Ron Paul Owns Neil Cavuto

If you’re sick of hearing about Ron Paul, let me know. But I’m following this candidate very closely because he really goes against the establishment, and the establishment has done everything they can to marginalize him. But Ron Paul is unwavering and never fails to put them in their place. Watch this clip where Neil Cavuto has Ron Paul on his show only in order to try to embarrass him, so Ron Paul did what he does best, owned the moment.

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4 Responses to Ron Paul Owns Neil Cavuto

  1. Wanda Gag says:

    Ron Paul is right again!

  2. Medical Matt says:

    Damn the guy can think on his feet.

  3. roberto says:

    Ron Paul is the best thing that had happened to America in a looooong time, even if he don’t get elected (which would be pretty lame), he had raised consciousness about very serious issues, the kind of issues that PEOPLE should worry about. He’s the _only_ candidate that’s looking out for people of his country.

    I’m not even american, but I know and understand that the president of US is relevant in the political context of the whole world.

  4. John B says:

    The video is no longer available. Those in power trying to silence Dr. Paul?

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