Sgt. Derek J. Hale, USMC – Murdered By Delaware Police

Sgt. Derek J. Hale, USMC

This is a horrifying story of a highly decorated Marine who served 2 tours in Iraq. When he came home, he joined the Pagan Motorcycle Gang, was immediately included in a narcotics investigation due to other members. Undercover police came for him, shot him 3 times with a taser and then 3 times in the chest with bullets, the whole operation lasted less than 3 minutes. Sgt. Hale was unarmed and it seems he was murdered by Delaware Police in cold blood. Here’s a detailed account

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12 Responses to Sgt. Derek J. Hale, USMC – Murdered By Delaware Police

  1. Tam says:

    I need information to help the Hale family. we want to assist in getting justice for Derek and his families loss. He was murdered!

  2. Mike Pierce says:

    I am a retired Marine MSGT and a 10 year California Police Officer [LA Sheriff’s Dept. & California Highway Patrol] It is a bad shooting & a poor cover-up. As an exmember of IACP someone should investigate the incident and take necessary actions to prevent such occurences

  3. James B. Phillips says:

    This case bears a striking resemblance to what happened to investigative reporter and author, Christopher Bollyn who actually survived. To cover up their crime the police immediately arrested Bollyn and falsely charged him with resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a police officer. Please read his case (his criminal trial is due to start May 31, 2007) at and please lend your support to Mr. Bollyn in any way you can. Thank you.

  4. bradley quinlan says:

    I hope derek is not forgotten. I never knew him. he lived on the other side of our once great nation.
    i don’t like what happened. He did not get a chance to challenge jurisdiction. It’s all about jurisdiction.
    I can only hope that his family will find peace. This should have been a national story. Yet I heard nothing in the increasingly irrelevent major media outlets.
    God bless you Derek J. Hale. I am soory for what happened to you and your family.
    Lets stop this madness. If the alleged war on drugs requires this kind of murderous activity it is time to end the war on drugs. And all the other alleged “war on’s”.
    Save America.
    Vote Ron Paul and live.

  5. Burn'em says:

    I knew Hale when he was a Cpl. We were in Kuwait together and he was a good guy. Those mother fuckers should burn in hell for what they did. God bless your sole Hale and hopefully your in heaven buddy.

  6. As a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a devout believer of innocent untill proven guilty, this act of murder is only equalled by the beheadings of innocent people by terrorists Cpl. Hale was protecting us from. It doesn’t matter what organization Derek Hale decided to become a mamber of after his military service. It does matter that because of his association with an organization he was found guilty tried and sentenced outside a court of law. The Wilmington Police Department and the Delaware State Police cast a dark shadow of doubt as to their ability to fairly abide by the law they are sworn to enforce.

    If I can be of any help to the family in bringing this incident to national attention and focus your pain before other members of the Armed Forces please get in touch with me.

  7. SARA says:

    I am learning all to well how police officers help each other out I am going to school for criminal justice and I hear all to well how to “creativly write” as they like to say. This is a disgusting use of deadly force there was no reaason for anyof this. Those officers should be put in front of a firing squad they committed MURDER they should be tried as a civilian MURDER should by far out way any immunizations they may have.

  8. Dave says:

    I am assamed to say I’m from Delaware The cops said I’ll show you overkill… And they did… This is premeditated.. RIP Derek.

  9. FreeThinker says:

    Haha. This is not a rare occasion. It happens all the time, this is one of the few times it actually gets media attention. And look, 3 years later.. no one cares. The murderer is still on the police force, murdering more people.

    Come on, you have to realize people who want to kill other people and get away with it join the army or police. When someone actually wants to help people they do many things but becoming a Police/Army is not one of them. Therefore you have 10/10 clever murderers inside your police force.

    Surprisingly a story like this even leaks out. *puts the lid back on*

    Go back to sleep america, your govt loves you!

  10. War in the USA says:

    Derek J. Hale was not doing wat he was told to do and died because of it. I thought the USMC was good with following orders.

  11. mike whitener says:

    to war in the usa. read the story stupid. or shut up. derik was my cousin. a far better man than u or the murdering coward sgt brown. burn in hell u garbage

  12. mike whitener says:

    to war in the usa. derik was my cousin. would love to met u and the murdering bastard that shot him. i would have a order 4 u both. enjoy hell.

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