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Ferrari 166

The Ferrari 166, 2 Liter V12 engine, wrapped in pure beauty.

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RC Flying People Over NYC

Radio Controlled airplanes shaped like people were sent flying over New York City. Quite a spectacle.

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LOL OIL Tesla Roadster

Tesla electric roadster with LOL OIL license plate.

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Ship In A Bottle Water Pipe

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the ship in a bottle water pipe. I have no information about the artist. If anyone does please let us know. If I find out I promise to update this page. This is brilliant art.

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Hammock Bed Rules

This hammock bed is the coolest thing of all time.

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Spray On Glass Could Revolutionize Everyting

Spray on glass could revolutionize everything. It’s regular glass that is sprayed on to coat any surface in an extremely thin layer only nanometers deep, or 30-40 molecules. Which is sufficient to provide water resistance & breathability, among other qualities … Continue reading

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Ping-pong Dining Room Table

Brilliant, a classy dining room table and a regulation size ping-pong table all in one! By Chinese designer Hunn Wai. Someone needs to mass produce these things, you reading this IKEA?

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Bike Mounted Laser Paints Bike Lane

This bike mounted laser paints a bike lane behind you as you ride, brilliant!

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Spy Gear

Ever have a need to smuggle some data? Me neither, but it would be pretty cool if we did 🙂 This nickle has been machine tooled to have a hollow hiding spot inside, perfect for a mini SD card capable … Continue reading

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Coffee Cup With A Lock

This brilliant coffee mug is perfect for people who work in a large office and share kitchen facilities with many other people. This mug has a whole in it that can only be plugged by the key you hold, ensuring … Continue reading

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