Mexican Trucks on US Roads

Mexican trucks are coming to a road near you, starting September 1st. The Mexican trucks will be filthy pollutors and dangerous menaces on our highways. They will also take away many jobs from the Heartland because American truckers will not be able to compete with the lower cost competition. Thank you President Bush for bending this country over yet again! Here’s more

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5 Responses to Mexican Trucks on US Roads

  1. Paul C. says:

    There really is no other way to say it.
    George Bush is a traitor to this nation, and a disgrace to his office.

    And I voted for the jackass, the first time.

  2. JamietheSword says:

    Free trade for all U.S. Americans as long as your economy-shrinking cheap crap isn’t brought into your country by the peoples that made it/farmed it. Mr. Nerd you are a fair weather liberal. Freedom for all when when it suits the U.S.

  3. Protagonist says:

    I’m surprised you used the term “heartland”.

  4. nynerd says:

    it’s the heartland all right… all heart & no brains!

  5. Julius says:

    Does anyone know if these trucks will actually be used on US highways? I thought the junkers were used for transfer to the border then newer vehicles would be used for actual transport. If that is so, I would be fine with Mex trucks on our roads. NAFTA doesn’t exempt mex or for that matter Can trucks from emission control regulations. Do the mexican companies really want to spread mayhem in this country and prove the naysayers’ point? AND we get cheap crap from china too. Isn’t that our fault? We want quality goods for low cost and get the crap you paid for thinking it was well-built. Please, lets own up to the situation that we have gotten our into. You want to have your cake and pay walmart prices for it. Mexico wants to grow and they,if they are wise, won’t unleash a fleet of wrecked trucks on american highway users and expect it to continue. Sometimes I get the feeling that the “mexican truck haters” are either thinking every mexican trucker has a death wish or perhaps they are just bigoted. You don’t like losing jobs to mexican truckers then go to mexico and get a truckdriving job. If you are worried about losing out in the US labor pool, then make sure the trucking companies hire legal aliens only. IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH OUR APPETITE FOR GOODS AND SERVICES.They have to come from somewhere.

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