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Baboon leads you to water

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Kilian Martin: Altered Route

This is a short film that features skateboarder, Kilian Martin, tearing around a deserted amusement park. Beautiful cinematography and talented skater.

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Walrus Sounds

This walrus is trained to make a wide range of sounds, I had no idea they were this smart.

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San Francisco Ultimate Rally Driving

Ken Block delivers the most incredible spectacle yet, in Gymkhana 5. I have no idea how they got through all the legal hurdles to pull this off.

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Big Wave Kayaking

Tao Berman, from Team Redbull is pushing the limits of his sport, kayaking the biggest waves the planet has to offer.

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No To The Tar Sands

This TED Talk on the true price of oil, illustrates how quickly we can destroy what’s left of our pristine planet. You wonder why Canada all of a sudden has such a conservative government, follow the money. Watch this video, … Continue reading

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Incredible Drummer

Baard Kolstad of Norway displays an unbelievable drumming exhibition. This guy is going places.

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New Danny Macaskill Trials Video

Amazing riding and beautiful cinematography, as usual from Danny Macaskill, a trials rider that we’ve featured here several times before. This one titled, “Industrial Revolutions”

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Rollerblading Down Salt Mine Shaft

This is some serious speed, whoa. Rollerblading down a salt mine shaft in Poland.

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Urban Exporation of New York City

Steve Duncan shows us areas of the city that are off limits and very dangerous to access, but hold great historical interest. In this video he goes to the abandoned beautiful City Hall subway station, the first closed sewer in … Continue reading

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