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TED Talk About Blockchain

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How The Economy Works By Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the CEO of the world’s largest hedgefund, Bridgewater. This animated 30 minute documentary on how the economy works, produced by Bridgewater, and narrated by Ray, offers a very digestible, informative take on how the economy functions. Everyone … Continue reading

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Rick Santelli Rant About Fed QE

What is the Fed so afraid of, if every analyst is saying buy buy buy everything is great, why is the Fed still in crisis management mode?

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2007 Compared To 2013

Today the Dow Jones broke through its 2007 high, created an all time new high, and kept on going. But today has a very different feel to it than 2007 did, here’s some bullet points on just how different things … Continue reading

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Collapse By Michael Ruppert

This is one of the smartest synopsis I have seen, detailing the current state of global economics and geopolitics. As we enter the downturn post peak oil, what are the ramifications. The global economy is built on fiat currencies and … Continue reading

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How to end the Great Recession

This is a fantastic article in the NYTimes about why we haven’t seen any improvement in the economy since it went down the tubes in 2008. The writer, Robert Reich, notes that we’ve used every economic booster known to man, … Continue reading

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Corporation Family – Comic

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Deepwater Horizon Burning And Sinking

This calamity was a real wake up call to the world. When there is some sort of disaster regarding oil on the supply side prices always spike, it’s only logical since we’re told we live in a world where the … Continue reading

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Wall Street Bailout Con Job

Matt Taibbi has a new blistering attack on Wall Street published in Rolling Stone, this is a must read. Check it out

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Bush Vs Obama Job Loss Chart

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