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Senior Harvard Professor: Legalize Drugs

Senior ecomomics professor at Harvard University, Jeffrey A. Miron, lays out a very intelligent argument in favor of legalization of drugs for CNN. Other vice industries produce violence during prohibition but not when legalized, and cites examples such as alcohol, … Continue reading

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How Bacon Is Made

Bacon has gotten a bad rap as a cancer causing poison, but it sure is delicious so let’s see if I can help shed some light on the subject. Proper bacon is cured in salt, and is known as “back … Continue reading

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Tylenol Made In China

They are closing the last European factory producing Tylenol, so next time you pick up a bottle you can be certain it was made in China. What could go wrong? Here’s more

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1 In 3 US Toys Are Toxic

I would think that in the United States of America, I could be relatively certain that the toy I bring home from Toys R Us or your local toy store will be safe for its intended purpose. Not the case … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Usage Studies

This is by far the largest collection I’ve seen of studies on the medical uses for cannabis. Everything from arthritis to cancer to ADHD, from displaying antibiotic properties to anti-inflammatory… cannabis is truly a wonder. All this research has been … Continue reading

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Vaporizing Medical Cannabis 101

An interesting video about a device called a vaporizer. The vaporizer allows for the consumption of cannabis without any carbon byproduct. The THC is delivered in gas form, instead of smoke, so it is healthier. The video gets into the … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Guilty In Fed Court

Charlie Lynch was found guilty in Federal Court today. He owned a fully licensed medical marijuana dispensary, California state officials were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The prosecution painted him as an ordinary street dealer, and now he faces … Continue reading

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Shamanistic Healing in Peru

National Geographic has a fascinating piece on Ayahuasca healing rituals with Shamen in Peru. I read it slow and soaked up every word, here it is.

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New Cure For Cancer Shows Promise

A new study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine documents the successful treatment of tumors in a male patient. All of the tumors disappeared after the man was injected with billions of his own cloned immune cells, … Continue reading

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Shoes are the devil

Those Nike Shox maybe doing you more harm than good. Humans’ natural gait is toe heel toe, not heel toe like you do in a padded shoe. It puts extra strain on your knees and it’s just not we have … Continue reading

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