Diebold Sucks

According to this article from the Washington Post it is much harder to rig a slot machine in Vegas than it would be to rig our Diebold election machines. That is because there is a tremendous amount of regulation and oversite concerning the slot machines, and none concerning the election machines (by design?). To me this is the scariest issue of them all. Our country’s founding principle is the right to vote out corrupt governments and replace them with representatives of the people.. but if the current government has a lock on the voting machines, what are we supposed to do?

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  1. Boris says:

    I agree! This is one of the scariest issues we face. I recommend that everyone participate with: http://www.Truemajority.com, and http://www.moveon.org, both organizations are very active in trying to do something about this. Particpate and spread the word!!!!

  2. Dan Walter says:

    Diebold does in fact suck but not over these electronic voting machines which have been blown way out of propotion. ONLY AN IDIOT CAN’T USE THEM and I’ve never seen a single case of anyone changing votes by breaking into a machine and figgling with the damn things. This is just so much piss in the wind.

    The REAL REASON DIEBOLD SUCKS IS THE WAY THEY MISUSE AMERICAN WORKERS which is exactly the same sort of thing so many other companies are doing today. These morons will hire temps in place of a REAL WORK FORCE so they can run out on any attempt to UNIONIZE. These temps are paid crap wages, many of whom must seek GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE just as the Wal Mart workers do. You people whinning about these stupid electronic machines are missing the bigger picture here.

    I hope one day all that CHINESE CRAP ON DIEBOLD SHELVES COMES BACK TO BITE THEM IN THE ASS! We just released the USS OHIO sub to be able to confront among others.. CHINA ..

    There’s your blog.

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