Collapse By Michael Ruppert

This is one of the smartest synopsis I have seen, detailing the current state of global economics and geopolitics. As we enter the downturn post peak oil, what are the ramifications. The global economy is built on fiat currencies and massive debt, that require continual expansion in order to survive. Well, what happens when oil gets more scarce, and growth comes upon a major headwind. Michael Ruppert really connects all the dots here, I highly, highly recommend watching this film. Here it is in its entirety:

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Blue Whale Exhibit Installation

Here is a photograph from the installation of the Blue Whale Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, taken in 1969. I remember seeing this for the first time on a class trip, and being completely awed by the size of this animal.

Museum of Natural History - Installation of the Blue Whale Exhibit in 1969

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Habitable Planet 12 Light Years Away

Tau Ceti is a our closest neighboring star, has 5 orbiting planets, and 1 of them may be very similar to Earth, it has been discovered. It’s only 12 light years away, so all we need to do is figure out how to travel at near the speed of light. Lord knows we need a new planet, after we destroy this one. Here’s more

Tau Ceti planet may be habitable

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Baboon leads you to water

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Great Ad For Tabasco Sauce

A great ad goes viral and gets shared far and wide, this ad for Tabasco Sauce is a prime example:

Tabasco Sauce Viral Advertisement

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How The Rich Get Richer

How The Rich Get Richer

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NYC Unprepared For Sea Level Rise

With climate change in full gear, and the climate dice loaded for explosive weather events, it’s unnerving to read about how exposed New York City is to disaster, when, not if, a major storm surge hits home. Check out this article in the New York Times.

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Kilian Martin: Altered Route

This is a short film that features skateboarder, Kilian Martin, tearing around a deserted amusement park. Beautiful cinematography and talented skater.

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American Industrial Monoculture

American Agriculture

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Walrus Sounds

This walrus is trained to make a wide range of sounds, I had no idea they were this smart.

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