The Best Business Card In Existence

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3 Responses to The Best Business Card In Existence

  1. I.M. Hopeful says:

    This guy’s card should say he’s a genuine asshole!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Hm, $4 a card or something that won’t fit in someone’s wallet and will be awkward to store. Seems like you’ve wasted your money.

    Kudos for making it from indestructible stock and distinctive looking, but won’t people who can’t store it easily just toss it? If it doesn’t fit in someone’s filing system (or wallet, even), won’t that mean it will be circular filed? “Doesn’t belong in a Rolodex” sounds like “you don’t deserve to be able to find my contact information easily after our meeting” to me.

    Also, don’t you risk making your professional card looking like an invitation to a rave or something?

  3. Thaw says:

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