How The Rich Get Richer

How The Rich Get Richer

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2 Responses to How The Rich Get Richer

  1. Pete says:

    I’m really tired of seeing these stupid political cartoons. Yea its true that the rich people are rich, probably because they’re doing something right, potentially something smart.

    Why is it that “poor” people remain “poor?” Probably because we’re just too stupid to figure it out how to make it big. We’re too nice, we’re too complex, and never aspiring for higher without putting in the effort, we’re too comfortable with the same lifestyle.

  2. Joe says:

    That was the most ignorant thing I have ever read Pete. Seriously. The rich are doing something right alright. They’re getting fucking tax cuts like no other, monopolizing all the wealth and privatizing all the resources while increasing taxes for middle and lower classes. How fucking ignorant can you be?

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