George Bush Gives The Shocker

Major hat tip to the ASU Track Team who, today, got our President to give the shocker for a photo. For all those who don’t know what the shocker is, find out here. Here’s the official press release on the White House website. This is an instant classic!

George W. Bush Gives The Shocker

George W. Bush Gives The Shocker

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4 Responses to George Bush Gives The Shocker

  1. adam says:

    That is not the shocker. That is the ASU “pitchfork” – a reference to the pitchfork that the ASU Sundevil carrys. The shocker would have the middle and pointer finger held together. Sorry to ruin your fun.

  2. I.M.Pissed says:

    I thought this hand jesture was a Muslim greeting, meaning salaam. If I’m right this is funny too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey “nerd” I go to ASU and that’s the pitchfork… and that’s what we do at football games and other events to say the Sun Devils are here… it is NOT the shocker it’s the pitchfork, do your research before you post shit that is false

  4. steven godfrey says:

    lol why are thy throwing up east side

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