Dog Hugs Baby – Photos

This is the most adorable sequence ever captured on film, enjoy.

Baby laying on blanket

Dog sniffs baby

Dog nudges baby into position

Dog hugs baby

dog hugs baby

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323 Responses to Dog Hugs Baby – Photos

  1. Awesome! Most dogs are like this. Very few are the kind that make it into the news for injuring children.

  2. derrick says:

    that is the more cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. Bithead says:

    I like that fence. Also, photo #4 really does look like the dog is getting ready to have a snack…

  4. Hatekast says:

    Awesome! Hey what kind of dog is that?

  5. dee says:

    there is a great pic at stuff on my Cat you may appreciate

  6. Asmat says:

    Unbelievable and excellent!

  7. fishfeet says:

    who lets a dog of this size get on top of a baby like this?

    Seriously. Its great that it became a ‘cute series of pictures’ but it could have been easily been evidence in a manslaughter case instead.

    Yeah yeah, I know… your dog is just ‘so gentle and wouldnt hurt a fly’.
    Thats what nearly all owners said of their dogs before they attacked someone.

  8. Nyomi says:

    Unbearable cuteness!

  9. anthonyberet says:

    Unhygenic and dangerous more like!
    I bet the baby now has roundworms ;o)
    At least it still has a head.

  10. Cathy says:

    Obviously the owner of this baby and dog knows that this is NOT an aggressive dog and has no worries. Which you would realize if you knew anything about dogs.

  11. Dogov says:

    Dogs are beasts. True, they can be man’s best friends, but they can also be child’s worst enemies. I wouldn’t trust a yorkie with my child, let alone a molossoid like this. And I _like_ dogs!

  12. yes, I'm Batman says:

    Dangerous? maybe. Unhygenic? by what standard? If you’re using an absolute standard, then yes. Having the dog slobber on the baby is more unhygenic than no slobber. But, using a practical standard… A human kissing a baby is more unhygenic than dog slobber. Human slobber is packed with nasty microbes, dog slobber, not so much. This is why human bites are almost certain to become infected, while dog bites are relatively unlikely.

  13. Best in Show says:

    “You don’t know my dog… you obviously don’t know my dog.”

  14. Fido says:

    Thanks for the toy. Can I eat it know?

  15. Lily's Dad says:

    > Dogs are beasts. True, they can be man’s best
    > friends, but they can also be child’s worst
    > enemies.

    Don’t know much about dogs, do you? As someone once said, The more I know of people, the more I like my dog.

  16. Joanna says:

    I am a consummate cat person but this is the cutest thing in the world!!! Animals all rule!!!

  17. Hey Fishfeet, Dogov says:

    To all you beware-the-dog types:
    What are you repressing that you interpret it likely that the dog would maul the baby? Seriously… keep your agression to yourselves. That dog is not going to harm that baby. Period. You, however, are likely to cause alot of harm with your homeland security mentality.

  18. You’re right this is unhygienic. Do you know how sick that dog could get from licking a baby? I think the only aggression you would see from this dog is if she thought the baby was in peril. By the way I wouldn’t trust a yorkie or small dog with a baby either; I know that there are many exceptions to this rule but the smaller the dog, the more intimidated it feels.

  19. Langosta says:

    Ah, come on. I guess the safety culture strikes again.
    “Ooh the danger! The germs! The Beast! Won’t someone please think of the children!”

    It makes me sick that there’s a whole generation people that are too pansy to enjoy cute photos. in conclusion, I killed Nazis with my bare hands.

  20. littleone says:

    Absolutely Adorable- Very sweet Dog!!!

  21. Great Dane Owner says:

    I had a 150 pound Great Dane and she would let my baby sister (2-3 years old) pull her tail, smack her ears, try to climb on her, and Roxanne (the dog) was so submissive and loving to my sister.

    Just cause a dog is big doesnt mean its going to eat the first human small enough to fit in its mouth.

  22. Olsub says:

    That baby has never been in safer hands. The dogwould die before it would let anything harm 1 hair on the babies head. And yes the dogs lick is probably less hazardous to the baby the a kiss from the babys mother. A dogs lick is antiseptic. Have seen a vet try to heal cut on a dogs head for 2 months. and fail. Brought in another dog who spent hours licking it. with in 2 weeks it was healed

  23. Tiffany says:

    I’m a former animal control officer, and I would just like to say that, you will find lapses in judgement everywhere, but to me, being keen on behavior of dogs I would have to say that….

    Photo 3… he is getting the smell of his baby on him, becuase dogs love things that smell, good or bad, poopie diaper or baby powder.

    Photos 4 and 5: it seemed like a good place to sit to be near his favorite smelly friend,his ears are forward and he is licking his chops perhaps becuase he is relaxed and contented, or to taste the baby smell on his face…my only concern would be with how gently he leans on the child in the third photo, but most big dogs get a sense of their size by being taught to be gentle, and i doubt that the owner would take pictures if they thought the dogs was breaking the child’s ribs, and if you notice, the baby isn’t screaming or crying in the photos. I swear to god sometimes people just need something to freak out about…….

  24. Fade says:

    Just shut the hell up and enjoy the pictures or close the freaking page you idiots.

  25. Oliver Sechs says:

    This baby isn’t going to get hurt because the dog will maul it. This baby is going to get hurt because the dog is F*CKING HUGE. Baby’s are very frail creatures, puppies much less so. One playful nuzzle from the dog could easily seriously injure the baby for life. Which is great because it adds quite a bit of suspense to an otherwise trivial series of photos. Quite a thrill right up to the end.

  26. Joost says:

    Animals are sweet, when they do attack – it’s because some idiot made them.

  27. Dog best friends says:

    Those who say anything bad about this pictures are “dogs haters” and don’t know dogs at all!!! I have 3 dogs, big ones, and a 6 yrs old child. I had the dogs before my little girl and I can say that I’m more affraid of people than my dogs. That’s a really nice picture and I’m sure this dog is really sweat! Stop telling dog are beast because human kind is worst! Read the news a little bit!

  28. Bastiaan says:

    See the joy on the childs face. Priceless.

  29. The Dingo ate yo baby says:

    OK, so perhaps the dog will NOT harm the baby in the way everybody thinks (mauling) but on the third picture from the bottom, what kind of parent allows the dog to start suffocating the child like that? Even if the dog means no harm it has no idea of where the baby’s nose is at the time of that particular photograph. Cute set of photos, but irresponsible parenting

  30. Jimmy says:

    This is not only stupid but dangerous. This dog is marking out this baby as prey. Absolutely NO dog is safe with children not even a poodle or shitzu. These parents should have the child taken from them and put into care.

  31. corey says:

    #4/#7, it’s actually a bull mastiff.

  32. ck says:

    “It makes me sick that there’s a whole generation people that are too pansy to enjoy cute photos. in conclusion, I killed Nazis with my bare hands”

    *nominated for comment of the year.*

  33. PuppyLove says:

    This is the cutest set of pictures on the internet.

  34. D says:

    We had a large adult dog and then later a baby.
    When the baby was born, the dog was curious and of course a little jealous.
    Top show the dog (a little K-9 psychology) that the baby was good, we only showered the dog in attention in the baby’s presence. Otherwise the dog got a friendly hello and a pat on the head. When the baby was present, the dog was played with by one of us, or cuddled, and more importantly – fed it’s food, etc.
    The dog quickly worked out the baby was a good thing and the 2 were best friends shortly after.

  35. Its obviously tasting the baby.

    Mmm….. Baby.

  36. Sayad says:

    Very sweeet and adorable photos…The dog is tooo cute

  37. eric says:

    cute. but the dog is an animal. evolution at play. stupid ppl do stupid things, so there r less of them. by this i mean this: on the news we see many children hurt by ignorant parents. this is such a case. what if the dog all of a sudden attacked the child? Perhaps killing it. It would be tragic. So beware. In conclusion, the photographer, and parent of the child r idiots.

  38. eric says:

    also dog slobber. dog dont get sick, bc their tongues prevent germs from getting down their throat. the germs r in the dog’s saliva. check with your vet. get ur facts straight, from books, not from here say not from wut ur gut says. this is just perfect. all ur dumbass responses. sure there is danger everywhere. but some, if not most dangers can be avoided and prevented.

  39. eric says:

    and the dog is an animal. well, even with ppl we cant predict behavior. so reduce the chance by not doing this kind of thing. hopefully the child is not hurt.

  40. Dylan James says:

    As cute as it is, don’t you think it’s a bit irresponsible, animals can turn at the slightest things. I wouldn’t take the risk.

  41. Samuel says:

    Awww…. I don’t care what anyone says, THAT IS CUTE.

  42. -C- says:

    See how the dog’s pressing the baby’s face down into the floor on #3, see how its paw is then under the baby’s head in #4?
    It’s obviously been moved by the photographer to make it “look more cute” and to stop it looking like it’s just sitting on top of the baby, squashing it into the ground.
    This is crazy- have you ever seen the way dogs play? How can they be expected to understand that a baby needs to be treated more gently than another dog or adult human.

  43. Rogue says:

    Cool pics – but did you know that in pic three the position the dog is adopting is subjugation for pack order – a dog that attempts to put its head over the kneck of any other pack member is dominating that member of the pack – you notice that when dogs behave naturally in the wild. One of the best ways of training a dog, particularly a large dog – is when they do something wrong – you hold them and place your kneck and head over theirs and hold that position for a few seconds – true!

    I’m a dog – I know!

  44. ace says:

    Great photos.
    Little guy is a bit small for such a large dog though. Bit scary. Good job.

  45. kelzy says:

    looks like this dog was around when the child was born,obviously they will have a great life together protecting each other.

  46. SheyMouse says:

    Very cute. The dog obviously cares a lot about the baby.

  47. Zoran says:

    Bigger danger to this baby comes from men…Sometime dogs are aggressive, but are we not more aggressive than dogs ? So, should we forbid our children to communicate with people ? For me it would be stupid, but everybody has to decide for himself… The worst thing on this world is fear… just look the modern world, commercials, American politics (our Croatian also)… All are based on fear…
    Uuups, I went to far…
    I love those pictures…

  48. uber says:

    It makes me sick that there’s a whole generation people that are too pansy to enjoy cute photos. in conclusion, I killed Nazis with my bare hands
    Right, so we’ll definitely keep you away from the baby!

  49. pshaw says:

    Dude, as cute as this is, that dog was not hugging the baby, he or she was *dominating* the baby. The dog now thinks that he or she is more important on the social scale than the baby. …at least until the first time the dog gets yelled at for pushing the baby away to get some food, anyway. Eventually the dog will get the idea. So this is cute and relatively harmless, but it ain’t what you think it is. Once the dog gets the idea that the kid is the junior member of the senior pack, she or he will probably be your kid’s best pal.

    Believe me, my dogs did the same thing, and had to go through the same learning process. But now everybody are all big buddies.

  50. Shaan Khan says:

    I can understand why it might look like a dangerous situation to some people, but photos are deceiving. None of us except those who were there can really can a clear idea of how the moment took place–the photographer could easily have set it all up–but that doesn’t take away from its absolute cuteness

  51. Reynan says:

    I like the flowers at the back.

  52. unknown says:

    You get more germs from biting your fingernails… and think of how many people do that….

  53. John says:

    They don’t show the last picture in the sequence… that’d be the one with an empty blanket with a little yellow jumpsuit on it… lol.

    just kiddn’, that’s pretty freakin’ cute.

  54. roguemystic says:

    too cute! reminds me of my dog at home! absolutely adorable.

  55. wiz says:

    all animals are dangerous to a baby, this is very unresponsible …

    perhaps when you have almost lost your child you will think twice …

  56. Shadus says:

    I’d be uneasy about having the baby near the dog just because of the differences in weight (much like I had to repeatedly remind my older son to be very gentle with the younger son when he was a baby) the dog doing something aggressive doesn’t concern me a bit, most big dogs are marshmallows… and obviously the owner felt comfortable with the dogs level of aggression so I imagine it is a marshmallow.

  57. Dog Catcher says:

    Cute, but a little scary!

  58. Woody says:

    It’s a stupid thing to let happen, let alone photograph and encourage, it’s flat-out dangerous. Not only could the dog crush the baby, but…as pointed out above…that dog is in a dominant position over the baby. That dog has at least a big of Neopolitan Mastiff in it…they are not goofy playthings, they are capable of a considerable amount of damage and…funny…once they get going there is not a damn thing you will be able to do about it.

    This pic has been around for a long time and has generated a lot of negative criticism from people that actually understand dog behavior and dominant dogs. It’s pathetic that it keeps showing up as an example of this wonderful bond between a 100+ pound animal and a baby…IT IS NOT BONDING WITH THE BABY. It is treating it as a littermate, and that is dangerous as hell to allow. The correct thing to do would be to correct the living hell out of the dog for EVER positioning itself like that over any human you do not want bit.

    Any d-bag dumb enough to let a nervy pile of junk like a mastiff play around with a baby like this deserves jail time. This is how people get killed by dogs.

  59. Ping Ouin says:

    derrick Says: “that is the more cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

    That is the most grammatically incorrect sentence I’ve read in a long time.

  60. geoff says:

    people should have to get a license before they have children. what kind of idiot lets any dog get this close to a child?

  61. Washington's Lost Child says:

    I agree with what Langosta said!! LMAO Very well put!!

  62. 123 says:

    the dog eaysily thinks his hierarchy is higher which could sooner or later have a very bad outcome for the small child (which is preferred by the parents)

  63. MissyE says:

    “Hey Fishfeet, Dogov” – Perhaps it’s not aggression that they’re interpreting, but an intense and sometimes well founded fear of dogs. When I was four, I was at an aunt’s house playing with Barbie’s and My Little Ponies, not even paying attention to the dog she had… he came over and nuzzled my cousin. I didn’t respond. He came over, looking like he was about to nuzzle me. I remember my aunt saying “oh he likes you!” And then he bit my ear. I’m fortunate not to have any serious scarring or damage from it, but these things do happen. Yet another situation where the owner said “I can’t believe it! He wouldn’t hurt a fly!” It is not, perhaps, aggression that leads to concern for this child, (which I find it odd that you could condemn – concern for children is something this world does not have enough of) but the experiences with a “gentle” dog turning vicious, literally unprovoked.

  64. Ugashia says:

    Hey anyone who says that they would not trust a dog with a baby, they obvoisly dont know dogs.
    Mastifs are the calmest and kindest dogs out there and the owner obviously knows the dog and i would like to gongtratulate you. this is really cute and it is also building links between the dog and the baby. i have been raised with alot of dogs and i have been bite, and all it has done is make me more aware on how i should treat dogs. humans make dogs violent. this dog is lovely and the baby will probably grow to love dogs.

  65. Alonzo says:

    Are you guys kiddin’? That dog is squishing the baby, like an anaconda!

  66. eldar says:

    What is with some people? Dogs are so dangerous! Kids should never be around dogs! Please, you people that think this should go preform some stunt that allows you to receive the darwin award. ANYTHING can be dangerous but I would rather take my chances with a dog or even a freakin lion. They at least go with their instincts and can learn unlike most humans. Humans area danger to EVERYTHING. It is people like you safety freaks that allow all these laws to pass that take away freedom in the name of “safety”. Screw you all, you damn safety freaks.

  67. rtharper says:

    WTF is wrong with you naysayers? Have you ever OWNED a dog? If you were afraid of its aggression YOU RAISED IT WRONG. The photo with the dog “suffocatig the baby” is fine. 1) Babies are not made of glass and 2) if something was wrong, the parents would have known immediately. People like you all that complain about this are clearly the kind that were never raised around animals. At least this child won’t be afraid of its own shadow like you.

  68. jand says:

    My neighbor had a mastiff. It went in the barn with my foal. I was worried and when I checked the two were playing!!! All dogs are unpredictable, most attack from fear or pain, but this appears to be a big lovable pooch and the people taking the pics obviously knew that.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe everyone is upset about the dog hurting the kid, when everyone knows it is the kid that is the danger to the dog. Have you seen baby bites?
    Babies typically carry lots of nasty diseases and will attack anything that moves quickly or makes a noise. You’re very lucky nothing startled the baby during these “cute photographs”.
    How do you know the kid didn’t have rabies? What if it bit the dog?

  70. Anessa says:

    I think this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!!!! I have an English Mastiff and he is just as loving………..they are just BIG ol’ babies!!!!!

  71. FosterPug says:

    I agree with the pack hierarchy theories, however I also agree with the owners allowing this close a bond between the dog and baby.
    There is obviously close supervision in this series of pics.
    All I see is a loving dog, happy baby, and although you can’t see them, obviously doting parents.
    There is nothing wrong here, those bite-fearing people need to chillout.

  72. whirleygirl says:

    I am reading this with my 8 month old son, and my 135 lb greatdane’s head in my lap. That being said isn’t it a little silly to judge a dog’s character/baby’s safety/parents’ competence based on a few photographs? Who are you people, Bill Frist wannabes?

  73. Teri M. says:

    I’m a little concerned about the pic where the dog is licking his chops – I’m assuming he wasn’t thinking “Mmmm, lunch!”

  74. Sherry says:

    So cute! The baby and dog obviously are familiar with each other and hopefully will be best buds for a long time to come.
    P.S. Dogs(and other animals such as cats) have a different body temperture so everyday germs they carry should not be a concern for humans.

  75. amhonkychic says:

    I am due in a month and I have a 150lb mastiff. He is the best, most gentle dog- ever. I can’t wait till my baby boy meets him and they play together like this. My mastiff loves kids. Toddlers have hung on him and he had been great with them. I am not worried about introducing my dog to the baby. Sure- the size of him and the baby is a concern because of the weight. But we also have a 10lb cat and the two of them play great in fact- the cat beats him up and I am more concerned about what the cat would do to the baby than the dog.

  76. bernardito says:

    That really takes the cake on being the most adorable sequence of photos I have ever layed eyes on! Dogs and babies… always a cute combination.
    BTW to all the anti-big-dog-with-baby-ists: Get over yourselves.

  77. jd says:

    This baby will be more likely injured/killed in some war than by this dog.

    How many babies are killed each year in war?
    How many babies are killed each year from the dog bites?

  78. Katie L says:

    If your baby is the exception, it doesn’t matter how many other babies are killed in war or from dog bites or any other cause, or how many people write that their dog never hurt their child. My sister’s calm, loving, reliable 90-lb. dog – unprovoked – tore apart her son’s face requiring over 80 stitches. Maybe the odds are that this dog in the photos will not hurt the child, but why take such a chance with a baby who cannot protect itself? It can happen in an instant.

  79. swimchick says:

    When I read all these comments, I just laughed, it’s like a full fledged debate, personally, I think that all people have their own opinions or conclusions of what the dog is doing to the baby.we would like to think that it is innocent, but then again, we don’t really know. the baby is real cute. That’s all that matters

  80. DragonFly says:

    Ummm…I think I’m in love with your dog.

  81. Soz says:

    Totally adorable!

    I do have to say, as a former dog lover, that once you’ve been bitten by somebody’s “gentle” dog, you never feel quite the same way. Fyi, I was walking down the street, and some 30 pound pooch tore a chunk of meat outta my leg which took two years to heal. Now I’m inclined to shoot dogs on sight.

  82. bellacochon says:

    This dog is only showing his love for this child and showing that he is protecting it as well!! The people that think that this dog is trying to harm this child obviously doesn’t own a dog of this size & doesn’t know that this kind of dog is a “Gentle Giant”!! I’m sorry, but i’m an owner of this breed & i know for a fact that they are BIG BABIES, end of story!!!

  83. justagirl says:

    This is cute and I’m sure Jr. is fine. . . BUT I was once a victim of a dog that “never even nipped at anyone before! I’ve never seen him jump up like that in his life!!!” . . . as I was being taken to the emergency room for 9 stitches on my face. So it DOES happen.

  84. Alex says:

    Ok. All you people who are attacking the photographer and parents judgment are either inexperienced with dogs, or just loudmouthed idiots.

    The dog is obviously very sweet, and bull mastiffs are one of the most gentle breeds around. In the picture where he is rubbing on the baby, he is doing two things. First he is getting some of that baby smell on himself to enjoy, and second, he is being dominant. However, just because a dog acts dominant, does not mean he would ever hurt the baby. Mother dogs act dominant to their pups all the time, but would never ever hurt them.

    This dog could view the baby and one of its own children, or simply just one of its pack. I wouldn’t worry about the baby being hurt by this dog (it is being supervised). I would worry that anyone else who hurt this baby would be attacked by the dog. AND RIGHTLY SO

    PS. I have a big old boxer and a buncha cats. My dog has never ever done anything harmful to the cats and never would. I am confident the photographer knows this dog just as well.

  85. Hey Fishfeet, Dogov says:

    Hey, Missy E:

    Some guy pushed another guy onto the tracks on the London Underground last year.
    So, in your esteemed opinion, do you think we should ban all guys from the London Underground to prevent such an occurence from happening again?

  86. alex says:

    The picture is super cute. I just had to leave a comment for all the negative responses. If you can’t trust a dog that you raised around your child then maybe you shouldn’t be raising a child. Aggressive dogs take after their owners. Besides Mastiffs had been breed since 100 BC to defend and protect their owners. That dog would give up its life before it let someone harm that baby.

  87. Kat says:

    No, I wouldn’t trust a yorkie with a kid, either…. People are more likely to train their big dogs than little dogs… And yes, I’m serious. 10 years as a trainer, and I was bit by little dogs. Only. One of them was a yorkie that actually launched at me.

    As long as that kid is taught how to interact with dogs, it has small chance of being hurt by one. More often it’s children terrorizing a dog that gets it hurt. ‘Oh, it was just being a kid’. Well, the dog was just being a dog and protecting itself.

    And the comment about the ringworm? Brilliant. *rolls eyes*

    Please stop listening to dog illiterate news reports and start actually learning about dogs before opening your mouth, please.

    Very adorable pictures…. Good to see someone not getting rid of their dog when they have a kid… That’s gonna be one happy kid growing up with a close friend.

  88. cp says:

    well said jd. Look at the baby, he loves it! You are underestimating the ability of the dog to decide how delicately to touch the baby. It’s a dog. It gets it. It probably thinks the baby is like a puppy with artificial fur. My dog used to sit under my crib when I was an infant. Anyone who wasn’t escorted by my mother or father into the nursery was NOT allowed near the herd. Some dogs know better than humans how to treat the youngest members of the pack. No matter what species the pack.

  89. Tom says:

    wow, people are getting all worked up about these pics. down people, DOWN! Looked like the kid was having a ball!

  90. wuppy says:

    yeh dogs seemed scary in the 2nd and 3rd pic, and you’d think it will maul the baby. BUt it doesnt. What dog hating humans don’t see, is the dog’s feelings and emotions. Its bonding with the baby so that if any harm comes to the baby it will protect it as if it was her/his own pup.

    Sadly to all those dog hater MFz… you all should lighten up a bit, cos u dont see dogs blowing up $hit in the world and killing innocent people. Its the idiots in this world that kill each other. Same goes for the idiots that teach and intimidate dogs to be aggressive to every living thing.

    These photos truly signify that the owner of the dog and parent of the baby is quite respectful and adoring people themselves, thats why both dog and baby is adorable and loving.

    Those of you who hate dogs and scared $hitless of them, then y do u bother to go outside and live? just stay in your lifeless mindless shacks and gnaw at ur fingers until u rooll over and fart then decay!

    btw… i like ur grass. so soft and green… looks like you live in a state with no stage 5 water restrictions 🙂

  91. DSDS says:

    WOW 🙂 I like this. Good job from the fotgrapher.
    It is like Joost says. Dogs are friendly. But some people are not.

  92. Mercy says:

    This is awesome! I am deeply in love with these pictures.

  93. Adam Newman says:

    You can clearly see that the Dog is the one in danger. The baby has just got the dog in a wrestling move and has the situation under control!

  94. William James says:

    This psychology student says:
    Please stop anthropomorphising your dogs, it’s idiotic- they don’t have ‘personalities’ or ‘thoughts’, they are simply a bundle of classical/operant conditioning processes and genetic instinctual predispositions.
    If a baby does something the dog doesn’t like, e.g. grabbing its tail, it’ll jump like any dog and may even attack. We can’t predict human behaviour and we certainly can’t predict canine behaviour.
    Many of us have anecdotal evidence of friends who were bitten by “perfectly loving” dogs as children because the dog flipped and noone forsaw it. I hate to point this out but dogs have no emotions- they harbour no love for you or your children.

  95. Jojo says:

    William James, you’re crazy.

  96. blaza says:

    Great pics Neos are great with family.

  97. Pinky says:

    it’s in the dog’s nature to care for the young, it was merely protecting it.

  98. dogtrainer says:

    I had to laugh out loud at all the “dominance theorists” above who are concerned about this being some sort of “aggression sign.” That theory went out with like, bell-bottoms. Get with the times people. This mastiff is simply treating this baby with all the gentle playfulness it would a puppy. There is absolutely NOTHING about this dog’s posture that indicates dominance. A dog signaling dominance would stand with legs stiff, tail upright and ears tense, eyes staring and head up. Please do your homework before spouting opinions on such

    Second, babies are HARDLY fragile. You could probably bounce a baby like a basketball and it would be fine (and NO I am not advocating this, simply exaggerating to make a point) because babies and kids have the cellular rejuvenation skills of a gecko tail. They can heal within minutes. It’s us old adults that have to worry about injury.

    It’s clear that this baby and this dog are both enjoying a lovely interaction. Lighten up people.

  99. These are the most ADORABLE photos I think I’ve ever seen. My dog, Harley, a Maltese just had pups and so I feel for this Mastif and baby…SO ADORABLE!!!!

  100. MissyE says:

    Fishfeet, Dogov – I was never the one to suggest that the dog not be allowed to play with a child. I was simply saying that perhaps these people were not responding out of aggression, as you said was the case, but perhaps out of past experience which led to concern for the baby. I’m sorry if you misinterpreted what I wrote. I think that the pictures are adorable; I’m glad that the mastiff is a gentle creature who seems to have genuine love for the child. But I think you may be misinterpreting genuine fear and misunderstanding of dogs from others as “aggression.”

  101. Leslie says:

    Ah, come on. I guess the safety culture strikes again.
    “Ooh the danger! The germs! The Beast! Won’t someone please think of the children!”

    It makes me sick that there’s a whole generation people that are too pansy to enjoy cute photos. in conclusion, I killed Nazis with my bare hands.

    LMAO….that cracked me up…I totally agree….People should just get over it, adorable pics!!

  102. David says:

    It amazes me that no one has any care for the dog. Doesn’t anyone realize how much DANGER this dog is in?

    If he puts the baby in his mouth he could easily choke and die. Also, there’s no telling what kind of germs are on that baby…it’s probably slobbering all day long…then the dog goes and licks up those germs.

    More dangerously is that the baby hasn’t developed any good sense of motor skills yet and could easily reach his arm out and poke the dog’s eyes out and not be aware of what he is doing.

    Truly I must say, the owners of this dog like living on edge. Please have more concern for your dog’s safety.

    This dog got away with one, but what about the next time?


  103. badfrog says:

    William James: You’re supposed to be a psychology student? Have you ever cracked your textbook? You mention conditioning-all evidence of conditioning is based purely on the fact that we can predict how a person or animal will respond to a given stimlus. Does the name Ivan Pavlov ring any bells?

  104. Amera says:

    Who does this for the sake of a cute picture. My nephew got bit in his face by his so called loving family pet. And my sister still kept the dog. I have seen dogs smother the last runt of the litter and these photos remind me of just that. Careless irresponsible parent whoever had this bright idea does not need to own a dog or a child.

  105. Barbara says:

    As a owner of Mastiff dogs and 9 newborn Mastiff pups,these are one of the best breeds of dogs we have owned.They are very large and most people find them intemidating,but they are very loving and love to give and receive hugs.I have pictures like this of our dogs and the children in our family.This is a great picture and untill you have owned one of these gentle giants you cannot relize how many loving and candid moments you will see like this one.Very beautiful dog,three pups from our litter are solid blu and I hope the look as good as this Mastiff.Thank you for sharing this picture.

  106. Radioman970 says:

    “This is crazy- have you ever seen the way dogs play? How can they be expected to understand that a baby needs to be treated more gently than another dog or adult human.”

    Have you ever seen a mother dog care for her puppies? Go see. It’s pretty cool. My dog Bear was protective of her little babies in the extreme.

  107. Radioman970 says:

    “Now I’m inclined to shoot dogs on sight.”

    Awwwww… you never liked dogs. Don’t try to say you once did. To blame every dog for that one instance is silly.

  108. Anonymouse says:

    David said:

    > More dangerously is that the baby hasn’t developed any good sense of motor skills yet and could easily reach his arm out and poke the dog’s eyes out and not be aware of what he is doing.

    If the baby did that, who knows how the dog would react?

  109. Dog Trainer says:

    Cute. No. Irresponsible, yes. This dog is dominating the child with alpha behaviour leaving the child open to injury or death. The endless stupidity of sub-standard parents and animal owners never ceases to amaze me. The weight differential alone is enough to give pause even if the pooch doesn’t bite to further the alpha posing. I maintain no one should be permitted to parent without training/licensing and their IQ should be greater than their shoe size.

  110. steveH says:

    The Company for which I work as an animal behaviorist, does much to educate people about animals. It is a defining characteristic of human kind that we fear what we don’t understand. I, in no way wish to cast aspersions upon some of those who made comments, but many are fundamentally flawed. A dog is the only creature on earth that will love you more than it loves itself; the evidence of this is legion. Whilst it is true that dogs have attacked people, when you consider ratio demographic in this equation, it is apparent we face a greater threat merely crossing the street than a dog attack. Certainly, when an attack occurs it is reported in the media, often quite graphically, but that is the nature of the news, if its not sensational it won’t sell. The unfortunate repercussion of such an instance however, is to paint all dogs the same colour. I could continue this dissertation in defence of dogs but I think I have made the point I set out to establish, and I appreciate the time you have taken to read it; now I ask that you consider it before drawing a woefully erroneous conclusion.

  111. bellacochon says:

    SteveH, You are one SMART man!! I would fear people before i would fear a dog! I think that humans are more unpredictable & more aggressive than dogs are!

  112. danni says:

    why do ppl haf 2 turn great fun and cuteness in 2 political correctness? this is perfectly fine and obviously ppl who made comments about being irresponsble and dangerous, etc, know nothing about dogs. the owner of this dog obviously knew that this dog was harmless and wasnot in the least bit dangerous. ppl, u really are pathetic.

  113. danni says:

    i would only be worried if this was a pittbull.

  114. Alexandra says:

    These pictures are super SUPER cute!! I’m sick and tired to all those over-protective people who think that animals should be kept away from children, and/or people in general. Animals only become dangerous and ‘evil’ when we teach them how to become that way. I would leave my kid with a dog like that anytime of day and wouldn’t worry for a second. You want to protect your children? KEEP PEOPLE AWAY FROM THEM THEN – cause they’re a lot more likely to physically or mentally scar them..

  115. DragonFly says:

    @ William James
    “I hate to point this out but dogs have no emotions- they harbour no love for you or your children.:

    All you have managed to point out is that your understanding of animals is archaic and ignorant.

  116. jS says:

    Dog bites are most often due to miscommunication between children and dogs or inappropriate expectations. Good dogs bite as it is one form of communicaton after others have failed. Like toddlers when they get frustrated. The sad thing is dogs do not get another chance and their family and society turns on them the second they communicate in doggie ways.

  117. experienced dog says:

    Yes the pictures are cute. However, they are also irresponsible for the reasons already pointed out. No matter how cute or happy or well trained a dog is, they are still dogs. This dog is dominating the baby. In a second this could have been a tragedy. People really need to understand dogs better if they are going to own them, especially a dog this powerful. BTW, I have owned and bred dogs for 36 years now. Anyone who leaves children and dogs unattended or allows a child to pull, crawl over or whatever a dog, is not the sor tof person i would allow to have one of mine, and mine are small! Dogs are wonderful creatures but need to be respected and understood.

  118. Beanie bean says:

    Cute pic. Have bullmastiff myself. Love him to bits and trust him absolutley. To do that with a baby???????????? 100% trust????????????? ……………. WOULD JUST NEVER CHANCE IT

  119. Kiwismama says:

    This is absolutely crazy. The parents obviously know their dog and believe their baby is safe. Of course there is the slim chance the dog will snap but then again, maybe we should keep that baby away from it’s mama…afterall, member that chick that snapped and drowned all five of her kids? Yikes! Just enjoy the pictures – don’t look if you don’t like! Good for you parents! Nothing is better than a kid with a four legged best buddy!

  120. Cassandra says:

    that is so unbelivable I wish my dog could do that how did u make him or her do that i’ve been tring to get my dog to do triks since ever but … u amaze me

  121. savitha says:

    it is highly impossible to believe that dog will hug a litlle baby like that,i am felling very happy to see that a dog can also care a child like us.really great to see all thes things.

  122. Sam says:

    These are so cute!!:mrgreen: Totally post more. The baby is so adorable!!!:mrgreen:

  123. AG says:

    The dog is asserting its dominance over the baby. Dominance (I’m in charge) is not quite the same as aggression, but I’m pretty sure the person behind the camera doesn’t grasp the distinctions. They shouldn’t be allowed to have a kid or a dog. Primate body language is different than canine body language. Dogs and wolves do not greet each other with hugs, handshakes, or slaps on the back. A dog putting its head or paw over another dog’s shoulders is a classic show of dominance, and a warning that a squabble or fight may ensue if one doesn’t back down. Contrary to most people’s anthropomorphising of dogs, most dogs are stressed out by being squeezed. Also, dogs lick their lips either when they’re anticipating dinner or when they are stressed/in conflict/etc. (for more photos see and the book The Other End of the Leash)

  124. Shay says:

    When parents bring a new born baby home from the hospital they should NOT ALLOW any dog to come and smell the baby or lick the baby. In fact the dog needs to be trained to stay away from the baby.

    Your goal is to teach the dog that the baby is YOUR BABY and has NOTHING to do with the dog. The baby should not to be smelled or touched. The dog needs to learn that the baby is a higher ranking member of the family pack and that you (as the pack leader) enforce the babies rank. This is no different than a mother wolf who does not allow other pack members near her newborn pups.

    With that said watch the Dog Whisperer or read books on canine behavior, this dog is owning this child.

    Beautiful baby, cute dog, bad judgment..

  125. Joanne says:

    well as for the slobber, big deal, the pictures are adorable but at what risk. chances are that this dog is sweet and the owners know him well enough to trust him. All animals, no matter how sweet can have a bad moment. Even a warning nibble if the child was pulling on him could cause extreme damage to a child that size. My friends daughter used to hang on their dog and he seemed to love it and allow it. never growled or showed any signs of intolorence towards her extreme affection until last summer. He decided, I suppose that he wanted her to stop hugging him and put 3 holes in her face with one quick bite. My dog recently just showed his first sign of aggression towards a child. I would not have beleived it myself had I not been right there with him. The child did nothing to provoke it. she simply tried to walk around him to step out of the bedroom and he lunged at her face growling and barking like kujo. If I hadnt been there to scream and grab him, I dont know what would have happened. I have worked with animals for many years and have a new prospective. Just please, love your dog but use your common sense when it comes to the kind of contact you allow them to have with small defenseless children. LOve and protect your children. Dogs are a great asset to a family but they are living breathing animals who can shift moods just like people. All too often when they have an unexpected mood swing they bite.

  126. Hoot says:

    It’s obvious none of you have seen a mastiff chew the flesh off the arm of a 6’5″ 230 lb. man. It’s pretty horrifying and happens in a split second. That said, I’m a parent and hate when people chide me about something they think is wrong about my parenting.

  127. Olivia says:

    Awwww these pictures are so cute. The dog is probably thinking “What am i going to do with this? Wait a minute… i might get a treat… yea me… go me, go go go, go me!!!!”

  128. that is an amazing picture!

  129. Cindy says:

    I’m totally shocked by these dog haters. Children are more likely to be injured by family members, teachers or other members of society than a flipping dog. Get a clue people. I have 2 Boston Terriers, my female does not like small children so we keep her away from them as any responsible dog owner would, however my male Boston will allow toddlers to pull on his ears, ride him whatever he doesn’t mind. Every dog is different & for these STUPID people to ASSUME that every dog will turn on a child pisses me off. As a good dog owner you know your dog & act accordingly.

  130. kathaclysm says:

    I’ve been bit by a dog, in the face, and I still find this cute. (I was bit as an adult, but a known aggressive dog.)

    Everyone who says “that dog could snap” hasn’t spent time enough with that particular dog to say so. It’s like saying “that person could snap.” I say trusting the dog with the baby is like trusting a 4yr old child with the baby. If you know your 4yr old, you know if you can trust them with a baby, and you wouldn’t leave them alone together. I’ve seen some 4yr olds snap & lash out. Considering how many dogs and babies there are in the U.S., and how few babies are killed by dogs each year, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say well-raised dogs are trust-worthy with babies, as long as the parent is around.

    Dogs should be introduced to babies if they are to live in the house together. If the dog doesn’t meet the baby, then there is potential for bad things when the dog doesn’t know what that thing is. (Actually, this should start before the baby is born, getting the dog used to the smell of baby-powder, the mother carrying around a toy baby-doll, etc.) And good parents socialize their puppy early and often with other dogs, children, and lots of people.

    And to whoever said “This is no different than a mother wolf who does not allow other pack members near her newborn pups,” you don’t know much of wolves. Perhaps very newborn pups are hidden, but in nature, only the alpha pair of wolves in a pack mate, and the whole pack takes care of the puppies. Often the omega dog is left as baby-sitter while the rest of the pack, the alpha dogs, hunts.

  131. Educated Joe says:

    Wow. I have to be critical of both sides here. To say there’s a 100% certainty any dog would never bite a person is incorrect. Most dogs are caring loyal companions when trained properly and loved. Some mistreated dogs are aggressive, and will remain so for the rest of their lives. It is a sad fact. Either way, there are far more people killing people and harming society. When has anybody here ever heard of a serial killing dog? However you slice it, dogs are neither 100% perfect or 100% the spawn of satan. Either way they have a better track record than people and most other animals. I have been bitten far more by small dogs than large dogs. And… have spent my whole life around dogs, trained service dogs, muts, etc.

  132. Evolutionary Perspective says:

    As much as we want to believe that dogs are unconditionally protective (of us and our infants), or that they are loyal or compassionate and understand our thoughts, our tendency to anthropomorphize dogs means we often forget that dogs don’t in fact possess these emotions. Dogs adopt seemingly “human” behavior because we reward it over other behaviors. And the rewards aren’t trivial, they include some of a dog’s basic elements of survival: food, shelter, etc. (Unfortunately, this can also lead owners to ridiculous extremes, like dressing dogs in sweaters and Halloween costumes, feeding them better than most homeless people, and dog “pageants”). I suppose there’s nothing wrong with this, but it explains why dogs don’t actually posses the underlying emotions that we associate with behavior we find endearing and human. This includes the characterization that the dog in the pictures is protecting or expressing its love to the baby.
    Search-and-rescue dogs don’t realize they’re saving lives, they’re simply playing fetch (after repeated rewards for detecting certain scents). A dog that appears to smile is actually merely displaying one of many submissive displays. Your dog’s apparent kinship, love and loyalty displayed by licking your face or lowering its front legs and wagging its tail, rolling onto its stomach, sitting and staying are actually the same displays that a subordinate wolf or dog displays when confronted by a more dominant member of its pack or group.
    As others have mentioned, dogs’ behavior is driven by submission and dominance. When an adult owner interacts with its dog, the owner establishes its dominance in part by rewarding submissive behavior. We extend attention, food and other rewards when a dog follow orders, wags its tail, etc., all examples of submissive behavior.
    In a new context, such as the dog with the young baby on a blanket, a dog may be confused as to whether it should adopt a submissive or dominant position. Good owners establish very early on that a baby, like the adult owner, will always be in a position of dominance.
    No one knows if the owners of the dog and baby in the picture have trained their dog by rewarding behavior that puts it in a submissive position to the baby. However, I think that even with training it is too great a risk because in a new context outside of the one in which the dog learned its submissive behavior, you can’t reliably predict whether a dog will adopt a submissive position while on a blanket with a baby that it has never encountered before. If the dog believes it’s dominant (and others have pointed out signs that it may be), the results could be catastrophic.

  133. NoSeriously says:



    3) Humans and dogs co-evolved for thousands upon thousands of years. Do you really think that would have happened if they ROUTINELY ATE OUR YOUNG?

    (The answer, is NO.)

    4) I’d give you some basic canine behavior reading suggestions, but that would put a dent in how excited you are about this. And I’m sure you need that time to host your weekly SHOELACES KILL: ALL-VELCRO SHOE CLOSURES NOW!!! meeting.

    5) If you have kids, YOU are what is going to hurt your kid. You and your insane THE WORLD IS FULL OF HORROR AND DOGS WANT TO EAT YOUR BABY!!!!!! attitude. Not some big galoot of a dog who’s cuddling up a grinning infant.


    It’s obvious none of you have seen a mastiff chew the flesh off the arm of a 6′5″ 230 lb. man. It’s pretty horrifying and happens in a split second.

    REALLY, guy? REALLY?

    Does that happen a lot? Is this something you just see on the streets constantly?

    REALLY? where do you live?

    You guys, your mania is what happens when you watch too much fear-mongering local news. Put down the remote and go for a walk. Really, I know the great outdoors are scary, but A DOG IS NOT GOING TO EAT YOUR BABY. Or rip your arm off.

    For pete’s sake.

    Those pictures are delightful. Stop being so thrilled to be offended. Your life might improve.

  134. Xianra says:

    Jeeez people. Training training training. My Dobe will listen to my kids. She knows damn well her place in the pack. My daughter has been handling her since 3. Walking, feeding, and giving commands. Dual leash, just in case, but my daughter has complete control.

    Never leave pets and kids unattended. But I fear my in-laws Boston terrier much more than any other dog. That bitch is nasty.

    Responsible ownership. That’s what it boils down to. Thank heavens you Nancys don’t have dogs. It would sense your fear and be a wreck.

  135. Well, I hope to give a “voice of reason” response to all of this: I grew up with dogs, cats, and horses from literally before I was born. Never been hurt by one. Never. Been licked, swatted, dumped-off-of, and played with a LOT, but never hurt (and certainly not deliberately).

    I hope this helps.

  136. Hoot says:

    Yes, I have seen a mastiff attack a man’s arm. It was ugly and scary. Calm down.

  137. shaft_drive says:

    well, after repeated warnings i see the so-called dog lovers and experts are hell-bent on ignoring classic dominant behaviour in a large hunting dog – good luck, I say. Please go ahead – allow your babies to play with large dogs – and do go attend that phone call in the kitchen. Oh, and btw, I have owned 4 dogs and own one presently. She’s a medium size mix, absolutely would not hurt a fly and allows me and my kids to do anything with her. Oh, she also growls occassionly when smaller kids pull her ears etc, but she wouldn’t BITE them – she loves them, etc, man.

  138. better safe than sorry says:

    sure, the pictures are cute without going into it too much. but this is dominance at its worst. dogs dont hug folks. got it? i am not a dog hater, i am a dog lover. i just dont think anthromorphism is a good idea. i would never allow my dog to do this and if she ever tried i would be very worried and would seriously doubt my training. i can forgive the average joe for not knowing any better on this but to all the so called ‘dog trainer’ ‘animal control’ experts who have commented and think this is ok, you should be ashamed of yourselves. all it takes is 2 seconds for this dog to kill the baby, intentionally or by accident, and i guarantee you the photographer aint gonna get there in time.

  139. toni says:

    I find dogs to be far more worthy of love and respect than a lot of humans I’ve met in my life, however I would not leave a tiny baby with such a huge dog for the simple fact that it could be injured by accident

  140. Radhika says:

    Friendly dogs are the one in the picture are being killed all over Karnataka, Bangalore India. The best part is all the Government authorities, the courts, the police have been bought up so we who care about life can not save these animals.
    They are killing 300 dogs a day….can anyone stop it

  141. shana says:

    I have read all of the replys to the series of photos taken. I am biting my tongue the whole way through when reading things about germs, beasts and killing babies. Obviously the owner trusts the dog and vise versa. I own a french mastiff/rott mix and I would definately rather have a molosser next to my child than a yippy yappy dog who has no idea what the heck is going on. Mastiffs have been great babysitters of autistic children and adults alike. They understand the babies and adult emotions better than other human beings! Before you go on and ridicule the owners of these “beasts” first do some research on them so you know how gentle they can be and are. Thanks!

  142. shana says:

    Oh and by the way…germs! Why would it be so bad to have a dog lick a kid? In the World Wars they would have dogs come in and lick the wounded so that they didn’t have to “waste” the antibiotics with just the minor infections. Dogs have a bacteria fighting agent in their saliva that helps heal quicker than antibiotics do alone! Germs? Bah humbug. Again…do research before you start talking.

    By the way…GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY! Love the smiles on the babe and on the molosser! Captured love.

  143. malini says:

    well, that’s a fantastic picture! Never seen such a dog before,the dog was most probably there when the baby was born!

  144. Me says:

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe what I am reading.
    I hope this is no indication as to what society has become. I bet the ones that are afraid for the baby in these pictures have helmets when riding bikes, don’t eat Popsicles because of fear of choking on the stick and have 15 airbags all around their car.
    The pictures are great and these dogs are too kind. Me and my wife were at a dog pound picking up a puppy for our son, who was 3 or 4 at the time, we both think that a boy should have a good dog, and we were looking at a bull mastif through a window, well the were going to let us pet it and this thing was HUGE, my son walked up to the dog, with both hands grabbed it by the jowls and kissed it right on the mouth. The dog was sweet sweet sweet and did nothing but lick him…..
    People grow some back bone.

  145. beth says:

    lol i think this is soooooooooooooooo precious it sounds like some of these people have never owned a dog lol…i think this baby is loved 🙂

  146. JOHNM says:

    Looks just the the one that attacked me. Same size and color anyway.

  147. Erica says:

    Wow…there are so many ignorant people in this world. This is a wonderful picture!!!

  148. JaniceLiv says:

    My husband and I think these are adorable! Most parents we know wouldn’t put their baby in a dangerous situation just to get a good photo. I’m sure these parents knew the child was safe. We have two large dogs and a 15 month old daughter, and they’re thick as thieves and do nothing but follow each other around all day and play. My daughter pulls their ears and tails when she’s feeling feisty (even though we try to teach her to be gentle) but they couldn’t care less. If it gets to be too much, they just walk away. If you know your dog well, the baby playing and cuddling up close to the dog is just not that big a deal.

  149. Cruise says:

    Lovely baby and a loving dog. Nice

  150. Moody says:

    Terrible parenting…. A dog, no matter how friendly, is still an animal. Dogs and babies should be kept apart, it is a disaster waiting to happen. That dog is well over 100 lbs, it could have easily smothered that baby. That dog isnt “hugging” -hugging is a primate instinct, not a canine one. Dogs dont hug each other. In fact, in the 3rd picture, it looks like the dog is asserting domincance over the baby. Big no no.

  151. jimmy says:

    Grip, whine, bitch, moan…repeat after me, “It’s going to be okay.” Just enjoy and get over your opinions as far as how horrible this is. I’m definitely not a real lover of animals, but even I can see this is okay.

  152. paul says:

    For Sale: 1 Bull Mastiff. Eats anything…LOVES children!

  153. Suzy says:

    Dog owners and lovers are THE WORLDS STUPIDEST LOT. It won’t harm the baby, oh how cute! One bite and that child is dare you endanger that childs’ life you freakin idiot!!

    I HATE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and their owners as well.

  154. cliff says:

    that was crazy! Im a new dad and i would never put my child or watch someones else child be smothered by a animal. I love animals ,im a dog man honestly i real do but im more responceable when it comes to a child. check yourself,

  155. i win says:

    awww most amazing thing in the world and all you ass holes who think that sweet dog is going to attack the baby need to go somewhere else and stop complaining. that dog is one of the safest places in the world for that baby to be near at this moment. that baby is protected.

  156. Jenny says:

    I LOVE these pics! I too have an English Mastiff and yes, they are HUGE… BUT… they are the most gentle dog that you can get. I’ve read these comments and those that think that the baby is in jeapordy should spend a few minutes researching the breed before being so stupid! My 8 MONTH OLD granddaughter was eating cheetos in her high chair one day and my dog reached up and grabbed the last one off of her tray. My granddaugher (without missing a beat) grabbed my mastiffs jaws, reached her hand INSIDE the dogs mouth and RETREIVED the cheeto! My dog just looked at her as if to say “Well, ok. Guess you get the last one.” This child is NOT in danger. This dog would lay down it’s life for this baby so people.. get a grip and do some RESEARCH!

  157. darilu says:

    I can’t believe that animals are smarter than humans. That dog look sooo happy on top of its pray. It’s dominating that baby! And the stupid parents think that’s so cute.
    If we as rational beings do stupid things, much less a dog that is completely irrational!!!!!

  158. u says:

    Very cute picture, thanks to all involved. hav question tho : in the last pic is the baby’s head bending dangerously backwards

  159. Sarah says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like people have seriously started to fear dogs in the past 5 or 10 years? It doesn’t seem like people were always so irrationally fearful.

    I can’t see anything wrong with these photos. It looks like the dog adores the baby. And by the way, there’s no question of the two being left unattended, obviously, someone is there taking the photos.

  160. Ting Girl says:

    I am in animal resuce, went to the Gulf after Katrina to pull dogs who were lost or abandoned in the storm, and own a pit bull mix (along with other animals). I would never, ever, ever let my dogs display any kind of dominance over a child – it shows a total lack of understanding dog psychology.
    My pit mix loves to “play fight” just like my chihuahua loves to sit on laps. It is in their breeding. I had to carefully support a pack order that has the smaller, older dogs on top and the pit mix on the bottom. I live with four cats and four dogs who get along, BUT I have to keep supporting the pack order to keep the peace! It is a lot of work.
    p.s. these dogs are not always sweet and gentle, I can attest to that after working with dozens of dogs who were going to be put down unless they could be rehabed. Also, please do not forget the woman who was mauled to death in SF and the most recent tragedy at Ving Rhames home – bullmastiffs mauled a caretaker they had known for years – it is important to remember to always respect how much power these dogs have and educate yourself about how to work with them. The folks who took the photo, I hope, understand that the child must be dominant over the dog – not at all demonstrated in this photo.

  161. MiaTune says:

    We used to own a brown lab that was really mean and my parents were talking about getting rid of him before I was born but decided against it. Then when I was three I snuck out of the house one night and they found me in the morning curled up with the dog.

    I’m not quite sure but I think I’m still alive.

    Recently we got a dog from the Humane Society and she was shy and skittish at first but now she allows my year-old cousins to crawl on her and pull her ears. She’s one of the calmest dogs I’ve ever owned and throughout my whole life I’ve owned at least thirty dogs (most of which were strays which we kept for awhile before finding homes for)(Also, this isn’t counting the ten puppies my yellow lab had).

    I’m not presuming that I know everyone’s dog but the least you people could do is give the parents the benefit of the doubt that they know their dog.

  162. benny's mom says:

    If i hear one more comment about how unpredictable dogs are i’ll puke. People are idiots and that’s the truth. The only way that sweet dog would hurt that baby would be if he stepped on her. Not cool but it would be the parents fault not the dogs fault. I love the i killed nazis with my bare hands comment

  163. jiniaj says:

    We have a Brazilian mastiff @ 175 pounds, 2 Boston terriers,and a 2 year old. With out any training to do so our mastiff is very respectful of our daughter. I don’t think anyone who has commented on this set of pictures was even there. Not one of you has any idea what went on. The comments on bad parenting was really uncalled for, you would have to say that about anyone who has a large gentle dog. My two take naps together should I have CPS called on me? No.. there is way too much fear instilled in people these days.

  164. victor Anand says:

    Dogs are mans best friend …….
    But we should be careful with … it it s an animal anyway

  165. CaityLove says:

    Come On Guys!
    THis dog is PLAINLY responisble and it’s not exactly eating the baby is it!
    Get a grip!
    That dog is absoloutly NO danger to that baby & you ALL need to get a grip on reality.
    If the parents where that worried, then they wouldnt have had the baby in the backyard in the first place,
    Its ridiculous how narrow minded you people are.
    Get a life and think next time.

  166. Ildar Amirov, age 22 says:

    Have you heard of cases when other animals accept other kind of anymals to feed them, and help them servive? that goes to readers. Dog has human attitude which I can see from a pic. Maybe that’s a reletive of yours? 🙂

  167. seth says:


    “Dogov Says:
    February 12th, 2007 at 9:09 pm
    Dogs are beasts. True, they can be man’s best friends, but they can also be child’s worst enemies. I wouldn’t trust a yorkie with my child, let alone a molossoid like this. And I _like_ dogs! ”

    Yorkies are pretty nuts, like yourself, but an italian mastiff is, like most huge dogs who have nothing to fear, incredibly friendly and perfectly safe.

  168. Celinda says:

    Parents and family members-I, too, love animals. Grew up with pets and our children now have pets and children of their own. Pets are animals-it matters not if they are inside and sleep right next to you on the pillow. I know toddlers that bite each other when they are provoked (twins at 2) dogs may be members of the family but this poor little baby is too close to the dog. Please beware, I know others warn against the dangers of pets snapping. It happened to our dearest friends this past week. Their 8 month old granddaughter was attacked by the family pet-upscale family-inside pet that they’ve had for 4 years. The little girl is still hospitalized and may loose an eye. New york state animal control will have rabies test back tomorrow and the dog will be put to sleep. The family is devestated. Never say it won’t happen to you.

  169. Rhonda says:

    This was one of the scariest series of photos I can imagine! We were just discussing this on a “list” this morning and someone sent this link for us to see… and we all agree… this dog is exhibiting an Alpha attitude! This is NOT cute or adorable! This is scary! I would NEVER leave a child alone with this dog.

  170. anita says:

    Goodness. People are too crazy. Yea, the pictures are cute and I enjoyed them, but I do see reason to be concerned, and I am a HUGE dog lover (always took in strays and found good homes for them, kept some). I can’t believe people would label someone as being a dog hater or not familiar with dogs because they have the common sense to be concerned. Most people who are the most familiar with dogs AND with children would say the situation in those photos is not the best thing for the parent to allow. Vets and animal control officers know how unpredictable, even the best trained animals, can be sometimes. True “dog” people know that dogs don’t typically view an infant as a human and it is easy for them to view them as prey. Pediatricians are familiar with cases of children hurt or disfigured due to a “friendly dog” encounter. I work with a woman whose whole right side of her face is forever maimed from a “friendly dog, who wouldn’t hurt a flea”, that attacked her when she was a child. And when a child is attacked, people say all kinds of stuff like, “The child must have done something wrong” or “the dog was not well trained”. Where are people’s priorities?

  171. daniella says:

    I understand both side, sure the dog is big, he could suffocate the baby, or worse become agressive, but i dont think any parent would let their dog or any dog get close enough to their child if it had an agressive streak towards little ones. You dont know this dog, and your not this kids parents so who are you to judge? It seems like some of you will do much worse to your kids with all your “worries” making them afriad of their own shadows as they become older. That dog will be that kids best friend for the rest of his life.

  172. Jazz says:

    I like and trust dogs more than most people. But if you know a thing about dog behavior, you know the dog is not hugging the baby, he’s dominating it. That should never be allowed. I’m not saying get rid of the dog, I’m saying show the dog his proper place in the pack.

    I wonder how old this baby is by now. Probably 10.

  173. Lisa says:

    This is a Neo NOT a Bullmastiff. Bullmastiffs don’t even come in this blue color. Having a 150pd cane corso mastiff myself, I would not leave him alone with a baby,BUT this baby was not alone and obviously the parents know what signs to look for that their dog is under stress.I doubt they would jeopordize their babies life or their dogs since it would surely be put down if it hurt a baby.And to the person who said dogs are uncapable of having feelings is a frikin MORON! Dogs actually get scared, depressed, excited,angry. They are a social creatures, just like us humans are social creatures. they mourn for when a pack member dies.I think that would constitute as having feelings.Also he is showing dominance, that is exactly what my dog does to other dogs to assert himself. But it is not aggressive and i’m sure in time he will learn that the baby is a leader if the parents teach him that.

  174. I says:

    for all the people who think negative of these photos should watch the dog whisper!

    on another note
    very very cute pictures!

  175. Scott says:

    Some people can be so naive and ignorant. The bond between my boys and their Staffordshire Bull was inconceivable. This photo is awesome!! The innate ability to bond with mother nature on all levels is what’s to be perceived here.

    AA++ Nice pic!! 🙂

  176. sexy bitchy girl says:

    Goodness. People are too crazy. Yea, the pictures are cute and I enjoyed them, but I do see reason to be concerned, and I am a HUGE dog lover (always took in strays and found good homes for them, kept some). I can’t believe people would label someone as being a dog hater or not familiar with dogs because they have the common sense to be concerned. Most people who are the most familiar with dogs AND with children would say the situation in those photos is not the best thing for the parent to allow. Vets and animal control officers know how unpredictable, even the best trained animals, can be sometimes. True “dog” people know that dogs don’t typically view an infant as a human and it is easy for them to view them as prey. Pediatricians are familiar with cases of children hurt or disfigured due to a “friendly dog” encounter. I work with a woman whose whole right side of her face is forever maimed from a “friendly dog, who wouldn’t hurt a flea”, that attacked her when she was a child. And when a child is attacked, people say all kinds of stuff like, “The child must have done something wrong” or “the dog was not well trained”. Where are people’s priorities?

  177. Kaelie says:

    These are the cutest pictures I have ever seen and show the true personality of mastiffs. I have two mastiffs, Harley and Daisy, and they are the most gentle dogs I’ve ever had. We got Harley a couple weeks after my little brother was born and he wouldn’t leave his room! If Harley wasn’t in Sam’s room, Sam would scream his head off! Once Sam started kindergarten, Mom would have to take Harley to and from school when dropping him off. It was a daily ritual. Sam would be lost without Harley.

  178. A mother says:

    There’s moments in between the three pictures. Plenty of time for a parent to judge what the dog is going to do.

    Love the dog, love the pictures. Would love for more to hit the net.

  179. doglover says:

    I have a mutt (mostly beagle) and a newborn and he is curious of the baby and will sniff her just as this bull mastiff does in the first part of the pics. Generally larger dogs, as some other people have already noted, are more tolerant of children (toddlers pulling on them etc) whereas small dogs are much more likely to snap. But I have to say I was a bit surprised with the picture before the actual ‘hug’ because that could have been dangerous without the dog intending it to be. Our friends own a bull mastiff and the other day our niece walked into the house (she is almost 3) and the dog ran up and knocked her over. He was happy to see her but his exuberance could have caused her serious harm – as it was she whacked her head on the floor. So just be careful.

  180. Doggielover says:

    These pics are so cute. I love them. Dogs are most of the time wonderfull with kids. In most cases when a dog attacks (i’m not saying in all the cases) he was provoced or hurt. I have a Silky and a Yorkie and when my oldest doughter was born i was verry affraid for the reaction of our Silky because she is really jalous. Well… i couldn’t have been more surprised. They both where (even they warn’t used to baby’s)verry, verry gentle and carefull with her. The Silky even more than the Yorkie. If my little girl cried she was verry concernt and wouldn’t leave me alone until i took care of her. Once my oldest (running around wild) accidently stept on our Yorkie’s paw. The dog cried and could hardly walk (i had to rush to the vet with her)but she was never aggresive to my little girl. I always told my kids to be verry gentle with the dogs, they are FRIENDS to play with and NOT TOYS!!! Well… they get along perfect and the only danger is that our doggies will lik them to dead :-)))))

  181. Jean says:

    It’s a cute photo..I am a dog lover myself.
    I think that dog might be totally harmless.
    But, unless the dog is strickly on a vegitarian or vegan diet…
    I wouldn’t take a chance.. I wouldn’t let that tiney bitty baby near that huge size dog.
    I’ve seen and heard enough unfortunate tragic incident happened on the news in the past..
    But I still think dogs are friedlest creature… though..

  182. lucie says:

    aww how adorable i think it is soooo cute!

  183. FARA says:


  184. Bri says:

    I think this picture is absolutly adorable!!

    So gorgeous 🙂

  185. Dave Raven says:

    OMG, im totally getting a mastiff and a baby!!!

  186. Alina says:

    Just because some of you may choose not to leave your baby with this dog in this manner does not mean you should criticise others for it, especially not attack their parenting skills. It is amazing how some of you have commented on this cute picture of a dog and baby in a controlled environment, and completely taken the joy out of it. There is some risk to most things we do in life; we shouldn’t let that stop us from experiencing it.
    So I guess what I am trying to say is stop judging others, and concentrate more on you.

  187. Mel says:

    They are cute pictures. I am a bit uncomfortable with photo 3 because the dog might be to heavy for the baby. I am thinking that the baby’s parents and the dog owner are familiar with that particular dog (not just a breed) and were comfortable enough with this to snap some pictures. No, the dog isn’t “hugging” the baby like we humans do. I think the captions were really intended to be humorous.

    I would urge all dog owners to be responsible and supervise their dogs around children and babies. I would also urge all parents to teach their children how to approach and treat animals. Show care and compassion towards your fellow man, and the animals around us.

  188. Mom of a baby and a bully breed says:

    Very nice picture. I am sure the parents know what they are doing with their child and pet. As the owner of an American Bulldog, I have many pictures quite similar of my baby and dog. That doesnt mean I would leave my dog(or any animal) alone with my child or not teach my child how to interact with the dog. I am sure the parents of the baby in this pic feel the same way. It’s a pictuire of a cute monent for Christ’s sake, I doubt the dog is the child’s baby sitter.
    And for the record, I wouldn;t leave a child alone with ANY dog, least of all a small dog. Small dogs are the worst; especially Poodles, they suck with kids.
    Too many judgemental people. If you don’t like the picture, don’t look at it.

  189. joe says:

    To the poster who didn’t realize that TYPING LIKE THIS is annoying and abrasive, you need to do some research. First, Neapolitan Mastiffs are protective dogs, if the person they consider their master seems cool with some one, as a person is wont to be with their child, then they consider that person their responsibility to protect. If anyone feels entitled to ask how they know that their master likes someone or doesn’t, dogs are the only species, according to a recent study, that can tell a person’s emotions based on their facial expressions; people tend to be happy with their baby. Second, as far as hygiene, the world is a lot less clean then we’d like to think, and babies end up getting into insane stuff as it were, lose change on the floor, and a lot of stuff like that which are breeding grounds for disease. As far as weight, we have to step back and understand that that baby was probably covered by that Dog for all of 10 seconds, and also, look at the pic, his mouth is free and breathing. As far as crushing, that dog is obviously not going dead weight, as the animal control officer (if we believe that is what she was) who commented earlier said, the dog is getting a smell he likes on him, so not laying, rubbing, there is a difference. Besides that this camera wasn’t magical, there was a person there holding it and if he thought the child was in danger he would’ve intervened. Also, this would be hitting the lottery lucky to just happen upon whilst holding a camera, for the first time, this probably happens more often than you may think between that dog and that baby, and the first time or two the parents probably were worried but didn’t know what to do, and then just realized that there was no danger. Also, as far as the Dog’s instinct to be wild, as logical as it sounds, these dogs are domesticated, and most need a lot more provocation than a child who is still too young to stand on his own two feet can deliver to go nuts. Its the dogs who don’t need that provocation who make the news and shape public opinion. Also, as I was getting to earlier, Mastiffs protect family, so to those people who say “everyone says my dog is just fine,” and then the pooch goes postal, its usually on someone they don’t know too well, or the dog was just crazy, and that is a small percentage of dogs.

  190. volleyval says:

    It is obvious who knows dogs and who does not in this posting! I have a Neapolitan Mastiff and am due with a baby girl in January. You better believe we will be having plenty of photo opportunities with both our “children”. I can’t wait for the cute pictures to come!!!

  191. Anonymous says:

    i love
    that pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. ivan magro says:

    you didint see the italy tv that this same type of dog kills a chlid of one year . is true it was with his grand mother at italy.14/02/09

  193. Jeni says:

    People need to stop freaking out. I let my dogs lick my baby all the time and yes she is still alive (can you believe it). It is a sign of submission and acceptance. The only problem I see with this is the possibility the the dog may hurt the baby accidently. But no way would that dog hurt the baby on purpose. People who don’t see that know nothing about dogs.

  194. Anonymous says:

    This is the SCARIEST THING EVER!! Are you people stupid! That dog is MARKING that baby and whoops babys dead in the next picture!! Get a clue!

  195. Anonymous says:

    what is wrong with all of you weird people. i know when to keep my dog away and go and hold him if im concerned. I know my dogs. I dont allow any dangerous situations, because i dont want anyone hurt, my dog or a baby. Im sure these parents know any signs that their dog is not reacting well – give the parents some credit !!!!

  196. mum of 8 says:

    i am an owner of a neapolitan mastiff and they are very heavy dogs, mine is 18 weeks and weighs as much as my 15 month old american bulldog. with that being said all mastiff owners know they get too huge weights and sizes so teach the dogs early to be gentle. i have 8 kids and i have never had any kids bitten yet. mastiffs are very protective dogs especially of kids and there families. i would never leave my kids this small with my dog alone and we all know the mother didnt and if she thought the dog would throw its weight completely on the dog which the photos show it hasnt the baby wouldnt be there. you say this crazy woman’s dogs are only young it will happen. i say to you i have had an american pitbull for 13 years and it is as gentle as the mastiff. dogs are how you breed them and my last dog an american pitbull prior to these dogs died at 12 years and never hurt an animal or a person in its life.
    i get angry when little dog owners make assumptions that because a dog is big it WILL attack or hurt another animal or baby. my response to them is a little dog more often than not going to nip or bite. you just dont hear about it as much because the media has a habit of giving us the big dog stories. i have a 5 yr old pug and as a pup it would chew anything it could get its teeth on, though its grown out of it, i would of all my dogs never leave it alone with a baby. you only have to ask around as to who has been bitten by a little dog and see how common it really is. more caution has to be taken with little dogs as ppl tend to think they are small and wont do much damage. big dog owners take the big dog size into consideration and are aware anything can happen and if they are responsible are always there to take action if needed.
    great photos, keep em up. some ppl really need to lighten up. they are clearly taken in a controlled environment.

  197. Anonymous says:

    dog is a faithful animal but we should be careful because this is an animal and i dont like these type of pics.

  198. Anonymous says:

    My god!
    I dont know what to say
    What a stupid behavior of their parents.
    I have a dogo argentino and how sweet she is i would never allow this.

  199. Anonymous says:

    i think its brilliant. dogs are better than people at least . beautiful art x

  200. Ursula says:

    These are beautiful shots! I completely agree with Mum of 8, and others with positive opinions and I’d like to add another point of view. I think those people who say “terrible parenting” etc. don’t think about world… Thousands and thousands of people kill and hurt other persons (and animals) in every minutes, in every countries, and sometimes a dog attacks somebody and media full of that story. Consider this and after that make judgement. I think human beings more dangerous than any type of dogs. When I was a little child, I jumped to a very huge dog’s tail, then the dog turned around (every adult was terrified) and assessed my age, so lay back. Nothing happened. It was a huge shepherd dog.

  201. When I was married with kids we had a female Australian Shepherd mix (just before we adopted our son) and she and the boy became best pals.

  202. Anonymous says:

    this is the purest form of love

  203. anonymous says:

    This is NOT adorable!!!! This is very dangerous!!! By allowing this the dog sees this baby as his posesion. The third picture shows the dog leaving his scent on the baby, like cats do, saying this is mine!! Please never do this with your own baby and dog. Things can go very, very wrong!!!!

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  205. Mastiff Momma says:

    I’ve owned Mastiff’s all of my life and now breed them. I know the breed and love them dearly.


    The dog is not hugging the child. The dog is asserting dominance over the new addition to their pack. Dogs assert dominance and train puppies with nips and bites. Nips and bites that puppies are physically built to handle. Nips and bites that could maim or kill a baby. The final photo is the scariest because that dog has staked its claim and often in that position the next thing they do is bite and shake the object they’ve staked their claim over.

    Mastiff’s do actually make good family pets as they will guard and protect, but they will also challenge their position in the family pack (you, your children and the dog(s) are the family pack).

    Foolish doesn’t begin to describe the actions of the parents who allowed this.

  206. Vet Tech says:

    This is really a dangerous situation to put an infant in. Mastiff Momma is completely right in saying that this dog is displaying signs of dominance over this tiny child and will do what any higher pack member would do to keep it in line: nip, bite, paw and possibly lift and shake. I know many people have had entirely positive experiences with their own animals and, in many cases, there are dogs who would not attack a baby. But is it really worth taking the risk? Especially if it is marking the baby with its scent (by rubbing his head on it) and showing dominance by laying on it/draping his paw over it. Nice pictures in theory, extremely dangerous position to put a child in in real life.

  207. Anonymous says:

    this is so cute i think it is adorable i did this when i was younger very cut dog and adorable daog you have yes it is a little dangerous but if you train him or her they will love them not hurt them SO CUTE:D

  208. anonymous says:

    oh yeah so cute until your dog establishes dominance and maims your child. mastiff mama thanks for your comment bc i got this as an email and am a mastiff owner with small children and while our mastiff is super sweet, i notice he constantly challenges our authority. this has made me more aware as a mastiff owner and lover.

  209. mastiff owner says:

    i own an Old English Mastiff, she still in her puppy stage as she is only a litte over a year old, i havent seen her show sign of dominance yet, how will i know when she is doing so, is there any signs to look for?
    and now, i wouldnt ever allow her to “cuddle” with a child, just her weight alone could hurt them…..

  210. lilly says:

    oh!! this is so cute

  211. patricka says:

    i wish i had a dog like that!!the dog and the baby is soooooooooo cute !!! ^_^

  212. unknown :) says:

    this is very dangerous !!!!the dog may kill it !!!!! 🙁

  213. haley hubard says:

    that baby and dog r so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they look so happy together..but in one of the pics it looks like the dog is smashing it.. but dogs r veary gintel things..i have one and i know..they know when ur down and they now when u r happy but they also no when somthing happend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Dog Lover says:

    You must be nuts!

  215. great granny says:

    people have been attacked by their own dogs. one big bite and even if the baby lived the scares will be there for ever. why take a chance. if I were on a jury of this sort Id take the baby / children out of the home and have the parents fixed to where they cant have any more children or adopt any .animals belong out side and children need to come first. This is true of cats and any other thing.

  216. rj says:

    Is there any commen sense anymore?

  217. Jamie says:

    Get a damn life people! This dog is clearly cuddling with this baby, and it is NOT dominating it! I own a Mastiff, and there is a BIG difference. Also, LEARN HOW TO SPELL if you are going to post insults about this WONDERFUL breed of dogs!

  218. corkforbrains says:

    It’s been my experience that dogs seek to establish dominance in the presence of a pack.. Babies don’t seek to be the alpha-much-of-anyhing..and the dog is obviously responding to that. I grew up with a sheppard…certainly an animal that would exert dominance if challenged… Elfie decided I was her kid and any dominace she might have been feeling was not evident when I usta bite on her ears… Get a grip people… until there is a rash of babies trampled by the family pet, can we not at least pretend that these animals actually love their baby family members?

  219. corkforbrains says:

    Well said Jamie… It’s alittle frustrating when you are fighting off the urge to call someone dimwitted and they struggle with spelling.. Some peoples!

  220. DeeDawg says:

    I own and train Bandogges- being familiar with dogs, and Mastiffs in general, I’m fully aware that this isn’t “snuggling” behavior.

    this is the same thing a dog will do with a beloved posession, like a toy.

    letting your dog lick your baby’s fingers is one thing. allowing your dog to treat your baby like its personal property is a whole different story.

    dogs do not see infants as “young masters”. they see them as puppies.
    an insolent pup gets snapped at or nipped. is this a good chance to take?
    i certainly don’t think so.

  221. Chelsea says:

    I love dogs, and I’ve owned dogs since I was born. Even so, I don’t think I would allow this. I think it would be different if there was an adult right beside them at the time.

    Other comments say “I’m sure that the parents would notice if something was wrong, and stop it!” but noticing that something is wrong could come too late. Dogs aren’t slow, and they aren’t going to wait for you to jump in and stop them if something spooks them.

    I think that, although, yes, the pictures are kind of sweet, (Though the baby appears somewhat squished in a couple…) a little more care could have been taken.

  222. @the rest of you says:

    You people are some of the most ignorant i’ve ever heard of. I rarely read comments on beautiful things such as these because there are always all of you skeptics trying to make it seem like the animal has such bad intentions. Mastiffs are some of the most KIND and CARING and SWEET and LOVING animals i have ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone to own. This mastiff is kind, caring, and so beautiful. Obviously there WAS somebody right beside the animal, or these pictures wouldn’t have been possible. The family trusts their dog, just like a part of their family. As well as it should be. Take your negative comments elsewhere. This beautiful series is captivating, and I love seeing it every time I do. Thanks for the smiles!

  223. truth time says:

    I agree, @ the rest of you….people needn’t be mean or negative, but criticism can be useful, just like punishment can be useful. People shouldn’t be afraid to use either one when it is truly necessary.

    The person taking the photos wasn’t aware of the dog’s real motivations, and it’s a positive and productive thing to let them know that their baby might be in danger in the future. This dog is loving and kind, in that it is not actively aggressive or dangerous. But it’s being dominant, and if you’ve seen a dog with it’s puppies and with it’s toys, it definitely loves them both, but it also bites them and roughs them up, because that’s what puppies need, and toys are for.

    I love dogs and I love to cuddle them and pretend they really love me, in the human way. But this is not reality and I’m glad I am forcing myself to be aware of it (ignorance is not bliss…knowledge is power). Our society is slowly backing away from reality every time we humanize something an animal does and refuse to acknowledge and respect their natures.

    ::steps down sheepishly from soapbox::

  224. this is veery dangerous. the dog is asserting dominance. Do not try this with your kids

  225. NeoOwner says:

    DOG LESSON #1: This dog is a Neapolitan Mastiff NOT a Bullmastiff

    Had to get that out of the way because as the owner of a 185lb Neapolitan Mastiff myself, I get sick and tired of people misidentifying the breed.

    Now that’s out the way…would I ever leave a young child alone with a Neo? NO, but then I wouldn’t leave a child alone with any dog. However this child is not alone, there’s someone a few feet away behind the camera.

    On the whole question of dominance; dominance doesn’t automatically equate to aggression. Neapolitans are a protection breed, they will protect the family ‘pack’ from any threat outside it. The baby is part of the pack. They are massive dogs, but unless you’ve lived with one you can have no idea how gentle they are for that size and how they DO seem to know if someone is frail. My Neo is a Pets in Therapy dog, which means he comes with me to visit sick kids in hospital and old people in nursing homes. He seems to know these humans are not strong and will either gently nose them or sit and lift a paw and he hasn’t been trained to do either of things.

  226. For the Love of Mastiffs says:

    I own three english mastiffs. My 5 year old female does this exact same thing with me, my husband, and other family members she LOVES…Never in her 5 years has she ever turned on us or not listened…she is extremely well trained and gives us “hugs” when we come home from work or when she hasn’t seen us in a while. I’m not saying there isn’t rouge mastiffs, but if the person is a responsible mastiff owner, they will know what their dog is capable of. Our little 160lb. girl has hugged our 2 year old niece and there have been no issues there. Don’t assume someone is a bad parent or that every dog that does this is mean or asserting dominance. Animals are the most natural and caring creatures, much unlike us humans and each one is different. I think it adorable and see no issues, if the owners know and love and trained their dog right.

  227. Kate says:

    Ursula…..the dog assessed your age? Are you serious? You actually think the dog had thoughts like: ” well this human is smaller than the adults but not as small as that toddler so must be between those ages so I better not hurt it because this human couldn’t handle it.”

    What has human violence have anything to do with pack behavior and a dog being a dog, an animal? It has nothing to do with it. Family dogs who end up killing human infants are not exhibiting aggressive violent behavior like a human with a gun in war. The dog didn’t “think” the infant would die and didn’t think at all. It was going on instinct. Pack behavior. If you actually look up articles where family dogs have maimed or killed, you will also find owners of the animal completely blindsided by the event and they have to live for the rest of their lives that they didn’t protect their child from and animal.

  228. Unfortunately you are not reading this dogs body language correctly. This is wrong in two ways one the baby at risk of it accidentally getting injured and two if you replaced the image of the baby with a bone you would realise it was treating this a a possession, he wipes his scent over the baby then the licking is taking the scent of the baby down to the dogs Jacobson organ. Although it is unlikely that the dog would have consumed the baby as this motor pattern has been bred of the domestic dog, this could lead to guarding issues with the dog. Humans look at animals through human eyes describing the behaviour as human i.e he is cuddling the baby, dogs don’t cuddle that’s a human behaviour.

  229. Anonymous says:

    wow, some of you guys are just so over protective, this is a beautiful dog. we used to have one and she would’nt hurt a fly! this baby is obviously loving his presence, and in all of the photo sequences the baby is not upset or hurt or crying. the baby is happy! the dog is a big dog so maybe sometimes he or she may not know how small and delicate somethings may be, but seriously, there are many more things out in the world that we should be focusing on that are more important than this. world poverty, natural disasters at this period of time and that global warming is getting worse than ever! the ice caps are melting and these poor polar bears are being stranded miles away out at sea in search for food. sharks are now diving deeper into the ocean to find food and fresh water and sea water is mixing together now. this is all happening in our lifetime! if the earths temperature increases in just a minimum of 2 degrees, its very likely we could lose over half of the worlds species! THIS, is an issue, THIS is what is really damaging our earth. so i say, quit blogging and arguing about how mean or bad these parents may be and just think, do YOU want to be the bad parent letting your child to grow up in a world where half of todays animals could be extinct? THIS is a REAL issue!

  230. luap says:

    I don’t care how big or what breed why take that kind of chance with your baby.

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  232. lauren says:

    I have an english mastiff. She grew up with my neice. They love each other and my neice can poke her in the eye, step on her tail, hit her with toys and she just sits there smiling. People know their dogs. All these people need to worry about is an accidental smothering. This is fine and ridic cute if supervised.

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  234. Anonymous says:

    yes i agree with you. they are placid gentle dogs thats would not hurt a fly. the only things is there weight but usually they are very gentle with babys and children…

  235. Jennifer says:

    This pic is adorable,but don’t be fooled. We to took pics of our baby with our family dog.we had the dog for years before our baby was born- NEVER showed one ounce of aggression- then one day- just another normal day in our home I had given my then 2 yr old daughter a bath and she went to sit in front of the tv I was on the couch. All of a sudden our precious family pet that I would have laughed in someones face if they ever said she would attack my daughter did just that!! Unprovoked and for no reason at all. She attacked my daughters face so badly that her bottom lip was literally hanging off. She had to have numerous stitches to her face and we are forever reminded every time we look at her that dogs are indeed animals and they WILL attack. While we were at the ER the nurses and Dr say this happens with family pets more than people know. I know you are not being careless or irresponsible,but I wish I would have listened to people when they warned me as well and now when I look at the pics of my small baby with her attacker I cringe and it just makes me sick!! Hopefully this will never happen to you- many blessings!!

  236. Anonymous says:

    You’re all dumb. The dog is expressing love. You all think that a big dog just wants to own the child. Dogs are smart, sweet, and they understand. So shut up, it’s cute.

  237. Anonymous says:

    i believe that these dogs are beautiful gentle animals and wouldn’t hurt a fly… you do have to be careful… dogs naturally have a wild streak in them as it is hereditary, though really it should be the parents responsibility for this baby, not yours! so stop worrying about this one series of photographs and just relax!

  238. S.Outhorn says:

    This isn’t a bit ‘dangerous’: the dog treats the baby as it would one of his own pups – well aware it’s his master’s ‘pup’! The sequence fails to report how the dog, ‘Brutus’, a military K9 at McCord and the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor from his tour in Iraq, freed his jailed handler and friends when there. A dog is far more likely to know whom to trust and when, particularly his handlers being around (If not: who took the photos may I ask?…) as part of the family. If people do not trust their dogs, bond with them OR bother to get to know about their specific behavior, why do they get them??? For dog-fight purposes or to have them chained up all day? The little kid doesn’t seem to mind, at any rate (probably has more sense too…).

  239. straw dog says:

    This large canine, Brutus, was indeed given a Congressional Medal of Honor for delivering his handler and 4 other soldiers taken hostage in Iraq. The first K9 to receive this honor is said to be like a big lug wanting to sit on your lap as soon as he knows you are OK. So the bond between human and dog must be pretty strong. Breeders are hardly the ones to judge: to them it’s a question of knocking cash out of things usually kept in a stinking barn, whether or not they’d be live things… As to comments by holy-smoke moms and gran’s: before savaging anything dogs must be badly provoked; you are in far less danger in the presence of a dog than you would be with a pedophile around… – Seems to me humans everywhere are hardly the kind to talk, moreover, when they go about domineering the entire planet, often in more than a questionable manner. If dogs stay Man’s best Friend: poor dogs!

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  242. madison swan says:

    how cute that dog is just like mine is you’r dog a mastiff

  243. Jinaiji says:

    Wow! I am in love with these photos forever! I had a lot of dogs in my life and their are gentle loving animals! You are wonderful! Your baby and your dog is amazing too!

  244. Bengsxr says:

    You people are crazy!! I own a Neapolitan Mastiff as this dog is and the dog is not trying to dominate the baby. It is showing the baby love and laying there to protect the baby. The dog knows the difference between from a child and an adult. My Mastiff will sit on the couch like a person on laps and really close it does so because it just wants to be close to people. It can be dead asleep on the bed while I work at my desk in the room but if I get up he gets up and follows and looks for me. Now that dog will protect the baby till its death sad part is the dogs life span will only be about 10 years

  245. Geo says:

    What a photo. That dog loves that baby and that baby loves that dog. Thank you for sharing..

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  247. Anonymous says:

    Everytime I see these photos it makes my day. Forget the people who are saying negative things. Obviously there was supervision, and this dog is showing it loves the baby, and the baby is obviously loving the attention. I can’t help but smile whenever I see it. Love <3

  248. Nate says:

    I think I want to order a pizza for lunch today.

  249. C875 says:

    Nobody wants to be wrong… So just consider the outcomes of two kinds of wrong decisions: (1) You allow the dog to paw, roll, possess the baby (you call it a “hug”), because you think it’s “cute,” and you’re sure the dog will never harm the baby. But later on, the dog treats the baby like a chew-toy, picks it up and shakes it. OR: (2) You don’t allow the dog to paw, roll, possess the baby, you distract him, train him in other behaviors around the baby. But the dog never would have harmed the baby if you’d allowed the behavior to continue, and although the baby likes the dog, the baby doesn’t develop a really close relationship with the dog as he grows up. I’d opt for (2).

  250. Andrea Leger says:

    These are the most precious pictures! I have had two Neapolitan Mastiffs in my life and have been truly blessed.They were at different times but going through serious problems each time and they each gave me unconditional love and so much fun.I miss both my Romeo Blue Brut and my Nazarius.One sat with me during the most difficult time when I lost my dad.Naz laid in my lap and provided more love ans support than I could get from anyone.My Romeo helped me through the ending of my marriage.These dogs are the true embodiment of devotion and gentleness that you can get with ANY breed if raised properly!

  251. Judith Prisk says:

    Is the dog in this picture the dog that saved his handler when his handler was captured. I saw an article about a dog such as this one, that saved his handler when he was captured by killling two men & breaking into a building thus saving his master, & fellow troops.

  252. Doug says:

    The story about the dog that received the Medal of Honor for rescuing his handler and four other soldiers was/is bogus. Military dogs have received medals, but never the Medal of Honor. See

  253. Michael Realini says:

    Where did this picture come from, I would like to know who the breeder is. He is beautiful. And we are looking for another one to recede out deceased one?

  254. Michael Realini says:

    Can some one please tell who owns this dog or who breed it. It’s beautiful and I am looking for neopolitan to replace my cane Corso and keep my Newfoundland company. You can email me at Michael Realini @ or Thanks

  255. This is too stinkin’ cute!… Although the 3rd picture scared the Ba-Jesus out of me. lol.

  256. Anonymous says:

    this is the most beautiful dog next to the newfoundland dog of course

  257. Dog Lover says:

    This is NOT cute– the dog is not “hugging” this child, the dog is demonstrating dominant behavior, and this could have turned really ugly really bad! It’s easy to forget that our dogs are just that..dogs! They don’t “love” us, or “hug” us, that just isn’t part of their make up. Don’t get me wrong, I like to tell myself that my dogs “love” me, but I also understand deep down that what I am seeing is not the “love” that we all know. These types of interactions with infants and young children are dangerous. We expect a dog to understand that infants and small children don’t know any better, but they simply do not. Most dogs will exhibit extreme patience, as they do with puppies. But this is how and why dog bites happen to small children! Perpetuating these types of photos is dangerous, and when the dog reacts like a dog, it will be the one punished. It pays to be smart around dogs. Period.

  258. Leanne Loach says:

    What a great affection and love between cute baby and dog!

  259. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Dog lover! I agree this is not cute and not safe! I’m a huge advocate for Mastiffs, but this makes them look bad. Learnimg how to read dog body language shows this dog dominating the baby. People who don’t umderstand dog psychology thinks this is cute.

  260. Toni White says:

    Kinda scary at first to see a HUGE stepping over a baby. I would have been running to the baby to prevent any accidental injuries. Glad it turned out preciously wonderful at the end.

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  319. Dogs and babies? There’s nothing better!

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