Did Harvard MBA’s Bring Down The Economy?

Interesting editorial in Bloomberg about how Wall Street has evolved hiring more and more elitist MBA’s who put too much trust in their financial models. This wouldn’t have happened if the street operated with a little more humility. Check it out.

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4 Responses to Did Harvard MBA’s Bring Down The Economy?

  1. JO says:

    Every MBA program in this country that emphasized short term gains…and that’s most…is responsible for this mess.

  2. Snag says:

    NY Nerd espousing an article by a former Republican Presidential Advisor … it’s not April 1 yet, is it ?

  3. nynerd says:

    Wow Snag, I’ll be damned…

  4. Snag says:

    Mr ‘nynerd’
    To clarify …
    I like you, your ideas, and your blog.
    I should therefore apologise for any offence given by my kneejerk comment.
    I just saw the article as a ‘camoflaged’ swipe at President Obama before his initial measures have even had a chance to work.
    eg ..
    “We may have traded a cocky Harvard MBA for a cocky Harvard- trained lawyer, Barack Obama. It shouldn’t surprise us, even this early in the new administration, that little appears to have changed.”
    “The answer is that the economic decision makers in the Obama administration are highly homogenous. One might even argue that the Obama administration is one of the least diverse in modern times.”

    I am an Australian, and perhaps should refrain from passing such opinions. It is just that the outcomes affect us all in these times.

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