Raytheon Silent Guardian

Raytheon has developed a new “non-lethal” weapon called the Silent Guardian. It can shoot a microwave beam 1/2 mile and scatter people by causing extreme pain. The crazy thing about this gizmo is that it doesn’t leave a mark, which leads me to believe that this is going to become the most prolific torture device the world has ever seen, making full-scale torture able to fit in an agent’s pocket, torture can be conducted anywhere/anytime. I’m sure this device will be put to good use keeping our troops safe, but I am also certain that it will be widely misused. Here’s more information. The picture below is a sample device at a trade show, the full sized version is the size of a plasma TV.

Raytheon Silent Guardian

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  1. Matt says:

    I doubt it will see much use as a torture device. A simple cattle prod is both vastly cheaper and even less likely to leave marks or do permanent damage.

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