    I see Jesus! Jesus is everywhere!
    All you heathens who believe Jesus only _serves_ YOU are selfish. Jesus does not serve you.
    Jesus died for everyone.
    This dog is loved by Jesus.
    So stop your selfishness and know Jesus is not yours. Jesus belongs to the world. This dog is loved by Jesus.

  287. lol says:

    I lol’d, A+++. I didn’t know it was a dog’s butt until I read the comments, I just thought it was a vague painting of Jesus.

  288. emilyyy says:

    get over it

    can you even prove jesus is real

  289. Phahr says:

    At 25, I have been exposed to plenty of dirty things. I have felt bad for them, but I realized, just now, that if Jesus is willing to appear on a dog . . . Jesus is trying to teach us something. As far as I know, Jesus was put on this Earth to teach us about God. And Jesus went through death, our greatest fear, just to show us that God understands us.

    God made us in his image, but God has always been, therefore God always will be.

    God has never, and will never, experience death. Through Jesus; God understood us. ,(Jesus was born “(with) a sword” (what does the sword represent?).

    In my opinion god’s “sword” metaphore represents the way we convinced, even the most stubborn, people to change their mind, “by the sword”. Jesus rose from the dead to show us that we don’t really die. Jesus rose from the dead to show us that God understand’s our fear.

    Having Jesus on a dogs bottom shows us a shocking idea . . . that Jesus can accept, what we assume to be, dirty.

    Basically, everything I think is wrong, I fear (devil). By not fearing anything, I don’t fear the devi. By not fearing the devil, I am able to leed a stress Free Life.

  290. Eyes wide open. says:

    Your all a bunch of delusional kool-aid drinking idiots. No magical gods exist. Jesus was a man…thats all.

    …and funny picture. I find it hilarious that if jesus shows up on grilled cheese or a mountainside it’s a miracle, but this is blapshemy. Doesnt jesus love the little doggies too? 😛

    Oh…and no need to pray for me. I don’t need your rituals & superstitions to get through life.

  291. Shannon says:

    I am a Christian. Jesus can appear anywhere and I agree with the fellow that posted before me. A dog’s butt is just as beautiful to God as you and I are. It is his creation. This does resemble Jesus a lot. I find it very inspirational even though the area of identity.

  292. SOme GUYSD says:

    I believe the bible is a group guidlines we should use live our life. If god were almigty he would definetly have a sense of humor and might laugh at this. Also we have no idea what jesus actually looks like so this apearance could look like anyone.

  293. bob says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! i never thought i would belive this but its true!!!!! GOD IS WITH US!!!!

  294. Tim says:

    Why do you all assume that this is Jesus and not some other guy with a beard? It could just as easily be an image of Zeus revealing himself as the one true god.

  295. atheist says:

    you all are sheep.

    “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep-seated need to believe.”
    -carl sagan

  296. BlackSheep says:

    You know, I’m a pagan, and I think this is pretty funny. Not the picture, but the people who get so riled up about it. Seriously, people, there’s more to life than religion.

  297. Some person says:

    Whats with everyone acting like jenova’s witnesses about a possible likeness to jesus on a dog’s butt? And whats with all the atheist (not just talking about the one above) trying to convert jenova’s witnesses to atheists? This is one weird community.

  298. Sommy says:

    You know what? You can’t spell “God” without all of the letters in “Dog,” though I suppose you can’t really rearrange “Ass” to mean anything.

  299. Adam says:


    This thread reeks of bible belt. This is just innocent hilarity.

  300. chris says:

    How did he die for my sins when I was born nearly 2000 years after him? He died for our sins because he said so? Get over yourselves!

    Assuming Jesus does come back. How will you know it was him? Everyone will just label them crazy as they did with everyone else who claimed to be the new messiah.

  301. Haha says:

    To all above:

    Jesus was not holy. Jesus is not God’s son. There is no god. Everything in this world is science. God, nor any ultimate being does not, never did, and never will exist. It is a funny picture.

    To most above:

    No, you have no right to tell whoever made this to repent, ask forgivement etc etc are all probably 13 year old whiny brats who never went to church in their life but like to get attention..please stfu..and go die…die like your “savior” did (is that how you spell savior).

    See you do not like me preaching to you, why should I have to listen to you preach to me..

  302. Ben Dover says:

    How do you know Jesus didn’t look like a dog’s ass? This actually looks like the modern images of Jesus that you see in churches which aren’t even close to how he was described in the Bible.

  303. David K says:

    And yet if it was on a piece of toast, you would all worship it and pay $500 for it on eBay.

  304. intenseitalian says:

    I thought that Jesus was everywhere now this just proves it … right?

  305. John says:

    Hah! I love how offended everyone is getting because of this photo, but that’s just because it really DOES look like the standard depiction of Jesus. Just because the medium is not a wall with mold growing on it in the shape of Jesus, doesn’t make it any less Jesusrific((tm)(c)2007)

  306. god says:

    the reason this is slightly amusing to me is only because the dog(canine)is one of science’s best defenses in the claim of evolution. no one can dispute the fact that dogs and wolves share a common ancestry. therefore i make my claim that this picture is clearly an example of blasphemy against science. i would like it removed asap, as it offends my religious beliefs.

  307. An Atheist says:

    Ahh, I love it when Christians get offended. Pray as much as you like, I’m never going to start believing in an invisible man in the sky. Jee whiz, god’s power sure has diminished – from creating the universe to manifesting himself in a dog’s ass. If you believe in a fairytale as ludicrous as god, then you deserve to be riduculed. By the way, I couldn’t care less if you are offended by this – religion deserves as much respect as believing the earth is flat or that fairies exist.

  308. Ove says:

    Can you call this getting shitfaced?

  309. kacper says:

    god doesn’t exist, sorry. please stop crying.

  310. Vince says:

    Calm down, Christians. Everyone needs to learn to take a joke. I’ll bet you even God himself would agree with me that if there’s no harm intended in it then it’s okay with Him. I bet my soul(if I have one) on it.

  311. Drake says:

    Americans…….even more catholic than the pope and you call yourselves protestants. So keep teaching your children that god created the universe in a few days…..darwin sucks!

  312. Odea says:

    Hey to all you non-Christian people why dont y’all
    go back to whence thou comest from you savages! do you have no respect for the person, a man who bled for you on the cross in Galgotha to save people like you that you might immitate ALL his wonderous works I fully agree with Jessi on this subject and to answer your Question I am a Non-Denominational Christian and “I,m lovin it” all too well in short Jessi WE got your back when it comes to my Christian brother’s i will defend y’all to the death OR untill WE enter unto eternity AMAN AND AMAN! For God so loved the world
    remember that and ONE MORE THING I seeriously want to see people get saved in a world so lost in sin WE really need it BADLY
    Peace be unto you!!!

  313. Odea says:

    3killa-DAMN YOU TO HELL!
    chris-CHRIST BE WITH YOU Jessi WEneed to pray for this lost soul.
    Bad Man-Dost thou not know that in the time of your Judgement before thy God thou art to be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity your fate
    and Destiny lies in HELL for thou art allready a

  314. Jesus Freak says:

    I can’t believe all of the brouhaha that is going on over this image. Yes, it’s disrespectful. However, many of my so-called fellow Christians are acting like unbelievers in their hatred and rage.

    Fellow Christians, I suggest you read Ephesians 4:29, 32. For those of you who don’t believe or find this amusing, I am not here to judge nor condemn you. I am here however to offer you ginosko. That is self-sacrificial love. I will pray for you, that your eyes may be opened from their spiritual blindness. I am not better than you, I am a sinner as well, but that does not mean that I cannot forgive.

  315. Lolol says:

    I love how all these people are getting worked up over a dog’s ass

  316. coddlecodd says:

    Christians are so over dramatic. Even Jesus himself would find this funny. I mean c’mon, the guy was jewish, of course he could take a joke about himself…

  317. Idiot says:

    If you have a problem with something on the internet just say an “our father” and click that little button in the top right hand corner. As in, go and f**k yourself. There are only a few million other web domains out there to choose from. You represent 1/6,602,224,175 of the worlds collective opinion so tell me that’s f**king significant.


  318. patricia says:

    you people are sick that wrote things like its just a dogs butt .its not funny at all .he is for really .get with it people wake-up he well be back before we know it .its going to happen 1 day are you all ready for him .jesus is like coc-cola his the really thing .its up to you .yes or no its your answer.

  319. self says:

    Ha ha ha, that’s hilarious. Some people have no sense of humour. To the christians: How do you know enough about god to presume that he wouldn’t put an inaccurate image of his alleged son in the arse of a dog, which you believe he created is incredibly arrogant. IF he/it exists, which is questionable, he/it created it, and the people, and their perception of it, and the internet, so shut it.
    An ex-catholic.

  320. To be fair, if god created everything etc etc, then surely that includes his self-portrait shown here?

  321. Mike says:

    Do all the Christians really not see the white jesus in the dog’s anus? It’s there i mean…you really can’t see it?

  322. Gotter says:

    I think its hilarious and everyone freaking over it needs to grow up and realize that yes, it does look like Jesus. That’s it…

  323. Lionel says:

    GOD CAN REVEAL HIMSELF NYWAY HE WANTS BUT HE WONT BCUZ SERIOUSLY. if God really did eveal himself on a butt NO1!!!!!!!!!!!! would take him seriously. and for those who said I WILL PRAY FOR YOU hopefully u really did bcuz if u didnt U TO R HYPOCRITES.. I none the less am also a sinner and we all make mistakes BUT IF U CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS TO SAVE US FROM GOIN TO HELL.. THEN U MIGHT AS WELL JUST GO.

    In Hell all it IS, IS A endless Abyss. U KEEP FALLING AND FALLING AND FALLIN untill u hit the point wer thers solid ground and there u will b HUMILIATED by all the mistakes u did in the past. TORTURED by burning sulfer BEATEN, AND THINGS ONLY THE KING OF TORTURE(satan) CAN THINK OF. AND THEN AFTER THAT THEY KICK U OFF THE LEGDE AND U START FALLING AGAIN. THIS WILL BE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    doesnt sound like a fun place to be in doesnt it i hope all of u who made hypocryticall comments saying that God can appear anyway he wants. i agree with u he can. BUT HE WONT. I hope all of u can 1 day read the bible understand its prophecies and its Scripts and come to understand that u r rong. Hopefully u will know this b4 Jesus’ comming.


    HE COULD COME AT ANY TIME IT COULD BE AS SOON AS I CLICK “SUBMIT COMMMENT” or not. all i no is that im ready to hear the call of the Archangle

  324. MrDifficult says:

    Jesus cleans my gutters and trims my hedges… he has a mustache and looks nothing like this! He makes a killer breakfast burrito though, and my dog says he’s NOT an asshole about sharing, which is ‘caring’ right? So maybe that’s what Jesus is all about. Caring. F’n A.

  325. Andrew says:

    OH MY GOD THATS AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!! This just made my night. What I love most is that the tight ass religious idiots that are so weak they have to cling to a higher being for protection are getting offended.

  326. CyberSpasm says:

    Isn’t God spelled backwards Dog? That picture makes sense to me

  327. Kristian says:

    Now we know why dogs keep peeking at each others behinds. Their not sniffing butts, THEY ARE LOOKING FOR JESUS!!! I had no idea dogs were such heavenly creatures….

  328. clint says:


  329. Chad says:

    God is infallible. Says so right in the good book. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but is everyone here that’s whining about an image in dog hair actually arguing that God did it wrong? Curious, although my question would be, when did any of us get to choose where Jesus’ image gets to appear? Did we all suddenly spring forth with Godlike *gasp* omniscience? And wasn’t there something about judging other people, as well as free will imparted upon all mankind in the Bible?

    Summary: It’s dog hair. No one is going to hell over dog hair, and if they are, you’re not the judge; because you have no damn right to be as a Christian following God’s word. Get over it. The image of Jesus Christ as we know him today is based off Renaissance interpretations of him created 1400 years after his death anyway; I don’t think any one of us is a qualified expert on the man’s appearance that can positively or negatively rule either opinion out.

  330. Bubba says:

    God Dog!

    I guess it’s true. The light even shines on a dog’s ass some days.

    I think the people (who are so upset) are so upset because, like me, at first you DID see Jesus.

  331. The neighbourhood Atheist says:

    I found that picture to be hilarious! Stop forcing your crackpot beliefs unto us normal people… I really give a rats ass about jesus, mohammed or any other religious person. Xians and other religions call atheists the spawn of the devil so why can’t we laugh at what you believe? You know what you crazy people go and find some infidel to blow up in the name of God!

  332. joe says:

    Jesus (to St. Peter): Hey, watch where I appear next, this’ll be hilarious!

    If I was created in the image and likeness of God, then he has one hell of a good sense of humor, and thinks it’s hilarious that his image can appear as a dog’s butt.

    Goodness, people. Quit taking life so seriously.

  333. Godless Raven says:

    LMFAO!!! I almost shot my green tea out of my nose when I saw that! Some of the responses have been even funnier! “Don’tchoo know he died a horrible horrible death for your sins?” Ummmm…if you can make sense of that in your mind then goodonya’ but that makes absolutely no sense at all to me and now the guys parading around in a dogs ass for crying out loud! At least Allah and Buhddha had the good grace to only be assholes without taking it literally.

    Take it Christians. Take all of that. Take it an enjoy it all.

    Muwhahahahah! :)~

  334. Ian says:

    Wasn’t Jesus known to ride around on an ass?

  335. Ian says:

    To quote Dr. Michael Shermer:

    “Humans are pattern-seeking, storytelling animals. We look for and find patterns in our world and in our lives, then weave narratives around those patterns to bring them to life and give them meaning. Such is the stuff of which myth, religion, history, and science are made.

    Sometimes the patterns we find represent reality–DNA as the basis of heredity or the fossil record as the history of life. But sometimes the patters are imposed by our minds rather than discovered by them–the face on Mars (actually an eroded mountain) or the Virgin Mary’s image on a building (really an oil stain). The rub lies in distinguishing which patterns are true and which are false, and the essential tension (as Thomas Kuhn called it) pits skepticism against credulity as we try to decide which patterns should be rejected and which should be embraced.”

    See also:

    Humans are pattern-seeking animals. Our brains are hard-wired to seek and find patterns, whether or not the pattern is real. Psychologist Stuart Vyse demonstrated this in his research with his colleague Ruth Heltzer in an experiment in which subjects participated in a video game, the goal of which was to navigate a path through a matrix grid using directional keys to move the cursor. One group of subjects was rewarded with points for successfully finding a way through the grid’s lower right portion, while a second group of subjects was rewarded points randomly. Both groups were subsequently asked to describe how they thought the points were rewarded. Most of the subjects in the first group found the pattern of point scoring and accurately described it. Interestingly, most of the subjects in the second group also found “patterns” of point scoring, even though no pattern existed and the points were rewarded randomly. We seek and find patterns because we prefer to view the world as orderly instead of chaotic, and it is orderly often enough that this strategy works. In an ironic twist, it would appear that we were designed by nature to see in nature patterns of our design. Those patterns have to be given an identity, and for thousands of years many of those identities were called gods.


  336. James King says:

    Don’t be stupid, how can jesus have died for my sins? how can he possibly know what my sins are or are going to be?

  337. Jorden says:

    I didn’t realize it was a dog’s butt til everyone mentioned it in the comments i wasn’t paying attention to that i just thought it was a blurry picture of Jesus.

  338. AntiChrist says:

    A Christian is a person who drives by orphanages, battered women’s shelters, food pantries and homeless shelters on their way to church to pray somebody will do something for the world.

    God is not, never was and never will be. Instead of sitting around praying something happens, go out an make it happen. Atheists get the work done while the theists praise their false idols for the miracles that atheists are making happen.

  339. Rufus says:

    If you’re offended by this picture, you must have a really sad social life. You probably make everyone you meet uncomfortable. Just take a deep breath and relax.

  340. Lookfar says:

    Who was it said- “Dog is son-of-man’s best friend”?
    This eclipses the shroud of Turin by a country mile

  341. PsychoSquirrel says:

    AntiChrist, I totally agree with you. Too many people are sitting by praying for these so called miracles of strength power and courage to do something right for humanity. Then there are those who not need the strength and naturally have it within them do do whats right and know whats wrong.

    I don’t believe in God, however I am not going say anything wrong about religion either as it is what people what and choose to believe that may help them live a better life.

    All I ask is for those who pray for me to stop, this is only because praying for goodness and what is best for me will not help you or me as I am unwilling to accept it. I don’t need to accept it and when I die, that is that end of life end of story.

    Reason people believe in a higher power in my opinion is solely to help keep control of their psychological being. Believing is not a bad thing it can help you, but believing in a higher power than myself does not work for me. I believe in myself to get things accomplished in my life and I believe in my friends to help me. No one else can do that.

    My name is Jeremiah, yes my name came from the Holy Bible, but it is not who I am. I don’t believe in God or Satan as I am the ruler of my own thoughts, destiny, and ultimately my goals in my life. Nothing has a bearing how I operate my life except the friends who support me and who I am. I live for me and I live for my friends and family.

    Have a nice day,

  342. Marco says:

    People, do you believe in Santa Claus?
    Stop this madness! There is no god!
    It is just a myth! Mythology, like the Greeks, the Romans and all others. Stop fighting about it. You people are sick.

  343. Simon says:

    Lol, I’d say some of the comments are more funny than the picture. Alot are irrelevant, because, as Marco said, God doesn’t exist!! Although the Greeks and Romans aren’t Mythology, they were real!

  344. Paul says:

    thanks for that, you made my night! it was complemented by the christian fundamentalists freaking out about where they may or may not see jesus… someone needs to get laid!

  345. Akasam says:

    Lol thanks that was funny. but GOD and jesus WAS NEVER REAL ITS ALL FAKE TO GET YOU TO DONATE MONEY IN CHURCHS

  346. Geoff says:

    I guess we now know why dogs sniff each other butts.

  347. Jim says:

    I don’t see why no religious person can really take this kind of humor. It may be poking fun at the religion but, Christians and other religious people make fun of Atheism all of the time, when I am told “You are going to Hell”, and “Die Satan worshiper” I take it to heart but laugh about it, so I don’t see why any other religious person can’t do the same.

    PS: AMAZING, Jesus you did it again!!

  348. factseeker says:

    Where is the eye witness proof that Jesus died for someone else’s sins? The Bible is a work of fiction that is why it is called a religion, a belief and not a verifiable fact.

  349. mike says:

    This is our right to life, not religious rights
    This is abortions knife, aiming at the womb of
    The Christian conspiracy
    So open thine eyes and see
    The Halo over our demise
    following a god so blind
    sallow in their sickening
    swallow not the shit they feed

  350. Kyle says:

    Haha i get it, it’s right there in the hole!

  351. Benjamin says:

    That… is AWESOME! hahahahah

  352. joey says:

    “Lol thanks that was funny. but GOD and jesus WAS NEVER REAL ITS ALL FAKE TO GET YOU TO DONATE MONEY IN CHURCHS”

    When we should be donating money to our public schools?

  353. Len says:

    OK, as a devout Catholic, I have to say, I laughed. Of course, the title was very leading… I looked at the pic, and I saw Jesus, and I was like, OK, it’s that kind of not-precise, streaky art, what’s the big deal (since I’d gotten this from an atheist friend)… then I looked at the comments. Then I went back up and looked at the picture, and started rolling on the floor. My first thought was, was this photoshopped? My second was, if it wasn’t, why was anybody photographing or looking that closely at a dog’s butt? And seriously, the only thing that could make that kind of intimacy with a dog’s butt more odd is an international religious debate starting about it.

    All you Christians who wigged out and said nasty things, shame on you! When you do something like that as a Christian, you give all Christians a bad name. Would Jesus like you to be spewing insults and judging others? I think not.

    At the same time, non-Christians need to please not lump all Christians into one category. That is no more correct than me categorizing all atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, etc. as bitter, angry Christian-bashers (though we have seen a few of that stripe on here, to be sure). Does having a law, a philosophy, a way of life written down and passed through Tradition make one a sheep, unable to think for oneself? In that case, I hate to tell you, everyone is a sheep. Maybe your philosophy comes from the Bible, maybe from the written law of the land, maybe from Ayn Rand, maybe from Carl Sagan… but the concept is the same. If you think being a Christian is the easy way out, you have probably never seriously tried to live the way Christ wants you to.

    In the end, Christ wanted us to see Him in “the least of these”… I’d say a dog’s butt qualifies! ;-p

    Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t pray for you, other than my regular intention for non-believers. 😉

  354. Rupert says:

    “Did Jesus throw around judgment and condemnation? No.”

    Jesus judged justly. He didn’t ‘throw around judgement’. He DID condemn wickedness when he saw it. God is HOLY. I’m dismayed over so many people calling themselves Christians and then pretending like God is okay with all of their wickedness. YES he loves you, but He will not leave you the way you are. He will make you Holy for HE IS HOLY. His children are HOLY. Jesus condemned the wicked, proud hypocrites and showed compassion on the humble. He did NOT just blindly promote ‘love and peace’ as so many liberal theologians want to believe. May the grace of God be with you all. Amen.

  355. Nate says:

    hahaha This is hilarious, you people need to stop with the crucifixion already…JESUS!

  356. Muriel says:

    That’s awesome!!!! I knew Jesus was around here somewhere, just didn’t think to look at Fido’s cornhole!!!!! No wonder I hadn’t found him yet!!!!

  357. Eric says:

    C’mon people, it’s supposed to be funny. Stop taking life so seriously.

  358. Jason says:

    First and foremost, I’m pagan, and about half the comments here are the reason why I am. The simple mindedness of most of you is deafening. Why the heck can’t God have a sense of humor?
    The comments of “you’re going to hell for this” is particularly annoying. God gives us a sense of humor, which is a wonderful thing and allows us to enjoy life, then sends us to never ending damnation because we used what he gave us?

    Please feel free to pray to your God for my soul, but while you’re at it, ask for clerity and understanding of where I am coming from. I will be praying to my Gods and Goddesses for the same understanding upon you.

  359. me says:

    lol religious debates always make progress

  360. Kraken says:

    I am a metaphysical solipsist, so therefore none of you exist.

  361. wall says:

    thats gold. and all them christian cry-babies, cry. cry your beady little eyes out.

    If you believe in the Jewish zombie who is his own father,impregnated his own mother,died so he can chill with his father (who is himself) and can save you from the land of fire, but only if you think he’s real. Then is it really a big stretch to see Jesus on a dog?

  362. Susan says:

    This picture typifies the reason Christ died for you. He endured mockings and rejection then, just as you mock Him now. It is by His mercy that you are not consumed. One day every knee will bow to the incarnate God, Jesus Christ, who embodies the fullness of God’s law–the law of heart, not religiosity. You just don’t get it. “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

  363. jazz says:

    yes, i taste jesus. god, can we stop talking about it now? some how god and religon just sucks when you’re not interested.

  364. jazz says:

    Hey Pastor Suz… Tell me what you have to say!! Can’t through your wall of Jesus (good for you)

  365. Jesus says:

    My father created man, and dogs, and dogs asses, and yes, the platypus just to show you He has a sense of humor. If I were to appear on earth like I did 2000 years ago, I would be locked up in a loony bin. My image on a dogs butt is a lot safer than me actually showing up in person. Amen.

  366. p diddy says:

    If the bible is anything to go by (and of course, it isn’t) then Jesus probably had more of a sense of humour than most of you people.

    If the joke’s on anyone here, it’s not on Jesus, it’s not on God, it’s on the pompous, self-regarding, self-deceiving, soppy morons who take his name in vain. Pilgrimages to Lourdes, TV evangelists, spending half your time in church staring in rapture at the ceiling when you should be out in the world enjoying life and helping those less fortunate than yourselves. Yes – that’s you, Christian America! You deserve the dog’s butt.

  367. Traivs says:

    That’s awesome. Now, if we can only find a way to get mohammed somewhere near the dog’s taint. Religious zealots bring the world nothing but pain and suffering. This picture is perfect.

  368. Alexkay says:

    People, jesus loves all of gods creations including a doggies behind

  369. Travis says:

    ROFL – this is the best picture I’ve seen in years! It’s hilarious!!

  370. Peter says:

    “The Kingdom (of Heaven) is inside you and it is outside you”
    “Split a piece of wood, and I am there”
    “Lift up the stone and there you will find me”
    The Gospel of Thomas

  371. Aimee says:


    You are all going to burn in hell, but all dogs go to heaven. Even their asses.

  372. Bransby says:

    Doesn’t look Arabic enough to be Jesus. Good work though.

  373. scott says:

    I find this pic not only funny but very poignant, as it shows that just because you can find the image of jesus in a piece of toast, a window reflection, or the crotch of a tree doesn’t mean that he’s manifesting himself somehow. If you accept his image in a cheetoes puff, you must also accept him in a dog’s butt, for they are both clearly the image of jesus. Or, you can stop being a dumbass and accept that your brain is just very good at pattern recognition, and that none of these images have anything to do jesus what so ever. Come on people, really!

  374. Spencer says:

    holy crap! (no pun intended) this is great! too funny. and for all you people who believe in Jesus, then don’t you think that He made it like that? Because if He didn’t, then by God, I don’t think there would be anything that would stop Him!

  375. Bryce says:

    Hey i see jesus there, but the thing is the human brain tries to put images that we know onto inanimate objects, (in this case an animate one) so really its just silly, and for people who are getting so offended by it, obviously you see it to o.o

  376. why is it sick or wrong or blasphemy? there is a coincidental image in the dog’s butt. if anyone who really believes in Christ takes offence, I suggest you re-evaluate your spiritual convictions. some of you are acting like those “insane Muslims” going apeshit over some cartoons. learn to laugh at yourselves, for the love of Pete!

  377. jason says:

    god doesn’t exist. but this dog’s ass looks very much like the world tells you that jesus looked like, regardless of how inaccurate it may be if he even existed. truth is, no one can handle the fact that if jesus existed, he definitely wasn’t a white guy

  378. nornerator says:

    I can’t believe so many people got upset. So silly considering Christianity, like all religions is a hoax.

  379. Cyanide says:

    Aw christ people. (pun intended) Lighten up.
    I’m an Atheist. But I was born and raised a Christian. And personally, if I did believe in God, I’d think he would have a freaking sense of humor. I know that if a dog’s ass resembled my face, I would probably crack up. There is no reason that God, Jesus, Buddha, and whoever else has a ass that looks like them wouldn’t laugh too.

  380. Wow says:

    WOW! It really is Jesus! It sure looks a lot more like Jesus than the sprinkler water on the side of that building did of Mary that’s for sure

  381. Jesus Christ! says:

    You extremist americans with no sense of humour. You say “God died for your sins” like its a fact. Thousands of people were crucified in those days, there was no reason behind it, they lived in a cruel time.

    And even if Jesus was the son of god, don’t you think he’d have more important things to worry about than a few people on their computers making a light-hearted joke? If god is all-understanding, I reckon he’ll see the funny side.

  382. Zoingy says:

    Well…for the people who find this distasteful, may I remind you that it is not jesus that resembles the anus of a dog, but it is the anus of a dog that resembles jesus.

  383. Johny Maravelo says:

    ROFLMAO, its so cool. I dont know, but even dogs butt is gods creation. Think about it you stupid morons, i will pray for all of you, who want to see Jesus only where you want to.

  384. anthony says:

    i think it’s funny how christian freaks and nutso’s can shove their beliefs down our throats and place it into our government, bash gays and make fun of all who don’t believe in their way, but when someone does it back to them… they go crazy. what makes the bible different than say, the koran? who are you to say what’s real and what isn’t? i’d like for all christians to give me an argument proving their god exists that can’t be used to prove the existance of other gods

  385. beekay says:

    This is hilarious.

    Not because a vaguely holy-looking figure can be seen on the rear end of a dog, but because of all the moronic fundies that had a heart attack after seeing it. Yes, Mikey of April 17th, Satan and Judas Iscariot could never come close to such undiluted evil as this photo of a dog’s butt.

    Let us pray that someday sparks of electricity begin to fly in the fleshy lump of meat you pretend is a brain.

  386. David says:

    hehe…this puts a whole new twist on the old dyslexic atheist joke….you know…the one who doesn’t believe in dog….

  387. Jimmy says:

    Why can’t angry Christians spell or correctly form a sentence?

  388. Muslim says:

    SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR NOT OBEYING ALLAH, but no, Jesus is not god’s child. Neither is he your GOD. He is the messenger!! NOT AN A**H**E MORONS!!! Jesus was born by Mariam Alaihi Salaam. He had no father. God sent an angel on to the earth and gave Mariam Alaihi Salaam the child by blowing onto her stomach, BUT some people started to call Jesus God’s child and who are they? Christians! God sends you proof that Islam is true and you people create another religion? Shame on you!

  389. KiteyKins says:

    I think it’s a message from God that’s got slightly garbled to someone called Donald. It should have read “Don, bring peace” but got jumbled to “Dog ring piece”. It’s a message, a sign. We should look into it further.

  390. Jim Guthrie says:

    OMG! Give it a rest, willya? It’s a picture of a dog’s butt. I was brought up a “fundamentalist Baptist”, but I still have a sense of humor! It’s JUST a picture of a dog’s butt. People, please get off your religious high horses!

  391. tom says:

    This makes me sick. You are devaluing the whole idea of dog-ass. Everyday, dog-asses perform the miracle of keeping dogs from exploding. Religion on the other hand has yet to be useful.
    Useful Miracle score = Dog-ass:1 Jesus:0

  392. diego says:

    hey Jesus (capital letters) loved animals, so why would he turn down such an amazing piece of ass?…god damn self rightious assholes, Jesus was a revolutionary who taught love and understanding, what ever you think you are doing ain’t remotely christian… we’ll we have to forgive you, that’s what we the blasphemous and unholy do, forgive, try to laugh it out a little and be good (and with no fear of punishment…. that ought to be weird to you waiting for the hell fires to burn everyone who ain’t like you… nimrods)

  393. Cachcoco says:

    Religious poeple are so defensive because of their lack of evidence that their faith actually will get them somewhere. What other product can be sold without having to deliver on your word? This pic is awesome!

  394. Luke says:

    Hey, Jesus freaks, calm down. It’s a funny picture and no one can deny that some formation that resembles the western Church’s depiction of Jesus, no matter how wrong that depiction may be, can be seen on the dog’s butt. Oh, and not everyone believes in your ‘savior’ so stop acting like they do. Stop using blogs to post your sermons and keep it in church, where it belongs.

  395. Phantasmagorical says:

    Ahahaha, I think can see him! That’s pretty funny.

    And like beekay said, this is even funnier when all the Christians practically explode into a self-righteous, pity-inducing shower of “love”.

    What!? YOU DARE ASK IF YOU CAN SEE JESUS IN A DOG’S ANUS? Well… I hope you know Jesus loves you and died for you! He’ll forgive you for this… you just need to accept him into your life! For you are a sick, sick person.. putting a picture of a dog’s anus on the internet! FOR SHAME! Now, on the note of Jesus and a dog’s ass, I’d like to take the time to tell you about every aspect of Christianity and how you’re wrong in not believing in it…

    Anyways… I think it’s pretty funny. And I’m sure Jesus, in all his good will, would surely laugh at such a picture. Or, if he’s not actually as nice as everyone says, he’s plotting as we speak to smite the poster down with holy vengeance.

  396. intercss says:

    To all my fellow believers in the Body, Remind your selves that this same Jesus that these people are mocking with this picture is the same Jesus that ALL of us will stand before someday. To every atheist, you say you don’t believe in a God, actually you do, yourself. When they failed to worship the creator, but worshipped His creation, and gave glory to the creatures, He(God) gave them over to a reprobate mind. You are so blinded by vanity that you fail every day to see the Glory of the Creator all around you, even in your own lungs. You say He does not exist, but can you see air? Can you grab hold of or see wind? How does the force of gravity work and how did it come into existence, we know about here, but what about out there? who determined the varying degrees of its pull in different places. This picture is just that, a picture. Jesus is where he has been since his ascension 2000 yrs ago, at the right hand of God.

  397. intercss says:

    To all my fellow believers in the Body, Remind your selves that this same Jesus that these people are mocking with this picture is the same Jesus that ALL of us will stand before someday. To every atheist, you say you don’t believe in a God, actually you do, yourself. When they failed to worship the creator, but worshipped His creation, and gave glory to the creatures, He(God) gave them over to a reprobate mind. You are so blinded by vanity that you fail every day to see the Glory of the Creator all around you, even in your own lungs. You say He does not exist, but can you see air? Can you grab hold of or see wind? How does the force of gravity work and how did it come into existence, we know about here, but what about out there? who determined the varying degrees of its pull in different places. This picture is just that, a picture. Jesus is where he has been since his ascension 2000 yrs ago, at the right hand of God.

  398. Phantasmagorical says:

    Well.. actually we know how gravity works. And scientists have a good idea how it came into existence. And I’m fairly sure we CAN see air, with the right equipment.. that’s why we know what chemicals and gases it’s comprised of..

    I mean, it’s great that you probably don’t believe in science.. but don’t use that as a way to get me to believe in your God, ’cause it won’t work…

  399. lionbeast says:

    it doesen’t mather if your christian or not.

    this is just funny. and jesus would laugh about it. because. if he is the person you claim he is. then he must be good engouh to laugh about some trivial thing as a joke.

    would you be offended if it was your picture on this dog but. i would not neither would jesus.

  400. Nikki says:

    Jesus created this dog (and his ass) so why should you feel bad that we are able to see him in our everyday life in one of his creations. You all should be happy haha. The one feeling bad should be this dog that you all apparently feel is not important enough to carry on god’s signs. DO NOT PASS JUDGEMENT ON THE DOG ASS! xD

  401. Kelfezond says:

    Heh, lot’s of insane people on the internet lately, have you guys ever actually sat down and read the bible? More laughs than watching Lee Evens 😛
    It’s not exactly a sick joke either, lets just “pretend” that Jesus really did exist, from the pictures I’ve seen … he does look like that, so it’s not so much a joke it’s more an observation.

  402. Kelfezond says:

    And to intercss … Sit down and read a science book you’ll find most of those things answered in it 🙂

  403. John says:

    That was way too funny, I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself! Good Job!

  404. J Hereg says:

    Jesus was just a man, if he existed at all, he was probably a Buddhist.
    God, is mans oldest and most enduring Urban Legend.
    And I don’t think the Universe gives a rat’s ass(err dogs ass?) about either, it’s too busy living!!!

  405. Dave2 says:

    Wow…I can totally see Jesus of Nazareth! (and not the commonly misconstrued Jesus of Mexico City)

    This has converted me! I am now a Christian! Where do I put my ability for rational thought now that I won’t be needing it anymore?

  406. Rory says:


    I will forever laugh at that Jessi person who posted up at the top. HILARIOUS.

  407. Savvy says:

    Gawd the funniest part about this picture isn’t the picture at all. Its the uber Christians freaking out about it. God wouldn’t put us on the earth to be tight asses all our life, learn to laugh, live and love.

  408. Chiron613 says:

    I think that this photo makes several points – whether intended by its author or not.

    First, it is a spoof on the “Jesus sightings” that continually crop up, Jesus in an oil spot on a garage floor, Jesus in the grill marks of a tortilla, Jesus in the water marks under a viaduct, Jesus in the clouds, and on and on and on.

    Why do those all have to be Jesus? Why not, say, Paul or Peter, or some guy no one ever heard of? Or Charles Manson wearing a robe? How is the world in any way enriched or benefited by the supposed image of a man? Is every bearded, robed man Jesus? Does anyone even know what the historic Jesus even looked like? No contemporary images of Jesus were made. Any image of Jesus is purely a creation of someone’s imagination. Basically, given the time and location that Jesus lived in, he’d have worn some sort of robe-like clothes, had some sort of head covering, and worn a beard. As did male Jews of that time and place. And he’d look like a gazillion other men.

    Sure, the idea of Jesus appearing on a dog’s butt is offensive, but is it that much different from Jesus appearing on a garage floor in an oil spot? Or on a tortilla?

    Jesus wasn’t God. While you may argue that the Christ was God, Jesus was a man, and he died. God didn’t die; a man did. Jesus didn’t even become a deity until hundreds of years after he died, when a bunch of guys got together and decided what to claim about Jesus, Mary, and all that stuff. I think Mary became a virgin at about that time, too.

    To the offended Christians, I’d say “get over it”. The world is an unkind place, and people calling them Christians have contributed far more than their fair share of it. Every once in a while, you’re going to get your comeuppance, too. Deal with it.

    And if you think of it, Jesus suffered no harm in this picture. He might even have gotten a chuckle out of it, but certainly it did him no injury…

  409. Bob says:

    Nice, funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  410. Nate says:

    I can’t read 403 replies to see if this has been said, (don’t have the time) but Jesus never asked to be revered or defended. When he was betrayed, he didn’t condemn those who did it. He forgave them. Further more, Jessi, you speak of being sick at the sight of this picture. Grow a spine. If Jesus did die a gruesome death for our sins, I don’t think he did it as a sniveling twit who would be sicked at the sight of a dogs butt. Even if it did look like him. (And it did, and it’s funny.) He would have laughed. He WAS a better human being than you.

  411. Zarachius says:

    Wow, this is hilarious, whats even funnier is the crazy people responding with such anger. Note to anyone who has made a super-christian reply or is about to: the world is pretty much laughing at you. This is why your religion is losing influence worldwide, no can take you seriously if all you do is complain about a pic like this in that way. Try using intellect for once, if your going to use data, use facts, not conjecture from a book. By technicality, there is just as much chance that what happened in the last book I read (Warrior Brood)is true then that what is in the bible is true. Your book just has glowing people and romans while mine has aliens and space-ships.

  412. Andrew says:

    Whats so wrong with that. put any other good human from history on it and I’m sure most of you would be fine with it. REPENT ha ha ha

  413. jake says:

    aha bible bashers amuse me, they apparently are allowed to slag off every other religion as a fake yet they can get arsey over a dogs arse that looks abit like a guy no-one has seen and who was written about in an old manky book by too many different people for anything in it to be taken seriously, the bible contains more contradictions than anything else and speaks of a god that killed millions and a devil that killed only about 10 people… its time people actually stopped to think about what religion is, its a lie, its the feeble construct of a scared human mind unable to cope with the realisation that the only reason they are on this planet is to procreate and spread the human population like the virus it is, killing the planet and sucking it dry. that said… awesome picture (Y) lol

  414. Diprosopus says:

    This is epic. I generally try to follow a live and let live theory as far as my feelings about what you believe, but 90% of the comments left by christians on here make it seem as though the majority of you people are idiots. It DOES look like Jesus, and it IS funny whether you believe in him or not. I believe he existed and that he had some good ideas, but he was not the son of god, because the whole concept is purely fantasy. Most of the bible is bigoted and hateful, yet contradicts itself and says shit like “love thy neighbor” or “turn the other cheek,” and I see christians every day saying how much they hate gay people and whatnot. Here’s an idea, keep your opinions to yourself in public if they have no merit. If I wrote a book that claimed to be the word of god and told you all to live good lives, but beat your diobediant children, keep slaves, and objectify women, you would call me crazy, but it’s the book you people follow, simply written hundreds of years ago. It’s idiocy. Please don’t pray for me, you’ve already wasted enough of your life on religion.

  415. someguy says:

    # Odea Says:
    September 10th, 2007 at 6:59 am

    Hey to all you non-Christian people why dont y’all
    go back to whence thou comest from you savages! do you have no respect for the person, a man who bled for you on the cross in Galgotha to save people like you that you might immitate ALL his wonderous works I fully agree with Jessi on this subject and to answer your Question I am a Non-Denominational Christian and “I,m lovin it” all too well in short Jessi WE got your back when it comes to my Christian brother’s i will defend y’all to the death OR untill WE enter unto eternity AMAN AND AMAN! For God so loved the world
    remember that and ONE MORE THING I seeriously want to see people get saved in a world so lost in sin WE really need it BADLY
    Peace be unto you!!!

    omg(thats my only prayer)
    thats got to be one of the most stupidest and funniest things i have heard, your calling science
    savage?! only in the bible can you find someone who thinks every animal in the world is a walk distance from hes boat, and if the world was flooded the compression of our lungs would kill us all… Christian noobs (i used to be Christianity but that was when i believed in Santa and the tooth fairy, you just haven’t grown up yet.

  416. someguy says:

    quote: # Jesus Says:
    April 20th, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    I am Jesus, the Lord Thy God, King of Kings and the Son of The Divine Lord Thy God. Those of you who judge though you have heard my commandments and teachings, those who claim to follow Your Shepherd yet shame My name with your shallow judgments and hypocritical condemnation, you sadden Me. I died for your sins so that you would learn to put your Evil ways behind you, but you have betrayed me with your words and thoughts. This image is of ME and it is Righteous and Holy. Blessed art my sheep who kneel before the Son of God. Damned are they who cast judgment of hate and harbor wicked feelings against their neighbors. I had but One Life to give and can not die for thy sins again, so damned art though! Look within thyself for the hell reserved for you and taste the Eternal Damnation which awaits you.

    hey jeebas come over to my house and we can duke it out, and nice how you spelled judgment wrong.

  417. Atheist says:

    Hey, wanna hear a joke?

    Christianity 🙂

    ohh, I have a better one……. Religion 🙂

    Seriously though, Religion is the stupidist thing on this earth. I would not be so aggresive about it if it was not an insult to my intellect. Sure many religions are good, in theory, in fact christianity even makes some logical sense too me, except for the whole god and jesus thing, other than that it has some usefull messages. Of course, the same can be said of Buddism, the moral messages anyway, just forgo the higher power nonsense.As a final note, if you can’t handle the damn pictures and everything thats bad on the internet, then gtfo, no one, and I mean NO ONE, is making you stay here, you think this is bad, go to 4chan’s random board, and you will have a new meaning for bad.

  418. Jericho says:

    you are all wrong
    jesus died so kids can have chocolate and candy and lots of presents

  419. Deadman says:

    Lol, nice pic. Ignore the religous zealots, of course they saw him, they have wonderful imaginations evidenced by their belief in that work of fiction (the bible for the dense) that was designed to keep the ignorant masses in check and give a false hope. I like how they will pray for you though, that made me laugh. Run along little sheep, more people want to take your money in the name of “god”…

  420. your rulers says:

    The Romans created Christianity as a political tool to control public opinion to push their agenda through and so here we are today……..same sh*t different aholes.

  421. lortis says:

    I always thought this whole Jesus thing stunk, this proves it!
    By the way, where did you people learn to spell?

  422. Aromis says:

    Listen people. You should all calm down. Look at it in a different perspective. You are all upset because “supposedly” there is a likeness of Jesus on the hind end of a dog. All of you right-wing christians are banging away on your bibles and screaming sermons at each other. You say somebody has a sick mind for seeing the image of Jesus on a dog butt, but it is you who has a dirty mind. The human mind allows us to think and see in an abstract fashion, which is all that is going on with this picture. You only see something offensive because of the power of suggestion. The person that posted this asked if you could see Jesus, and because there is even a slight resemblance to the effigy of Jesus, you are seeing it. So please, *f* off, and leave my brethren alone.

  423. Jonny says:

    I laugh at you Christian cough PURITAN freaks. yeah i said it. This so called christian religion calls themself CHRISTIAN but are disguised as puritans. ” You are goign to hell for this”? HAHAH i laugh at your pitiful comments. This is completely pathetic. So typical of christians to not have any fun. Reminds me of the crucible. ( Cant dance, cant play, no fun). And the laws on sex and alchohol today. All cover ups and all ridiculous.

  424. itbe nojoke says:

    actually its not a joke. when you scroll past fast you can see a blurrly bearded man. but stare at it long enough then it turns into a a**hole. Im not kidding maybe you cant see it but i can sort of.

  425. Inq says:

    Any true christian would NOT be offended by this.

    Any true christian would not judge someone for this.

    Any true christian would understand that forgiveness and love is the message. Not fervent worship and going to hell.

    The devil doesn’t exist. He has never existed. When we have people, why would we need the devil?
    He can’t beat the stuff we do to each other every day.

    If you post about how someone will go to hell for a simple joke like this, YOU are probably going to be the one who does for the hate in your heart.

    See it for what it is. A joke. Silly, perhaps, but still only a joke.

  426. Luke says:

    Yeah johnny you said it all pretty much. I mean i do respect other peoples beliefs to a small extent because i’m open minded but then i just find them funny and extremely stupid to any higher extent because they’re so narrow minded! there is just too many narrow minded people in this world… and a lot of religion has to blame as they create ridiculous guidelines for life sometimes… but as far as religion goes JEDI’S ROCK!!

  427. hiomation says:

    lol. NOONE WILL READ WHAT I POSTED, BUT OMFG, RELIGION IS BUNK, AND I THINK THIS PICTURE IS AWESOME. believe what you want, i don’t discriminate, but some of you guys need to wake up and just think logically. its a bit funny. god is omnipresent isn’t he? that means hes everywhere at the same time? he’ll be in your hearts…and on a dogs behind. its not a bash on your religion, its an awesome phenomenon and just appreciate it.

  428. Andrew says:

    Ha! I love this. Weird that so many religious morons have taken offense. Why are they being so judgemental about a dog’s butt? Hmmm… religions… they blind us. Don’t you dare pray for me you bloody sociopaths.

  429. Medusa says:

    HAHAHA! This is all so hilarious. This is just a picture! I for one, used to be a Christian, but, I finally woke up! All this nonsense about Jesus is a myth. Pure and simple. When you pray, and something good or bad happens, it’s a coincidence. Nothing more. YOU make the good and bad happen in your life. Believing in yourself is what matters most. Stop relying on prayer and false hope!

  430. Thomas says:

    This is where people have to learn discernment of spirits. This is not Jesus because there is no reason for him to grace us with his appearance in this manner.

    You’re gonna have to look him in the eyes someday and tell him why you made this picture. It’s not gonna be funny anymore.

  431. You have got to be kidding says:

    You religious freaks need to get a grip on yourselves, you are sounding like Osama. YOU AREN’T THE JUDGE on anything, if you believe in Jesus or God, then great, whoopty doo, if the person posting the picture is going to get punished, Jesus or God will do it, or are you fake Christians?

  432. Cattie says:

    Ok, so this is for those who feel it is appropriate to look down on people of other beliefs…stop it. :*)

    Quite honestly, to the people who are saying “I’ll be praying for you”–it doesn’t sound like you mean that; it just sounds like you’re trying to be snippy. That’s not what prayer is about…what you are doing is gossiping and being vindictive, not praying.

    Sorry, but I think Jesus has a sense of humor…he made penguins…and us, right? :*) Laugh a little bit. It never killed anyone to laugh. And I’ll bet Jesus laughs a lot.

  433. robert says:

    lol @ jesus

    lord if im wrong, strike me down n..
    jay kay still here suprise!

  434. doot says:

    Jesus would laugh his ass off if he saw this.

  435. Rob says:

    AHhaahahah. That’s awesome.

    PS: Praying doesn’t do anything. Ever. Your religion is pretend. haha!

  436. danielle says:

    you people are stupid. jesus was a hoax, you are all just jackasses who can’t think for yourselves and need your god to tell you how to wipe your asses. god didn’t, doesn’t, and never will exisit. get over it already.

  437. Chiz-ance says:

    Wow, this is totally wrong, what was going through your head when you put this up? …Can’t you just put some celebrity or something on a dog’s butt? I think it would be just as funny to you, right?

  438. Ian says:


    I guess the Son does shine even on a dog’s ass sometimes.

    You’re the Son of Man now, Dog.

  439. Jimmy says:

    Hilarious. It sure does look like Jesus. And no, please don’t pray for me.

  440. Sagan says:

    Bible quotes and scare tactics, and the whole “don’t you realize that Jesus bled to death for you” guilt trip thing has no effect on the views of an athiest. The truth is an athiest either doesn’t believe a lick of it, and won’t because of arguments that he/she has no other choice, or realizes there is way too many possibilities, and chances are, we’ll never know for sure, so why be ignorant and subscribe to one school of thought. An athiest being a dick to someone for their faith in a christian religion is extremely ignorant, but attempting to argue with an athiest about something he may not be sure about, like a divine presence of some sort, by using the very evidence and arguments the athiest for sure doesn’t believe like bible quotes christian dogmas, and faith based circular logic, is kind of just retarded.

  441. athiest says:

    this is possibly the funniest pic iv seen in a long time, roflmao, cant u extreme christians take a joke lol

  442. Tom says:

    chill out guys- it’s funny!!

    besides, if u beleive in God…
    that means God created the Dogs ass- i’m sure he’d be very proud to see his son there!

    He also invented humour- so LIGHTEN UP AND LEARN TO LAUGH!!!

  443. Religion Is A Disease says:

    Stupid bible-thumpers.. go educate yourselves. If you think some magical floating spirit was able to create all the humans, all the animals, all the bugs, all the microscopic organisms, all the trees, all the fish, all the grains of sand, the weather, the planets and everything else you give “him” credit for.. and STILL has time to control every bit of it and answer your precious little prayers.. answer me this. Where did HE come from? I’m sorry but something like that doesn’t just “happen” out of thin air. Quit wasting your time with the supernatural and start focusing on the natural. Science. Where proof = answers.

    It makes me sick that there are still people in this world who buy into that fairytale garbage.

  444. Laptopnurse says:

    When Jesus is in your heart, you see him every where.

  445. tom says:

    As a Christian, I am appalled at the insinuation that the Lord Jesus Christ can be seen as an image of dog’s butt. But I must admit that the picture is humorous, in that it shows that the common conception of Jesus and how he appears to people. The picture does depict what an “artist” of obviously European origins decided that Jesus looked like, and I truly to feel sorry for those that believe that the Christ (who was born in the Middle-East) happened to be a tall, slim, caucasian hippie with rather effeminate hair and oddly well groomed facial hair. Jesus was not a white man, as people tend to think of him… nor was he a black man as the “black power” individuals would try to make you believe. Jesus was a Middle-Eastern man, he probably had an unkempt looking beard and somewhat unruly hair… he was very likely quite large, as he was a carpenter and all… but this is all unimportant, because his appearance has no bearing on his message. And for those that do not believe in him, well, you are entitled to your own wrong opinions… if you choose to not believe he was who he said he is, I wish I could change your mind. That aside, read his message, and even if you don’t believe that he was who he was, it is impossible to say that living how he taught would be a bad thing in any way. Alas, I digress. The picture is humorous, the Lord is good and all powerful, and God forgives (besides, you know he has a sense of humor… just look at some of what he created and try not to see humor in it (i.e. platypus, certain primates, and of course Chris Farley)).

  446. Puh says:

    Haha, Excellent! Christian fundementalists are just as stupid, arrogant and dangerous as any other religious fanatics. If you can’t take the joke or laugh with the rest of us, please revise your relation to religion and consider living a little.

  447. thrawn311 says:

    Hehe…the responses are funny. You people get so upset when someone pokes fun at your belief, and yet you have no problem forcing your ideas down the rest of our throats.

    If you can dish it out, learn to take it.

    That aside….its a picture, not divine mandate. Learn to deal with it.

  448. Mr 100% says:

    I will be praying for all of you Christians in the hope that you see the truth – that religion and Christianity is wrong, that God is a delusion.

    I will be praying.

  449. yilmaz says:

    I believe you should respect people’s belief systems and remove this picture. If you put Mohammed’s picture insted of Jesus, Iran would put a bounty o your head long ago. There is a limit on tolerance and i think you are over that.

  450. Atheist1990456789 says:

    If it were Buddha, or somebody else’s deity, you would not be angry. Also, this person has as much right to expression as you do (the first amendment, maybe your familiar with it), this is America, not a Christian theocracy.

  451. Ambiguous says:

    The panicked reactions from the Christians is funnier than the picture by a thousand times over. Seriously people calm down. Worse jokes have been made about the Jews (my people) for thousands of years. Blood libel? Yeah that’s about us, thanks; we’ve been killed for it. Portrayals of Jews in art as having horns? Protocols of the Elders of Zion? You’re getting upset about a dog’s rectum? Honestly.

  452. tblaze11777 says:

    if thats jesus he has worms

  453. Star says:

    Yes, yes… Horrible… Offensive… I love it!

    This whole time I’ve been looking for jesus, he was right there on that dogs ass. *facepalm*

  454. illuminatiscott says:

    God bless atheism!

  455. humanafterall says:

    Hey guys, no one’s really thinking about the dog’s feelings. Would you like to be saddled with the responsibility of having the image one of the worlds most influential imaginary people across your sphincter? I think not, please everyone take a step back and look at the real trouble, its a dog with power he or she did not ask for, like the dog version of harry potter

  456. Travis says:

    I think Jesus has a sense of humor. Put your bibles away.

  457. Death Heim says:

    nice work on the photoshop. This was funny. And for all the people that are offended by this, I have a few questions; Is your name Jesus? If that were someone else up there would it suddenly become funny? Do you know that Jehovah(God) and Jesus are two different people? Why is it that “Christians” are always the first to throw out there “He died on the cross for you and this is how you repay him?! It’s sick! I’ll pray for you, though it wont help” Excuse me? I (like everyone else in the eyes of a christian) was created in God’s image… and let me tell you, He has an amazing sense of humor, respect for all living things, is a killer cook, and a very happy person. So you should all think about that before you start judging others and saying rude things. And remember my fuzzy little man peaches, it’s not your job to judge me or anyone else, so just live your life and be happy. Worry about what are you suppose to worry about and the world will become a better place. 🙂


  458. Ella says:

    Look, you all are freaking out that this is so blasphemous, but the fact of the matter is that there is an odd resemblance. And that odd resemblance was put there by the hand of God. Not saying it means anything either way, but it’s a very striking picture.

  459. andrea says:

    i thought it was amusing 🙂

  460. Gerbil says:

    As Proust wrote (and I paraphrase), “Looking into the anus of a cat is like seeing the face of God himself.” So Proust was a tad off: the anus was a dog’s, and it was the face of God’s son–I don’t know about you, but I hear angelic trumpets when I look at that pic…

    I think we should all look at our own anuses to see what hidden inspiration may be found. Let me check…give me a minute…fantastic–my anus is a perfect image of the Bee Gees circa 1996, which includes Maurice’s fedora. What could be more timeless and inspiring?

    May you find whatever it is you’re looking for in your anus, America.

  461. Charles says:

    “I believe you should respect people’s belief systems and remove this picture. If you put Mohammed’s picture insted of Jesus, Iran would put a bounty o your head long ago. There is a limit on tolerance and i think you are over that.”

    Yes, censure yourself because oppressive theocracies are en vogue?

  462. Seeker of Truth says:

    I gotta say, you people are hilarious, if you don’t think that your God or Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor, walk into your local k-mart and/or wal-mart at about oh say 3 or 4pm, and you’ll see “God” thinks he’s pretty damn funny.

  463. Jesus says:

    Hey, calm down guys. The big guy said it’s all kosher so let it be. I decided to show up there cause Mary was busy with the Toast gig and I didn’t want to take my mom’s fame. and anyway, it beats the hell out of being nailed to a piece of firewood for a day.

  464. ken says:

    If it makes it any better, I didn’t ask him to die for me. I’m just fine thanks.

    Now, lets talk more about butt-jesus.

  465. G says:

    It’s too bad followers of God-fearing religions don’t have a sense of humor…If your god can have a sense of humor why can’t you?

  466. A truthsayer says:

    Hate to break it to you folks … but Jesus was an ARAB!!!

    And I don’t say that in a derogatory way, merely stating the obvious. He came from Jerusalem, not Europe!

    Anyone who believes that Jesus looked like this “picture” is depicting has been brainwashed by a millennia of Church Propaganda. Jesus never had long flowing hair and a wonderful white complexion. He was probably just an average Joe Arab with the normal facial structure and skin colour as those today.

    You see what you want to see. I see a dog’s butt. You see something which you can complain about since it “offends” your faith.

  467. will says:

    good thing this is a free country and people have the freedom to say whatever the hell they want. lol buncha bible thumpers. i think religion gives people a sense of direction when theyre too stupid to run their own lives.

  468. Onticdeus says:

    # Jessi Says:
    April 6th, 2007 at 3:38 am

    That picture makes me sick! Jesus died for your sins and your saying He resembles a dogs butt! I feel like throwing up but whoever posted that I just want you to know that I’ll be praying for you and He will love you no matter what you’ve done. Thats why He died such a brutal death. For your sins. Please have that taken off the web though. I’d appreciate it sooo much. Thanks”

    You’re praying in vain You pathetic waste of a human being. We won’t bow to your ignorant self indulgence just because you’re delusional enough to believe your chosen to be some god’s disciple. You fail at life, and oddly enough at death. Go die. btw, jesus didn’t die for his sins, you killed him.

  469. Robyn Graves says:

    If we keep our voices silent……all creation will rise and shout….if we fail to praise you Father….then…?!!!@### the very butt’s cry out?! But seriously folks! Keep having fun with this kind of stuff….make fun…take the piss out of all the uptight religious types….otherwise they will dominate us all. Make fun of every sacred cow…or dog…that comes our way. And for heaven’s sake….try developing your minds a bit as well and stop behaving like ignorant, scared people from the dark ages.

  470. Ross says:

    This is the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen.
    I guess grilled cheese isn’t edgy enough anymore.

  471. Jesus Gonzales says:

    ITSAMIRACLE! Praise the lord!

    I hope it’s a girl dog, so that you’ll get the extra STIGMATA effect from time to time!

  472. caz says:


    The picture was funny but the comments have made this truly memorable…

    oh and to all the so-called religious people who commented, if you don’t like pics like this then there is gonna be a lot of stuff online you arent gonna agree with (you know with there being free speech and all)how will you find the time to condemn it all?

    Here is a tip from me…instead of attempting to suck all the fun out of life when you see something you don’t like, just be on your merry way.

    Stop being so self-righteous and judgemental…who are you to judge?

    If you truly live by the word of your god then surely you would turn the other cheek? (that wasn’t intended as a butt joke but when i re-read it it was kinda funny so we can pretend i meant it :D)

  473. Mike (Prodigal McCarron) says:

    Just a brief message to all reading these comments, assuming of course you manage to wade through the evangelistic murk and get this far, as a wise man once said, dog is God spelled backwards.

    In other words, why does it not stand to reason that God, in the form of Jesus, should not appear on the back end of a dog?

    Thus I win!

    And for the Christians reading this, don’t pray for me, I don’t care. I don’t believe in your God, and you can damn me all you like for saying that too.

    Any atheists out there commenting won’t care what little Jonny Christian has to say about their comments, or any prayers that he may have for their sins.

  474. Ithink Itsfunny says:

    Ha! You people are so funny with your holy bullcrap. You poor unfortunate, closed minded, bible thumping, soul-less, don’t know a thing about what you’re up in arms about, sheep! That’s okay, consider yourselves avenged having “voted” for Bush to terrorize us all for 8 years.

  475. hui says:

    I live in chicago and a couple of years ago a salt stain on an under pass was calimed to look like the virgin mary. The result, hundreds lined up to kiss the stain. When I commented on how many times I’ve seen bums piss in the same area a devout believer said it was god’s way to test their conviction. If they truly believed putting their lips on a piss soaked slab of concrete would not matter. Now here is the question which one of you would like to kiss that dogs ass. Common from what I’ve read of the bible thats what god doses right do sick and stupid shit to people and then claim its to test their conviction. With that said who is going to show god they love him and kiss that dogs ass?????

  476. Jonathan H. says:

    So we’re all, according to the bible, made in God’s image. And here we see what some people consider to be God’s image. The Bible, therefore, must mean that we were all made in that dog’s butt.

    There can be no other possible explanation.

    Offended? OK, be offended. But realize that there are some people out there who take your religion less seriously than you do. Suck back another prozac and deal with it. It really isn’t worth getting upset over. People disagree with you. Learn to live with that, and the world will be better for it. Yours and mine.

    And if anyone wants a go at trying to offend me by putting a picture up somewhere, I’ll happily have a look at their effort. And probably laugh, if it’s funny.

  477. religion is what you make it says:

    yeah i people need to relax all myou people care about is censorship and making everything good and nice thats not life learn to laugh oh and hey funny thing about laughter i remember hearing something about laughter its the launguage of the soul so yeah its good to laugh so learn to do it and stop being stuck up religious fanatics and i agree with mike dont pray for me i dont require ill deal with whatever happens to me when it comes i dont need your prayers thank you very much so please take some time and laugh at the dogs butt (which does resemble jesus)

  478. Angie says:

    That is HILARIOUS, it’s kind of the epitome of all the religious symbolic bullshit people put out there. This beats out Mary on a piece of toast any day.

    Lighten up people! Jesus wouldn’t have stuck himself on a dog’s ass unless he had a sense of humor right?

  479. Senada says:

    It depresses me that the human race is this sensitive to a joke.

    You’re supposed to be an adult.

    Start acting like one,
    This is seriously pathetic.

  480. The last intelligent man left apparently. > says:

    Man I think all the comments from all the Jesus freaks on this page prove that natural selection doesn’t work. If it did, the ignorance you all have displayed would have killed you already. All you religious zealots out there should just get killed. Then you would be with your god, and we wouldn’t have to suffer any more comments ripped right out of one of your conditioning classes, er, I mean Church. We also wouldn’t have as many, if any wars. After all God is the number one cause of death in the world. Can all you Christians please keep it to yourselves? We have enough of your filth polluting our culture as it is, we certainly don’t need anymore.

  481. jon says:

    look, the image of jesus has been downloaded so to speek from the day we were born due to the influences of our previous on going evelutionary paths that we are binded by. wich makes us one. thats it. it is a dogs ass. period. the fact that you see jesus, tell me more about you than me, even though NOW i see it. and life perpetuates. so be it. if you want it to be jesus than youve learned something, if you dont, youve learned something. how are you gonna change your path from this moment forward. where are your children and what are they thinkin? that is the question.

  482. Caroline says:

    Ha… You know, I thought it was in somewhat poor taste, but funny at the same time, and now that I’m seeing all these religious fanatics come together to “take this picture off the internet”…

    Might I point out that this picture, like your God, is EVERYWHERE. You can’t just “take it off the internet”. If you don’t want to see it, then turn off your computer, or at least your modem.

  483. Amarie says:

    I might actually have a touch of sympathy for the pitiful, radically religious arguments of some of these people if I could be confident that they’d pass a fifth grade English exam. However, with the level of intelligence (or rather, the lack thereof) presented here, I have to choice but to presume that if there is a God, He has a wonderful sense of humor for He has made many of His followers complete fools.

  484. Bill says:

    All you “Jesus freaks” our there do one thing for yourself. Research the birth, life, and death of Horus the ancient Egyptian god from around 3,000 bc. Ps getting all your information from a single source only shows a lack of critical thinking.

  485. Daaditsu says:

    this is fricking enlightening 🙂 and yes i do see jesus 🙂 hallelujah!!!

  486. Hutch says:

    How can a dogs butt cause so much animosity?

    Jesus lovers: Chill – if jesus saw it hed have laughed.

  487. irv says:

    I didn’t believe in God before, but I do now – the evidence is simply irrefutable. Holy canine arsehole batman!

  488. TornadoJones says:

    Wow, I can’t believe…well yeah I can believe there is so much controversy over Jesus appearing on a dog’s butt. It’s just something that resembles Jesus. Heck, if anything it shows Jesus has a sense of humor. I mean, he must have to have given me a career.

  489. Amanda says:

    I have greater things to freak out about then an image on a dog’s behind. As many others have posted, please stop to consider in the freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, then go to another page. Also, maybe you are upset that you CAN see Jesus on the dog’s behind?

    PS. I certainly can. I personally find it hilarious.

  490. Spooky says:

    If christians started behaving as Jesus taught, perhaps fewer people would want to make fun of you. War, in the name of Jesus? I think not. Jesus taught turning the other cheek–not revenge. All christians deserve what they get as they can’t seem to live what they preach and hold others to standards they feel no need to live up to themselves. Another name for christian is hypocrite.

  491. entro says:

    Makes me wanna sing:
    “Then i saw his face… now im a believer”

  492. Rachael says:

    if non-christians based their opinion of Jesus on this pic, that would be pretty stupid…
    i can see him in the pic. is it photoshopped? if it is, it wasn’t a very… NICE idea.
    but if its really, that’s pretty cool

  493. Natalie says:

    You know, you may all think it’s disgraceful and stuff, but the fact is that butt looks like Jesus- end of story. You know you fucking see it, so shut up and stop be such royal pains in the ass (pun very much intended.)You have no right to start spewing out your disgust and don’t get on your high horses and think you’re so much better. I don’t even know what to say, I’m sickened at the amount of comments here saying how disgraceful it is. Calling people idiots, condemning people to Hell! What the FUCK is wrong with you people! Are you all nuts? Do you not know what it’s like to live instead of acting like fools! You people are what is wrong with the world today. Don’t comment on things like this, obviously the person who posted this doesnt fucking WANT to be prayed for, so save your preaching for someone who gives a crap.

    Did it ever occur to you Jesus might have a sense of humour?

  494. Jerome says:

    If this is undoctored, this is amazing. I’d even call it a miracle. God is everywhere. God is everything. God is love.

  495. shmelton says:

    it’s funny.
    i see jesus.
    as the christians depict him in their crucifixes anyway.
    but, i don’t see why it’s not funny.
    considering jesus of nazareth was just a good philosopher who probably never claimed to be the son of god.
    and with the fact that god doesn’t exist, i suppose that makes it even funnier.

  496. chris says:

    If god created dogs then he also created dog asses, if he wants to stick his face on a canine sphincter who are we to say he is right or wrong.

  497. Matt says:

    Funny.. you guys are getting in an uproar at this guys, but it is your own eyes that see a picture of Jesus.

    The title is simply “Can You See Jesus?” and nothing more.. your imaginations did the rest.

    Lighten up, God has a sense of humor, too.

  498. Mon Dieu! Tres stupide! says:

    Everyone, stop. Jesus freaks/people who need a life and brain to one side, and people with intelligence and/or common sense to the other. Now read carefully, JCmen – shut up. Take this proverb’s advice: “‘Tis better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Now, people with brains, congrats. You may leave and go keep people from screwing up the Net even further.

    There. Problem solved.

  499. RegalBeagle says:

    Wow, you’re all pathetic, do you realize I stumbled this? If it weren’t for a lil button on my toolbar I most likely never would have read this. No one cares about your opinions, this is the internet. No one cares for my opinions either, I’m just another fool weighing in on a debate over some mutt’s asshole but at least I admit it. You are all about as lame as people who actually pay for Carrot top tickets. Sure I got a laugh out of it, does that make me an evil, unforgivable person who is going to hell for typing this? We all just need to love one another, that’s the most important message in the bible. Beside that, who are you to decide who goes to hell? If there is a God and is a Hell he’ll decide who goes, not you, and it’s presumptuous to assume what his decision will be.

  500. Emily says:

    I find it rather amusing. And the Jesus freaks will never cease to amuse me as well.

    Bah, your god sucks. Mine is more amazing. {Flying Spaghetti Monster FTW!}

  501. Tom D says:

    I still cant quite get my head around perfectly intelligent human beings ‘believing’ without evidence or logical reasoning anything from the bible!

    Its full of shit, God MURDERS millions of people in the old testament, he is cruel, jealous and generally depicted as a tyrant who must be obeyed for the fear of his retribution. Then God sends himself down to earth to preach shit and then ‘die for our sins’, what the hell does that mean? In fact he died for the original sin, Eve’s temptation, which is another crazy story about a talking snake that the omnipotent lord had convieniently forgotten about. But the crucifiction, firstly he didnt die, hes God, secondly why bother with the whole thing, why not just appear to the whole world and say stop being sinners? And I feel sorry for Judas, a bit of a fall guy dont you think?

    Can you not see through this shit, I wish I could get every Christian, Muslim and Jew and bang there heads together until they realised how fucking stupid they are to believe in such tribal dogma. Adam and Eve, bullshit, Noahs Ark, bullshit, anything from judges, deutronomy, genesis.. etc all fucking retarded bullshit, morally reprehensible clap trap.. and you chose to lead your life by this book.. I really dispair for human kind. The only hope is that one day we are rid of this vile tribal crap and we can all live in the acceptance of each other and that we have one chance, there is no afterlife, no judgement day and what you do you should do because its right in your own judgement.

    Right next stumble!

  502. Andrei says:

    How can you see Jesus by looking at a dog’s but?
    I’m not saying this is sick, but has anyone actually seen Jesus? Does anyone know how he really looks like?

  503. dan says:

    God moves in mysterious ways…amen

  504. extraordinary 1 says:


  505. ben says:

    jesus is a white man, jesus died for white mens sins, jesus wants us to kill museums because he is right and they are wrong, jesus is a dogs ass

  506. Brian King says:

    Ohh My GOD! This is amazing. I was brought up Catholic but have been atheist for many years but this has made me reconsider the existence of God. People who think this is blasphemous need to reconsider their relationship with God. He lives everywhere and who are we to judge how he/she decides to manifests himself.

  507. thomas says:

    you all are idiots if youre offended by this, its a joke, get over yourself. get over yourself, how did you find this page anyway? this is the reason why i dont like alot of christians is because they try to push their religion on everyone, and make it as if they are higher level beings for believing in jesus….

  508. mooster says:

    How does one kill a museum? Anyway, thanks for the laughs. I didn’t think anything could top the photo for hilarity, but the comments left it in the dust!

  509. gordon says:

    SHEESH! Lighten up, Ya’ll. It’s funny. Stop taking yourselves and your religion so seriously! You’re sounding a bit like the Islamists who wanted cartoonists who portrayed Allah killed. HMMMMM. Maybe there’s not much difference between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims. HMMMM

  510. Brad says:

    Lol, funny as. As for you ‘worshippers’ settle down guys, and take a joke, please. lol toughen up princesses

    Um, jesus wants us to kill museums? za?

  511. Mustang101 says:

    That’s bloody blasphemous! Take it off right now! Lowly humans have no right to debase Prophets, who in heirarchy are only second to Angels….the one who illustrated this in the first place is lower than most life-serving convicts but the one who posted is perhaps even lower!

  512. frank says:

    americans always claim to be advanced, but still believe in a 2000 year old fairytale.there is no god, no great creator.grew up!i laughed and still don´t feel bad about it.

  513. Joe Myles says:

    So IF god is real, then he made a dog, including its ass. So IF Jesus did appear somewhere, isn’t a dog’s ass as appropriate as anywhere else

  514. Arne says:

    This is interesting! Apart from being one of the funniest pictures in ages, the responses are way out of touch.

    Newsflash: There is no God and as such, Jesus was an rebellious carpenter with political ambitions in the Roman province of Palestine. Jesus was not a son of God. “Wrong” you say. “No, you are wrong” I say. “Prove it” I say. “It’s not about proving anything, it’s about believing in something larger than life” you say. “Then I believe there is no God, and the Bible is a dated collection of philosophical musings” I say. You believe this, I believe that. Stalemate. The book (be it the Bible or the Quran) was written 2,000 and 1,400 years ago respectively. They are historical texts, not to be taken literally.

    See the futility in these religious discussions? See how these discussions are not something that is beneficial for the progress of humanity as a whole? That this can be labeled as “regressive evolution”? Ups. Forgot. You don’t believe in evolution.

    And then there’s this thing about you people being in possession of the ultimate truth. How everybody else are lost souls, doomed to an afterlife in hell. You call them lost souls or the like, others call them “infidels”. See the similarity? See the barbarianism, intolerance, see the disrespect for your fellow man?

    American evangelists scare me as much as fundamentalist muslims. Funny thing, they are so much the same, but perceive themselves as so different. If I should pray for anything, it would be that this won’t mean the downfall of humanity.

  515. Norwegian non-believer says:

    I can’t but feel terribly sorry for all you hatefull, narrow-minded, bigotty, fundamentalist (born-again anyone?) Christians. Pity you can’t handle even the slightest provocation…just like the fundamentalist muslims during the Muhammad-chrisis.

  516. 1 says:

    I think the people whom are offended need to educate themselves a little bit more. It’s alright to have a faith but the contradictions you expound help your cause 0.1%.

    What the Christians need to ask themselves is ,Who created this dog?

    The ‘kids’ have more dangerous things to worry about then a dogs bum.

  517. 1 says:

    I think Jesus would think this is funny 😀
    He wasn’t an over sensitive conservative lunatic you know. He healed people, and brought joy to many peoples lives. If you need to mold yourself in his image, the first thing you need to do is lighten up.

  518. Marc says:

    haha funny stuff

    And for all the christians around here,.. I’ll pray for you to be brutally smashed by thor’s hammer 😉

  519. Robert Leggat says:

    Deeply offensive to all Christians.

  520. a true christian says:

    So called christians who are offended by this picture are not really christians. These kind of people is what make others turn away from God. They are the same kind of people that crucified christ.

  521. e-hero says:


    Ummmmmm… while i do think this is disrespectful (even though I’m agnostic) you pretending to love all is pretty hypocritical when your calling him “son.” You don’t know if they’re male or female, or if your older than them. and even if you are, that gives you no right to call him/her a word with such a diminutive connotation.

  522. Tony says:

    God I laughed so much! Not much at the picture, but at the hysterical comments some people have left

  523. Connor says:

    I think after the holy grilled-cheese sandwich thing, Jesus would find this hilarious. Just because he was the “messiah” doesn’t mean he didn’t have a sense of humor.
    My question is, who took this picture? Is it photoshopped?

  524. sly says:

    wow….. all you people who have the nerve to tell a person who found humour in this hectic world.. at jesus appearing on a dog’s butt… that they are going to hell .. should have your heads read..
    tell you what… when we get to the golden gates of heaven.. when i can say i loved thy neighbor.. was kind to people… lived my life the best moral way possible… and you can say..
    oh yeah well I read the bible and spent my life telling others who didnt worship you every frigging second of their lives… was going to hell.. and that id pray for their souls…
    hahaha betcha they kick u off the cloud and sed u back to earth as a dogs butt to go learn the true meaning of life in its smplest for.. so u can run around all day and eat ur own poo and actually be happy for 15 years or so

    bahhhhh i bet you’re not even nice people… hahaha
    who do u think hes gonna let into heaven first… you? because you read a book…. follow weird spiritual rtuals every sunday or whenever that have nothing n realty to do wth beinng a kind or better person?
    or the kind loving friendly guy that lived his life loving everyone.. but that laughed at a dog’s butt looking like jesus?

    i think you are all in need of help.. get lives
    stop with ur cult-ish repent sins crap.. and learn to be good people…. dont ever think you have any right or power over anyone because you chose to believe in something they ether dont believe in.. or dont folow as you do..
    you are the sick ones
    you’re brainwashed by what you thnk is a holy life

    ” split a piece od wood and I am there, lift a stone and you wll find me”
    in the words of the amighty himself.. as he goes on to say you neednt pray in buildings of rock or stone….
    he’s saying be a good person. be kind… be loving.. do whats right….
    hes everywhere… not in a building…. the guy’s not a monster!
    he loves a guy that thinks a guys butthole is funny… even you…
    grow up…. go live your lives. stop trying to look down on others

  525. Ted_Brah says:

    Lighten up GWB lovers’s!!! A Christian can find the image of Christ in a burning building, in an over baked piece of bread, tree trunk, shadow, a pair of socks thrown on a bedroom floor, but a “True, believer, follower” is offended by this?? If you really believe in “God”, keep in mind “he” created that dog’s sweet ass (that resemble’s the image of Christ!)

  526. Cro says:

    I agree with Tony. The picture is fantastic, but the comments really made me happy that I live in “sinfull Europe”, not in “Gods own country”.

  527. Isaac says:

    I’ll agree with the Christians on this one, it isn’t funny. Although it isn’t funny to think Jesus is God either. And Jesus hasn’t died yet so get over it. Islam now. Peace all

  528. glengemen says:

    I agree with Paula. Even God must have a sence of humor. This doesn’t hurt anyone. And if you’re offended by it, click the “next” button on your browser. People take things way too seriously in this world, IMHO

  529. Demmy says:


    Seriously tho’, I’m with the “If you can’t take a joke, get of the net” crowd.
    I think Jesus, gods son or not, would think it’s amusing. I’d surely laugh like a maniac if I my visage manifested in a canine pooper.

    Also, the picture wouldn’t be half as much fun with out the zealot comments!

  530. Erin says:

    oh lighten up,
    i think this is amazing!! that dogs ass made me laugh, and all of you people who are threatening others with the wrath of God should give it a rest.
    its funny!!
    lord knows we need things to laugh about in the world today, and if its at the RANDOM appearance of jesus near a dogs poop shoot then so be it, maybe we’ll appreciate cleaning up dog shit more.
    learn to laugh!!

  531. Jolly says:

    I know ae! Jeez somepeople need to get over themselves.

    Man if there is a jesus or god then he would not give a fk about this picture .im sure he would be a lot more happy if you guys all left him alone for a while- im sure he gets tired of all your thankyous after a while.
    Superman has saved all your lives many of times and no one prays to him! …except me…

    By the way I mean no offence to christians and if you have time you can pray for me too if you want. Thanks!

  532. Lou Schwarts says:

    Why is it that this picture alone has brought out the “Carrie Mommy” of Christians, and not the ones who can take a joke?
    And this person will not go to Heaven because their an “idiot?” Really? That’s all it takes? Just to be an idiot and post something so trivial? (Yes, it is Jesus on the dogs butt.. But think of how retarded you sound when YOU TALK IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE YOU WANT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS.)
    Think of the other Christians your representing before you post to something meant to be FUNNY.


  533. Lily says:

    American’s are never funnier than when they are also Christians!!!!! You guys crack me up – you put the fun back in fundamentalist!

    Watch that arse, it might give you some kind of sign or something!

  534. Celice says:

    Jesus can take a joke. Unlike many of the comment writers. The pic *does* resemble many an artistic representation of Jesus. This is an empirical fact that is funny because it’s a classic combination of the sacred and profane.

    Jesus was always sharper, wittier and generally much easier to get on with than his followers, a fact as true in the Gospels as it is today… :rolls eyes heavenwards:

    Thought for unamused Christians: if God doesn’t find simulacra amusing, why is nature full of them?

  535. Jesus says:

    Jesus loves you. This is proof Jesus is real, he is there, he is real, he will return one day, soon, and the prophesy will be complete. Hallelua!

  536. Michael. (Ireland) says:

    You are sick,sick,sick.God help you, you don’t know it.

  537. Skippie says:


    Ok…. I have seen the image of Jesus in some strange places, (grilled cheese sammich, ink blots, hanging over a hooker’s bed in cleveland) but never a dog’s hiney.

    I will say that the humor I found in the photo is NOTHING compared to the stuff I have read in the comments.

    Look, kids, I am a legally ordained minister. I do sermons, pray with and for the sick, officiate weddings and funerals and the whole shootin’ match. I am astounded by the lack of intellect shown by the “faithful” on this thread.

    Look, I understand that Faith (note the capital F)can make people very very devout in their beliefs, but dang, people. Jesus was a man. Think about how a modern day construction guy would have seen that picture….. he’d laugh his fanny off! I am certain that Jesus would have seen it the same way. You people with the overzealous faith might do well to remember the Words of Christ hissownself:(paraphrased) Don’t pray in public, but rather locked away in your room. I am noticing that Americans in general are becoming a nation of hypocrites. You Bible-thwacking fundamentalists need to take an objective look at whom you are emulating when you speak in such a manner…

    “If you don’t believe in Jesus, you are eternally damned”
    looks the same to me as:

    “Infidels must perish in the fire of Holy Jihad”

    Zealots will be responsible for the death of mankind, this I hereby prophesy.

    Remember, children, tolerance will save a lot more lives than your silly crusades.

    oh, and speaking as just a man……

    For crying out loud, GROW UP!!!!

    Like I said, I am a minister….. but I am also a human with free will and a brain that can hold more than the supposedly “approved” dogma we are all force fed as Americans….

    Organized religion will crush us all….

    That’s why my services are only held when I am asked to perform them…otherwise I would be guilty of shoving Jesus down someone’s throat….


    Knock it off

  538. God says:

    Children, I’ve come to say, I’m letting the Flying Spaghetti monster take my place as all mighty ruler. Also, it is okay that Jesus’s face may appear on that lovely ass. I created that beauty and if Jesus’s face may appear there than so be it. The ass is not profane because I created it. And let it be known, from this day forward, all dog asses will resemble Jesus. That will be all.

  539. Jebus says:

    I love Jesus Christ!!!
    (The swear word, not the savior)

  540. iloveabortion says:

    So if you were cornholing the dog, would that be like getting a blowjob from Jesus?

  541. Sarah says:

    Amusingly enough, my first response to this picture was “Why would anyone be staring at a dog’s anus?”

  542. Addam says:

    You are going to burn in the fiery depths of god’s asshole.

  543. Me says:

    Why is everybody taking offense to this? I don’t think that your stained glass windows of him do him anymore justice. Stop your hypocritical bitching.

  544. God says:

    Sup athiestfags. Tell me, can you comprehend the amount of atoms in the head of a pin? How about a fingernail? The human body? The planet? The solar system? The galaxy? The universe?

    There are infinite atoms in the universe.

    And according to your beliefs, all of these atoms were formed by a spontaneous naked singularity that appeared out of nothing with no cause. An object with infinite density, taking up a space infinitely smaller than a single atom.

    I’m of course assuming you faggots can comprehend the concept of infinity.

    And sure, spout off that “quantum physics explains everything lolololololol fail logic”. Quantum physics is a THEORY. We as humans know next to NOTHING of the true workings of the universe.

    How improbable is it that an event such as the big bang could occur? That a random explosion could create all the grand workings of the cosmos? Extremely, extremely unlikely. So why do you have such a hard time believing that in a universe of infinite probability, a sentient intelligence could have spontaneously formed and influenced the way things went?

    Oh, and before you give me the whole “The big bang is a cycle that has been going on for an infinite amount of time and never had a beginning”, you’re basically describing what Christians believe about God.

    Science is not a f&$%ing absolute, faggots. Humans do NOT know the truth. Athiestfags, you’re literally following a FAITH in science. Motherfucking FAITH. You HOPE science is true, but there’s no way to absolutely prove it is, therefore it is a faith. Just like any other religion. So get off your faggoty high horse, pick your faith, and shut the &!#$ up.

  545. Jeff'd says:

    Just wanted to say to anyone who got angry on this page, i hope you realize you wasted probably a minute or more of your life (the only one you get, might i add) doing so. You did entertain me though, and i thank you for the amusement. God is imaginary, Christians are tools, and I think this picture is f**kin hilarious. Kudos! =D

  546. george tierbiter says:

    Dog is my co-pilot.

  547. jgood says:

    all of you need to stop, i dnt think jesus is going to be that mad a bout a silly issue such as this. You all have lost your minds, and its jsut a dogs but, and yesss we can all see the image of jesus, so what. But the guy who was being a smartass about beign saved now, you have an issue. What are you thinking? I think its kind of ironic/amusing how a dogs butt can bring so many people to talk about jesus. im outttt losas

  548. Daniel says:

    Man, these Christians are driving me crazy. “God”, I find it amusing to no end that you’re using circular logic to prove your own ignorance. Sure, the Big Bang may be improbable, and true, science is not absolute. The one, important difference between it and your silly, pathetic little faith is that science is TESTABLE. There may be little evidence to prove many things in science, but theories are tested over and over to the same result. Just because something is a theory doesn’t make it negligible. Your supposed god is not even testable, so what grounds do you have to ridicule anyone’s belief in science?

    And nevermind this Jesus nonsense. The only actual references to his existence are four books, written no earlier than 50 years after his death, after being passed on through word of mouth any number of times. None of the apostles actually wrote the books credited to them, and it is even stated in one of them. Admit it. Jesus never existed, your religion is a crock of shit, and you’re following the rest of the sheep to the slaughter.

    I might also mention that it is a bit hypocritical of you to openly judge others while claiming the title of the one who supposedly told you not to judge…

  549. SimpleNick says:

    To the pompous retard calling himself “God”:

    Science is the process of observing a phenomenon, using reason to form a hypothesis, then testing the hypothesis through repeatable experiments. From this, theories and understanding develop.

    Faith is reading something someone wrote in a book, believing it without reason, then actively ignoring all evidence to the contrary. From this, mentally-deficit zealots insult rational people (athiestfags, LOL) while spouting nonsense.

    I’ll pray for you. God made you in His image and gave you a brain. Please try to use it. Ignoring reason and rational thought in favor of insults and naivety is an affront to the divine.

    P.S. God bless dog butts.

  550. Brian! says:

    Well that angry comment seemed unprovoked.

  551. Logic says:

    Dear God,

    You’re supposed to be all-powerful and all-knowing. Yet the best argument you can come up with is, “we can’t be sure that everything about our current understanding of the universe is correct, ergo we definitively know that a giant, benevolent invisible being whose son died for us on the cross and was resurrected after three days is responsible for everything that exists.” Also, you were apparently lying when you said that you loved all your children.

    Also, there’s a difference between making decisions based on incomplete evidence and believing something just ’cause your pastor told you to. Also, you say “faggots” a lot but that doesn’t really prove your point.


  552. God's Killer says:

    stupid god, science is not about saying what is universe, science is just a humble description of what religion and believers just don’t want to explain, that is nature. the fact that science doesn’t know everything is not enough reason for just believing that someone greater and intelligent did it, but on the contrary.
    by the way that theory of quantum physics is the reason why you have a computer.

  553. David says:

    The Bible teaches us that God made all the little doggy’s arseholes. And he made your arsehole too! Praise Jesus! I hope you are grateful to God for your poop-hole, becuase without it, you would be in deep sh.. – trouble. Arseholes are part of God’s perfect plan! The bible tells us that God values all of his creation even a little doggy’s arsehole, so why wouldn’t Jesus appear there? He hung out with tax collectors, so why not arseholes? It’s a powerful miracle!

  554. AthiestFag says:

    A few things:

    “Hey to all you non-Christian people why dont y’all go back to whence thou comest from you savages!” – Odea

    I came from here. I doubt I’m more savage than you. Especially since I’m not telling anyone to ‘go back where they came from.’

    Regarding the post that begins: “Sup AthiestFags”

    Atheist means the non belief in God or Gods. So all those who believe in science opposed to God(s) are atheists, not all atheists believe in the infallibility of science. Just as some Christians believe that ridiculing others is God’s will, others do not.

    As for the dog’s butt. I think it’s comical. I can see how it might be offensive to some. But that really doesn’t stop it from being funny.

  555. Anti-God says:

    Hey God, I don’t really think you’re god though, I think you’re either an atheist trying to give Christians a bad name or a Christian giving Christians a bad name. What would Jesus do? Because I don’t think he’d call anyone a ‘fag’ or curse as much as you did, in fact I’m fairly sure that’s something he WOULDN’T do. Please don’t tell atheists to get off their high horse. I mean really, do you think believing you are the chosen ones of some unseen perfect entity is any less arrogant than uncovering evidence about the universe? Also, before you want to ‘discuss’ the origins of the universe get your facts straight, understand what ‘infinity’ means and learn about Occam’s Razor.

  556. God says:

    If Jesus were looking at this photo, would he not laugh too?

  557. Ethan says:

    im sure Jesus had a lot of humor and would have liked that. Hey was enlightened!
    Think about that!

  558. Alain says:

    yeah! that dog has style! i wanna have a jesus tatoo on my ass now 🙂

  559. P Roden says:

    I think that Paula’s response deserves to be posted again:

    “God deemed all creation good- and that includes a dog’s butts (which are actually pretty important pieces of equipment if you happen to be a dog). Why is a dog’s butt any less holy than a butterfly’s wing, a cloud formation, a newborn baby’s skin, or a dying man’s eyes? And if God can reveal himself usign an ass (as he did with Balaam) why should we freak out over something like this? We are the one’s who have a problem with a dog’s butt, not God.”

    Thanks, Paula.

  560. Snibbity Jibbit says:

    I see it! I see it!

    It’s like I’m experiencing His presence in real life.

    This probably tastes better though.

  561. WakeTheFueckUP!!! says:

    Funny picture, the funny part being that all of these religious inbred freakshows get all worked up about it… Have you ever concidered that even if Jesus exists (Which he probably did, kinda like Santa), how the heck (It’s really hard to use nice language with these right-wing christian nincompoops 🙂 ) would you know what he looked like? Chances are, that he probably looked more like Osama Bin Laden, then Tom Cruise with long hair, and a silly beard. All this religion stuff needs to go, in order for the world to progess… If you don’t teach a child about god, he will never belive in god (YES! THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN!!!), so beliving in him is taught, be evil evil people…

    Anyway, enough about that, grow up, get a life, and most of all, let science into your life…

    Science bless you all

  562. Aaron says:

    Wow, I love how upset everyone gets at this.

    And I love how the last person used profanity to ‘prove’ that religion is good.

    But atheists are right. As far as science being a “faith,” you are wrong. Faith is, by definition “belief that is not based on proof.” And, as far as I know, science is not that (keep in mind that the fact you can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not true). If science is ever proved wrong, then science admits it. I don’t think that once, in the past couple thousand years, has religion ever said it’s wrong (crusades and all). And don’t respond with piddly things like “they apologized for pedophiles” or whatever, I mean like “oops, we misunderstood gravity.”

    If you want to understand why the world is the way it is, read “The Selfish Gene” and perhaps “Guns, Germs, and Steel.” You’ll learn more about life from those than the Bible.

  563. Jake says:

    Guys why are you making fun of Jesus’s ways. He is obviously coming down from heaven in the form of a dog’s ass. We should worship this dog’s ass.

  564. Rhett says:


  565. Mel for Brains says:

    Dude. It’s a funny picture. Get over yourselves. Everyone.

  566. God's Cousin says:

    Wow, way to take a joke…I also noticed that anything over two paragraphs with ANY words in all caps is a post by a religious nut. This saved me a lot of time reading cause I could just skip those. God Speed!

  567. Nate says:

    the funniest part isn’t the picture, it’s the fundies tweaking out over it =P

  568. rbsilvey says:

    I thought it was hilarious. Christianity is mythology. You people should get a sense of humor about reality.

  569. Dan says:

    Thanks for posting 🙂 This picture strengthens my faith and goes to show that Jesus is present everywhere.

  570. Skeezmo says:

    I have absolutely no idea how many of these comments are supposed to be sarcastic, ironic, or some other form of failed attempt to be internet-hilarious. I really hope that it’s a majority of them, but my complete lack of faith in mankind leads me to believe that all of you are, in fact, idiots.

    Also, it’s a pretty funny picture. It’s not meant to be a deep social commentary on organized religion (or if it was, it’s about as deep as a MAD Magazine parody). It’s a picture of a dogs butt that kind of resembles Jesus. Yes, it’s funny, so calm down.

  571. sharon says:

    It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at. I’m sorry for all of you closed minded religious nuts, who took offense.
    I personally found it hilarious!

  572. Sweetestsadist says:

    It’s all part of God’s plan. That is the back of a dog. Dog spelled backward is God. This isn’t offensive. It would be offensive if he added a crown of thorns and stigmata. But nobody would be THAT TASTELESS. By the way, “Christians” stop thumping a book that you probably haven’t even read. Going to church and hearing your shepherd preach the same 50 passages-if any passages are even read-is not giving you the concept of the book as a hole. (pun intended.) Then when you do that learn about the history and the mistranslations then you’ll understand that many of the passages you’ve been brainwashed to follow since children isn’t even the same text the bible was really supposed to say. Oh, and GOD is a butt freak. If you actually do read the old testament, you’ll learn he’s always giving people hemroids, or making them eat bread made out of poop, or something weird. Wow, this is long. Oh, non-christians, please don’t despise Christianity because of the “Christians”. Many people claim to hate Christianity or GOD when they really hate the bigots that claim to follow Christ.

  573. jaycookz123 says:

    Isn’t it time we all grew up and stopped believing in Santa, The Boogie Man and Gods. Your all individual, use your brains, think for yourself. There is nothing else, get used to it. Try a bit of Richard Dawkins.

  574. Kory M says:


    Hilarious, though.

  575. S0YSAUC33 says:

    hahahahahahaahhaahha……….im not literally laughin at the picture…even though its pretty creative….im laughing at all you religious asses…i mean….Paula is right to put of that comment….(comment #9)

  576. Butt boy says:

    I see an a likeness of me in the dog’s butt. Do I care? Nope! It’s just a coincidence, a fluke of random color and shape. Would Jesus care? I think not. You christians take things far too serious with all that “He died for your sins” nonsense. Think about it… any god who would forgive my sins because someone else suffered a horrible death is a twisted freak. Fact: Jesus died because he pissed off the wrong people. The apostles told his story to teach us to not be like the people that condemned Jesus to death and if we all follow that simple teaching then we will all be happy (i.e. saved). That’s Christianity in a nutshell.

  577. Jesus says:


  578. Ben says:

    At last I have seen JESUS, Halleluja!

  579. JD4sho says:

    this is hilarious. ya, jesus did die for our sins. im pretty sure, though, that he would want us to laugh at anything, since jesus was a super cool dude.

  580. Ethan says:

    Wow, i cant believe how much everyone freaks out about all of this. I myself am a good christian who goes to church every sunday, and I thought this was amusing. How do you know that this picture is making fun of christianity? maybe it really is God’s plan to get out the word of christ. Maybe whoever posted the picture is doing this to show how ridiculous other people are for seeing supposedly “holy symbols” on everything from bread to, well, a dog’s butt. Even is he/she is making fun of christianity (i don’t condone it) he/she has a right to free speech and obviously has a different view of religion than us christians, but he/she is entitled to that view. Don’t be so uptight.

  581. Jesus says:

    Hey don’t be mad, I AM on the back of that dogs ass, why have you all forsaken me.

  582. Jaz says:

    LOL That is hilarious. And you all are stupid. Jesus is just another SUN GOD, and religion made up of lies to control us. Do your research.

    Religions were made to keep humans from asking questions.

  583. Ethical Athiest! says:

    Get over yourselves and use some logic, maybe go outside instead of stumbling around the internet like drunken retards… The internet is an offensive place, deal with it.

  584. TVGEEK says:

    Anyone who’s ever had a pup knows that.
    And hey…
    Jesus TOTALLY has a great sense of humor.
    If this is a real “vision”, I’m sure it’s to make us smile in this hard, hard world.
    again: AWESOME!!

  585. superfluous moniker says:

    I find the amount of religious douchebaggery in these comments horrifying.

    Oh, and I refuse to believe in a religion that says you go to hell for not believing in the religion, even if you’re a good person. What kind of jerk god would require that? Such fallacy deserves to have its prophet on a dog’s ass.

  586. Chiyoko says:

    OMFG!!! I laughed my ass off! And no one cares about how you bible crazed idiots feel. It was a joke, and not everyone believes some woman had a “Virgin” *cough* baby. Great Pic!

  587. Kevin says:

    wow thats some funny shit.

    This is nothing to argue over, religious freaks, learn to accept a joke. I’m sure jesus is laughin about this too.

  588. Thisishilarious says:

    I can’t believe there are so many Jesus-freaks out there. Have fun adhering to random rules while I practice hedonism and live life to its fullest. Haha, you little bitches make hunting much easier, thanks. I’ll laugh when we find out the Mormons got it right and we’re all sent to hell.

  589. Sal Manella says:

    Ron Paul in 2008!!!

  590. Annie says:

    That’s pretty freaking sweet.
    If he appears on a dog’s butt, who gives? Mary appeared on toast, which was probably eaten. And then digested into shit.
    So… which is worse. >.> Stop getting your panties in a bunch, zealots.
    (Speaking to those who are screaming out ‘burn in hell’ and such)

  591. Ron Paul says:

    First off, Ron Paul 2008!

    Second, just because there are people out there that can read a bible and not laugh their heads off doesn’t mean you should antagonize them. I mean, they’re all going to have a rude surprise when they die and meet the Flying Spaghetti Monster, anyway.

  592. jgood says:

    to Daniel,
    If ur living like there is no god than you better be right.

  593. John says:

    I laugh at the people who think god cant take a joke because if he truly is loving and fun than he can probably find humor in something like this. And if he cant id really rather not worship him/her/it

  594. Old Man Thunder says:

    Where is the chile relleno recipe? I’m getting sick and tired of searching for certain things on the internet and something completely unrelated like this coming up. All I wanted was a decent chile relleno recipe so I could make a nice dinner for my daughter and son-in-law (who is Mexican, but that’s another story) when they stop by this weekend, and I end up here. Is there a chile relleno recipe on this page somewhere? Is the meaning of this that I should pray for a decent chile relleno recipe? Why are you people not discussing delicious, tasty chile rellenos? Look, I gotta go now. Peace and good tidings.

  595. towlie says:

    lol oh common on this is funny !
    Jesus christ do you bible bashers have no sense of humour no wonder the rest of the world laughs at you nutty american christians !

  596. Frank says:

    There is no god.

  597. bailly says:

    i love the way everyone laughs at except the christians as they don’t have a sense of humour !


  598. paradoxymoron says:

    Catholics eat the body of Jesus every week. That’s digested and shat out as well. Worshipping the image of Jesus, rather than the message of Jesus, is a sin.

  599. LeandroGarel says:


    If you really believe in God, then you must believe that he is everywhere, always.
    Why not there? Is that not good enough for him? He created that butt, for His sake!
    Don’t you ever sign a drawing you made?
    Christians! We have asses! Let’s live with it! God gave them to us so we could SHIT!
    Doesn’t the fact that we don’t burst mean that God loves us so much that He won’t allow that?

    Also, the second comment says “get it OFF the INTERNET”.
    I found this StumblingUpon…
    Seriously, if it’s here, it’s public. Get over it.


    PS: If I see Virgin Mary on my girlfriend’s “thingie”… Is that a miracle or a sin? Or is it a sin if I do anything to it?
    Oh, Lord, crazy world you gave us…

  600. Gelgash says:

    Anyone else noticing how the hardcore Christians are acting like a load of ignorant self righteous jackasses? Apparently god created everything, and made all equal. How is this degrading then? Could someone please explain ehy, though all things are eqaul in the eyes of God, something can still be degrading. By the bible itself, nothing can possiblhy be degrading, as it is a comparison to other things. if all things are equal, nothing can be degrading, and thus this is non-offensive. Or, do you people think that you are more intelligent than the very religious docrtrine you seem so obsessed with? In that case it would be degrading to you, but you have no right to speak for the bible, seeing as how you disagree with it. Also, didn’t Jesus teach acceptance? good job on that one there. If you say this picture is wrong and so much as mention Cristianity, you fucking fail. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but honestly, make at least a little sense.

  601. Gelgash says:

    Forgot to add one thing, the atheist, Christians and anyone else who says God does/doesnt exist, at least have the decency to but i think or in my opinion on it. I, myself am an atheist, though i dont go around shouting GOD DOESNT EXIST ANYONE WHO THINKS HE DOES IS DUMB LOL!!!111!. No, YOU are then the idiot.

  602. orlndblmsug says:

    Hahahaha this picture makes me laugh! It made my day… I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that feel the same way about “Jesus”… haha this pic made my day! :DDD

  603. T says:

    Drop your bibles and get a sense of humor already. God has one, just look at the platypus.

  604. Friendly Neighborhood Agnostic says:

    I’m sorry, this is a funny post, but I have just lost all respect for a vast majority of the people who post comments on religion blogs on a regular basis. This whole phenomenon of seeing religious iconography in random places (Virgin Mary on toast, etc.)is easily explained by a combination of basic psychology (the collective unconscious), probability, and the human tendency to see patterns where none actually exist. A guy who already posted explained it quite well, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  605. Tintin says:

    “Drop your bibles and get a sense of humor already”

    That is pure gold. Pure gold.

  606. Meagan says:

    Man, how can something like this cause such drama?

    Lol, I agree with T. I’ve always thought that God was in a giggly, “let’s confuse the humans” mood when he made the platypus.

  607. madybaby says:

    This is freakin hillarious! All you super christians need to take a pill. no one means any harm by it.. i totaly see jesus in that dogs ass..hahaha i love it!

  608. English Bob says:

    How easy it is for christians to forget their bible……

    “it is easier for a needle to pass through the gates of heaven than for a man to enter a dogs behind.” (Matthew 19:24)

    In my view although it is easy to pass a needle through a gate , placing your image on a dogs behind is impossible …..UNLESS YOU ARE GOD!!!!!

    This then, is a simple miracle like Mary on toast, or allah in a tomato

  609. David S says:

    RE:Gordy April 20th
    Jesus was black. Fact. The original man was the black man (since white genes are recessive or is it the other way round – i never remember!)
    That said I’ve got to say these comments are so hilarious for someone like me right in the middle of these extremes! I definitely wouldn;t side with those Christians who say “burn in hell” though lol

  610. Mark Kauffman says:

    You wouldn’t dare do that with the prophet Muhammad.

  611. SpiritualWarrior says:

    “Did Jesus throw around judgment and condemnation? No. Did Jesus love the unlovable, forgive the sinners, accept the outcasts? Yes, He did. Who are you hateful people following?”

    If Jesus didn’t throw around judgment and condemnation, what gives you and the several hundred other ‘Christians’ here the right to do so? Are you saying you are above Jesus?

    If Jesus forgived and loved outcasts and sinners, and you say the person who posted this and all those who are laughing are sinners (even though that’s passing judgment which according to your own Bible, you shouldn’t be doing anyway), why can’t you love and forgive sinners? Are you saying you are above Jesus?

    Who are you following if you think you are above Jesus!? A lot of Christians are saying that we’re going to hell for laughing at this. That’s not for you to judge. That is for God to judge. We are saved by the grace of God, not by what ‘Brucie’ decides to write on a random comment board.

    You dare call yourselves Christians? Get off your self-righteous high horse. You are no better than anyone else. Don’t think that because you go to Church or read the Bible, you have a free pass into Heaven.

    Honestly. Me, a former Roman Catholic-now Agnostic, is way more Christian than 99% of ‘Christians’ on this comment board. You people make me sick. You pervert your religion, your faith, and most importantly the message it carries. It is extremists and fanatics like you who make the world a horrible place to live. Acceptance! Tolerance! Peace! That’s what we need in the world. Not hundreds of ‘Christians’ saying that we’re all going to Hell because we’ve…Oh God!…SINNED! We’re humans! We all sin. Deal with it. Most of us are good people here. I don’t think anyone is going to hell solely for laughing at a dog’s butt. Get a grip on reality. Thank you.

  612. Matt says:

    Heh, thats awesome. Thanks for the giggle.

  613. Jeanmare says:

    To answer your original question: At first, no; then on a second & third look, yes.

  614. jerry says:

    Isaiah 53
    1 Who has believed our message
    and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

    2 He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
    and like a root out of dry ground.
    He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,
    nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.

    3 He was despised and rejected by men,
    a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering.
    Like one from whom men hide their faces
    he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

    4 Surely he took up our infirmities
    and carried our sorrows,
    yet we considered him stricken by God,
    smitten by him, and afflicted.

    5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
    the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,
    and by his wounds we are healed.

    6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
    each of us has turned to his own way;
    and the LORD has laid on him
    the iniquity of us all.

    7 He was oppressed and afflicted,
    yet he did not open his mouth;
    he was led like a lamb to the slaughter,
    and as a sheep before her shearers is silent,
    so he did not open his mouth.

    8 By oppression [a] and judgment he was taken away.
    And who can speak of his descendants?
    For he was cut off from the land of the living;
    for the transgression of my people he was stricken. [b]

    9 He was assigned a grave with the wicked,
    and with the rich in his death,
    though he had done no violence,
    nor was any deceit in his mouth.

    10 Yet it was the LORD’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer,
    and though the LORD makes [c] his life a guilt offering,
    he will see his offspring and prolong his days,
    and the will of the LORD will prosper in his hand.

    11 After the suffering of his soul,
    he will see the light of life [d] and be satisfied [e] ;
    by his knowledge [f] my righteous servant will justify many,
    and he will bear their iniquities.

    12 Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, [g]
    and he will divide the spoils with the strong, [h]
    because he poured out his life unto death,
    and was numbered with the transgressors.
    For he bore the sin of many,
    and made intercession for the transgressors.

  615. john says:

    looks like a “jesus” to me … not that i would know what jesus of bible stories would look like … no one really did know what he looked like …
    the jesus in the bible was an opinionated mean spiteful judgemental man …his “image” probably belongs on a dawg’s butt

  616. Lionel says:

    for all of you who beleive this is funny or a good joke or sumthing to amuse yourself out of….then good luck goin through the tribulation.

    as soon as the angel’s trumpet sounds and the archangel speaks. hopefully if i serverd God right then im goin to heaven.

    but to all athiest, buddhists, and other non-God-beleivers you will go through the dreaded tribulation spoken of in the book of Revelation in the bible

  617. Glenn Johnson says:

    Gelgash, my sentiments exactly. Most anyone with half a brain can see that the major problems with this world of ours stem from religious conflicts. If all people did three things, #1, accept the rights of all people to practice any religion they want, #2, not complain about any religion including their own, and #3, keep all religious rules and beliefs out of every government policy and action, this world would be a much better place.

  618. Jaydvs says:

    So, you’re saying Jesus is an asshole? LMAO Hey all you ridiculous bible thumping whining bitches need to lighten up. Last time I paid attention someone told me that God made man in his image, ergo he made me in his image, and I have one hell of a sense of humor so he must as well. Besides I’m willing to bet me eternal soul that the majority of you are delusional hypocrites anyway, so lighten up and enjoy life a little. Anyway, see ya all in hell!!

  619. no,idon'tbelieve says:

    Haha, ever notice how the book-thumpers all say one thing in common to someone they don’t like?

    “I’ll be praying for you,” they say. All condescending-like.

    That’s how they get around saying F*** YOU. I think my way is better. Less syllables.

  620. Snyder says:

    Okay first of all it does look like the “jesus image” we have all come to know through the catholic church. Second you dont need to go around casting blame and sentensing people to eternal hell fire. I am not a christian, i do not believe in orgonised religion. I believe it leads to many people astray, but whatever you want to believe is fine by me as long as you keep it to yourself. If you ask me “Can I talk to you about jesus?” i will say I have already thought about it no thank you. But when you start casting jugment at me I have to look at your text and laugh. By your own bible who are you to tell me im going to hell? Who are you to say that I am evil? Have you read the bible? I have along with other religus texts. In the first 20 or so posts I have never seen so many up tight self righteous people. Think before you speek. Only the fool shouts, and only the wiseman waits till people are listening. The man who speeks few words is held the highest.

  621. Snyder says:

    Okay first of all it does look like the “jesus image” we have all come to know through the catholic church. Second you dont need to go around casting blame and sentensing people to eternal hell fire. I am not a christian, i do not believe in orgonised religion. I believe it leads to many people astray, but whatever you want to believe is fine by me as long as you keep it to yourself. If you ask me “Can I talk to you about jesus?” i will say I have already thought about it no thank you. But when you start casting jugment at me I have to look at your text and laugh. By your own bible who are you to tell me im going to hell? Who are you to say that I am evil? Have you read the bible? I have along with other religus texts. In the first 20 or so posts I have never seen so many up tight self righteous people. Think before you speek. Only the fool shouts, and only the wiseman waits till people are listening. The man who speeks few words is held the highest.

  622. Melissa says:

    A dog’s butt is just as good as toast.
    If mary can appear on something crunchy and delicious, Jesus can appear on te behind of an animal.
    ‘all animals are special in gods eyes’
    A dog’s but doesnt count?

  623. Eh-san says:

    If I had seen the pic without the caption, I would not have noticed.Now I can’t stop laughing.

  624. 3Adrenaline says:

    Hahaha, awww sh!t, he is everywhere! And please dont force religion on to people, Jesus isnt for everyone. Open minds people, open minds… (and Gelgash, im right there with you)

  625. ergosum says:

    whatever the reason for this photo may be: poor judgement, lame sense of humour, lack of taste or any other – the most important thing is that critics are not gathering in crowds chanting “death to the infidel!”. Probably, this discourse should be made available to the radical islamists all over the world…

  626. Andy says:

    Hehe excellent.

    Send all the moronic bible bashers back to church.

  627. Anthony says:

    Also, Dog is an anagram of God.

  628. dude says:

    A question some atheist would have to answer- why is it that we, humans are the only rational beings if we were of evolution? Why were there not birds of the same intellect, or apes of great minds?

    Some of you might say- “It is the product of evolution” or “We are probably one step ahead of the apes, then after, the latter will evolve into a human-ape-sort-of-like-that-being. All that I am saying is that we say too much and do not think of what we say, we cannot accept that there are some things that science cannot explain, Isaac Newton himself admitted it.

    For your information folks, the bible is HISTORICAL, and it is ‘badly written’ to be referred to as an epic. Logic, history, archeology, and the other sciences supports the historical data the bible recorded. Patches of information from different continents are weaved with the bible, not forcibly, but rather, fittingly- like a jigsaw puzzle.

    What I am imposing is for you people to keep an open mind. We are living beyond the Einsteinian era and know that nothing is impossible.

    Christianity, in its very roots, can lead us closer to God, but wind it up together with irrational mysticism (It is God on the bark of the tree) and pagan spiritism, pride and arrogance, plus hatred and misunderstanding, you will get nothing but a pompous religion.

    An addition- You guys are like Bertrand Russell, you aim to make a point criticizing Christianity, but what you bash are Christians who are also sinners by nature. Being ignorant the same time arrogant, you fail to catch the proofs of Christianity, then you make conclusions by simply looking at them. Christianity left clues behind, also facts and virtues, and it is up to us to go and discover them.

    P.S: If you wanted to read opinions and/or preachings, try not to keep a closed mind- this will only be a barricade to fully understand the truth. Do not force not to believe as to forcing your head to be as small as a mustard seed. Also, in reading the bible, read in CONTEXT to the biblical times, not in our post-modern era.

    About this picture, i do find it offensive but won’t put the blame on the one who posted this.

    Good day. Hope you all try to appeal to the intellect, not to sensations.

  629. dude says:

    A question some atheist would have to answer- why is it that we, humans are the only rational beings if we were of evolution? Why were there not birds of the same intellect, or apes of great minds?

    Some of you might say- “It is the product of evolution” or “We are probably one step ahead of the apes, then after, the latter will evolve into a human-ape-sort-of-like-that-being. All that I am saying is that we say too much and do not think of what we say, we cannot accept that there are some things that science cannot explain, Isaac Newton himself admitted it.

    For your information folks, the bible is HISTORICAL, and it is ‘badly written’ to be referred to as an epic. Logic, history, archeology, and the other sciences supports the historical data the bible recorded. Patches of information from different continents are weaved with the bible, not forcibly, but rather, fittingly- like a jigsaw puzzle.

    What I am imposing is for you people to keep an open mind. We are living beyond the Einsteinian era and know that nothing is impossible.

    Christianity, in its very roots, can lead us closer to God, but wind it up together with irrational mysticism (It is God on the bark of the tree) and pagan spiritism, pride and arrogance, plus hatred and misunderstanding, you will get nothing but a pompous religion.

    An addition- You guys are like Bertrand Russell, you aim to make a point criticizing Christianity, but what you bash are Christians who are also sinners by nature. Being ignorant the same time arrogant, you fail to catch the proofs of Christianity, then you make conclusions by simply looking at them. Christianity left clues behind, also facts and virtues, and it is up to us to go and discover them.

    P.S: If you wanted to read opinions and/or preachings, try not to keep a closed mind- this will only be a barricade to fully understand the truth. Do not force not to believe as to forcing your head to be as small as a mustard seed. Also, in reading the bible, read in CONTEXT to the biblical times, not in our post-modern era.

    About this picture, i do find it offensive but won’t put the blame on the one who posted this.

    Good day. Hope you all try to appeal to the intellect, not to sensations.

  630. THESONOFGOD says:

    With my godlike might i turn everything into a mirror. All christs on the world should pray to this dogs ass!

  631. A says:

    The only person we should be bashing here is Satan! He is the only one would allow this person to post such a image to get us arguing and hating on each other. It’s not nynerd’s fault. He was just following his leader, as we are ours. What would Jesus do? One thing Jesus would not do is hate on his fellow man no matter what the situation happened to be. He died for our sins along with everyone else on this page.

  632. mike says:

    Who gives a F*CK. he was just a human anyway, there is proof he existed. ain’t like he did anything special.

  633. lolpatrol says:

    December 3rd, 2007 at 3:26 pm
    With my godlike might i turn everything into a mirror. All christs on the world should pray to this dogs ass!

    Lolz!! I’d say you stupid Christians just got Pwned big time!

  634. AZ says:

    The picture is cute enough, but many of the responses are far funnier.

    After all a dog butt is fairly common since they all have one. I haven’t met anyone who believes dogs should where pants for modesties sake and so the butt itself should prove fairly innocuous. To see a historical figure in some fur swirls? That’s nothing new. People have always seen faces in paint swirls, elaborate scenes in clouds and numerous characters in fur.

    If you can’t see the humor or at least the innocuous nature in something like this, then I fear for your ability to be the “upstanding christian” you desire others to be.

    It should be noted for people like Jessi, that both picture and title don’t imply that Jesus looks like a dog butt… they imply the dog butt looks like Jesus. A simple and important distinction.

  635. Brian says:

    636 responses (637 now) to a picture of a dog’s butt? Please tell me that the humor in that alone is not lost on anyone.

    The most amusing part (for me, anyway) is that Jesus most likely looked nothing like that dog’s butt. Whatever Jesus looked like, I’m fairly certain he wasn’t some white dude in a white robe. And why does it have to be Jesus, anyway? Why couldn’t it be some other white-dude-who-wasn’t-really-a-white-dude, in a white robe? You know…like John the Baptist or Harry Belafonte?

    Really, you see what you want to see.

  636. Jesus Christ says:

    Hey, it’s an image of myself on a dog’s anus. No, I’m not offended at all. I even laughed.

    But when I saw some of the responses here, I frowned and realized how bad I felt for many of my followers. Too many of my followers take their religion so seriously. What they don’t realize is that the picture offends them only because they were told to see Jesus. In reality, it’s simply a pattern of fur. Because I understand this, I’m not offended.

    I have a sense of humour too, guys. You don’t have to stand up for the biblical image of me.

    If I remember correctly, a British teacher working in Sudan was recently arrested and whipped because she had allowed her class to name a teddy bear Mohammed, after the Islamic prophet.

    I talked to Mohammed himself about this, and like me, he disagreed with the Sudanese officials on this action. He told me that it was only a teddy bear, a child’s toy. Mohammed was a common name, so it could have been named after someone else. Mohammed believes that as long as the toy is respected, he is respected as well.

    So that’s my two cents. If you don’t believe I really am Jesus, that’s fine with me. Whoever I am, I’m still trying to make an important point.


    some people are so ignorant. Learn to be optimisitic

  638. badger578 says:

    This “image” is an idealised one and therefore is the product of human imagination; we don’t know what Christ looked like do we, you tw^ts.
    The fact that someone has photoshoped this invented image onto a dog’s arse is irrelevent to anything.
    Obviously, it is without consequence as far as God is concerned and therefore I couldn’t give a rat’s arse for the t0ssers who are offended by it

  639. badger578 says:

    We could surmise that the “artist” who took the shot of the dog’s arse wanted us to see that our religion is often worth as much as an image on a dog’s arse, only.

    If we cared about the spiritual substance of religion, then we would barely recognise the image in the first place; let alone be bothered by it.

  640. badger578 says:

    To answer the question posed at the top of the page, yes I can see Jesus. I can see Jesus before this page existed and I can see him after this page disappears.
    Let’s face it folks, Jesus don’t fit on a page.

  641. Joe says:

    HA! thats possible one of the crrraaazziest things ive ever seen and lets be honest IT DOES! look like Jesus, how unfortunate for the christians 😛

  642. tanner says:

    jesus never existed.

  643. Meth says:

    There’s a limit to this “freedom of speech” & bashing religion of others is offensive – why don’t you try this in Iraq or other Muslim country with their religion – I’ll see your head chopped off.

  644. Jesus Christ says:

    Folks please stop fighting over me. I don’t mind being portrayed on a dog’s backside. Get back to your work and do something useful

  645. Harry says:

    This is hilarious… if you can see the funny side be here or please get back to work…

  646. Judas says:

    You heard the man – get back to work!

  647. Christine W. says:

    Nothing fails like prayer. Love watching all the teeming godbots freaking out and damning people to hell. Christians are the most violent, judging people you can ever meet. I propose the idea that if there ever is a “rapture” The NON-SHEEP , far more reasonable and intelligent folks will be the saved ones, and the dummies will be eradicated.

  648. Gays for Jesus says:

    Jesus has forgiven me for laughing at this.

  649. Vatta Bich says:

    God reversed is dog. On this dog’s reverse is the son of God. Coincidence, I think not.

  650. Jebus Lordy says:

    If it had looked like Mr T. it would still be incredible. All these people saying its sacrilege and needs to be censored are unbelievable. Whats so offensive about it? Its a dogs ass! Dogs have asses! What are you? Three years old? Get over it!

  651. senseofhumor says:

    I say rename the dog “Jesus”

  652. Ronok says:

    lol, I love reading the comments of all the people who were offended by this.

    awesome pic.

  653. Richard C. Mongler says:

    Remember kids:
    Arguing on the internet is like participating in the special olympics. Even if you win, you are still retarded.

  654. Screwu says:

    You Jesus people make me sick. Stop being offended by everything. Here is a piece of advice for you, stop coming to the internet if you don’t want to be offended. Just stay away. Dumbasses.

  655. Wayne says:

    For the people who say this is sick– Why are you griping? It’s just as stupid and sick to say you see an image on a wall or on a piece of toast. You’re all out of your minds anyway. You’ll goggle at and worship a stain and yet live most of your life as if you’d never seen a Bible. The same ignorance you bring to studying a water stain you bring to living your lives. You are silly people. If only there was as much goodness in you as you claim it’d be a better world.

  656. Non-Religious says:

    Hahaha, you bunch of crazy Christian extremists need to chill out. Seriously. You guys are just as bad as the Muslim extremists that you all condemn. Let people believe what they want, learn to laugh, don’t force your dogma on others, and we may just all live a lot longer.

  657. Snoop says:

    I bet if he has a Komondor it looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  658. Shane says:

    Yeah, I don’t think Jesus died for anyone’s sins…thanks for posting, great picture!

  659. shandooga says:

    No, I don’t see Jesus but I see a simulacrum of an artist’s rendering of Jesus. No doubt the artist’s rendering was not accurate to begin with so the simulacrum is that much more meaningless. Nonetheless, the fools line up.

  660. Destiny Chiles says:

    I wish Jesus would appear in my house and clean it…

  661. Adam Briggs says:

    If you’re a Christian you’re supposed to believe Jesus is God
    The Bible says God is everything GOOD
    Humor is a GOOD thing.
    Jesus is mad that some of his supporters here don’t have a sense of humor. REPENT AND GET A SENSE OF HUMOR OR YE SHALL BURN IN HELL!!!! (it’s the long lost 11th commandment)

  662. Adam Briggs says:

    I’m pretty sure most “Christians” in America supported war with Iraq, if I’m not mistaken. Estimates say a few hundred thousand civilians died as a result so I’m pretty sure God’s more mad about that than something like this. I remember reading things in the bible like “thou shalt not kill” and “what you do to the least of your brothers you do unto me.” and “it is easier for a camel to go through the head of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven.” and “love your enemy” I read the bible and nowhere did it say “he who laughs at my effigy in a dog’s ass is unfit for the kingdom of heaven.” And on a global scale anyone who owns a car is among the super rich, so quit being stupid by complaining about this picture and give away all of your possessions. Because if you don’t, you’re going to hell.

  663. Austin says:

    Sell the animal on ebay for 50,000

  664. It’s a dog’s butt and it does happen to look like Jesus spreading his arms.

    How is that sick? It really does look like jesus . . . Are these stiffs serious?

    And Christian people wonder why everyone else hates them. -.-

    It’s amazing what kind of strange banter a picture of a dog’s but can stir up.

  665. Aw damn! I got the 666th comment and I didn’t even say anything about it! CRAP!

    Well . . . HAHAHAHHAHAHA 666!

  666. meow says:

    i can see a dog on the Jesus´ back..

  667. Tim Ervin says:

    Christians are nuts. Jesus would laugh if he saw this.

  668. B L Zebub says:

    You Christians are funny. As well as entirely stupid.

    It does look like your precious Jesus, so what? He’s a fictional character. It’s not like someone’s badmouthing George W Bush. Oh hang on wait, that would be fine too because freedom of speech is our right.

    So stop moaning you pathetic god bothering whack jobs.

    This world would be a far more enjoyable place without all this holy bible shit ruining people’s lives.

    Give it up and grow up.

  669. mellie says:

    Hey. I guess I understand that some peope might be offended, but aren’t these kind of things awakenings for born again christains?

    I dont know, but if I were to actually see this in person i would pick up a bible and read it cover to cover. I would take it as a sign.

    And, I really don’t expect anyone to read it, blow off your steam somwhere else, becuase that just made me annoyed and I was having a good day. :[

    I respect your faith though.

  670. jamalhornsby says:

    You people are all going to hell. How can you desecrate the lord’s name…fuck, I can’t even type that with a straight face! The picture itself is stupid, but the reaction it gets from all the jesus freaks is priceless.

  671. kristi says:

    wow people are so mellow-dramatic….yea…cause freaking out on the person and telling them they are sick and should respect jesus cause he died for their sins and that you’ll be praying for them not to go to hell is really gonna work….you’re just gonna piss them off… you did me…if you were real Christians you would give a flying fuck because its about his message you dolts not whether or not he appears on a dogs butt….if there can be JESUS toast there can certainly be a Jesus butt….people see jesus in lots of things….being offended by this if like being offended that the Virgin Mary appeared on some guys back in a freckle formation

  672. LOUD NOISES says:

    First off Jesus was definitely real, and he did die on a cross, I’ve also known a couple dudes named Jesus, but they looked different. However, the historical Jesus, and the dudes named Jesus that I have known never really came across as being deities. Except maybe this one dude, he was really smart and played like five million instruments, but i don’t think he was around back then, and he definitely doesn’t have the beard. I’m more inclined to think Jesus was just some crazy dude. I mean, lets look at stuff he did, trashed some vendors stuff around a church, drove a herd of pigs off a cliff, showed up on a dog’s ass. Ok I’ll admit the last one was pretty good, but there’s gotta be better ways to spend your time as a god.
    I’d also like to point out the profanity of some of these christians. Dude, you’re not really supposed to curse and such like that, hell I can, but that’s because i don’t worry that I’m offended some form of God. You people remind of those muslims that started rioting and killing people just cause some other jackass portrayed the prophet muhammed in a comic.

    And just to fit in with about half the people who’ve posted here. LOUD ANGRY RANTING, I HATE YOU ALL, I’LL PRAY FOR YOU, BUT DON”T PRAY FOR ME. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!Cursing and such

  673. Allie says:

    Just so you know, God isn’t real.

    you are all a bunch of sheep.

    now baaaaa.

    and for all you know that is the “real” jesus .


    he died.

    a bunch of people die every day.

    so you keep talking to your imaginary friends and hope you have a nice day.


  674. Ryan says:

    Okay, you guys are pretty messed up. i think that yeah its kind of gross that to some people may see Jesus in this picture, but seriously, i think that its the religious people in the world that are causing all of the problems, no offense to anyone, really, but i just want to live my life where i can believe what i want to believe, without the pressure from everyone else, now, i don’t believe in god, and if i went around spreading the word that god doesnt exist, you would be mad.
    just, something to think about,

  675. G says:

    Oh this is funny! Creative and observant!!
    PS: all the people who are shitting on you – remind them Jesus believed and preached forgiveness!!

    Good work guys.

  676. Nicolas says:


    This is by far the funniest picture I have EVER seen.

    THANK YOU!!!

  677. your idiots says:

    i really cannot believe how sucked into the religious bull shit you lot are. get over yourselves!!! there is no god, there is no jesus! god didn’t waltz in on the third day and make snakes! it’s all a load of complete toss. america the brainwashing capital of the world

  678. Anon-E-mouse says:

    Good work Alice. Most of you are fools.
    You religious folks should just not look at this if it “offends” you. Dicks.

    It’s there to see, Jesus on a dogs ass. Get over it.

    I’m gonna pray to the dog’s ass god.

  679. Joe says:

    You have got to be kidding me. This is sick and wrong. This is insulting. This is terrible and disrespectful. Why won’t Jesus show up on my ass? Why a dog, and not me?


  680. Muslim here and find it utterly sick and degrading. Get a religion, any would do and then trust it and respect it. Un-Godliness is leading to shooting of your friends in the malls by 14 year old dis-illusioned twats. Do not encourage this.

  681. Chris says:

    Okay, here’s the thing. If that dog’s ass resembled ME, and someone pointed it out, I would probably laugh, agree with them, and move on. If I (who by the way is not only a lowly human but a Pagan one at that) am capable of such humor and forgiveness, how can a Christian not believe that their deity is? Frankly, it’s rather disrespectful to underestimate your god in that way.

  682. Miko says:

    How do you people figure that he died for our sins? I didn’t kill him, I was not even born.
    So he didn’t die for me or my sins! I didn’t sin yet. If he died for your sins, then you should be charged & punished. After he was crucified, some guilty sinner came up with christianity. So that way christians were not the the bad guy.
    -Tony Montana v187

  683. Joe says:

    Do you happen to remember the crusades? It wasn’t the godless doing that now was it?

  684. Matt says:

    you guys are forgetting that none of this matters because neither god nor jesus are real, although i did get a laugh out of reading some of you jesus freaks post’s

  685. Flanders says:

    Bravo. Just awesome. The best part is how worked up the godtards are.

  686. D says:

    I am laughing because these indignant Christians do not know how to spell worth a God damned rat’s butt.

  687. G says:

    You christians need to chill out. Because Jesus “died for us” means that I am somehow obligated to him? I didn’t ask him to do that. Really, if his act was one of ultimate selflessness he wouldn’t be using that as way to manipulate us through guilt. He wouldn’t expect anything from us at all. You guys are lowering him to the level of the basest of human tendencies instead of a divine being of unconditional love. Wake up from your trance, think for yourselves.

  688. Doug says:

    Anyone notice that the ratio of ‘bad spelling’ to ‘Jesus defender’ seems to be exponentially indirectly proportional? Just wondered.

  689. anaj says:

    The comments are gold. Thanks for this discussion. Dear Jesus freaks: How weak is your belief in God if you think that His majesty could be harmed by His image on a dog’s butt? The divine is in all things.

  690. Andypandy says:

    To Abdullah – Get a life! Un-godliness does not lead to shootings in shopping malls, the guy was a nut, yes he was lost in society and needed help perhaps but being an atheist does not equate to being a gun raging nutcase, there are more nutters in the extreme end of your religion that anyone elses, 9/11, Madrid, London and threatening a harmless teacher for the naming of an inanimate object in Sudan to cite some examples but not all. Live and let live please, I personally believe that religion is for those who NEED something in their lives, the rest of us can try and live peacefully by purely being law abiding citizens that mind their own business who also do NOT appreciate having religions preached to them unneccessarily! To an educated person, this picture is a harmless bit of fun you may laugh, you may not but anyone who cannot see that has the problem, no one else!

  691. Tony says:

    well, always thought Jesus was an ass

  692. Diablo says:

    This image reflects what Christianity really reperesents..thus….A DOG’S ASS!!

  693. TonyBologna says:

    Some of you Christians scare me just as much as some Muslims or Jews of Scientologists or whatever whacked out tentity you nutjobs pray to. Religious extremism is the plague of humanity and will likely be the death of us as a species. Wake up and read a science book.

  694. Matt says:

    omg, hahahahahahahaha. That is so awesome.

    Religious people are so stupid and their responses on here prove it.

  695. Matt says:

    the best part is the religious nuts on here complaining that this isn’t funny, which means they’re admitting that when they look at this dog’s ass, they see Jesus. Which makes them feel guilty, which they are unable to handle, which is why they ended up being ignorant religious nutjob robots to begin with, it’s a vicious cycle and if you look at this picture, you’ll see the end of the cycle, LMAO.

  696. Matt says:

    dog is god backwards. god is dog assbackwards. lmao

  697. repent your arse says:

    people who are going crazy over this saying its wrong, get a grip its only a joke stop being so dam nit picky!!!

  698. Kevin says:

    Jesus will kill you for this blasphemy! Die, sinner! Die!

  699. bulldada says:

    If Jesus is everywhere, then he IS in a dog’s asshole.

  700. CalifornianAtheist says:

    Look at the Muslim idiots getting offended on behalf of Christianity. I bet you if you surf the net hard enough, you’ll find a picture of Mohammed on a mouse’s crotch.

  701. John P says:

    Voltaire once said “God is a comedian playing to an audience whos afraid to laugh!”

  702. paul says:

    That picture makes me sick! Jesus died for your sins and your saying He resembles a dogs butt! I feel like throwing up but whoever posted that I just want you to know that I’ll be praying for you and He will love you no matter what you’ve done. Thats why He died such a brutal death. For your sins. Please have that taken off the web though. I’d appreciate it sooo much. Thanks

  703. Irish Atheist says:

    I’m laughing more at the comments than at the great pic.

    There are NO GODS, we invented them, obviously.

    BTW if Jesus died for our sins, why? He was god after all, what was he trying to prove? And to whom?
    And don’t we still have sins?

    I thank God every day I’m an atheist.

  704. Tom says:

    I think jesus has appeared on the dog anus as a way to create this conversation. He wants to weed out some of the judgmental, bitter, pathetic excuses for humans from his flock. People who wish others to die in the name of christianity for instance. Still waiting for the human anus jesus to appear!

  705. LA says:

    Ok this is funny….. Now really people. Religion is a belief and great if you need to believe in something. All to there own. But when some of you religious people are saying “DIE” or “your going to hell”… come on lets be real, grab your old faithful book and find the part where is says your “GOD” wants people do die. No where in that book or any religious book will say kill a human? Grow up a bit and think about it….

    Oh and I love that comment:

    Matt Says:
    December 11th, 2007 at 8:16 pm
    Dog is god backwards. God is dog ass backwards. lmao

    That was good!!!

  706. Bubba says:

    Ok this is funny….. Now really people. Religion is a belief and great if you need to believe in something. All to there own. But when some of you religious people are saying “DIE” or “your going to hell”… come on lets be real, grab your old faithful book and find the part where is says your “GOD” wants people do die. No where in that book or any religious book will say kill a human? Grow up a bit and think about it….

    Oh and I love that comment:

    Matt Says:
    December 11th, 2007 at 8:16 pm
    Dog is god backwards. God is dog ass backwards. lmao

    That was good!!!

  707. Tom says:

    By the way, Happy x-day! (yes, I’m all for taking the “mass” out of christmas as well!) 😀

  708. That Guy says:


    All I have to say is no wonder this country is so Jacked up.

    I hate to break it to you…
    You have been LIED too.

  709. Mother Mary says:

    YOU ARE ALL GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL!…GOD SHALL STRIKE YOU ALL DOWN!!…………j.k thats really funny. these comments are even funnier….I wish my dogs anus looked like jesus. shit would be swizzzzeeeettt.

  710. Vladimir says:

    Thats so cool. i like little saints reincarnated on animals buts. I knew that Jesus never existed…i knew it. there are only dogs and no gods, because u c god is dead, and christ was never a god. veryone ho thinks jesus is god, he is stupid. he is a dogs asshole, not a god.
    c ya and best regards from me

  711. anaj says:

    How curious
    2. Jessi Says:
    April 6th, 2007 at 3:38 am


    paul Says:
    December 12th, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    have exactly the same message

    Son’t ever take this picture off the web! The comments are too freaking funny.

  712. Big O'l atheist says:

    Heres the dealio:

    God dose not exist
    God never was
    God didnt create anything
    Evolution however did
    Jesus did and does not exist
    There is no evidennce that religion is real in any way
    All christians are crazy , brainwashed, and generaly anoying.
    Christian facts:
    1. The KKK were christian
    2. Americans are largely christian
    3.Silly american christians who shake at ceremonies are pretending
    4.Christians launched the great crusade and basicaly started a war
    5.All wars are started by religion
    6.Evolution is a fact however religion is not
    7.Most christians cling onto religion because of their huge insecurity issues.
    Here are some JokesL:
    The only thing that likes christians are their hands because they often have wonderful one way conversations
    Christianity is a joke
    The only thing miraculous about miracles is that you jokers believe them.
    That it im done may insults pleasae roll in oh and dont forget to pray for me (:

  713. tim says:

    Everyone, DOG spelled backwards is GOD! Maybe this isn’t Jesus appearing in a dogs butt… but gods ttub!

  714. Jimbo says:

    We need a clip of the dog pooping.

  715. samtherealist says:

    im sorry but religion is not meant literally. if jesus was reserrected how come no one else has done it since or before that. its a way of teaching people to be good people cos their parents obviously cant manage it. maybe if you questioned your beliefs before claiming its sacreligious to post a stupid picture on the internet of “jesus”, how do u know what he looks like?, then the world would be a better place.

    use some intellect and figure out why people might be ok with it rather than why you are not.

    funny as f**k post, especially the comments.

  716. lollercoaster says:

    jesus is an asshole…
    get it?
    screw you, crazy religious people, this is supposed to be funny.

  717. Jesus Entertainment Group says:

    Thank you for Calling Jesus Entertainment Group.

    Please listen to this message as options have changed.

    If you wish to book Jesus(tm) at your next corporate event, press 1

    If you wish to leave a voice mail message for Jesus(tm) or his wife Marymag, press 2

    If you require licensing information on placing images of Jesus(tm) on honeybuns, pancakes, glass buildings,grilled cheese sandwiches or dog butts, press 3

    IF you with to have information mailed to you about the fabulous new show ‘Candyman Jesus and the Tapdancing Jews’ please press 4

    Or stay on the line and one of our delightful ‘Junkies for Jesus’ will help you with your entertainment needs. Remember, December is Kiddy party month, with special 15% off appearances by Jesus(tm) for a full 20 minutes including a small Fudgy the Chocolate Matzo Ball cake and A simple balloon animal for each kid.

  718. SultanOFskunk420 says:

    alright jessi take it easy, it is a joke. Suposed to be funny. Instead of beating up the person that posted this, just go beat your bible some more.

  719. Janine the Wiccan says:

    Considering in Indiana Jones about the jewelled chalice and the wooden plain chalice… Jesus was actually like you and me, nothing particulary to look at….yet Christians use a LOT of old pagan rituals like Christmas and Easter.

    If anything christians stole from my people (pagans)

  720. Peter says:

    HAHAHAHAHA i find it Hilarius… Is it just me or doest´t any body else see the irony of it all? So all the terrorist bastards Muslims are full of shit when thay are offended when some one only mention the name Muhammed(asswhole, yea i said it damn me. But praise the lord the man can´t be seen on a dog´s butt. Nope that is so not right, cant happen, noooo?! and please do NOT pray for me im still damned.

  721. DesertRose says:

    oh yeah, and I wanted to add a reply to… Big O’l Aethiest – now, I’m pretty much aethiest as well, but as to your stupid little points? worthless. And no, Evolution is not a fact. It’s a theory. Like Atoms. Yeah it most likely exists, simply because the theory makes sense, but there is no rock-solid proof. Get over yourself, you’re just as bad as the religious fanatics.

  722. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    OMG HAHAHAHAH!!! too bad i dont believe in imaginary friends

  723. Jesus is the savior. take that off the internet immediately or I will be forced to remove your rights to any internet services.

  724. Owl says:

    All you religious people make me sick! And don’t you DARE PRAY FOR ME! It’s not up to you how the world is to be percieved! If this offends you, leave! Don’t flame a perfectly taken picture, because you feel you have values…

    I have never experienced more intolenrant people than Christians who flame a little fun.

    Seen this picture around before – very nice resemblance 🙂 Just like a fresco.

  725. Haahahahaha says:

    This is great. no cause of the pic, which is harmless, but because of all the bible thumpers taking “great insult” from a picture of a dog’s behind.

    This is it people, this is the truth: if you look to some fucking book written in the fucking middle ages for your moral and ethical advice, you have serious issues about thinking for yourself. You narcissistic lazy bastards put absolutely zero effort into defining your own moral compasses, you just recite bullshit from some goddamn book as if I’m supposed to be impressed that you dipshits can remember X number of psalms. People, honestly, get a life. Most people who are part of religions today are part of it for two reasons: 1. it was passed down by their parents, 2. Its fashionable in their area. Thats it. Most of you guys have never put any honest thought behind the words that you recite every day in you respective houses of worship.

    Dumb. just so insanely, frighteningly, dumb.

  726. Hunter The Fabulous! says:

    Its a picture, with a joke attached….all you Jesus freaks obviously are too insecure within your own religion that you have to be defensive about it? Exactly why you make the rest of the world laugh at you…..creationism…BAH!

  727. Chris says:

    OK here’s something i don’t get…somebody please explain to me how Jesus being nailed to a cross for not renouncing his teachings translates into him dying for our sins. I was raised Catholic and no one has yet given me an understandable explanation to this.

  728. Mzziqztixl says:

    I guess you all missed the point. 720 responses for a picture designed to do one thing: get attention. you should have laughed and moved on but instead you let him win. I am letting him beat me to simply to mock all of you. Jesus was 5’2″ and he didn’t do magic. Wake up.

    If you believe one thing why are your beliefs on such shallow strands that you respond to any attack on your so called “lord and savior?”

    You are no better that the muslims getting pissed off over a Danish cartoon. Just seriously give it a rest.

  729. says:

    there is absolutely no way that is jesus. history in general (something hard for religious people to understand…history, that is) indicates that jesus was not a white man. if he was, he was the only white man for thousands of miles. that dog’s ass is white.

  730. Holmeslaw666 says:

    Haha, as usual… no sense of humor from the religious corner.

  731. Seth says:

    That made my day…suck it christians with no sense of humor!!

  732. English says:

    ummmmmmm no? is right – Jesus was certainly ethnic – not many whites running around jordan at that time (even fewer these days!) This dog should a black lab or rotty or something.
    I particularly like comment #124 about disrespecting people’s beliefs followed by the illuminating “rag head” comment. Hilarious. I love Amercian Right Wing lunatics. Such startling perspective.

    Genius debate though.

  733. momo says:

    I CAN SEE HIM !!!

  734. mikeynma says:

    “Thank the Lord”? That sounded like a prayer. A prayer in a public school. God has no place within these walls, just like facts don’t have a place within an organized religion.” – Superintendent Chalmers

    Funniest thing ever said in The Simpsons

    oh, the picture is funny too 😉

  735. Jack.D says:

    Вы больные религиозно озабоченые фанатики без чувства юмора.
    Идите нахуй.

    You are sick, religiously anxious fanatics, without feeling of humour.
    Get you some smoke.

  736. Kevin says:

    I used to be a good christian boy. I prayed, I hated the blacks and flayed the Jews. But then I saw this dog’s butt, now I am a muslim… JIHAAAAD

  737. James says:

    Cute joke! I like it. So what if some people find it blasphemous. I have a theory that Christ is actually Lucifer anyway. The ten commandments states that no one is to worship any other god yet christians worship Jesus directly. I don’t recall God stating that people should not worship any other god.. “oh.. unless it’s my son.. then it’s ok.. or his mother.. yah.. sounds good.. they can worship the virgin mary too.. yah yah”… think about it.. if Lucifer pretended to be gods son it would be a brilliant way to get people to worship him.. It would also make all the evil done in the name of christianity make sense (think crusades, inquisition etc etc).

  738. Deb says:

    That is really wrong, I don’t see God I see an idiot that needs to come up with a better joke, and leave God out the next time. This was sooooo wrong. I’m not a religious person, but dude (you must be a male)get another joke.

  739. zzxx says:

    Haha, most of you here worship a dog’s ass, dont worry, it too died for your sins. Worship the FSM, be touched by his noodly appendage!

  740. Cuthulhu says:

    So god sent himself so he could kill himself to save us from himself, am I right?

  741. Ian says:

    Right! Or maybe he’s saving us from the devil (who he made and can easily unmake). This is a bonus to being agnostic, I can laugh freely at this and nobody’s image on an ass or name in a swear word is going to bother me. You can tell the Christians gave up way sooner, all there “pray for your soul” comments died out and here we are still persisting. They must have just decided to give up and rely on faith in something else invisible and useless.

  742. The One True God..Yourself says:

    It is a joke, if you do not like it shut up and go to a new page….get a life. This is not your world I’m living in, it’s mine as well.

  743. Alexandra says:

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet.
    1. To the owner of the pic- Hilarious. This is truly funny that you spotted it.
    2. To everyone who says “omg, this is so sick. I pray for you because I think this is wrong and God shouldn’t be ridiculed this way..”etc. : Get over it. Stay off the net if you didn’t want to see it. You don’t have to put your two cents in. And also, get a life! When you are to the point where you defend Jesus because he appears on a dog’s ass, then that’s when you know you’re TOO obsessed with Christianity. Seriously.

  744. Mike says:

    @nynerdBrilliant! Great find. This made me laugh for hours.

    @Christians (and other religious individuals). You people are nuts. Worshiping non existent deities. You seriously have a vivid imagination. If anyone else believed in things such as fairies, they’d be called crazy.

    But unfortunately there are enough of you idiots to make this lunacy acceptable.

  745. Laurel says:

    hahaha. I think I actually laughed more reading what all these jesus freaks wrote.. bravo you clowns. I can’t see how people can let religion rule their lives. It’s like crying over spilled milk. And yes, I’m a non practicing Quaker, I’ve been to church once, thought it was a waste of time. It’s a funny pic, get over it

  746. gaytim says:

    why must everyone pray for people?it annoys me,i say i don’t believe in god,yet you insist on praying for me.blasphemy is an unforgivable i say,this dog’s ass is better than’s at least real.

    do i say i’m going to research shit in a lab for you?NO!so,don’t pray for me.
    thank you,and goodnite

  747. vicky says:

    jesus… NOT REAL!!! *gasp* .. there i said it will you all relax about it now. its a picture of a dog’s ass for god’s sake. incidentally its also hilarious.

  748. Veronika says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is funny?

  749. jmarzo says:


  750. Alex says:

    Christianity is vicious in the extreme as demonstrated by the almost infinite number of outcries against this image which, frankly is quite hilarious. Jesus may or may not have existed. I agree that he set down some good morals that people should follow, but is you compare god to jesus from the “evidence” if it can be called that in the bible they are completely different entities. Religion itself is just as it has always been, a way for humans to blame the unwanted and unknown onto someone else to avoid having to deal with the unknown. oh, and as well, even if there is a “god” and heaven and hell juding by the devout christians i know heaven will be full as annoying, painful, hypocritical, belligerent, people. this image is funny, the only thing sick or twisted is your belief.

  751. thegnu says:

    So the reason why this was originally made was because people will see the image of the virgin mary in a window, caused by residue from the sprinkler system, and people with diseases will drive thousands of miles to be cured by lime residue that happens to appear like a religious figure. They don’t do that for images of Elvis, and images of Elvis are discounted as coincidence.

    So this guy saw Jesus in his dog’s ass, and you jump on him? Don’t be a fucking idiot. Get all your sick relatives together to bask in the glow, maybe they’ll be healed.

  752. Justin says:

    This is hilarious. You Christians freaking out are out of control. You’re freaking out about a mythological, fiction person being displayed on a dog’s butt.

  753. Chris says:


    And on a side note, God is not real. So, no. Get your head out of your asses, and laugh at this one.

  754. Skye says:

    You can’t deny that that looks like Jesus :[
    What are you quarrelling about again?

  755. JEM says:

    If the amount of energy that was spent frothing about this was used to actually help someone somewhere, we could achieve world peas. Get a grip people!!!

  756. Doogie says:

    Oh, man, I hate the fact that God is going to condemn me to an eternity of burning pain, just because I laughed at a dog’s butt. But, He is almighty and just, so I am sure that dog-butt-laughing is a mortal sin, even though I cannot see it just now. I will have all of eternity to reflect on my sin . . . you know, butt laughing. Sorry, Jesus.

  757. Sandra says:

    So sorry for you all that have fallen into this pit of hell id like to call ORGANIZED RELIGION!!! open your fucking minds to other things besides fucking JESUS!!! GOD DAMNIT YALL PISS ME OFF!!!

  758. erik says:

    Jesus is not real! He was a fictional character out right stolen from the Egyptian sun god HORUS. Every single characteristic about jesus and every other jesus like figure through out mythology is based on the traits first created many thousands of years before christ by the Egyptian mythology.

    The 3 kings represent the 3 stars of orion s belt which on december 25th line up with cirrus’s the brightest star in the sky which points to the sun place of “birth” on December 25th. December 25th represented the WINTER SOLSTICE. it is when the sun stops moving south preceivibly in the sky rests for 3 days directly below the crux constellation which is a cross. after three days the sun starts to move north bringing the changing seasons. And SO IT IS SAID:

    THE SUN DIED ON THE CROSS (CRUX) ONLY TO BE RESIRECTUED AFTER 3 DAYS! this is a reference to the suns cycles in the sky.

    Christianity and jesus is out right stolen mythology from Egyptian mythology and retailerd to fit a different age. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT.

  759. me says:

    god did give us the gift of humor Im sure he can take a joke 🙂

  760. ~Static~ says:

    Can you see Jesus? Or is it Elvis? I’m looking and I can’t tell!

    Man, are you sure that’s supposed to be Jesus or a likeness of any religious prophet? What did Jesus look like, have you ever really seen Jesus?

    Because to me it looks like one of the members of A Polyphonic Spree, heck it could even be David Carradine from a moment in the tv show ‘Kung Fu’… or maybe it’s Elvis. It’s Elvis! I knew it! It’s a sign that he’s alive!

    Praise dog sphincter it’s a damn miracle!!!

    And remember God spelled backwards is Dog.

    In those other comments posted by haters, I find it hard to believe how gullible, how fanatical, serious, judgemental and self righteous people are about a ridiculous harmless joke. All I can say is DUH dumb.

  761. reality says:

    You people are just pittyful. Both of you, people who think it funny and not. Jusus was a great man, but it doesnt mean that we cant laugh, God gave us this gift and we should embrace it. And for you other peoele that basically hate others for believing, quit hating, just becuase people are Christian doesnt mean we dont have a sense of humor Im Christian and i though this was pretty messed up but i do have to admit it does look alot like Jesus, and if its wrong to laugh then im sorry Jesus. But hey looka at the bright side, this shows that you are everywhere….even on a dogs butt. O yeah for the guy on number 760, the sun doesnt have cycles you freaking idiot, the moon does.

  762. lol says:

    HOLY CRAP! A FICTION CHARACTER ON A DOGS BUTT! lol. silly christian people.

  763. VonFinger says:

    These christians are so ridiculous in their superstition that… just wondering, what about just to drop all your fantasies and to get a real life.

  764. charles says:

    Jesus most likley had a pretty good sense of humor. he probably would have laughed. Lord know’s I did.

    and consider it as social commentary…you all light up and sing praises to the skies when Mary’s resemblance appears on a slice of toast…and all that really is is just a resemblance to an artist’s depiction of that biblical figure. you have no idea what Mary really looked like…but when Jesus’ resemblance appears on a dog’s backside, its blasphemy? give me a break…

  765. Atheist says:

    Isn’t it ironic, God is just a backwards Dog. This is hilarious and you religious fanatics, whom might I add that the majority of comments; are very hard to understand due to how poor the person’s grammar is. Get an education, then read the Bible, because we need more Atheists.

  766. Megan says:

    You all are ridiculous, who argues on the internet? What satisfaction do you get? I love the quote,

    “Arguing on the internet is like being in the special Olympics, even if you win, you’re still retarted.” 🙂

  767. Scribbles says:

    You silly Christians. I ask all of you that have prayed for something – has it ever eventuated? Do you really think that some mystical superstitious man-made concept really gives the smallest iota of shit for your uneducated ignorant asses? Critical thinking, people – that’s what you need.

  768. Sean and on and on says:


    In your (dogarsed) face, Jesus! One more for the good guys

  769. Brett says:

    isn’t it funny to any of you jesus lovers out there that you probably had no problem with the cartoons of the prophete mohamaed(sp on 2 words there(cause i dont care about either of them)0 depicting him as a terrorist but when jesus is made fun of its a terrible crime. also isnt it funny that jesus died for our sins that god created? i mean he created everything including a tree that seems awsome to me and then said you cant have it? WTF? jesus is cleaning up for his perfect father? it just really makes no sense.

  770. matt says:

    Jesus loved everyone. Even dogs. That includes butt holes. God is everywhere and everything and he is nothing at the same time. God created humans, even Christians with no sense of humor. God is in everything, even your butt.

  771. xloserxdrummerx says:

    Haha! Thats hilarious! Oh and Btw…Jesus isn’t real! If god was real, would he allow his son to be reincarnated on an animals ass? Or maybe all you religious freaks are right, and the rapture is here! He HAS been reincarnated in the form of an animals ass! All praise Jesus-The Asshole-Christ! Forgive me! Hahaa

  772. Aimzyo says:

    disrespectful to the fullest…but how much different is using Jesus’ resemblance in vain, to His name in vain?
    just something to think about…so maybe since everyone is freaking out about the resemblance of Jesus’ picture on a dog’s butt, they should also freak out they hear someone say “Oh my God!”
    its the same concept

  773. Flegern says:

    haha, you guys are idiots. there’s no such thing as God. Yes, Jesus was actually a real person (there’s proof of it), but it doesn’t mean he went to heaven or something like that….and that’s because there’s no such thing.

  774. Moike says:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Or better yet, see 1 Timothy 2:11. Hush now.

  775. Smojak says:

    It does look like a man made picture of jesus. I feel bad for the dog. People think he has some dude on his butt. I can’t believe people are offended by this. It just furthers my belief that religion is for the weak. I believe some of the morals are good and take them with me, but I hold them with the same esteem that I hold the words of modern philosophers.

    “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”
    -Blaise Pascal

  776. Luke says:

    Lol if there was a Jesus, this is probably the best representation of him, and yes, the reason I used a capital letter for his name is because he isn’t the only one named Jesus. There is bound to be black guy named Jesus. Isn’t that just wrong?

  777. Butters says:

    lol, i have to say this lightened my day… i don’t find it “bad” but that’s probably because of my faith in god and jesus… or lack there of…

  778. Rev. Barky says:


    Some of you seem to be so upset that Jesus is being made fun of. Well, just because a lot of people believe Jesus was real doesn’t make it so. In fact, Jesus is a legendary character and not a historical person. In other words – he doesn’t exist. If you don’t like to see this I can tell you what Christians tell me every time I complain about religious icons being stuck in my face – “dont look at it”.

  779. Kristine says:

    I can’t believe people are offended either. Do faith believers believe that their God didn’t make butts? It’s just irrational. As for me, if someone posted an image of Charles Darwin “appearing” in a pile of dung, I’d laugh my ass off too. (So to speak.) 🙂

  780. Ace says:

    the only funny thing aobut this is the replies saying REPENT! BLASPHEMER! and that they will pray for you. I just love christians they’re so funny

  781. Mustafa says:

    Also, I may point out that Jesus was a dark skinned man and never resembled the representation of him by European artists that came centuries later and that we recognize today as him. So this whole seeing Jesus and Mary everywhere is such farce and BS, its almost difficult not to ridicule the people who see and believe in this stuff. There is nothing holy about it and ridiculing it is not the same as ridiculing the religion.

  782. anon y mous says:

    this picture roxxorz…

    it’s a shame that all these religious fanatics are saying that the poster will “burn in hell” etc but come on guys, if it had been something that you didn’t so blindly believe in would you have laughed???

    I mean if it had been a monkey, or someone had found Buddha on a dogs rear end would you have been so offended???

    I mean in your opinion all these things must have been created by god and are therefore divine, so doesn’t that mean that you should be offended that anything resembles anything else???

    I mean in the old testament it’s declared a sin to draw pictures and make sculptures as it logically leads on to idol worship, but you people don’t seem to be that mad about your children drawing pictures that most of you will have attached to your fridges and kitchen cupboards…

    and I’ll be praying that when you get to heaven “God” sees that you’ve been fowl to the poster and casts you into eternal damnation, well actually I shouldn’t say that as it’s against my ethical beliefs as an agnostic, so cheerio, merry religion to you all…

  783. Medic375th says:

    While everyone is having a huge religious argument no has asked the most important question!

    Why was this person staring at the dogs butt in the first place? Had to be in order to notice it. Personally, I don’t go around staring at animal butt’s.

  784. me. says:

    I love how the jesus freaks are so offended,
    god people need to stop freaking out at the dumbest things.

  785. peejers says:

    People, it’s a joke. You want to get your holy selves all worked up about something silly on the internet, then you have your own set of problems. A good question to ask yourself would be “why am I looking up silly Jesus pictures on the internet?”

    Get a life. Jesus gave you one right? For Christ’s sake, spend it doing something a little more constructive instead of praying for the person who found this hilarious.

    Personally, I find all these upset comments more entertaining than the image itself.

  786. sage one says:

    what is god backwards and this picture is the back of a dog strange but true, why do people get so up tight about any thing said or sugested about a mythical being who if he/she is as gifted as they think would be behind this image as he /she thinks of and is responsible for everything on earth and beyond, get a life and see the funny side

  787. laura says:

    Why do people freak out over things like this? I agree with Paula. God created this dogs butt, so why is it a bad thing that Jesus is hanging out around it? It’s no biggie. Our culture has a problem with butts of any kind and that’s why some are getting all bent out of shape. I thought it was funny and silly. As a side note, I understand that this might bring about an emotional reaction from some, but please, learn how to spell before you start calling people ‘idiots’. Thanks:)

  788. Frodo says:

    C’mon, get all worked up. Rant ande rave and cry and preach and pump your religion all of\ver this and see if it makes one iota of difference. Does the word “INTERNET” mean anything to you? Do you realize this is an open forum and maybe just maybe some of the stuff you read here isn’t true? If you’re so damned upright and sacred and holy and religious what the hell are you doing on the Internet? Go pray for world peace and for all the starving babies and for the drug addicts and the drunks. Wave yopur religion flag so everyone will know you’re a God-fan and then get out of the way because that’s all you do – TALK. You accomplish NOTHING for anyone. That’s the sum of your religion – NOTHING. Words and rhetoric and bashing everyone who isn’t you unless they pat you on the back and tell you how wonderful you are for being you.


  789. tickled says:

    DUDE! this is HILLARIOUS! Who cares about jesus anyway hes not real! I just think its dead funny theres a picture of a guy on a dogs butt!!

  790. Marc says:

    OMG! get a grip!
    Not only is this a simple joke that people need to learn to laugh at but its a disgrace how people are throwing the death of person in peoples faces for laughing at it!
    Think about it…its that irrational behaviour that the man died because of!!
    Now wether he’s the sun of god (if there is one) i don’t know..however..if he is there i dont think hes gonna be like.
    ” OMG! They put me on a dogs ass…oh…oh they’re goin to hell for that! ”
    It doesnt work! God damnit!

    Its you fanatics that ruin the effing world! You cant tell people what they can and cannot do – within reason of course! And if you want proof of that! Look at your war in Iraq! fanatics of that religion bomb two buildings..
    ..allow me to ask, is it possible that if you peole got a life and quit being SO.. uptight about everything and maybe got a shag once in a while we’d all be that little bot safer and happier?

    Summed up..Get a life, get over it, (if he exists) jesus doesn’t care, God wont care, maybe worry about a REAL problem?

  791. Dr. Aydince says:

    “You” christians sicken me. (Notice I said “YOU” christians, and not christians in general.) The belief of a god/creator/higher power – there is nothing wrong with that. But to say that everyone else is wrong, and going to hell because they do not think like you is truly ignorant. I, myself, am not religious. At all. But, I have read the bible and know for a fact that Jesus even sends the message of free thought, and explains that you do not have to worship.

  792. Odea says:

    Well of the 788 entries that i have read I must have to agree with you Deb. Varily I say unto you thet you are in the right with god! AMAN I shall pray for those who Rebuke Jesus I TELL YOU, They will have to answer for it when their day shall come on the White Throne Judgement!!!
    Peace be with you Deb!

  793. lamb of god says:

    this picture is awesome, i finally get to see jesus in all his glory! you jesus freaks need to relax. its a JOKE and if you cant take one to bad. jesus is just a metaphor from ancient egyptian religion just like 90 percent of all religons so don’t feel bad, and don’t think you or anyone else is going to hell by looking at a dogs ass. oh yeah, keep me out of your prayers

  794. g says:

    how could u? i dont know and i dont care how u did it. and why r u getting so close to a dog like that. is what needs to b questioned. is ur life so full of pain. that u have to bring heart ack to others? by posting such rubbish? A child who wants some thing other than mankinds way of life of war hate sorrow. and u just flushed there hopes down the drain. hope ur full of pride about ur work. to prove that we do need JESUS Christ to save us. no wonder we r in quatintined from the rest of what God Made for us. so our(ur) sins dont keep going on for ever.

  795. Arokh says:

    haha i thought this was quite funny, but going through some of the posts was even better…i only got through 150 of em though.

    its a dog’s butt that looks like what the church uses to represent Jesus. done and done.

  796. theinfamousrj says:

    I don’t think Jesus would’ve minded his face on anything… He loved everything. I’m not Catholic or Christian or any of that. I simply believe in Jesus the way I believe in Gandhi. He was an amazing person, he helped a lot of people, and showed others an alternate way of living. The Bible may or may not be real, I don’t know… What I do know is that if all these fanatics spent their time actually learning how to read and write, maybe they’d be able to look at the things they read a little closer. Maybe they’d learn to spread love instead of hate. I have to say, you guys are not doing much for your cause… The Christian emo rock scene has done more for your cause in the last 2 years than the rest of you have in the last century!

  797. Gepetto says:

    The picture was only mildly funny, but the comments were hillarious! All the “good Christians” that think God is such an uptight bastard that he’d send you to Hell because of a little picture. Some people haven’t been listening to the Pastor.

    Oh, and BTW, Jesus never existed. It was just Budhha with a fake beard.

  798. unseelieturtle says:

    this has got to be one of the funniest things i’ve seen on the net in a long time!! i mean, nothing against jesus. dude made some really nice tables. but i feel this represents christianity in a very true way, as so many christians now days spew forth nothing more than their own spiritual feces.

  799. TJ says:


    I do see it.

    But who knows what he looked like. I love the way people say “God died for your sins”. I never read that section of the Bible. Is the God dead now too?

    Please don’t pray for other people. ACT in the world. Don’t jus task for actions.

  800. Loving ateist says:

    CMON people. why do you take something like god so seriously. Theres no evidence of its existence. And i have read the bible and made a conclusion that jesus had no idea what he was talking about. Example he all the time changes hes opinion about how to get to heaven.

  801. Lord Ramerez says:

    HAhahahaha man, That’s hilarious. You Christians have a problem if you can not see the hilarity in this. I have a question for you all, how did Yeshua(Jesus’ real name)die for my sins if i was not biologically conceived for practically 2000 years after. I never sinned 2000 years ago, there fore, he died in vain.

    Also, you Christians pose this belief that man is evil because of original sin, correct? Well, if god is omnipotent and all knowing, he knew that Adam and Eve would sin before they actually ate the fruit. The “free will” excuse is bull, because if God did not realize they would sin, he is not all knowing.

    So shove it u Christian dip-shits

  802. Ben says:

    Some of the comments on here just re-enforce my complete lack of respect for anyone STUPID enough to buy into organised religion. Guess what? This life is what matters, treat others with love and respect and stop fantasising about imaginary men who float in the sky. I understand it is because you fear death that you delude yourself with your safety blanket beliefs, but in the end you are just spoiling your one and only life and marring the lives of others wth your bullshit.

  803. Zog says:

    If you guys are upset about this image then you should curse god, not the person who put this online. If you believe in god then you MUST admit that ‘He’ is the one that put an image that you believe looks like jesus on a dog’s butt(because you are upset, it means you agree that it looks like jesus).

    Find the humor in a life god has given to you or shut up.

  804. Timothy says:

    its the different colored hair that makes a figure that resembles a picture of what you think jesus looks like.
    not a big deal.

  805. old hippie chick says:

    OH MY GOD! (And my saying that doesn’t mean that I believe in some old guy in the sky. I say “Holy Crap,” too, but I don’t worship excrement.) The problem with most Christians is that they have no sense of humor. Thanks for the best laugh I’ve have in ages!

  806. Fpr-Typhoon says:

    Lighten up all you religious souls and stop trying to feel sorry for someone that might have a sense of humour. No sin has been commited even god would have a good laugh and probably want one of those dog breeds. Chill out.

  807. Jason says:

    That’s hysterical. Not so much the picture (mediocre on the humor scale) but all the overreactions. Relax…this picture hasn’t shaken your faith nor will it empty the churches seeing as a child molestation scandal amongst its leaders failed to do so. Everyone is so reactionary…sticks and stones may break your bones and I guess internet jpegs do to.

  808. i TOTALY see jesus in that pic,, TOTALY. its really funny how that happend.
    Iv died before, jesus is me, is you, is everything you see, just as we are it. Dont fear anything, just be good for as long as your in the skin. Peace!!

  809. Satanic Mantra says:

    I think it’s awesome to belittle christ in such a manner.I’ts really funny to see these uptight christians get irate over their dead “god”.If anybody talked to a dead person and actually believed that they actually were they would be locked up in the funny farm,so I guess we can classify christianity as a mental illness.Anywho
    keep on bashing the retard christ!!!

  810. Jim D. says:

    Okay, seriously… you people are getting bent over one of the dumbest things EVER. I mean, the complaints are coming from some of the same people that get all excited when they see Jesus in a piece of toast, or in a knott on a tree, or in a pee stain on a highway underpass. And yet when someone sees it in a dog’s butt ya’ll get uppity about it? Seriously, get a life.

  811. Becky says:

    I just want to say that I can see it…And I laughed!! I am a catholic and I believe in respecting God and Jesus and all that, but this was just a joke!! Sheesh people, get over it. The only thing I am worried about is why would someone be taking pics of this animals rear end and looking hard enough to notice something like that?!

  812. Clare says:

    Wow…seeing some of these comments makes me remember why I stopped going to church. Those of you who have “gallantly” claimed you will be praying for the person who posted this, take a breather and stop looking at life so damn seriously! God’s not going to condemn you for looking at a picture of a dog’s butt, or saying it looks like Jesus. I’d be more worried about these close-minded idiots and their holier-than-thou shit.

  813. astr0wiz says:

    To all who are offended: Get real. I mean it. Get your head out of the clouds and focus your energies on implementing some of your savior’s suggestions. You know…treat everyone else like you’d have them treat you. Calm down. Promote peace. Take a chill pill. If you can’t see the humor in the picture, then you’re just a tortured, guilt-ridden saved/witnessed wanna-be. And don’t for a moment think that praying for someone is the same thing as feeding the poor. Jesus was a man of action, not wishful thinking.

  814. Dennis says:

    hey you know what, this is fkn funny, you guys are freaking out about someone posting this pic, and its just as rediculous as the camel jockeys getting pissed about showing muhammad on a cartoon and threatening to go to war over it. lol
    Theres this thing called science, i think you’ve heard of it, it’s basically givin us the tools and knowledge so we can have the technology we use today.
    Well, did you hear about those scientists at the university of minnesota who created a beating heart? Ya they took out all of the heart cells from a dead rats heart, then injected new heart cells from a baby rats heart, and 3 weeks later, the heart started working.
    Did you know that hewlett packard can use a printer to create skin?
    Did you know that we have the technology to create a living enviroment on mars?
    Did you know that the elements you discribe when you talk about energy are the same elements in regards to God?

    I think that people need to realize that we have the potential to do ANYTHING we want, and as long as we hold ourselves back by these beliefs in fake inspirations we are going to take a lot longer to progress.

    It’s becoming more and more evident that evolution is winning in the ” where did we come from” race and denial and money is the only thing holding religions together now. which is why we will constantly go to war, because everyone is insecure about themselves and thier beliefs and get extreemly offended about the DUMBEST things.

    God even said it when those guys were building the tower of babel, God says in Genesis 11:6, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

    that has nothing to do with god having a problem with them building a stairway to heaven, it means God had a problem with us having technology and stopped us from having it back then. Imagine if he didn’t do that how far ahead we would be.

    Aliens man lol, gods an alien , hes a scientist , he created us, he and a bunch of buddies came here , built an enviroment for us to live in , and we’re just a giant ant farm.

  815. montyxy says:

    I am both amused and annoyed. Amused because so many uneducated people assume this is Jesus’ likeness. I’m pretty sure there are no photo’s of him in existence. Annoyed because some people feel they have to YELL with the keyboard! Grow up.

  816. samantha says:

    thats hilarious
    why is everyone flipping out?
    its just a dogs (i think) butt

  817. chard says:

    How on God’s green earth do any of you holy rollers and bible humpers know what Jesus looked like. For all you know he was dark skinned with a big knappy afro. Really you morons, don’t be off ended. I’m sure most of you see an image of “Jesus” nailed to a cross with blood and guts. Pretty poor way to remember Him if you ask me. BTW, the bible clearly states the idolatry is sinful, remember that next time you see a bloody cross.

  818. Fester says:

    Oh c’mon now. Alot of religion is just hypocrisy. If there’s one thing that religion is supposed to teach us. It is that we have free will and God loves us all no matter what we do. What kind of a God would see it fit to punish the people’s behaviour God did not agree with when God gave us the choice to do it. What kind of God is so egotistical he requires people to pray to him on a regular basis and if you don’t feed God’s ego you receive eternal damnation.

    If God gave us free will what kind of free will is it if we have rules of what we must and must not do. Religions basic principles may be correct but all these hypocrisies are just a way of putting society under control. If people are afraid of going to hell, they won’t do things to go to hell.

    And also, about this picture. Just because your society has taught you that the ass is something to be ashamed of and hidden away and disgusting and that this is disgraceful. Just think if prophets and God can appear on a damn brick wall what’s so different about an ass? I know it obviously doesn’t in this instance and he’s just taking the piss because of all the objects on which religious figures appear on >apparently<. Just because you’ve been brought up to think of your ass as something to be ashamed of doesn’t mean it is.

  819. Jesus says:

    why is it that when I chose to appear on a slice of toast it is considered to be a miracle and when I decide to appear on a dog’s arse its blasphemy? you Christians think you can pick and chose but in reality you are all a bunch of retards

  820. DrAwkwArd says:

    I’m a devout practicing Catholic.

    …and this picture is hilarious.

    “I love how the jesus freaks are so offended,”
    -This is so typical of an atheist though. Bashing people for what they believe is ridiculous on either side of the spectrum. “me.” is an asshat. Then again, this is the internets…

  821. Emily says:

    haha, I love how much controversy this is causing. It’s just supposed to be a funny coincidence. Grow up people.

  822. Anonymous says:

    i love it.. all these stupid idiots getting pissed off.. Jesus wasnt even a real person you weak minded people. find strength in something other than a fairy tale

  823. Jesus Christ says:

    Yep, thats me alright, i thought it’d be a laugh and see if anyone noticed i was there, luckily some absolute perv of a man took a picture of his dogs arse and bam! There i am! Jesus Christ aww yeah.

    By the way i suck and my Dad isn’t real.

  824. Dark Shiner says:

    That’s a hilarious picture! XD

    LOL @ all the insecure Christians that can’t take a joke. Get off my internet.

  825. ogd says:

    @34 Gordy: That is one of the funniest things I have ever read. I don’t know if you appreciate your own humor, but I sure do.

  826. Jesus says:

    I see Jesus, lol…. to bad that is the only place to see him since he is a fictional character out of a poorly written novel.

    Some of the above posteees need to re-read your bible if that is what you do : I quote :

    “Oh my gosh this is sick God died for you”

    From what I remmeber of that book god didn’t die (can he even die) pretty sure that was jesus, being the topic of this discussion.

  827. david says:

    OMFG jesus lives in a dogs stinktube???????

    shit dude dats jst far out

  828. Speedyc says:

    Hahaha that jesus guy really has a lot of humour.. lol.. stupid religion people dont get it.. haha thats hilarious. what are they doing on the internet ? go read the bible and fuck off!!

  829. Tina says:

    this is a great picture because it makes people talk and because it just goes to show you that religion is like a dogs ass: it stinks and its repugnant. props to whomever put this pic up. thank you!

  830. Rev. Dovner says:

    Thats really interesting, why does the good Jesus Christ choose to appear in such a bizarre place. But it is clearly Jesus

  831. pigeonata says:

    SPOILER ALERT: jesus isnt real

  832. Stew says:

    Nah, I see a cat/dog’s arse, which is real…Jesus is just a story made up to frighten children.

  833. cooltrain242 says:

    It’s funny how some can be so offended when it comes to a mythical person. BooHoo it looks exactly like jesus amazing. Pray for yourselves and stop hating everything different than your narrow beliefs. After all Jesus would have laughed at that pic and shamed you so called christians.

  834. Me! says:

    Jesus is an asshole!! …literally 😀

  835. Anonymous says:

    dude, jesus made that but, in his own self image

  836. Nikki says:

    bloody hell all u bible bashers.. all this person is trying to say is that they can see Jesus in this dogs arse!!! theyre not critisizing him or being nasty atall.. theyre simply saying what they see! And like some one else said.. Dogs are a natural creation,. that JESUS made!! so give up with all the holy crap and learn to have a laugh!!

  837. J says:

    That’s offensive… to dogs! 🙂

  838. SUTPID PERSON!!!!! says:


  839. Mark says:

    Wow, the majority of posters here are offended. Just when I thought people would stop being blind and sniff reality.

  840. Larry says:

    This photo and such comments are ust one more proof that atheism is subhuman.

    May atheism die for ever, without a trace of it left.

  841. Eric says:

    and of course, it is easier to mock Christians, who will forgive you, instead of making such “fun” of mahomed, because some muslim would presumably slit your throat.

    But who said that you are silly coward morons?

  842. Karl says:

    No, that’s surely offensive to ATHEISTS, because such a photo and such posts would suggest that all atheists were some bunch of idiots.

  843. May_you_go_bankrupt says:

    Dear idiot who put this photo on this page,

    The fucking whore who gave birth to an idiot like you should have aborted you, because the world should be much better without an insane idiot like you.

    I shit on you and on the fucking whore who could give birth to such an idiot like you.

  844. desinner2008 says:


    I see so many comments about the ass. I have read many comments by Christians, written with good intentions, i’m sure, in “defence” of the Lord. However, a fair bit of the Christian replies were made in such an aggressive tone, almost on the cusp of cursing the disbelievers, our fellow men. The venom of such words compelled me to write.

    There are some christians who carry the Bible around, but how many of you actually carry the “essence” of the Bible in your spirit? Do you feel encouraged to use words of contempt, hate, and insult, arrowed directly to those who have not yet seen “the proper way”? Is that the “essence” of “YOUR” bible? I don’t know who You are praying to, but I do know that

    Jesus is a BRINGER of LIGHT.

    I’d like to think that if Jesus was in the living room, with the dog and with all of us around, and he turned and saw the ass, He would laugh. and then He would laugh a HEARTY Laugh. and it would be a Laugh that will lift the Spirit of all around. After that Jesus would probably ask us to join him in taking the dog for a walk outside in the Garden, for Jesus loved the company of his fellow men.

    Christians, do not forget, that ye are all Fishers of Men. A “unique” issue here has brought about a gathering of our fellow man, many of them disbelievers. My Christian brethren, did any of you honestly think that OUR Lord create this situation, just so You could spite the disbelievers or mock them with threat of everlasting fire??? As fishermen for your Lord, OUR GOD, OPEN YOU EYES, and calm your hearts. and see that this is a wonderful opportunity for some of you to spread some Cristian faith to our fellow men.

    It is not our Lord who would use words of contempt, hate, and insult, in order to “show the way”. Men would naturally fight if they were forced to kneel; yet we Christians do it WILLINGLY for our Lord. WHY? It is not our God’s mighty hand on our shoulder that forces us to our knees. It is the mercy of our Lord, that we kneel for Him. Do you see then, the Power of Gentleness? If you do not, then a blind man can see more than you. Christians, show the way not thru spiked words, which will merely serve to make your fellow man withdraw but instead, draw them close with the warmth of the spirit of a heartful Christian.

    My fellow brothers, do you not know that there will be a Great War, as so written in the good Book? So save your spit and vile for the devils and demons, when you serve as angels under the Power of the Lord. But for now, speak carefully when you do so, especially in “defence” of our Lord. And speak so as not to push your brethren away from you. But rather illuminate the way with the Light of a good Christian. Remember, our God is a BRINGER of LIGHT.

    As for my disbelieving brothers, I’d like to believe that our caring God watches over us all, whether we care for it or not. I hope that you will, in time (if you haven’t yet), find the spiritual path that will give you a sense of peace and harmony beyond the deceptive comforts of this world. I hope to see you walk with us one day. Really, Christians aint as bad as people make us out to be. Just an odd one here and there maybe, hence the saying “There’s an asshole in every Apple tree”, or something like that. I’m no “expert” Christian, but if you ever feel like life sometimes gets a bit too fast, a bit rough, and you want a little lift, a little breather, give the Bible a read. Seriously think it’s a pretty good “book”. A good option for lazy people is that you can easily google your problems in the ‘net Bible, no need to turn pages, look for references and all that. Try it and see what comes up, you’ll be surprised at what my pal Jesus can do. And best of all, it’s free! As far as I know, this is the only “free” thing that is completely priceless, yet accessible to everyone. Great eh? And “some people” say that ALL the answers can be found in the Bible, that’s what I hear anyway. Check it out, ok? Good luck!

    My brethren, it’s 5am now. I feel happily exhausted. I do not write this often, nor stay up so late beyond my usual hours. Whew! Gotta get some sleep now, and get ready for work tomoro, and heartly I will do so (yawn….). Remember, that He walks with you. Cheers!