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Shark Bathing Suit

This is an incredible bathing suit design.

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Bad spot for a plant

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Go Fetch

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HBO Tru Blood Promo

Hi Dayna, Thanks for sending over the HBO Tru Blood Drinks. I brought them into work and put them in the kitchen and they went quick, and there was buzz about where they came from.

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Ship In A Bottle Water Pipe

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the ship in a bottle water pipe. I have no information about the artist. If anyone does please let us know. If I find out I promise to update this page. This is brilliant art.

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NYC Mulberry Street Photo Year 1900

Photo taken in the year 1900 of New York City’s Mulberry Street, here’s the source.

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Lion With Cub Photograph

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Turkish Airlines Ad

I’m flying tomorrow, going skiing in Wyoming, so perhaps it’s bad timing to post this, but I just have to say WTF were they thinking!

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Spray On Glass Could Revolutionize Everyting

Spray on glass could revolutionize everything. It’s regular glass that is sprayed on to coat any surface in an extremely thin layer only nanometers deep, or 30-40 molecules. Which is sufficient to provide water resistance & breathability, among other qualities … Continue reading

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My First SLR Camera – Pentax K2000

dSLR cameras are one of the hottest items in the market today. They’re getting extremely good at the entry level and now at a $500 price point more attractive than ever. I do a lot of research on stuff like … Continue reading

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