Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel

Something incredible happened tonight at the debate. An unheard of candidate dominated all and voiced truth others are unwilling to. He had brilliant ideas and showed courage under fire, these are qualities we need in our next commander in chief. I want to see much more from him, I am completely intrigued by his campaign.

Here is Sen. Gravel’s action during tonight’s Democratic Presidential Debate:

Post debate he is interviewed by Chris Matthews and man handles the Hardball Host as no man has done before:

CNN has decided to censor candidate Gravel and not include him in the next debate, which will be hosted by them. Here’s more on this.

If you have a problem with CNN’s decision on this matter, please contact them and let your voice be heard!

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3 Responses to Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel

  1. Vigilante says:

    Letter sent. Took 90 seconds.

  2. AJ says:

    Letter sent.

  3. Tamare says:

    He stole the show that night, I think his viewpoints are on point. Too bad hes not popular 🙁
    Gravel FTW!!!

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