Mountain Biking The Cliffs Of Moher

This is some of the most insane mountain biking on the planet, The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It may look familiar to you as “The Cliffs of Insanity” from the film, The Princess Bride. The updrafts can be strong enough to make a biker weightless, but at least they’re wearing helmets 🙂

Mountain Biking The Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

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22 Responses to Mountain Biking The Cliffs Of Moher

  1. fritz says:

    I’ve been there. just peeking over the edge takes your breath away. Idiots.

  2. yumi says:

    insanity for sure

  3. The Truth says:

    There were 3 guys that got blown over the edge here. Last thing i would do would be to bike it.

  4. billy whizz says:

    the guy at the back is Steve Peat – UCI World Cup Mountain Bike champion and all round downhill legend!

    There’s footage of them on this cliff in the short film – King of the Downhill.

  5. Selena says:

    man…I stopped breathing when I saw the picture!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. wow! says:

    wow! i could walk that…or cling to the cliff and tiptoe slowly across…whatever works….but even the thought of biking it scares me horribly!!

  8. joyce says:

    are you kidding me right now? you’re insane!!!

  9. Steve says:

    Haha…nice digital manipulation. There are no ledges to bike there even.
    Good entertainement though.

  10. art says:

    i’d do it if i could, takes guts to do so though.

  11. Brandi says:

    Is thisfor real?????? My 86 year old mum is there NOW!!!!!
    Wanted to see the Emerald Isle where our family is from.
    Mother of GOD!!!!! Please take care of her if she tries this!!!!

  12. Steve says:

    Lol Brandi she’ll be grand

  13. Paul Harte says:

    Just came from there, there is no ledge around the cliffs. It was photoshoped.. Nice work though.

  14. Matt says:

    Paul and Steve, there aren’t any ledges if you come up from the visitors center and turn left, but there are if you go right. You just have to walk down to them. There is also video of them riding this on

  15. In 2001, I slipped on those cliffs -too close to the edge- and broke my ring finger -across the knuckle!…I think it was God’s way of warning me never to get married (“wedding ring” finger). LOL. I kid, I kid. I used duct tape and a pen to hold it together for two days until we got back to London. (My Spanish friend thought it was just “jammed” so he yanked on it a few times and that wasn’t really helpful. ha). Needless to say, when I arrived back in London, I got to watch them screw-in a screw before my very eyes — a souvenir I’ve had ever since. I cannot crack that knuckle anymore, but it’s alright…after all, the alternative was a 600 ft drop to the ocean. 🙂 Good pic! ~ LSN

  16. mikeC says:

    as it happens, one of the ledges fell into the ocean not long after they cycled it

  17. Martine says:

    There IS a ledge there. I’ve seen it myself. I’m Irish and live nearby. I’ve been on these every summer since 1985.

  18. Anonymous says:

    ich bin daunhiler mit leib undsele und schg denoch krang

  19. Matt says:

    Stupid people should just fall over the edge and rid the world of idiots like these.

  20. bren says:

    Fucking mental!!!

  21. John says:

    Couldn’t agree with Matt any more than I do. He is absolutely right. Just imagine people like this will breed and continue to water down the gene pool. There is no reason to do this. It’s just like when base jumpers have accidents. Who cares if those people die? Being given the gift of life then practically killing yourself just for kicks is a damn joke. People like this are beyond retarded.

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