Senior Harvard Professor: Legalize Drugs

Senior ecomomics professor at Harvard University, Jeffrey A. Miron, lays out a very intelligent argument in favor of legalization of drugs for CNN. Other vice industries produce violence during prohibition but not when legalized, and cites examples such as alcohol, prostitution, and gambling; all three produce violence when banned but not when legalized, why would we expect drugs to be any different? Check it out

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  1. Robert M. Curry says:

    Prof. Miron: Yes! Makes sense to legalize drugs, eliminate crime, money spent on “war,” take away profit–and lessen opportunity for addiction. But would it? I thought so until I read “Legalization Of Crugs: The Myths and the Facts”, by R L. Maginnis, Family Research Council. Surprise: alcohol consupmption DECREASED under Prohibition! Drug addiction would INCREASE under legalization! Please, professor, address this conundrum: Legalization=less crime=more addiction! Please review
    Thank you!

  2. dion roy says:

    Who knew – even guys at Harvard wanna have fun!?

    Can you imagine what that guy talk about baked?

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