Estate Tax Con

I remember back in all of Bush’s stump speeches when he was seeking reelection he used to say, “we have to repeal the ‘death tax’, the grave is one place Uncle Sam shouldn’t follow you” which always received a huge applause for him. Well in a bombshell development, it turns out that over the last ten years the driving force behind the efforts to have the estate tax repealed has been 18 of the richest families in the country, and they have used all of the dirtiest tactics in the book. They branded it the death tax, and frightened ordinary Americans with it, but in reality less than 1/4 of 1% will ever pay an estate tax after death, and those that do can afford it. The amount of money at stake is approximately $100 billion/year, considering we’re in a perilous budget shortfall at the moment, I’m certainly not keen on losing that money which comes from the richest of the rich. The coalition of those against the estate tax’s repeal is growing. Find out how the estate tax con has been perpetrated check it out.

The Death Tax

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