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This Concept Should Be Simple Enough

How is this still a debate?

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Archaeological Find In Jerusalem Era King Solomon

Major discovery in Israel. Archaeologists found a fortification from King Solomon’s Temple. Check it out

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Jesus Venn Diagram

Happy Halloween!

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The PrayerMAX 5000 – Prayer Amplication System

I’m so curious how many of these would sell if you aired this commercial for real at say 11pm-3am? Amazing…

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Kill The Juice

Not the sharpest tool in the Madrasah.

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Bill Maher’s Final Comment From Religulous – Merry Xmas

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Huckabee and Bill Maher Debate Religion

A civilized discussion on Fox News? Never thought I’d see the day.

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Dark Ages Motivational Poster

The Christian Church brought us the Dark Ages, slowing the progress of humanity exponentially, thanks for that – not!

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Mormon Religion May Lose Religion Status

The Mormon Church allegedly spent $25 million in support of Proposition 8 in California, which overturns the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year which legalized gay marriage. Religions are tax exempt but are very restricted as to what they are … Continue reading

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Larry David on Religion

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