Nazi Movement In United States Gaining Strength

Nazi’s would have killed these trailer trash first, they want to blame the black man and the Jew for their heroin addicted brother and for the father/uncle with no job. No but seriously, these people are scary. This is a film made in Israel in April 2006 which is about the movement gaining ground in the U.S., the footage is in English.

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8 Responses to Nazi Movement In United States Gaining Strength

  1. roberto says:

    Well, in my country (Chile) we are having issues about this, not that bad though, but still, there’re a few “neo-nazi” groups here, most of them are fighting punks and “darker” foreigns, it’s really sad some people still support racism, it’s simply insane.

    I don’t have much more to say about them, this is basically a demostration of what ignorace can do to people and I’m not talking just about racism, religion and faith (within a fundamentalist mind) creates the very same effect, hating another being who is, thinks and act different from you.

    When humanity finally agreed that there is no such thing as god, that all that matter are your ideas and acts not your skin color then and just then, people are going to realize how wrong the ones before them were (that would be us), and how stupid is fighting and murdering for fun, land, gods, race, sexual orientation, money and power is.

    If we want to be really successful as specie, finally live in peace with ourselves and write a nice history book 300 years from now, we need to change.


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  3. Tom Payne says:

    This is the result of the politics of fear fostered by Bush and the NeoCons. If you can
    keep people blaiming other people it keeps them from looking at themselves and the Bush
    administration that is stealing their money and the money of their grandchildren, sending
    young people to be killed and maimed, giving tax cuts to the richest, and no bid contracts
    to Haliburton!!!!!!!!!

  4. Doc says:

    I know I’m very late to comment on this post, but I feel I must.
    roberto: believing in God has nothing to do with racism. I am not Christian, so correct me if I’m wrong, Christianity is against racism. And I know for a fact that Islam is also against racism. The same goes with some of the other religions.

    However, I do agree with you that what matters is a person’s ideas and acts; not skin color or history.

    I’m planning to continue my study at the United States; I hope I don’t meet these kinds of people!


  5. Ozzy Osmond says:

    I am in total agreement with Tom above and agree that the fear propogated by the NeoCons and the Bush administration is fostering an environment in which crap like this can find a home. So sad.


  6. Attila, the Hun says:

    Beleive me, if Hitler saw this, he would abolish the whole gang. This festival has no dignity, has no sense has nothing. It totally meets the american way of doing things: in a stupid way, so that the stupid people can be got to do something.

    Man, we have the same people here in Europe having the same ideology, but the have no word here. They just marching on the street… moving not a meter towards their goal.

    Impotent, I’d say.

  7. Frongo121 says:

    What a sad group of blinded individuals. They talk of immigrants who are taking up space in our country, using our resources and so on… but aren’t these the same immigrants that do the difficult and unwanted job’s that no “American” wants to do? They talk about the Jewish and how they’re teachings condone evil ways, when the KKK and the Nazi’s participated in countless acts of violence and murder against innocent people. Clearly these poeple are blinded by their ignorance and/or by their mentors. Their beleifs quite frankly are revolting.

  8. AK says:

    well i’d say the american “nazi movement” makes the real thing look bad. nazism is about racial pride and doing what is right for the advancement and survival of the pure race. these americans so-called nazis are not only not of pure breeding, but have nothing to be proud of, beeing uncultured and ignorant trailer tr.ash, though i admire thier enthusiasm

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