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What are your constitutional rights

This infographic provides a decent basic framework for knowing your rights in the United States:

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A Real Ad For Obamacare

You’d think this is from The Onion, but sadly, it’s real:

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Collapse By Michael Ruppert

This is one of the smartest synopsis I have seen, detailing the current state of global economics and geopolitics. As we enter the downturn post peak oil, what are the ramifications. The global economy is built on fiat currencies and … Continue reading

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How The Rich Get Richer

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Power To The People

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SNL Republican Presidential Debate

It’s incredible how accurate (and hilarious) Saturday Night Live is, hits the nail on the head, with this parody of the Republican Presidential debates.

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Pirate Party Member In Germany

Can you locate the Pirate Party member in this photograph? The people succeeded in electing a true outsider here, will be interesting to see how things progress.

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India Pakistan Border From Space

Photograph taken from International Space Station, you can clearly see border between India and Pakistan due to special security lighting.

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Nail clippers are not a weapon

A person that can hijack an entire plane with nail clippers can do it without the nail clippers.

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Trump Takes Palin For Worst Pizza In NY

Trump you should be ashamed to call yourself a New Yorker.

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