Hillary Lied On Keith Olbermann

When Hillary Clinton was interviewed on Keith Olbermann prior to the State Of The Union, she told a huge lie regarding her position on Iraq; she said, “To launch a pre-emptive war which I said at the time I was against.” That is couldn’t be farther from the truth, Hillary Clinton was a hawk on this war. Here’s the Huffington Post’s Report on this issue.

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3 Responses to Hillary Lied On Keith Olbermann

  1. AJ says:

    The quote that Huffington uses “It’s with conviction I support this resolution as being in the best interests of our nation. It’s a vote that says clearly to Saddam, ‘This is your last chance. Disarm or be disarmed.'” is taken out of context. (Not to mention, innacurate). If you read her ENTIRE Floor Speech on October 2002, you’ll see that she really wasn’t a “hawk” on the war. You’ll see that she wanted to increase the inspection laws and that war was a very last resort in her book. She clearly says “While there is no perfect approach to this thorny dilemma, and while people of good faith and high intelligence can reach diametrically opposed conclusions, I believe the best course is to go to the UN for a strong resolution that scraps the 1998 restrictions on inspections and calls for complete, unlimited inspections with cooperation expected and demanded from Iraq. I know that the Administration wants more, including an explicit authorization to use force, but we may not be able to secure that now, perhaps even later. But if we get a clear requirement for unfettered inspections, I believe the authority to use force to enforce that mandate is inherent in the original 1991 UN resolution, as President Clinton recognized when he launched Operation Desert Fox in 1998.”

  2. AJ says:

    I forgot to add the link to her 2002 Floor Speech…

  3. nynerd says:

    Well done AJ, you have debunked the Huffington Post. I am going to write them an email.

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