Teen Buzz – Mosquito Alarm

How about a ringtone that people under 20 years old can hear, while those older can’t, imagine the possibilities for carrying on in school. Teenagers have adapted a high pitch alarm called the Mosquito alarm, originally developed to drive gangs out of shopping areas, into a cell phone ringtone. Kids can receive text messages and phone calls in the middle of class, and even though all the students can hear the phone go off, the teacher will have no clue. Here’s an article about it.

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  1. Madison, Ellie, and Dylan says:

    We are just kids and we can hear this perfectly! We think this could come in handy in school. It is really amazing how only kids can hear this!We tested it on Dylan’s mom and dad. Miraculously they did not hear anything! We will test this on more adults to see if the age really makes a difference! See ya!

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