Mercenaries Kill For Sport in Iraq – video

This video has been linked to British private contractors in Iraq from the company Aegis, similar to our Blackwater. Sickening, they drive around shooting random people, great way to win over the hearts and minds… a crime!!!

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4 Responses to Mercenaries Kill For Sport in Iraq – video

  1. Zelig says:

    Why “this video is no longer available”???

  2. nynerd says:

    Somebody way up high made a call to google.

  3. Bob says:

    Terrorists use many tactics to kill solders and the security guards. Trying to look like a civilian is probably very popular for terrorists. The enemy uses cars, debris, women, and children to carry or hide bombs. If i had to choose between shooting out some tires or let that car get close and blow up me and my brothers. Id shoot the car out in a second.

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