Polar Bear Attack Survivor

This man was attacked by a polar bear and lived to tell the tale. He shot the bear in the midst of being mauled in his tent and survived, these are the dramatic and graphic photos.

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

Polar Bear Attack

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190 Responses to Polar Bear Attack Survivor

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  2. kirsten says:

    OMG no way this is soooo discusting these animals are sooo cute but you forget what they are capble of doing they are born killers ! not toys

  3. Lloyd says:

    Insane! His scalp is so mangled and that foot has to be the most horrible foot i have ever seen!

  4. Thomas says:

    I hope he’s allright. I bet his foot got amputated. Poor guy.

  5. Thomas R. says:

    I feel so bad for the guy. does anybody know what was wrong with the bear, or was he just hungry? Best wishes to the survivor and his family and friends.

  6. CHRIS says:


  7. Fred says:

    wow that would suck i couldent imagin that pain man i hope he is all right.

  8. Cimora-Lee says:

    this all happened 2 one man
    omg wow i wouldnt be able to do it
    he was probably crying 4 his mom da entire time

  9. george says:

    omg his skull was showing!!! how did he survive that!!!

  10. Rick says:

    The idiot was probably out hunting the innocent bear anyway…Keep up the good work bears.

  11. Mike says:

    I agree with Rick, he probably would hae ended up shooting this bear anyways. That’s what happens to hunters and people who mess around with animals. Just look at Steve Irwin.

  12. Owen says:

    Oh my gosh! Mike and Rick have got to be the sickest people on earth. A guy gets mauled by a bear and you have the audacity to make a PEDA talking point out of it? WTF! He got mauled by a bear! And what do you mean “look what happened to Steve Irwin”? He was an animal lover, not a hunter! So animal conservationists deserve to get mauled by bears? Yeah, I guess you’re right, he really had it comming to him didn’t he? This is comperable to the twisted excuses for humans that are glad those people died on 9/11 and wish that more had been done (Mr Obama, know anybody like that?)

  13. mike says:

    I bet he wins the scar contests with his buddys

  14. greg says:

    Mike and rick…you two have it coming because what goes around comes around.. If I was you I would just go stay in my house, not come out, and remember that when u say things like yall did that’s why you have no friends and nobody to care for yall. And I agree I hope that guy is okay!

  15. shobolab ding dong says:

    that is sosososososo nasty!!!!!
    you guyss are so gross!!!

  16. max says:


  17. Tree Hugger says:

    I am appaled that the poor polar bear was murdered, they are endangered because of man made global warming. The man who killed the bear should be arrested and jailed.

  18. Troy says:

    yes this is what i like to see….. Not the dead bear of course. Not the mangled man, but the triumph of human will. he was going to die bottom line. surviving a polar bear attack like that is rare. The fact that this guy had the will to find his gun and do what had to be done, is very respectable in my eyes. Just shows us, were still considered food in the eyes of some.

  19. connor hughes says:

    wowowowowowowowowoow that is crazy

  20. KOdie Krause says:

    haha he got the shit kicked out of him he had it coming for hunting the poor bear anyways

  21. OMFG O>O says:

    Thats so .. nasty..

    OMFG o.o im sorry for the dude. xd

  22. Random Person says:

    OMG Those Pics literally made me PUKE!

  23. chris brown says:

    damn!!! that is some discusting shit!how could this guy survive!! the survivor should thank god that he suvived…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Well that’s gotta hurt really bad…

  25. LightPlague says:

    At what point do we start making the assumption this man was HUNTING and that he “deserves this”??! Nowhere does it say he was hunting – and at what point do people “deserve” something? Every one of us probably deserves to be dead right now for some reason or another – so I suggest to the few on here who are saying these things – try having compassion on both man and beast – not just the “poor, dead, endangered, global-warming plagued bear”. think people. think.

  26. LeftWithNoChoice says:

    He didn’t deserve it. No one said he was hunting. There’s nothing “wrong” with the Bear. Humans are part of the Polar Bear’s diet. They are one of the few animals that will actively hunt humans. They see us, smell us, they see/smell food.

    And if all humans are responsible for killing off the Polar Bear, why does this guy take all the heat. I mean, according to your logic, we should ALL be eaten by Polar Bears, die from Malaria, Small Pox, and pecked to death by Dodo Birds.

    The guy had crap luck is all. I’m impressed he had the strength left to kill the man-eating bear. The bear had it coming.

  27. LeftWithNoChoice says:

    OK, read up on it. The ankle injury occurred when the man accidentally shot himself trying to shoot the Bear… Like I said, the guy was definitely not having a good day.

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. simon says:

    the anonymous dude was me…. that looks like a big owie…

  30. Sammie says:

    That’s a two year old bear… two year old bears are like starving pitbulls locked up without food for a week. Throw in someone in there they don’t know and see what happens.

  31. Swayzee says:

    this is nutsss. if you ask me that guy is the biggest badass ever. he was attacked by a polar bear, mobbed the bear, and lives to tell the tale. he is pretty rad in my book

  32. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I can’t take it!

  33. Qilak says:

    I agree with Greg, Mike and Rick what goes around comes around. And to you Rick, if he’s an Idiot, what are you? You probably wouldn’t even have a chance to live if you got attacked by a Polar Bear. Have a heart man! He survived because he’s a brave Inuk.

  34. Secondsplease says:

    After reading some of the comments on here I’ve lost a bit of hope for the future of the human race. All the tree-hugger idiots need to get a grip on reality. Your caveman ancestors are ashamed of you. They where more like HARDMAN bear-slayer here who took care of business. They spent all day solving life and death problems. No nanny-state help, no safety nets, no modern appliances, no home depot or grocery stores. They just woke up in the morning and got it DONE. If they could only see how long you spent on your carefully manicured dirt-head do they’d cry at their genetic legacy.

    For one thing, polar bears may be on some list, but they are thriving just fine. Second, polar bears and Nile crocodiles are the two animals that ACTIVELY hunt people. There is nothing wrong with them. They obey their instincts. HARDMAN should be applauded for doing the same. He survived.

    We must be failing genetically as a species, because women are losing the urge to want kids and men are wanting to act like princesses. How long can we last like this!!!???

  35. GFUNKED says:

    HAHA>>> Re: Steve Irwin: ANIMAL LOVER. NOW THATS A STRETCH IF i ever saw one. An animal lover would leave animals alone, let them be in their own comfort zone and habitat – not bopping around the world burning up fossil fuels and wreaking havoc on the animal kingdom – he was a media spectacle chasing animals, causing them stress, a disrespectful idiot. How would you like it if some came into your home and started manhandling and jumping on you.. wouldn’t you want to kill – Steve got what he deserved! Steve Irwin was a money lover not an animal lover. The more chaotic he could make his films the more ratings he got which meant the more pay he got. YOUR AN idiot to think otherwise. The man in this image is most likely indigenous to the area and was probably hunting for his family – one can only guess since their isn’t any info regarding the event. retards.

  36. Anonymous says:

    are these photos photoshopped

  37. rafa says:

    i have a polar bear in mi house hes name is coca and he have 5 years old he never do me something like that the guy make something to the bear?

  38. Anonymous says:

    wtf stop killing polar bears i love them!!!!

  39. katie says:


  40. kyle says:

    fing hell that polar bear isnt messing around

  41. R. Frank says:

    The 8th most deadly creature to humans is the Polar bear they are CARNIVERIOUS everything that is alive near the arctic is food for them.
    The great white shark is #4. To them if your alive you are food.
    Most of the death of humans at a zoo is by polar bears! What Walt Disney movies gives is NOT real no matter how many time you watch the absurd cartoons.
    By the way the 5th most deadly creature to humans is the African Lion and children are mostly the target and lets not forget the Nile Croc whos favorite food is women and children!
    Out side of our pretend world you are either the prey or the predator!
    The beautiful wolf is a predator but we have bread them in kakapos and Chihuahua NOW release them into the wild. The coyotes and puma and eagle around my neighborhood eat them like snacks!
    By the way in the movie Jaws the accounts in the movie really happened but not with sharks but with Orca’s but because of the love for the domesticated Shamu the accounts were changed to a great white.
    Do I carry a gun and a knife when I walk around my acreage? Or a boomstick and knife when I go diving? YES! Is it to kill something? No! I have them just in case, to keep from being killed!
    Reality is very deadly,
    But it is REALITY!

  42. Xoxoem says:


  43. Anonymous says:

    all the peta people are fkn idiots the dude that got attacked was a guide for some sport hunters. He was sleeping then out of nowhere the polar bear came in the tent and attacked him, he ran out and it jumped on him…the cook for the crew was the guy who shot the polar bear.

    by the way polar bears are very good to eat…when your out hunting in the arctic and if your cold eat some polar bear and you warm right up.

  44. polorbearluver says:

    leave pb’s alone those of you who think their not important and f*** off for kill’n one u sick bastards!

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Alex says:

    maybe u shouldn’t of been fucking with him jerk!

  47. Bert Pence says:

    I’ve seen them up close and personal. They’re good at one thing bigtime, killing and eating. No stuffed animal here. Bert.

  48. Anonymous says:

    wow poor guy thats what he gets 4 messing with the polar bear

  49. Anonymous says:

    stay out of polar bear habitat ?!

  50. Sanna says:

    Damn, that’s some pretty nasty injuries. :S Glad that’s not me!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Take this story as it is presented in pictures and caption: there was a confrontation between a person in a tent and a bear, one dead, one injured. You don’t know the full details like whether the man was out hunting, or hunting for subsistence, or hunting commercially for rich idiots who have nothing else better to do with their money, nor does human-invented justice and karma exist / apply to affairs outside civilization, so hold your judgments. What’s this silly business about loving a bear? Is it because it’s so adorable? In which case you may love bacteria and viruses as well in the form of Giant Microbes or really another life form, but too bad, because many are dying (you’re harboring death!) and regenerating inside you this very moment! And in many places with many people over the course of your life, you’ll be contributing to the destruction but also regeneration and creation of other species: the point is that such events happen as cycles, processes, chains, webs, networks, and systems on Earth with or without human interest and human sentimentality.

  52. Anonymous says:

    i feel so sorry that the persons that got attacked by a polar bear and i mean it.

  53. abcdefghijklmnop says:

    I feel soory for the people and the polar bears

  54. electra says:

    I wish no ANIMAL or humans were ever harmed

  55. Super Girl345 says:

    omg headddd!!!! i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so sorrrrry

  56. ff says:

    i have looked at these pictures and i used to love polarbears but now it looks scary. i feel so sorry!

  57. 123656865233 says:

    omg wht did that person do to get that hurt

  58. Anonymous says:

    it is good that the guy lived

  59. richard says:

    You know what it is sad that this human had to be so hurt!! But what ppl these days still dont realize is that we are in ading THEYRE LAND THEYRE HOMES if the guy would have not been there no one would have been hurt including this beautifull ALLMOST EXTINCT POLAR BEAR

  60. crazy monkey says:

    I feel so sorry for that polar bear.
    I WISH THAT the polar bear was still alive, i wish that the person did not disturb the polar bear then they both will not be harmed.
    i used to love polar bear!
    but now…..
    i feel that they r a little scary!

  61. Anonymous says:

    wowwwwwwwwwww stay away from the bears you dumbasses that would have never happend .. the end

  62. Anonymous says:

    polar bear are stupit!

  63. kd14 says:

    so so so so sory that looks like he is in alot of pain God take his pain

  64. Anonymous says:

    Sod the polar bear, this guy was minding his own business!

  65. pie says:

    well if he was huntimg that polbare he dizrvet it is sad how ppl kill then

  66. polar mark says:

    Polar bears are meat eaters,like man. They just don’t cook it before they eat it.See the pix of the man for proof. And Polar bears aren’t nearly extinct. They’re on the endangered species list for years now. That means they are protected. AND their numbers are growing. More alive today than 10 or 50 years ago. BECAUSE they’re protected! And I would’ve shot it more than once if that were me!!!!!!

  67. B Dobson says:

    Camping on land where wild bears live is just stupid they have themselves to blame

  68. John says:

    Ok why are so many people worried about saving polar bears, they are violent beast, kill them all.

  69. Earth Girl says:

    Polar bears are starving to death due to the fact that there is significantly less ice for them to hunt for seals. You can’t say “kill all polar bears” because this polar bear was so obviously hungry and suffering already. I think it is terrible that this man has to experience such pain, but that is no reason to want to get rid of this magnificent animal. You people should know better.

  70. My brain hurts reading some of these comments. You’d think the bear mauled these people’s heads as well…or at least nibbled on their typing fingers.

  71. Anonymous says:

    to all of you idiots who think these animals are scary, or saying that the bear deserved to be shot etc., now we know what to do with you and your speciesism: drag all of you out the arctic and let the bears finish you all off! get it through your heads. polar bears, like any bears, tigers, alligators, falcons, whatever, are wild animals. they don’t discriminate, they hunt. they get hungry and hunt. you go to the store to get a steak, they take whatever food is available. if you don’t want to get mauled, don’t intrude upon their habitats. god. the only animal on the planet that thinks it can go wherever it wants and do whatever it wants is man. man is physically INFERIOR to animals. man has evolved MENTALLY because intelligence is what suggests that people go away from carnivorous animals. of course i feel sorry for this man, but it shouldn’t have ever happened in the first place. and john, you brainless dolt, yea, it’s the polar bears who are violent! when was the last time you ever saw a bear, or any other animal shoot something with a gun for sport? i didn’t think so.

  72. Anonymous says:

    dont play with the polar bears…

  73. Polar Bear says:

    I’ma get you next bitchaz!

  74. sky136 says:

    you guys need to know that if once the polar bear have tasted human flesh, then it will hunt more humans and see humans as foods, and i dont think thats a good thing. of course it is not okay to just set up camp in bear land, but if that bear did manage to kill that dude and lived, it would probably eat more humans in the future. as humans we are suppose to protect all living species, that is our purpose in this world to be the khalifah (leader and protector) to this world and manage it. it is wrong for us to hunt down bears, but it is also no okay to let the man-eating bears to roam free. either they need to be captured and be institutionalized (like in some sort of sanctuary functioning as a jail), or kill it. because the human population is growing and we gotta put it in our heads that sooner or later, we will be invading their homes. the only non violence solution is for us to stop growing in numbers and start living smart. not to exploit the resources we have too much. the more we consume (electricity, food, lumber, etc.) the more we invade. we need to find a way to coexist.

  75. polarbearlover11 says:

    what is wrong with some of you people polar bears are magnificent animals after reading what happend to the people they are still my favorite animals and they always will be they are wild that need to be left alone and not killed. and john what kind of a person are you? do you have a heart? it was the peoples fault because they invaded the plar bears space of course i feel sorry for the ppl to but it was truly their own fault so SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!!! P.S. JOHN GO TOTHE RESEARCH BEFORE CRITISIZING THE POLAR BEARS!!

  76. Steve says:

    What a fight! What a scrap!…… AWESOME!

  77. Just Me says:

    i have to wonder what happened for that bear to hunt a man in a tent?

    was he maybe on a hunting trip of his own?

    i can feel sorry for the man in the picture ‘but’ he made a kill shot on a bear while being attacked in his tent with a ready loaded gun. hmmmmmm. presents some questions.

  78. fight4animals says:

    that bear was not shot in the head u can tell by the pictures!!! its been clubbed at from the side!!!

    i dont believe these men are innocent did they have permission?? what were they doing??? and why were they even out there in the first place?? hmmm presents suspicions!!!!

    unfortunately my battle will always be for the animals not for humans, sorry for the guy n all the pain but it never would have happened if humans didnt interfere with EVERYTHING!!!

  79. tatuli says:

    omg!! it’s so horrible… person’s leg O.o

  80. gabi says:

    that’s scary but when i was younger i saw that and the story said he got attacked because he had candy bar garbage in his tent

  81. Shannon says:

    Yep, I feel bad about the guys pain but the idiot shouldn’t have been camping out in polar bear territory. I feel bad about the death of the bear too! The guy is still alive. Lucky him!

  82. Jennifer says:

    holy hot dam that man got tore up – its incredible that he managed to get a grip on his gun. I hope the bears live on, but I also hope that man recovers to the best of his abilities.

  83. Johnny Ripperstock says:

    you people are all fucked… Obviously this was a setup by the government. All polar bears are first born and raised in laboratories, then immediately brainwashed by being tumbled in huge delicate set dryers. After the scientists feel that these bears are ready to be set free they drop them from helicopters onto random camps and tents throughout the arctic. The “almost extinct” polar bears are then framed by the government for attacking these already injured humans… Thats right assholes, the people in these photos are surviving drunk driving first nations peoples who are cast unto the great white wilderness by our sick and twisted circus freak show, we call a goverment. Im not even going to start on the penguin sex slave trade…

  84. Anonymous says:

    sorry for the polar bear i love them

  85. Anonymous says:

    sorry for both but i/m really sorry for the polar bear love them Ponl

  86. Lauren says:

    Well if The man hadn’t gone camping there/Polar Bears Home He wouldnt have gotten a split head or a bit ankle and scrached back!!!!!!!!!! IM SO MAD THAT THE POLAR BEAR DIED UUUUGH

    I still do feel bad for the man a little only this little * But I feel really bad for the POlAR BEAR THIS MUCH MY STORY X 90

  87. jeff.park says:

    i fell sorry for the polar bear but shit happins like that

  88. jeff.park says:

    Polar bears are starving to death due to the fact that there is significantly less ice for them to hunt for seals. You can’t say “kill all polar bears” because this polar bear was so obviously hungry and suffering already. I think it is terrible that this man has to experience such pain, but that is no reason to want to get rid of this magnificent animal. You people should know better.text me 705-845-9203 my dad works with poler bears

  89. someone that isnt dumb says:

    this man got fucked up because he was some where he should not have been you can get away with it so many times be 4 you get caught ans messed up nature is not friendly bears are not cute and and you guys r idiots

  90. Actually a Canadian says:

    Hmmm…. there are a lot of weird comments on here. First – the man looks to be an Inuit. The Inuit have lived in the Arctic for about as long as the polar bear. Yes, they do often live in tents especially if they are hunting to feed themselves. The gun was for protection against polar bears hence why it was loaded. We are not going to ask the Inuit to leave their homeland because they might encounter a bear. They know the risks and are taught to deal with them.

    Second (to Sky) It is TIGERS who view man as easy prey after eating them. Not polar bears. Polar bears always view man as meat. We are easy kill. Polar Bears are the only true carnivorous bear so of course we would look like a tasty treat.

    A man won this round… the next round will go to a bear and so on. That is life. Get over it.

  91. Actually a South African says:

    To Actually a Canadian..
    Thank you for speaking sense, you are the only seemingly intelligent person on this board.
    People saying it’s his fault is the same as a ranger or a farmer here getting attacked by one of our big beasties, and I have a couple of points to make.

    Firstly, unless any of you have actually seen what these animals do, and I don’t mean at the zoo, then why bother posting?
    Why are polar bears your favourite animals? Because they’re cute and cuddly?
    They are Bears you idiots, they are carnivores, they hunt us..
    Yeah sure we hunt them back but they aren’t exactly harmless.

    Secondly, all you retarded animal rights mongtards, lets put you out in the wild, then you can go tell the bears, lions, buffulo, or whatever how much you respect them, when they eat you, you can rejoice at feeding such a magnificent animal.

    I respect these animals, but if one tries to eats me i would also put a few rounds into it.

    How old are you idiots anyway? Haven’t you lot heard of punctuation?

    These people live there you idiots, they arent ‘invading the bears territory”

    God I hate Hippies.


  92. ya'll dont need to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    yall are all stupid muthafuckin little bitches
    he got jacked up so wat
    life goes where it want to
    yeah im black and ill fuck anything up

  93. im a slut says:

    heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy single men want to have sex

  94. Harriotso says:

    polar bears are known to hunt and attack humans. The ONLY bear known to hunt humans.

  95. Harriotso says:


    To Actually a Canadian..
    Thank you for speaking sense, you are the only seemingly intelligent person on this board.
    People saying it’s his fault is the same as a ranger or a farmer here getting attacked by one of our big beasties, and I have a couple of points to make.

    Firstly, unless any of you have actually seen what these animals do, and I don’t mean at the zoo, then why bother posting?
    Why are polar bears your favourite animals? Because they’re cute and cuddly?
    They are Bears you idiots, they are carnivores, they hunt us..
    Yeah sure we hunt them back but they aren’t exactly harmless.

    Secondly, all you retarded animal rights mongtards, lets put you out in the wild, then you can go tell the bears, lions, buffulo, or whatever how much you respect them, when they eat you, you can rejoice at feeding such a magnificent animal.

    I respect these animals, but if one tries to eats me i would also put a few rounds into it.

    How old are you idiots anyway? Haven’t you lot heard of punctuation?

    These people live there you idiots, they arent ‘invading the bears territory”

    God I hate Hippies.


  96. whatsup21 says:

    i dont feal bad for the polar bear he tore a hole through the dudes foot u guys are weird.

  97. BABY DEE says:

    I love the canadian and south africans comments! i hate people who consider themselves animal lovers yet if they went out in the wild with a gun theyd end up killing an animal too. haha i find extreme animal lovers funny :] steve irwin was probably the only real animal lover on this whole planet! he understood the concept of life and how things hunt and others are the hunted. and dur the man had a gun! i would bring a gun too just in case a situation like this would happen, anyone with a freaking brain would! wow a lot of people lact intelligence. that brings me great hope for our future 😀 hahahhahahhahahahah oh yes

  98. BIG MAMMA says:


  99. oh wait,what was that? u cant run?.. oh u cant run cause u dont have an ankle and you dont have an ankle cause i bit it off!!!

    stupid man,i dont care if u lived there ur whole freaking life! ur a dumbass and shouldve known betta! fool.


  100. South African says:

    You want some fried chicken with that Big Mamma? xD

  101. Anonymous says:

    shut the hell up

  102. Anonymous says:

    i wanna finish what the bear started
    this shit makes me hungry ahahahaha

  103. RKJ says:

    Shit, he’s definitely gonna have to get a new tent

  104. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so creepy. Why would you go there if you would know that might happen.

  105. Anonymous says:

    OMG SHUT THE ******

  106. Anonymous says:

    You poor guy….thank god you’re alive, I’d make a rug out of that stupid bear if I was you and at least you won’t need a haircut for a while…..that probably isn’t helping…..you’re in my prayers tho.

  107. sarah johnson says:


  108. Dan-Marius says:

    I am surprised that the man had the foot still atached to the leg…
    I think the bear had already fed not long before the atack and he bit the man just for fun.

  109. Anonymous says:

    that looks sore

  110. Anonymous says:


  111. Anonymous says:

    thats wat u get fur trying ta fight way a polar bare

  112. anonymus says:

    plese think of the poor polar bear…… that guy was on his territoty and is probably not telling the real story. yes that is horrible but the bear is dead and adding on the extinction list. way to go on trying to save the bears……oh an dthat is really making me sick!!!!!!!

  113. anonymus says:

    plese think of the poor polar bear…… that guy was on his territoty and is probably not telling the real story. yes that is horrible but the bear is dead and adding on the extinction list. way to go on trying to save the bears……oh an dthat is really making me sick!!!!!!! All of you are acting like children. im sorry for the man but wow i feel sorry for all the people you associate with on a daily basis. stupid idiots!!!!!!!

  114. cawkdikk says:

    hell yeah man – 1 endangered species – 0

  115. hosanna says:

    thats what the fucker gets messin with a freakin polar bear,fucking retard

  116. hosanna says:

    god that pisses me off so bad

  117. hosanna says:

    hay south african get a fucking life people are tryin to write a comment about this guy and the pore polar bear,fuckin retard

  118. hosanna:) says:

    im sorry for being so rude i didnt really mean that the youre a fuckin retard just for getting attaked by the freakin bear…im sorry for wat happend to you,that must of sucked ass getting those kind of induries you must have been scared shitless,i apologize about being so immiture about the whole thing…hope every thing workes out for you

  119. Anonymous says:

    he had to have done something for the bear to attack him so its his own fault!!!! poor bear 🙁

  120. Anonymous says:

    omg what scary things happen

  121. Anonymous says:

    you know the fucken polar bears are gunna die cause of it and your saying shit about them its not there fault theyre attacking us. its all our fault in the first stupid place. we deserve shit like this cause of the way we are killing them. you may not see it now and blame the fucken polar bears but they arent the ones killing our earth. so yunno whaat you can shut the fuck up and leave the polar bears alone. jee, people with no freaken lives =.=;;


    Well it was probably hungry and lookin’ for food in the guys tent. He most likely spooked the bear, and vice versa, and this was the result. Shitty for both of em! Going Extinct or not, dont say you wouldnt try and save yourself to! I love animals, but I know if that were me I would want to live! Its not like he was building a house there, so saying he was in its territory isnt really right these days anymore. He was camping, and dont say you’ve never done that! Cuz really anywhere we walk in the woods, camp, bike, jog now there is ALWAYS a chance of being attacked by all sorts of animals! Such is life. It was just an unfortunate situation for both and the man happend to be the serviver.

  123. YuppersMonkey says:

    Man all these poor people man and I am very very sensitive about animals and when i saw that polar bear I was about to cry but these people OMG they are hurt like WHOA!!

  124. cheerdork says:

    i feel very sorry for him!?!?!?:(

  125. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the polar bears, I couldnt care less if they died.

  126. Anonymous says:


  127. Cher says:

    Poor bear…Bloody DUMM ARSE…..Woud have different if he had broken into your house….Camp somewhere else next time!!!Or try Butlins!!!!

  128. Anonymous says:

    hide your kids, hide wife and hide you husband cos that polar bear rapid everybody out there !!!!

  129. !!! @#$%^&********************() says:


  130. person says:

    Sorry for you that got hert

  131. some guy says:

    Owe, you might wanna get that checked out.

  132. Anonymous says:

    dudes the poor bear and the poor guy

  133. Anonymous says:

    i really fell bad

  134. Anonymous says:

    Wow, there are a lot of dumb people on this board. I can’t believe people are saying the guy must have done something. Polar bears are known to hunt humans over great distances. This bear was probably tracking them for a long time. Imagine sleeping in your tent and then getting woken up by a huge bear trying to eat you! What are you supposed to do let the bear eat you? You people are idiots. In the same situation you morons would have been screaming for the bear to be shot. Ya it’s sad the bear died but better the bear than some poor guy.

  135. Anonymous says:

    what was the guy doing in the tent? cooking? don’t kill polar bear any more. learn hard about polar bear.

  136. Anonymous says:

    I love how everyone here’s bashing the guy like if it was his fault that the fucking polar bear mauled the shit out of him. He felt like camping and he did it. I’m sure he knew he was at risk, even a small one, of being attack but fuck it mqn he wanted to camp. My point is that if you felt like camping and woke up with a fucking bear greeting you with its claws, you’d shoot it too. Knock it off with the Oh poor bear! They’re going extinct! bullshit. Yeah it’s sad but if one of them had to die I’m glad it was the one that felt like mauling the shit out of a guy.

  137. Viking says:

    That is one hardy inuit. He would have died in the old days, but that`s no reason to give in, apparently. Probably thought he bought it right there, anyway. His scalp all torn up, leg bitten up, and his torso bruised, and he still put that polar bear down. That`s the biggest, meanest fucking land predator we`re talking about. And it was ON him. Hard man. Hope he has a lot of kids. Definitely a set of genes that`s good for keeping. Unlike some of the pussies that posted here.

  138. Viking says:

    You guys blind, talking about camping? Take a look at the goddamn tent! It`s a permanent camp, the tent is canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Fitted for a stove. big enough for a family. Probably somebodys fishing camp, it`s close to the water.
    And the guy that got bitten up, looks like an inuit. Terrain could easlily be Greenland. He`s no tourist, he`s part of the place, just like the bear.

  139. Anonymous says:

    polar bears hunt humans. as a matter of fact, the way to hunt polar bears is to go to where they are and sit in one spot. they will come looking for you! didnt you all see the whole in his tent? i read the story on this in an email and the guy was asleep when it attacked. the only thing he did wrong was go out alone. hes damn lucky to be alive.

  140. Anonymous says:

    WTF . i dont even see how he lived. half of his head is torn off and a bigass hole wer his ankle shuld be . thats fucked up . but watever . he deserves it for messin with that bear .

  141. Vince says:

    You guys are all fucking retards. cry for the bear? stupid bitches. all of you guys can suck a dick! Im with cawkdikk 1-0

  142. alex says:

    what the **** was that ****** ***** thinking! I mean come on! Get a ****** life stupid reatard! GO **** THAT ****** BEARS **** TO SAY YOUR ****** SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GO SUCK YOUR *** **** ****** ****** ****! wow, thats a lot of *’s

  143. Hey Cher! even trees are deadly.

  144. 4 U alex your sins will find you.

  145. vince does’nt sound too smart either all he thinks about all day is dick.

  146. I bet you bananas yupperMonkey sleeps with u know Monkeys because it likes hairy furry animals. Better to *@#! em’ than to kill em.

  147. Any of u dumb people even ever seen a polar bear in bearson?
    Let me tell ya, they are bigger than your stupid asses combined.
    You asses who say something stupid about the whole story don’t even know what your talking about. So shut the #@$! up.

  148. And 1 more thing, to all u nagative idiots I hope you meet the guy who survived so he can teach you a lesson or 2 on how to survive an attack by the worlds Biggest land carnovore.

  149. I love to meet polar bear mikey so I could introduce him to the dead bears relatives.
    I know bears like blubber alot like crazy and I got all kinds of animal blubber from all sorts of animals I hunt of the arctic i bet you’ll like blubber and mikeybear winnie the pooh is gay and yogi and the care bears too u mean mother *#@!#$!

  150. Survival of the fittest and the inuk was the fittest, sorry all ya who love bears we inuit eat em like McDonalds burgers.

  151. Most of you guys are even scared of a little mouse yet u laugh at something like this. 1 of you will end up in a similiar situation and when u do try to listen to yourself if u are laughing.

  152. Anonymous is a Fake.
    Ho-sanna is a #@$! Sucker.

  153. Hey South Afro. ya not starving or killing anymo. Another brother from another Mother. I guess yo not a Martin Luther or Nelson Mandela Type.

  154. Next Time I see Big MaMa I’m Gonna Drop her with the gun 50 gave me for my 24th Birthday. And I’m gonna drink her blood with Smirnoff Vodka and smoke some good weed Snoop Send me.

  155. That guy is The Man unlike you city Worms.

  156. We hear People die from squirral Attacks down there, F#$@%^$ vegetarians.

  157. I hope some poisonous endangered specie runs into cawkdikk, that would make it endangered species-2 Human-o. Lotmfl.

  158. Baby Dee must be an senile old man.

  159. If 1 white guy was in his place they probably wipe out the whole polar bear species,
    I don’t even think the guy who got attacked even let out any cry,he looked like he got out the next day from the hospital now that’s what I call Tough guy. Hello Nunavut from Nunavik.

  160. Maybe I’ll write a rap song about this s#$@!
    It might go sumtin like tis, I was camping out alone 1 day and big mama decided to show unannounced she tried so hard to waste me but she never met a mother fucker like me oh that stupid bitch I dropped her before She tore me to pieces x2
    She must’ve been so hungry or I reminded her of some white guy who is destroying her world, She mistaken me for some whitey x 4. If it was an outsider big mama’s belly would be full and the whole canadian Rangers would not find a trace of him like jimmy hoffa.

  161. fyi polar bears are extremely smart unlike most of you morons.

  162. Sometimes they will walk right in to our town and cause mischief but we let em walk if they don’t pose a threat, we respect our animals, we live along side them, sometimes things turn ugly for both man and animal but we don’t go stupid and start taking down a # of them. we eat them they try to eat us, that’s life but we Respect the mighty nanuk (bear). The camper was practicing his God given right to camp there so don’t ask what he was doing out there he’s Inuit and Inuit have roamed the land where none of you how to survive in.

  163. This is 4 fight 4 animal person. The guys who are in the picture are Inuit hunters and they were’nt even there when the attack happened they are there to look at the scene,
    Yes, Inuit can put down any animal they wish, they do not need permission from nobody or governments unlike you Robots. We live with nature and everything in it.
    It’s one of the most beautiful untouched land in the planet. but I bet you mighty people could’nt survive in the cold for 2 minutes hahahaha!..

  164. That guy says:

    Ummm… Last time I checked, you are legally allowed to shoot an endangered animal if it rips half your scalp off and bites through your ankle even if you aren’t an American Indian. Regardless, whoever posts any hater comments are probably eating an animal right now that has suffered more than that bear did. I appreciate polar bears too, but scientifically, Man is dominant.

  165. We is not American indians, We are Inuits of Canada. Yes, Indians are our brothers so are all other human races in case your mama did’nt tell u. Anyways! Me no hater of anybody, I just cannot tolerate Dumb and Dumbers who are judgmental without having any knowledge of who they are looking down on. So I apologize 4 any offensive remarks towards anybody, yeah I sound like a fake too so pardon moi, Ta-bac-nac!

  166. Oh yeah! I almost forgot I just had Frozen arctic char (Iqqaluppiq-Fish) with misiraq(Aged Whale fat) sauce 4 supper. Does’nt get any better than this.

  167. bridgette says:

    You guys are all so stupid. Its hilarious reading these comments. It looks like a bunch of fourth graders wrote them.

  168. George Herber says:

    I believe what they did to the polar bear was outragous and i hope that man died. SN

  169. Gary says:

    There aint a bear that would not protect itself is it is being persued. Law of nature. The man persued the bear, the bear almost won.

    Or, the bear was really hungry and went after anything it thought it could dominate.

    You pick the senerio…

  170. joefritz says:

    @tommy augiak snr. biggest nobs sniffer in the world. I’m guessing you’re a small town teddy because you send way to much time talking to yourself online. Time to go outside and play.

  171. tommy augiak says:

    eat em like u enjoy bitches cuz we Inuits r the hardest toughest ppl on the planet.

  172. tommy augiak says:

    niggers and dikes and jews and whities are all pussies.

  173. tommy augiak says:

    don’t forget Satan cuz he is the biggest pussies of them all……… hahaha……..!!!!!!!

  174. tommy augiak says:


  175. tommy augiak says:

    BERA means bear..

  176. tommy augiak says:

    George bera must be one of the yogi gay bears cuz he talkes gay.

  177. cj says:

    ToMMy can u shut up dude I saw polar bears and they are big but just shut the fuck up thanks!

  178. cj says:


  179. cj says:

    and ur people are gay

  180. cj says:


  181. leo says:

    poor bear… and poor guy…… wrong time wrong place for both….end of history

  182. Bîtchez says:

    Tommy sounds like a racist biatch. He’s probably a nerd who locks himself in a room, trolling the web cause he’s got no life.

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  184. I know this person, he lived in Kimmirut where the attack happened on the outskirts of the small hamlet. They were all asleep when the attack happened. He himself did not shoot the bear, it was the camp cook who shot the bear.

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