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Oldest known photograph of a surfer

Circa 1890, Hawaii, oldest known photograph of a surfer.

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Danny MacAskill Trials Riding

Incredible new short film

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Amazing Driving Exhibition

Ken Block puts on an incredible show

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Poker Tournament Robbed On Live TV

6 people, armed with machine guns, robbed a poker tournament on live TV in Berlin, Germany. The robbers made off with almost one million Euros. Unfortunately the broadcast cuts to commercial after the first set of machine gun warning fire.

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Wow Is Right OMG Near Death Experience

Caught on film! Took my breath away!

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Cirque Du Soleil Performer Practices On Trampoline

Cirque Du Soleil performer, Oli Lemieux, practices on a trampoline.

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Man Jumps Out Of Helicopter To Catch Marlin

This is real, the guy has done this many times. He is one crazy Kiwi!

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First Streaker Ever To Hit Citifield

History in the making folks, the first streaker at Citifield!

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Subaru WRX In A Snow Terrain Park

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The Worst Boxer Ever

The guy with the mullet’s first professional fight, claims he never lost a street fight, what a clown! I didn’t know whether to post this in Sports or Humor! This is really funny.

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