Icelandic Woman Received Full Terrorist Treatment In US

An Icelandic woman (pictured below) who flew first class with her girl friends to NY was received by Homeland Security because she had overstayed her Visa by 3 weeks in 1995. From there she received the full terrorist treatment, a hell that is hard to imagine. Here’s story firsthand, translated. This sort of thing makes me embarrassed to be an American.

icelandic woman

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2 Responses to Icelandic Woman Received Full Terrorist Treatment In US

  1. vldr says:

    Americans are hurting themselves way more than any terrorist could do this way…

  2. Trond says:

    These kind of things happens more often than you would think. One consultant in a company I used to work for just went missing for two days when traveling home from a course in the US. The reason was that he had been looking nervous while using a handheld computer at the international airport in Atlanta. They just held him randomly questioned him about stuff and made sure he did not get any sleep. He did not file a complaint, but he did take a long sick leave.

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