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BigDog Robot

This is the most amazing robot I’ve ever seen by far. Dubbed the BigDog by its creators at Boston Dynamics. It has a 340 pound payload capacity, plenty to carry ammunition and bullets galore, or water and food for humanitarian … Continue reading

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Biodiesel Hummer H2 Gets 60 MPG

A mechanic/inventor with an 8th grade education modified a Hummer H2 to run on biodiesel that gets 60 miles per gallon, and goes 0-60 in just 5 seconds. It seems impossible, and Detroit had deemed it impossible, but it’s true. … Continue reading

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Brilliant ideas

Here’s a whole bunch of million dollar ideas… a lot of why didn’t i think of that type of stuff. I really like the laptop computer pillow, i use my laptop bag, but that pillow would be sooo much more … Continue reading

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Raytheon Silent Guardian

Raytheon has developed a new “non-lethal” weapon called the Silent Guardian. It can shoot a microwave beam 1/2 mile and scatter people by causing extreme pain. The crazy thing about this gizmo is that it doesn’t leave a mark, which … Continue reading

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Backyard Waterslide

These guys were drinking beer hanging out in the backyard and decided to build a huge Slip ‘n Slide down the hill. They wound up bringing in heavy machinery and built it 535 ft. long! Check it out.

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Mac vs Dell [pic]

Apple is the clear winner against Dell in every way as far as I’m concerned, but just in terms of intelligence of the design itself, check out these side by side pictures.

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Deepest Garbage Can Ever

This garbage can in Hamburg, Germany looks normal: But this garbage can extends way below street level, so it doesn’t have to be emptied as often.

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The USS New York

Built with 24 tons of steel recovered from the World Trade Center, this ship is built for hunting terrorists. It carries 360 Sailors and 700 Marines along with all of the helicopters and assault craft they need for covert action.

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Glass Toaster

Million dollar idea: a glass toaster! You’ll never burn another slice of toast because you can see it’s progress. The outside of the toaster stays cool, so it’s safe to touch. So simple… so brilliant.

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Carpet Alarm Clock

Here’s another million dollar idea… have trouble waking up in the morning, this alarm clock requires you to get out of bed and step on it to turn it off.

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