Redundant Consumerism

Redundant Consumerism

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6 Responses to Redundant Consumerism

  1. Sabina Hernandez says:

    Who uses plastic spoons though? That’s for picnics and children birthdays. But it’s true anyway, we need to be constantly reminded about our society’s biggest flaw.

  2. nynerd says:

    Plastic spoons are very common in the workplace.

  3. Nightowl says:

    Plastic cutlery is the standard in the workplace. And I would not necessarily count that as our “society’s biggest flaw”

  4. Aremis says:

    I suppose so, but if you’re going to play that game, you can say the same about washing it with all the utilities, water refinement and purification, soap, soap container (also plastic), etc.

  5. Griffin says:

    however, then people think that consumerism is ok which it’s not that’s why you don’t say the same about soap ect. sometimes socity is like a four year old child say it’s ok once they use that one time as forever justifaction.

  6. Paul says:

    I buy throw away plates, throw away silverware, throw away cups and paper towels that are throw away. Now all I have to do is find throw away bowels that does not melt in the microwave and I’ll never have to wash dishes again. LOL

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