Glass Toaster

Million dollar idea: a glass toaster! You’ll never burn another slice of toast because you can see it’s progress. The outside of the toaster stays cool, so it’s safe to touch. So simple… so brilliant.

Glass Toaster

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6 Responses to Glass Toaster

  1. Fritz says:

    this idea is long overdue

  2. Justin says:

    Make it a little wider so I can make a grilled cheese in it 🙂

  3. Lacey says:

    Now will it pop back up to the top, or will one of the panes of glass tilt so u can fetch the toast? cause having to shake the toast out would b a pain.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so mint

  5. Carlos says:

    @Justin… Of course you would want the cheese…. Plus.. do you stick cheese in the metal toaster? if you do.. your a retard.. So why would you wanna put it in a glass toaster… your so tight you could toast it in your arse cheeks… go back to WoW you 40 year old Virgin.. with regards.. a guy that thinks your fat..

  6. cman says:

    I love you Carlos

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