Reaganomics [pic]


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  1. I.M. Hopeful says:

    Great picture, captures the whole gang having a pisser of laugh over what they were about to do!! They pissed, “trickled down” all over the middle class!!

  2. Brilliant!! Captures the “essence” of trickle-down economics. I wonder if David Stockman (former OMB for Reagan administration and who admitted, eventually, that trickle-down was bogus) has this hanging on his wall.

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  5. George says:

    And it worked! It revitalized the economy after Carter royally screwed it up and made America great again. Unlike Obamanomics which, so far, managed to make the economy even worse than when Bush was in power.

  6. Kevin says:

    Could someone name all the faces in the photo? As a non-American, I only recognise two.

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