Sopranos Brilliant Ending

I thought the ending of the finale was brilliant because it made me see from Tony’s perspective, how it must feel to worry about getting whacked all the time. As it turns out, I was right, but there’s more depth to the scene than I understood at the time. I just received this email:

He was killed….
in fact, the ending was genius if you’ve paid attention to the show or are just a fan of well developed well thought out plots that all tie together and have the memory of a champ to remember it all the ending was simple, he got killed, but let me tell yall why and explain in detail… There was 3 people in the room total who had a reason to kill tony…..

the two black guys, they were paid before to kill tony but he was only shot in the ear, this was in one of the earlier seasons, also in the earlier seasons, the trucker who was sitting at the bar stool, who the camera kept focusing in on, is Nikki leotardo, Phil Leotardos nephew, he was in one of the early season episodes where Phil and Tony have a sit down….

heres where the genius comes in….

When tonys walking in the diner,you see the camera focus on him, then it switches to his perspective, and you see him looking @ the booth he’s gonna sit at…then the camera switches back to tonys face, then it once again switches to his perspective, and it shows him looking @ the door and looking @ the people come in….. Everytime the door opens the Chimes sound……. Carmela walks in, Chimes, AJ walks in Chimes, this when Meadows parallel parking, still trying to get inside the restaurant….at this point the camera switches back to the trucker who goes in the bathroom……Then it goes to a scene where meadow finally parks and starts running in the diner….
the doors about to open,

Tony looks up….
and No Chimes………………….
No Music…………
Everything just goes black……………

In one of the early episodes of the sopranos, tonys talking with bobby about what it must feel like to die..Bobby says “at the end, you probably dont hear anything, everything just goes black” part of that was revisited in the second to last episode during the last seconds of it, when tonys about to go to sleep and he flashes back to the memory of him and bobby on the boat… “You probably dont hear anything everything just goes black” so in the end, the Journey song was playing, the chimes on the door sounded but when meadow came in, the guy in the trucker hat came out and killed tony…its the reason you aint hear, or see sh*t when he died…. it was from his perspective…. and everything went black, then the credits rolled.

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  1. Jay says:

    Wow, that makes a lot of sense, all of this definitely went over my head when I watched it.

  2. Meykell says:

    At the end, there is a chime. You’re wrong about that. Its the chime from Meadow entering the diner…

    Personally I think its us whose view of Tony gets cut off, not the other way around. NY was in on the hit- doubtful Tony would get clipped as the AOK was given…

  3. nynerd says:

    I agree that the door did chime, Meadow would have entered just in time to see her old man get whacked.

  4. Eric says:

    According to david chase, the writer of the sopranoes, tony doesnt die….idk y because what you said makes sense….but i guess we’ll never know

  5. jkays says:

    You might want to read this about the trucker :

  6. Leroy says:

    Sorry nerd, but you are wrong here. From…

    Journey Rocker Kept ‘Sopranos’ Creator Waiting

    SPOILER ALERT: Rocker Steve Perry refused to let The Sopranos creator David Chase use his classic song “Don’t Stop Believin'” in the mob show’s final scene until he knew the fate of the drama’s leading characters. The ex-Journey frontman kept Chase waiting until three days before the long-awaited finale aired in America on Sunday. Perry is a huge Sopranos fan and feared his 1981 rock anthem would be remembered as the soundtrack to the death of James Gandolfini’s character Tony Soprano – until Chase assured him that wouldn’t be the case. Perry says, “The request came in a few weeks ago and it wasn’t until Thursday that it got approval, because I was concerned. I was not excited about (the possibility of) the Soprano family being whacked to ‘Don’t Stop Believin”. Unless I know what happens – and I will swear to secrecy – I can’t in good conscience feel good about its use.” And Perry was so true to his word, he didn’t even tell his family the song featured in the finale. He adds, “I didn’t want to blow it. Even my wife didn’t know. She looked at me and said, ‘You knew that and you didn’t tell me?'”

  7. Dave says:

    Wait a sec, I dont think so. Remember that Tony is shown looking at things both through his own eyes, as well as the camera looking straight at him, as if through someone else’s eyes. Therefore, because the last scene shows the canera pointing at Tony, and not showing Tony’s perspective, it could be taken that we’re looking through the eyes of the person walking in. Therefore it may be THAT person who goes to black from having been killed….but by who is the question.

  8. Rob says:

    No. The “trucker” was never on the show before. See the discussion of the serious on to confirm that this is urban myth.

  9. Sasha says:

    So, please explain, what was so brilliant about the ending?

    I watched Tony butcher or be responsible for the butchering of hundreds of men (and some women too) over the course of the series. I grew to hate the character and by the last two seasons, the only reason I would watch the show was to see the Tony receive the same fate. That would have been justice. Instead, we get some stupid f@$## artistic statement from a suddenly righteous show creator whose scripts were previously swimming in the blood of Tony’s victims.

    I don’t call that a brilliant ending. I call that audacious. I call that pissing all over your audience.

    That was – by far – the most unsatisfying and unjust end to any series I have ever seen.

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