Stereotypes Start This Way

I’m not one to promote any stereotypes, but this picture is pretty funny.

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5 Responses to Stereotypes Start This Way

  1. Hugh Margerum says:

    No, this is how sterotypes are perpetuated. Much like your posting of the photo of the African American who ‘ate too much watermelon’ or the video of Guido beach. As much as I admire and am amused by the New York Nerd’s collection of thoughts and brilliant web finds, this kind of stuff is very off-putting.

  2. In comment to the previous statement, The New York Nerd’s entries has lately been about stereotypes, in fact the entire American Election revolved around stereotypes, and frankly I think its about time more people started to talk about it, or post things about it in this case. Off-putting? Our entire world is off-putting. Surprise.
    As for the watermelon picture, its humorous not because the man is African/American, its because he just happened to eat to much watermelon, I don’t see any harm in that.

  3. Mark Iverson says:

    I agree with what Hugh wrote and am going to remove NYNerd from by bookmarks.

  4. nynerd says:

    I wonder how many rednecks we’ve offended along the way as well. 🙂

    We are not here to be PC or a role model. We are here to shine a light on anomaly and hypocrisy, and if we can have a laugh along the way, bonus.

  5. Dfk says:

    this is soo truuu

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