How Steak Is Made

I have to warn you, this is graphic, but it is a well done photo essay of where steak comes from. It made me hungry, check it out.

where does steak come from

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2 Responses to How Steak Is Made

  1. vldr says:

    I’ve seen this before, it’s really informative, and I think people should know “how their meat is made”. However, the author is actually trying to prove a point for going vegan 🙂

  2. nynerd says:

    Yeah, I think he made his point… but it didn’t work on me. What works on me is showing the inhumane treatment of animals farmed for meat. The big con now is “vegetarian fed” beef, it’s better than cows eating other cows, but it means they’re eating corn. Cows aren’t supposed to eat corn, they’re supposed to eat grass. When cows eat corn they get so much gas built up in their stomachs that someone has to shove a tube down their throat, not to mention the damage all that methane does to the environment.

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