How Bacon Is Made

Bacon has gotten a bad rap as a cancer causing poison, but it sure is delicious so let’s see if I can help shed some light on the subject. Proper bacon is cured in salt, and is known as “back bacon”, and it looks like this:

Here in America bacon is cured in nitrates and nitrites which have been shown to cause cancer, precooked with artificial colors and flavors, and packed in plastic. Here’s a video on how it’s made for mass production:

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2 Responses to How Bacon Is Made

  1. jk says:

    You should see what passes for bacon in Japan, let alone sausages. What I wouldn’t give for a few nitrates..

  2. I didnt realise there was so much went into the production.
    In spain they get a pig
    cut slices off and thats the bacon.
    no processing or adding chemicals and flavours like in america for all the fat bastards.

    we have ceranno ham which is smoked and dryed but its still slices off a pig smoked naturally.
    tastes like shit though.

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