Dark Ages Motivational Poster

The Christian Church brought us the Dark Ages, slowing the progress of humanity exponentially, thanks for that – not!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just think…we could have exhausted ALL the earths resources with overpopulation by now! Yipee. Good thing we had the plague.

  2. will says:

    Hey moron … if you want to make fun of religion, at least get your facts straight.

    Don’t confuse certain sects of christianity with the whole … that is, not all christians are lutheran or catholic or mormon.

    Don’t forget that Einstein was a God-believing Jew, Galileo, Capernicus, Newton, Ford, Edison, Fulton, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and virtually every ground-breaking scientist and inventor in history was a christian of some sort.

    Let’s see a list of athiest accomplishments that can compare.

    Athiesm brought us communism, Pol Pot, STalin, Mao … thanks a lot.

    you’re a dumbass

  3. Jordan says:

    History is a good thing to know before you make a joke. The dark ages were not Christianaties attempt to remove all science and progress. A lot of it came from, you know, the COLLAPSE OF ROME! The romans got invaded by the barbaric tribes, taken out, and the barbaric tribes were the only civilizations left in Europe. There wasn’t as much science then, REALLY. There was a fragmented society, that to be honest was to a certain extent brought forward by the already organized christian church. Also, it was the political, economic, and social systems in addition to just religion that screwed everything up.
    Sorry for the rant, but I’m tired of this poster, and the ignorant people who seem to love it. I’m a christian, ill admit, and I do realize that everything done by the people in my religion has not been perfect. However, Christianity can in no way be construed as the only reason we don’t have rocket cars.

  4. WTF says:

    Sorry, but I think this poster is completely true.

    If it wasn’t of christardity, most of the people on earth would be focused on making humanity ADVANCE rather than DUMBING IT DOWN with their fucked up IRRATIONAL beliefs.

    At the above christard : And yes, after the collapse of Rome came the dark ages and you cannot dismiss that it didn’t help scientific knowledge AT ALL, hence the stagnation in the graph. At best, the black area would have been a rectangle instead and there would still have been a huge gap.

  5. irfanshah says:

    The dark Ages are actually the Golden ages of Muslims.

  6. Tom says:

    True irfanshah, also let’s not forget the bubonic plauge, hard to advance anything when a third to half of the population die in a few months! No work force, no tax base, ect. Humanity was knocked backwards by a bunch of sick fleas!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know the poster Will will probably never read this but I still feel the need to write this since it was the first result on google. It doesn’t matter that several important artists and scientists were christian. The fact still remains No scientific advances were made during the dark ages.

    If we had continued to scientifically develop can you imagine we might of had electricity hundreds of years earlier, we could be so advanced by now we might be entirely out of fuel but using alternative resources.

    The fact remains that is that christianty has caused many more problems and caused several wars that were not needed. All the crusades wouldn’t have happened, America might not of became the a superpower in the world since the original Americans fled for religious tolerance from the English, The Civil war the bloodiest war in American history would of never happened.

    Religion, Christianity in particular has helped many people, but it’s caused too much trouble to be good anymore.

  8. Dan says:

    Hey moron … if you want to make fun of Science, at least get your facts straight.

    Don’t confuse certain sects of christianity with the whole … that is, not all christians are lutheran or catholic or mormon.

    Don’t forget that Einstein called himself and athiest. Galileo, Newton, Edison, Da Vinci, and virtually every ground-breaking scientist and inventor in history were Deists/athiest. (I dont know about the others you mentioned but im sure they werent christian eather.)

    Let’s see a list of Chrisitan accomplishments that can compare.

    Pol Pot = not an athiest, Stalin = idiot, and guess what Hitler was a christian.

    you’re a dumbass

    p.s. Founding fathers = Deist

  9. Auzziegob says:

    If every godgobber on earth was vanquished to another solar system it would still be not far enough away.
    godgobbers are nothing more than oxygen thieves and the wreckers of peace on this other wise magical and wonderous planet.
    godgobbers are a sickness and a plague that needs eradicating as quickly as possible.
    We should start by imprisoning the filthy old pope ratzinger and all of his pedophile mates,and then bomb the the whole vatican to dust.

  10. John says:

    Religion is nothing but a method of control for the masses. Give people something to believe then you can predict how they will react in a society. The ten commandments are a fine thing and maybe way way way back then humans needed some mythical being to tell them how to behave in society but I think we have moved beyond that. I know I shoulded steal or cheat or covit or bla bla bla……

    Also, great men and women of the past (mostly men because religion kept women in their place…eh…) were not great because of religion. Religion was part of their lives from the moment of birth. Socially they really had no choice if they wanted to be educated.

    Religion and the existence of God are two different things. Religion was created and is maintained by man to control man. God exists within and around us all and puts no demands on us whatsoever. If you need something to believe in try believing in yourself and the good you can be in the world. Stop teaching your children that one way of thinking deserves more respect then another.

    Peace to all.

  11. drew3000 says:

    Religious people have no sense of humor. That was funny. End of story.

  12. Migraine says:

    Hey Will….

    Get YOUR facts straight. Einstein WAS NOT a theist in ANY sense. And don’t try to use the “god does not play dice” quote to “prove” he was. As for the other names in your list……yeah, everyone was a “believer” in the dark ages…… probably for fear of punishment by the church if they came out and said otherwise. The idea that these great minds were great BECAUSE they were “believers” is absolutely laughable. And what has Atheism and secular society brought us ? How about science ? Dumbass

  13. trent says:

    Umm.. einstien didn’t believe in a personal god.. nor did he believe in the ideal of the jewish or christian god… it was a more metaphorical ideal than that… he discounted bouth

  14. trent says:

    voltaire is my favorite atheist… you know the reason we have computers… and are able to use electricity so well… he actually started in the church studied to become a priest… became an agnostic… then an atheist.. funny thing is that even after becoming an atheist… he still was fully active in church activities though he stopped going to cermonial activities… why because helping people is still a good thing… even if you don’t agree with them…

  15. Colin says:

    Wow, learn what you’re talking about. First of all, the Dark Ages never technically happened – the Eastern Roman Empire was still “flourishing” and second of all, your supposed Dark Ages were brought about by the fall of Rome to *pagan* Germanic tribes.

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