Most Marijuana Arrests Ever In 2005

786,545 people in the United States were arrested in 2005, making it the most prolific year ever for marijuana prohibition enforcement. While that may seem like an achievement for the “war on drugs” it should be noted that arrests for hard drugs slid during this time. NORML has a good article about this travesty of justice. This enforcement cost the taxpayers $10-12 Billion. Even if you don’t like marijuana, do you think it makes sense to spend that much money fighting it? Ruining the lives of that many people last year? Certainly marijuana itself didn’t ruin that many lives last year, in fact let’s see how many lives were ruined, oh yeah zero!

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  1. cannaseed says:

    yeah, i hope to read that article NORML about the travesty of justice,,,,i hope i could find a copy.

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