Possible Diebold Fraud In New Hampshire

All of the polling showed that Obama was going to win New Hampshire. The hand counts show that he did, but Diebold counts 81% of the votes, and by their count, Hillary was the winner. The closest you’ll see the mainstream media get to touching this story is questioning how the initial polling could have been so mistaken. But the blogoshere is buzzing with the fact that Diebold counted 5% higher for Hillary and 3-5% lower for Obama, as compared with the handcount, check out this example.

Diebold machines are clearly a threat to democracy.

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One Response to Possible Diebold Fraud In New Hampshire

  1. Jeff says:

    There was no fraud, and you observations lacks clear facts.
    1 – Almost 50% on Hew Hampshire’s voters are independent. Most polls prefer to talk to “likely voters,” which usually points them to registered voters. There is no way in hell that the polls could be right, especially considering we had a record turn out.

    2- You fail to breakdown what polls used hand count and what venues used machines, neighborhood by neighborhood. It matters because then you can calculate the areas that were leaning towards either candidate prior to the vote, and compare them to the actual counts.

    The only voting fraud that was perpetrated was by those who registered illegally by declaring NH as their permanent domicile, when in fact they live elsewhere. They are usually college students, who tend to vote Democratic.

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