Ping-pong Dining Room Table

Brilliant, a classy dining room table and a regulation size ping-pong table all in one! By Chinese designer Hunn Wai.

Someone needs to mass produce these things, you reading this IKEA?



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6 Responses to Ping-pong Dining Room Table

  1. Ben Jammin says:

    I’ll buy that right now…..

  2. Earlpearl says:

    Hmmm….perfect for our friend, Wit

  3. Matthew Josh Turner says:

    If thats an elegant dining room table doubling as a ping pong table, why the F*&* are they serving fries, burger and wine. Love it though.

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  5. nice idea says:

    Some people are just smart!

  6. Julia park says:

    I would like to know this ping pong dnnng table price.

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