Science Vs. God


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  1. Good points—but can you prove that there are such things as ‘external world’ gravity, hydrogen atoms, stars, and so on? These things are aspects of our consciousness—but is consciousness necessarily mimicked by the world that supposedly exists even in the absence of conscious beings??

    More important: what about suppositions that God exist “outside” the virtual reality that is our consciousness? How can we know that this is not true?


  2. snatch says:

    you can look at it like this. sun is the father, mother nature is the mother. witch is the same thing that go’s on here on earth, mom and dad. witch help us to survive as humams, providing the resouces, food,water,love,happyness, peace, knowlege and wisdom. if the sun didnt come up and it didnt rain to water the soil. food would’nt grow to feed the pigs, cows, fish, trees, all the things that we need as humams to survive. And thats all god’s giving(NATURE)we was all born into this world witch make it god’s giving, mine and yours. science was suspose to be to make life easyier here on earth for the human kine living as a village , but power and money got science making nuclure bomb for protections witch wont make know differents because we all here to stay from the blessing of god wont more infomations e mail me at kansas city mo 64128

  3. Andre says:

    Snatch, you do realize that we evolved in order to better suit our environment right? “God” did not make the environment for us, in fact several million years ago humans were in the middle of the food chain, nothing special.

    About the image, do you know why scientists don’t know everything, yet? Because it’s easier to make up bullshit than it is to produce real facts.

  4. david says:

    Well where the hell are your facts can you at least read the bible and learn some facts. Christians don’t deny the facts about the sun the thing we argue about is where they came from a tiny explosion that came from a little dot containing everything needed for planets and suns (sounds real likely doesn’t it?) or a greater all powerful being which atheists don’t want to think about because they are insecure about their Earthy power or just refuse to believe anything is better than them (also known as insecurity). when it really would come down to it I could out debate all of you. with facts not just guesses about the universe.

  5. Kannadhasan.S says:

    who created the world? their ans:god. who created u? their ans: god created me. wer is god? he is omnipresence,my qsns:who created bikes n cars?,who created medicines?,who created ur underwear? their ans:god created humans and humans got d power and intelligence from god and created these inventions.whatever we do, god made us to do it,is’nt it?wat a funny world?

  6. Shooz says:

    People should believe in things that can enlight their future,and god is really no were 2 b found. The bible says if u believe enough u can move a mountain seriously that’s bullsh*t.There is no physical proof of the bible.Atoms make everything but even empty space?IF god or atoms made everything what made him or them

  7. Anonymous says:

    God is imaginary

  8. Anonymous says:

    god is actually that we believe. The believer of god say the things what there mind say but the scientific person will say the things only by understanding it. They cannot say anything by their own.

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