Polar Bear Attack Survivor

This man was attacked by a polar bear and lived to tell the tale. He shot the bear in the midst of being mauled in his tent and survived, these are the dramatic and graphic photos.

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

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  3. Any of u dumb people even ever seen a polar bear in bearson?
    Let me tell ya, they are bigger than your stupid asses combined.
    You asses who say something stupid about the whole story don’t even know what your talking about. So shut the #@$! up.

  4. And 1 more thing, to all u nagative idiots I hope you meet the guy who survived so he can teach you a lesson or 2 on how to survive an attack by the worlds Biggest land carnovore.

  5. I love to meet polar bear mikey so I could introduce him to the dead bears relatives.
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  6. Survival of the fittest and the inuk was the fittest, sorry all ya who love bears we inuit eat em like McDonalds burgers.

  7. Most of you guys are even scared of a little mouse yet u laugh at something like this. 1 of you will end up in a similiar situation and when u do try to listen to yourself if u are laughing.

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  15. If 1 white guy was in his place they probably wipe out the whole polar bear species,
    I don’t even think the guy who got attacked even let out any cry,he looked like he got out the next day from the hospital now that’s what I call Tough guy. Hello Nunavut from Nunavik.

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  17. fyi polar bears are extremely smart unlike most of you morons.

  18. Sometimes they will walk right in to our town and cause mischief but we let em walk if they don’t pose a threat, we respect our animals, we live along side them, sometimes things turn ugly for both man and animal but we don’t go stupid and start taking down a # of them. we eat them they try to eat us, that’s life but we Respect the mighty nanuk (bear). The camper was practicing his God given right to camp there so don’t ask what he was doing out there he’s Inuit and Inuit have roamed the land where none of you how to survive in.

  19. This is 4 fight 4 animal person. The guys who are in the picture are Inuit hunters and they were’nt even there when the attack happened they are there to look at the scene,
    Yes, Inuit can put down any animal they wish, they do not need permission from nobody or governments unlike you Robots. We live with nature and everything in it.
    It’s one of the most beautiful untouched land in the planet. but I bet you mighty people could’nt survive in the cold for 2 minutes hahahaha!..

  20. That guy says:

    Ummm… Last time I checked, you are legally allowed to shoot an endangered animal if it rips half your scalp off and bites through your ankle even if you aren’t an American Indian. Regardless, whoever posts any hater comments are probably eating an animal right now that has suffered more than that bear did. I appreciate polar bears too, but scientifically, Man is dominant.

  21. We is not American indians, We are Inuits of Canada. Yes, Indians are our brothers so are all other human races in case your mama did’nt tell u. Anyways! Me no hater of anybody, I just cannot tolerate Dumb and Dumbers who are judgmental without having any knowledge of who they are looking down on. So I apologize 4 any offensive remarks towards anybody, yeah I sound like a fake too so pardon moi, Ta-bac-nac!

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  23. bridgette says:

    You guys are all so stupid. Its hilarious reading these comments. It looks like a bunch of fourth graders wrote them.

  24. George Herber says:

    I believe what they did to the polar bear was outragous and i hope that man died. SN

  25. Gary says:

    There aint a bear that would not protect itself is it is being persued. Law of nature. The man persued the bear, the bear almost won.

    Or, the bear was really hungry and went after anything it thought it could dominate.

    You pick the senerio…

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    poor bear… and poor guy…… wrong time wrong place for both….end of history

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    Tommy sounds like a racist biatch. He’s probably a nerd who locks himself in a room, trolling the web cause he’s got no life.

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  40. I know this person, he lived in Kimmirut where the attack happened on the outskirts of the small hamlet. They were all asleep when the attack happened. He himself did not shoot the bear, it was the camp cook who shot the bear.

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