San Diego – Tijuana Border [Pic]

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15 Responses to San Diego – Tijuana Border [Pic]

  1. Fer says:

    I’m from Mexico City and most Mexicans think Tijuana is The US’ New Jersey, if not worse. In fact a big part of the Mexican North is very twisted, which unfortunately makes our northern neighbors believe all of Mexico is like that. To put it in comparison, this is like believing a true Texan is the only representation of the United States. And we all have to admit a Texan != a New Yorker.

  2. Barbara says:

    Sorry, I haven´t got a clue about the US-Mexican border, but which side on this photo is the USA?

  3. marynn says:

    i dnt no ether but can u tel me

  4. jacklie says:

    you guys are stupid the left side is america

  5. liz says:

    are u guys caucasion

  6. Carlos says:

    For those who don´t know, Canada and México are América too…

  7. Adam Martinez says:

    If anyone asks what part is the U.S. and Mexico on this picture here is your answer: The Left Side is The United States of America and the Right Side is The United Mexican States (Mexico)

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  9. Andy says:

    Look at that wall. Working so hard to keep people out. Yes, arguments can be made for both sides on the issue, but still, crazy.

  10. martin says:

    my cousin lives near the the big sign on the right i was there 2 months ago

  11. martha says:

    “most Mexicans think Tijuana is The US’ New Jersey, if not worse.” What is that even supposed to mean?

  12. martha says:

    have you ever been to nj? there is nothing wrong with it here. it is sure better than living in 90% of the other places in america. we live between three major cities, surrounded by beach and still have suburbs.

  13. Griz says:

    Martha, yeah…but it is still New Jersey.

  14. Griz says:

    I see your point

  15. Griz says:

    But I still like New York better.

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