Deer Hunting By Automobile

Driving on the Autobahn in Germany at 140 mph in his BMW Z4, the driver hit a deer. The deer disappeared. The driver stopped and wondered where did the deer go?

This is what he found…

For all you deer hunters, this is how you pack a 150 lb deer into a BMW Z4 convertible…

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5 Responses to Deer Hunting By Automobile

  1. peter chandler says:

    you are an absolute dickhead

  2. wimbers says:

    i´d hate to be the sucker that has to clean this up.
    poor Deer.
    btw, it´s not a z4 convertible, it´s a 3-series.

  3. 130peeka says:

    How the fuck can u think this is a z4?

    Noob, learn about auto’s

  4. Anonymous says:

    how fast were you driveing

  5. Brad says:

    What the hell! That is cruel and sick!

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